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1st and 10 Rules and Gameplay Info

Discussion in '1st and 10' started by dablakpope, Aug 3, 2015.

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  1. dablakpope

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    Jul 23, 2010

    The following users hold the ability to do anything a commish could. If you need someone set to auto etc, tag all three of these people.
    Commish: Mugga MrWitness36 dablakpope


    QB Accuracy
    Speed threshold:
    Everything else is default.

    Penalty Sliders:
    False Start:
    Face Mask:
    Defensive Pass Interference:
    Offensive Pass Interference:
    KR/PR Interference:
    Intentional Grounding:
    Roughing Passer:
    Roughing Kicker:

    Game Settings:
    10 min
    All Pro
    No CPB's


    Use of the Game Scheduling is mandatory. You can reach ur opponent by tagging them in the group me chat or PM them on group me up to the person if they want to put there cell number up to schedule there game.The weekly advances will occur every three days (72 hours) at midnight EST with the exception of holiday weeks. If you are unable to schedule your game with an opponent prior to the scheduled deadline, communicate it in the scheduling forum and notify a league management. If you know you are going to be on vacation, please set your team to “auto-pilot” so that your opponent may play the CPU. Owners whose games are un-played without a valid reason(s) will be subject to removal. League activity is not an option, it is required by both playing games and staying up to speed on the forums.


    Madden allows a limited number of pauses during the game, so please keep that in mind. If it's ever necessary to pause the game, please provide a quick explanation to your opponent if you’re not utilizing your headset at that time. Pausing the game to show poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated. Please do not start a game if you know something will interfere with your playing time.


    Games will disconnect from time to time for various reasons (and usually have nothing to do with either user's setup). We expect all owners to have a reliable, high-speed ISP. If you are having any type of Internet trouble, please do not start the game until the problem is resolved. If it becomes a continual issue that isn’t resolved, you will be removed.


    If a disconnect occurs at any point in the game, the winning team may elect to replay the game in its entrety. Otherwise, the following parameters should be followed unless instructed otherwise by the league staff:

    1st Half disconnect: Replay game in its entirety with the score being recorded and added to the replayed game. For example, if Joe is beating Bob 10-7 in the second quarter with 2 minutes to go and has possession at the time of the disconnect. One full game will be replayed and the previous score of 10-7 will be added to the ending score of the replayed game. If Joe would have got the first possession of the second half in the disconnected game, he can choose to give the first possession of the replayed game to Bob even though he had the ball before the disconnect, in order to get the second half possession.

    1st half disconnect with under 2 minutes remaining:

    This situation can be considered 1 half of play. If any team had the ball within FG range (25 yards or closer), that team will be awarded 3 points to the disconnect score. One full half will be played with the appropriate team receiving the kickoff on reconnection.

    2nd Half Disconnect: Disconnects with less than 2 minutes remaining in the game:
    Replay one quarter and the leading team will take a time out when 2 minutes are remaining in the quarter to simulate the 2 min warning.

    For game stats purposes, the reconnection can be played in its entirety. However, the game is over as per the situation according to the disconnection rules. Meaning you are not to play 6 quarters for one final score, the game is over after the 2nd half is played if in fact a full 1st half has been played already. IF A GAME IS BEING REPLAYED DUE TO A DISCONNECT, BOTH OWNERS MUST QUIT THE REPLAYED GAME BEFORE THE FINAL SECONDS EXPIRE. THIS IS REQUIRED SO THAT THE WINNING OWNER MAY SUPER-SIM THE WIN FOR HIMSELF. HOWEVER, IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO QUIT THE REPLAYED GAME IF THE APPROPRIATE TEAM IS ALREADY GOING TO RECEIVE THE WIN AS THE FINAL RESULT OF THE REPLAYED GAME.


    Although game simulations are rare, they can occur. If an owner has made a full effort either through group me contact to communicate with their opponent with no response, inform the staff. If there is no contact after the staff member has issued a warning, the CPU will be appointed as the opponent. At that point, the staff will make a determination on the status of the unresponsive owner. If any circumstances prevent an owner from playing a game on time (illness, vacation, etc.) it must be communicated in the Vacation / Out of Town please let the commissioners know ahead of time If the staff determines that both parties were at fault, the game will be determined by a CPU simulated win. Once games are simulated, they cannot be "reset" or "replayed" as the EA servers do not allow us to change game results that are final. Game must be twitched and notification must be given in the groupme.


