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1st and 10 Roster. & Divisions

Discussion in '1st and 10' started by Mugga, Nov 22, 2015.

  1. Mugga

    Mugga Walk On

    Oct 30, 2013
    1st and 10. Roster and Divisions

    AFC East:
    Bills- Avery
    Dolphins- CT
    Jets- Pope
    Pats- Matt

    AFC North:
    Bengals- AG
    Browns- Chi
    Ravens- Neal/Konvict
    Steelers- Sleepy

    AFC South:
    Jags- Kris M.
    Texans- Jon/Dread
    Titans- Colten

    AFC West:
    Broncos- Oo/Q
    Chargers- J.Simms
    Chiefs- Mugga/Reis
    Raiders- James

    NFC East:
    Cowboys- Moe
    Eagles- Warren/Wseals
    Giants- Kratos

    NFC North:
    Bears- Lawon
    Lion- Curt
    Packers- Nas/NY/Nikko
    Vikings- Gene

    NFC South:
    Buccs- Carl/Casino
    Falcons- Jai
    Panthers- D
    Saints- Capp

    NFC West:
    Cardinals- Julius
    49ers- Hassan
    Rams- Mickey
    Seahawks- Paul

    MrWitness36 - Bears
    Mugga - Chiefs
    PSkidz - Seahawks
    thafuture3886 - Lions
    Warhawk AKA dreadman - Texans
    Bony_DaSnowman - Browns
    coachmimz20 - Jaguars
    DarkKnight89 - Giants
    Corde82 - Panthers
    Marques - Redskins
    Konvict27 - Ravens
    CTfromDC - Dolphins
    AveryB - Bills
    Gene Robinson - Vikings
    Julius Young - Cardinals
    coltronsauce - Titans
    CaptMoe - Cowboys
    dakota7 - Patriots
    JSimms - Chargers
    Casino - Buccaneers
    capp34 - Saints
    Aaron (AG) - Bengals
    Triple111's - Broncos
    Nasir - Packers
    mickey13 - Rams
    Mogriffjr - Colts
    wSeals9 - Eagles
    Jai Childs - Falcons
    Hassan McRae - 49ers
    cry_havoc - Raiders
    Lilsleepy - Steelers
    dablakpope - Jets
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