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10 Big Questions AFC EAST Style

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by LSUTRUTH, Oct 24, 2012.


    LSUTRUTH The one and only

    Jun 19, 2011
    Hello guys with Week 1 right around the corner I decided I would do alittle 10 questions on the AFC EAST as those are the teams I know the most about.


    Can Ryan Tannehill take his game to the next level?

    I believe he has had a good offseason and being in the same system will help. He has grew every week as he started last season. It will also help to have some reliable WR.

    How Good can this Dolphin Defense Be?

    If the Dolphins play like they can they have a chance to be very very good. They have weak points in the secondary however their Front 7 is legit

    Season Prediction

    Coming off a 7-9 campaign the Dolphins and their Leader LSUTRUTH are looking to take a step forward. I believe this solely depends on Tannehill. If he progresses I could see a 10-6 record if he remains where he is then it looks like 7-9. However I think he grows up some but is not quite there. 9-7 Wildcard possible for the Fins


    Can Osweiler take the Bills up a notch?

    He was somebody who could blossom. I think right now he is the same as Fitzpatrick because he is unproven. It should be interesting to see how this Bills overhaul works out for them.

    How improved can this Bills Defense Be?

    This defense has been redone. Last year they brought in DL this year they brought in more DL and LBs. The addition of the Rookie in the middle might be a step back as Kelvin Shepard was very solid last season. They added Guyton and Aaron Maybin Returns to bustville as he heads back to Buffalo. That being said the Buffalo defense was very much improved last season. I could see them challenging the Dolphins for the best defense in the Division player for player right now. Only time will tell.

    Season Prediction

    The bills Lost a number of games in a row for the Dolphins to sneek into the playoffs. Buffalo is going to be much improved on offense as well as defense. Again we have the Question at QB. What can he do? Does he produce better than Fitzpatrick who was benched last season. I say he preforms better leading the Bills to a solid 7-9 record in his first season. Keller


    Tom Terrific or Ryan Mallett?

    With the Pats believing they were out of it Mallett got a chance to shine. He was awesome leading the Pats fans to believe when Brady leaves he can handle the duties. However the Question is now can HE over take Brady. My guess is no but either way these are the best 2 Qbs in the AFC East currently.

    Patriots play defense?

    Do the Pats show up on defense this season? With a playoff chance on the line the Let up 44 points to an average Miami dolphin offense. It is worth noting the scored 41 and the game went to OT. That being said there were no major changes on the defensive side of the ball for the Patriots. Can they handle the pressure of being the weak link on a potentially great offensive Team

    Season Prediction

    The Patriots are far and away the best team in the AFC east talent wise. Whether Coach Philstyle3005 can get that talent to preform to his liking has yet to be seen. We know 2 things for sure. 1st whoever plays QB is going to be very good. 2nd if this defense doesnt improve this team will be sitting at home. My gut says this team is legit. 10-6/ 11-5 for the Pats and another AFC EAST Crown.


    Who is the QB?

    This is a reoccurring theme in the AFC East. QB play. The Patriots are clearly number 1 in QB talent but how about the rest. They all have questions to be answered at the QB position. Can Tim Tebow start? Does Sanchez play? Who is the Guy in NY? With out that knowledge I cant help but think Tebow get a legit shot to win this job. Sanchez was bad last season and it showed.

    NY Jets Struggle on Defense?

    Which Jets defense shows up. The first season without Rex Ryan the Jets defense let them down in key situations. Can they step up and help their coach retain his job in the crazy AFC East? There arent many new faces on this defense. Sticking with the same personal sometimes works sometimes it doesnt. Im leaning towards this working and this Jets defense getting back to suffocating well atleast suffocating the Young Qbs of the AFC East (Tannehill and BO).

    Season Prediction

    The NY Jets have issues. That is documented. However you cant ever count out a Tim Tebow QBed Offense with a good defense. The Jets are looking to make a statement with the other Teams in the AFC East improving fastly with them taking steps back. However that being said Im not a believer in NY. I dont think they can overcome the issues within their own team plus the improvements of Bills/ Dolphins. NY Finishes last in the division with a 5-11/6-10 record. Coach SimFBallCritic is going to have his work cut out for him this season.

    Now that The team previews are done 2 bonus questions

    First- Who is going to be the most improved player in the AFC East Offense and Defense?

    Well First off Im going to have to go with CJ Spiller. He was hot at the end of last season with a new QB I think he is going to take alot more of the load this season.

    Second - Most overrated player in the AFC East?

    I can name 2 different guys. First Randy Moss for The Dolphins this guy hasnt produced in 4 years. What made the Dolphins think he could help them right now I dont know. Im not a fan of the pick up.

    Last is going to be Tom Brady solely for the reason that we thought he was irreplaceable and the Pats played well without him. Had it not been for a coaching change and some coach absense the Pats would of been just fine. Look for a bounce back year for the Pats
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  2. Keller

    Keller The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    Apr 14, 2010
    Good shit LSU
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  3. MartyWebb

    MartyWebb C.R.E.A.M.

    Jul 25, 2010

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