    Please do not start a game if there’s a chance you will not be able to finish it. In the case of an emergency situation where you are forced to leave the game, an agreement should be made between both players as to whether the game will be replayed from the start or simulated in the opposing teams favor. If an owner quits during any league game, tournament game, or any other type of league game because they are losing, frustrated, or angry with their opponent; they will be subject to immediate dismissal from the league.


    There will be NO restarts for user vs. CPU games. In the unlikely event that you experience a problem/emergency during your game against a CPU opponent, notify your commissioner immediately. Failure to instantly notify your commissioner will result in a sim. If restarts against the CPU become a trend you will be dismissed from the franchise.


    While we are strongly against any team running up the score on their opponent, there are certain situations where scoring late in a victory is justifiable. In any event where the ball carrier has a clear path to the endzone, that team is well within their rights to score, if they so choose. In regards to a defensive or special teams return, the player should have a clear path with no need for evasive maneuvers (jukes, spins, etc). On an offensive play, as long as the player is adhering to our policy on O.15 RUNNING UP THE SCORE, they are well within their right to score if the runner has a shot at the endzone. Obviously respect for your opponent is paramount and the choice to pass up a clear path to the endzone is at each owner's discretion, but we feel to specifically restrict owners from doing so would take away from the integrity of the game.


    With the PS4 giving us the ability to broadcast gameplay, we have elected to establish some requirements as it pertains to broadcasting league games. Broadcasted games will truly bring a new dynamic and a great entertainment value for the league as a whole, as well as providing an excellent opportunity for opponent scouting. Obviously another major benefit will be the fact that any gameplay issues can be identified/reviewed/verified via the live/archived streams and addressed accordingly.

    Refer to this link for any question about setting up and broadcasting via Twitch:

    • All HOME teams must stream games via Twitch in EVERY user/user league games (streaming by both owners is optional)

      • All league games against the CPU games must be streamed via Twitch (for those games that an owner is out of town or unavailable) (games against the CPU may ONLY be played WITH MANAGEMENT APPROVAL)

      • All Twitch accounts MUST BE SET to archive the streams

      • Any owner streaming a league game is REQUIRED to have the Previous Play Information graphic (found in the Visual Feedback options) set to ON.

      • All members are strictly prohibited from watching a LIVE stream on their opponent's channel (to view play calling, etc.). If we discover you violate this rule it will be an instant ban with no chance of appeal.

      • League members not directly involved in the game may watch live streams of another member's broadcast, however, they may not delay or postpone scheduling their own game to view another.

      • The game broadcast itself is not an acceptable substitute for required game recaps, although game footage may be compiled to make a video recap.
      • If you don't have a twitch.tv account they are free and we can help you set one up. The PS4 streams to twitch without interfering your game play.
      • If you can't stream to twitch because an internet/PS4 issue please advise league management. We reserve the right to ask for verification/proof of the issue prohibiting streaming.
      • Both teams can stream; so if you aren't the required broadcaster and want to stream for your own archive, that is acceptable.
      • You can watch your own LIVE stream during the game.
      • If there are any widespread issues with Twitch and Madden 15 we'll make the proper adjustments to make sure the gameplay experience is the best it can be.
    • Archived Twitch broadcasts/streams are no longer stored indefinitely on the Twitch servers . If you want to store your game footage indefinitely, you need to take other steps (create highlights, export to YouTube, etc).
    Chew Clock:

    Chew clock is allowed inside two minutes, or if you are leading (or losing) by 20 or more in the 4th quarter. For what it's worth, I feel the threshold for "calling off the dogs" in the fourth quarter is 20 points, so that is where this comes from.

    Mandatory Settings

    Kick Aiming Arc:

    Scheduling Games:

    For opponents to be set on auto due to lack of opponent communication-on 48 hour advances you will have 12 hrs after advance(that will be 36 hours after schedule should be posted) to list your availability. if you do not post during that time frame the game will go to sim. On long advances you will have 36 hrs(48hrs after schedule posted). i do not count schedule attempts on group me so to make sure you are able to get your game in one way or another post in the schedule threads. If i am forced to set you to auto you will get a warning, 2nd offense in a season will be forfeiture of a draft pick, 3rd offense will be up to removal from league. There is no reason to leave a fellow league member hanging. If you are busy let them know and have either a admin or yourself set your team to auto.


