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1ST and 10 (1)

Discussion in 'Legendary Veterans' started by Oshiomogho, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. Oshiomogho

    Oshiomogho Donnie Darko

    Mar 12, 2011
    Trying out something new. Going to run down the top 10 stories happening now. LMK what you think or what can possibly help make this better. Or you can DM me with possible topics. I wanna try and keep a feature (maybe this) consistently going.
    BYU / Air Force: Did the game live up to the hype?
    Oshiomogho: Coming into possibly the biggest game of the year, everyone expected BYU to have a huge day passing and Air Force to have a huge day running. It would come down to whose defense could force turnovers or make stops. Although Air Force has consistently been the top team in the MWC, BYU appeared to be the better team all day. The score shows that the game was tight but the stats show otherwise. BYU was able to get to Smith twice and also intercept him once while the Air Force offense didn't appear to be the dominant form of what we have been used to. The Falcon run game only averaged 5.9 YPC compared to the 9.1 from BYU thanks to sophomore Vincent Marshall's huge game. The slower run game forced Air Force to throw the ball more then normal. Smith's 23 attempts was only the 2nd game this year where he threw over 20 passes, the other coming in the UNLV loss where he put up a surprising 34 attempts. Which Smith seems to have some accuracy issues, BYU QB Jake Heaps proved why he is one of the MWC's top passers, going for 237 and 2 scores on just 12/15 passes.
    The final outcome was an exciting finish but This was BYU's game right from the start.

    MWC: Does the Air Force loss give the conference title to BYU?
    Oshiomogho: With both teams having just one loss in conference entering the big matchup, it was assumed the winner of this game should come out of the season as conference champions. With BYU now the only 1 loss team in conference, the are now in the drivers seat. However, Colorado State and UNLV are both in position to take over. The loss nearly eliminates the Falcons from any shot. With the Rams having defeated BYU once this year, if they can manage to win out and have BYU lose one conference game, they should take the title. If UNLV can manage to take down BYU next week, they will then be tied with CSU for the conference lead and CSU will travel to Las Vegas on 11/15 that could determine the conference title. Of course, there are a lot of games still left including a tough matchup with CSU and SDSU.
    I'm looking at BYU beating UNLV this week, which should allow them to finish out the season as conference champions.

    BYU: Is the inability to force turnovers a reason to worry?
    Oshiomogho: In seven games, the Cougar defense has forced just 7 turnovers while turning the ball over 12 times on offense. Heading into the weekend, only 5 schools in the nation have forced less turnovers then BYU. However #2 Florida and #6 Michigan are finding themselves in similar situations but both neither of those schools are in the negative turnover margin area. i think if you keep winning, it doesn't matter how you do it. Their offense is clearly able to outplay most defenses. In the only loss of the year Colorado State hit them for 6 turnovers and it proved to be killer. Heaps threw 5 interceptions in that game while in the other 6 games combine, he has just 4 interceptions. I think the BYU defense can step up when called upon and they are in no trouble.

    Air Force: Does the loss mean the Falcon dominance is over?
    Oshiomogho: Going back to 2012 was the last time Air Force saw two losses in a season. The difference about then and now is that the MWC is a stronger division. This will be the first time in 5 years someone other then the Falcons will be leading the MWC standings at the end of the year but hard to imagine it will start a new trend. While there are as many as 5 or 6 teams in the conference with a legitimate shot at the conference year in and year out, each team seems to face someone else that has a better game and pulls out an upset. With the recruiting classes Air Force is able to haul in each season, they are not going anywhere. In fact, I believe next year may even be their best chance at landing a spot in the national title matchup.

    Air Force Recruiting: How good is this class?
    Oshiomogho: It has been buzzed as one of the best recruiting classes in MWC history, but is the hype deserved? After getting a hard commit from the dynamic playmaker HB Justin Barrett, Air Force is not giving up on targeting both of the top two half backs in Reggie Pierce and Brandon Chavis. While Barrett could be one of the nations most explosive players as a freshman, there are concerns if he can carry the feature back role. Although Air Force has had a dominant option attack for the past few years, they have lacked that single playmaker at running back. There is depth with Jason Parker and Matt Ralph both expected to return so no recruits will be needed to carry the load right away. Though Barnett is signed on, Pierce appears to be set on attending Oklahoma next year but has not officially committed. Chavis has verbally announced he would like to attend Air Force but many scouts believe it was just an attempt to force Wisconsin's hand and make them finally offer up a scholarship. It is believed Chavis prefers the Badgers and would be a better fit in the power rushing attack of Wisconsin.
    The Air Force class is going to be a good one, but the hype may be over played if a few players slip away late.

    Alabama / Florida: Who wins the SEC?
    Oshiomogho: It's not too often you will see the nations top two teams coming from the same conference this late in the year but thats exactly where we sit with Alabama topping the polls and Florida immediately behind. The two teams do no matchup this year but if things continue the way they are right now, they will come together for a conference title matchup. Though Alabama has the advantage in the polls, Florida is playing better football. Already having beat Arkansas and LSU, their matchup against #14 Georgia this week could determine if they make the conference title game or not as Georgia sits 3rd in conference at the moment with an easier remaining schedule. Alabama just needs to get by LSU and they will find themselves in the conference title matchup.
    If Alabama and Florida faced off today, Florida would come out the winner and play in the National Championship.

    Florida / Georgia: Who wins and why?
    Oshiomogho: This week matches up the #2 Gators heading on the road to face the #14 Bulldogs. While the Bulldogs are putting together a great year, there is little doubt that Florida is the better team in this matchup. The pass game of Georgia may be able to put together a good game against the tough Florida defense though. The top 5 ranked pass attack faces the top 5 pass defense. The big difference has been the Bulldogs ability to not turn the ball over combine with Florida's inability to force turnovers. The the Gators do force many punts, if Georgia can move the ball even without getting points, they could control field position and if they can force any turnovers, they may get some easy points and find themselves in position to win. Florida needs to keep the ball in HB Patrick Rodgers hands and let him run over the Georgia defense.
    I think Georgia has a good shot at victory but Florida is just too strong and I predict a 10 point win.

    Brandon Billings: Is he the best cover corner in history?
    Oshiomogho: For those of you who are not familiar with him yet, meet Brandon Billings, starting cornerback for the Georgia Bulldogs. In his 2nd season as the Bulldogs #1 corner, Billings does not get tested often. In fact, in the past year and a half, opposing quarterbacks have completed just 12 of the 27 passes thrown in his direction. He has recorded 6 interceptions and batted 10 passes down. Teams know just how good Billings is and choose not to test him. In his final year on campus there is buzz for All-American nominations but he may be overlooked due to his unimpressive stats but asking any coach and they will tell you how good this kid is. He is a sure thing top 10 pick in the upcoming NFL Draft.

    Rodney Callahan: Does he have a realistic shot at the Heisman?
    Oshiomogho: Traditionally, wide receivers do not win the Heisman. In fact, before Central Michigan's Cody Wilson won the award in 2012, you have to go all the way back to 1991 and Michigan's Desmond Howard to find a receiver with the award. Howard was more then just a receiver as he was a tremendous return man as well. Although Callahan is handling KP and PR duties, he doesnt seem to be making the jaw dropping returns. Instead, he does it in the Texas Tech high powered offense. Coming off a huge 1600+ yard sophomore season with 15 touchdowns, he was expected to be in the spotlight and has thrived in it. In just 7 games this year he already has caught 108 passes for over 1500 yards and 14 touchdowns. His yards per game has jumped from an impressive 124 last year to an unheard of 215 this year. No other player in the nation is within 30 catches of Callahan and only UNLV TE Jordan Sparkman is within 500 yards.
    With all that said, can Callahan win the Heisman? Absolutely! with games remaining still against Baylor, OK State and Tulane, we should see him reach 2,000 yards with ease and if he can put together good games in the other 3 matchups, I think 2,500 yards and 25 TDs is in play. The top QB in the nation is his own QB Scotty Young and it may be hard for Young to outshine his own playmaker.

    Michigan State: How good are they?
    Oshiomogho: No doubt the toughest schedule in the nation during the first half of the season, the Michigan State Spartans only were able to make it out 3-3. However the 3 wins are still good enough to find them ranked 22nd in the nation. Having to face 4 teams ranked in the top 10 during the first six weeks can be killer to a teams moral but even after two bad losses wot Notre Dame and West Virginia, the Spartans came back strong against the rival Wolverines and won in a close matchup. Now coming off a loss to the 5th ranked Buckeyes, their next 4 opponents have a combine 8 wins. Assuming the team is not mentally and physically drained after the tough early season schedule, there is enough talent in town to win out. That includes a November 22 matchup against the #10 Nittany Lions still. If the Spartans can win out, they could be looking at a top 10 ranking.
    The Big 10 does not matchup well with other conferences so even if the team can reach 9 wins and earn a good bowl matchup, I dont know if they are good enough to beat an SEC or Pac 10 team in a bowl matchup.

    And there you have it! the 10 things happening now.
    Again, LMK what you think or what can possibly help make this better. Or you can DM me with possible topics. I wanna try and keep a feature like this consistently going.
  2. UofCWildcat

    UofCWildcat Bear Down!

    Mar 13, 2011
    I will have something to say about Fuzzy winning it all. Especially with our rivalries always being shootouts and close games. If i win and get a break or two then i can win the Conference.
  3. Oshiomogho

    Oshiomogho Donnie Darko

    Mar 12, 2011
    Im going to try and do this every advance but may focus almost exclusively on MWC related topics from here out. Thought I would bring up the nations top stories but I could see how most people dont really need to know whats happening with irrelivant teams.

    Look for the 2nd edition in a few days. feedback and ideas welcomed. But if you have topic you want us to discuss, send it over in a PM so we can pick the best topics without starting the debate early :)
  4. IrishBearcat

    IrishBearcat tFC OD Commissioner

    Jan 29, 2011
    DAMMMMITTTT. I put my take on each question in and because it was over 20000 characters it saved NONE of my 45 minutes of typing!

    Oshio and I will both starting doing this weekly. Good stuff man!
  5. BakerWildcat7

    BakerWildcat7 Walk On

    Jul 10, 2010
    Yea one of these specific to our conference would b pretty dope......

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