    We are a NOT fantasy league and this is not the NBA or MLB. Trading in the NFL is RARE, especially involving "big name" players. With that being said, this is a game and putting together trades to help build our team is a big part of the fun for most of us. In the interest of maintaining roster integrity, while still allowing owners to build their team as they see fit, we have implemented the following trade restrictions:
    • Trading with the CPU is not allowed

    • No More Than Two (2) Teams Per Trade: Trades may only be conducted between two individual teams/owners.
    • 90+ Player Restriction: One (1) player with an OVR rating of 90 or greater (90+) is permitted to be sent by EACH team involved in any trade.
    • Player Limits: A maximum of four (4) players in TOTAL are permitted to be included in any trade. No individual team may acquire more than three (3) players in any single trade. Draft picks, included in a trade involving players, do not count toward this limit.
    • Trade Period: The two (2) trades involving players may be used at any point between week 1 of the off-season through the week 8 regular season trade deadline that follows; or "Trade Period" moving forward.
    • Draft Pick Only Trades: Any trade involving ONLY draft picks do not count toward the limitation of two (2) trades per Trade period.
    • First Round Pick Limitations: Teams are restricted from possessing more than TWO (2) first round picks for any single draft, at ANY time.
    • Total Draft Pick Limitations:Teams are limited to acquiring a MAXIMUM OF 12 and a MINIMUM OF 5 draft picks per draft, prior to the draft going live. This limitation is lifted for each draft, once that draft goes live. Once the draft goes live, there is no limit to the number of TOTAL picks that one team may possess for the CURRENT DRAFT.
    • Future Draft Picks: Draft picks included in any trade are limited to the current and the next season's draft.
    • Swapping Draft Classes:Owners are not allowed to trade their draft picks from one draft for another (the exception being a legitimate trade, where future picks hold less value than current picks). If an owner is unable to attend a draft; they must request the assistance of another owner or allow the CPU to perform the draft selections.
    • Penalties: There will be no cumulative cap penalty limit (but this will be a consideration in the approval process)
    • No trading of free agent pickups until they are at least in season 2 of their contract.
    For trade limit purposes, the following definitions apply...

    "TRADE PERIOD" begins with the off-season retirements & re-signings phase and goes through the week 8 regular season trade deadline that follows..

    An example of the trade announcement format is posted as follows and it must be used for a trade to be accounted for:

    TEAM 1
    Player A - position - Overall rating, age; or draft pick and contract info, including cap hit
    Player B - position - Overall rating, age; or draft pick and contract info, including cap hit

    TEAM 2
    Player A - position - Overall rating, age; or draft pick and contract info, including cap hit
    Player B - position - Overall rating, age; or draft pick and contract info, including cap hit


    All agreed upon trades must be posted in the Private message on group me with league management and approved by 2 out of the 3 commissioners. Both owners involved in a trade must post in the trade thread to indicate that they agree to the trade as posted. Once both owners have agreed to the trade in the trade thread, league management will evaluate the trade for approval. A trade must receive approval from league management BEFORE being processed in the online franchise. If a trade is processed before the required 2 approvals, the trade will be revoked and each team involved in the trade will lose 1 or their 2 seasonal trades.


    All trades must be requested by the scheduled weekly deadline for the transaction to be effective on the next week's roster. The regular season trade deadline is the conclusion of week EIGHT. No trades of any kind are allowed once week nine commences. Trading will resume upon conclusion of the QSF Super Bowl.


    There will be a deadline for draft day trades involving players to be completed BEFORE the draft. Trades made DURING the draft are limited to DRFAT PICK ONLY trades and must be completed by the teams involved within the online Franchise. There is no limit on the number of draft picks that a team may accumulate via trade for the CURRENT draft, once it is LIVE. All teams are still restricted from acquiring more than a total of twelve (12) picks for any future draft. The draft will NOT be paused to allow additional time for teams to complete a draft day trade.


    For trade value purposes, a player's overall rating is based on what the player's overall rating is at the player's most suitable position scheme. The player's overall rating on the team that is receiving the player in a trade is the receiving team's risk or reward.


    A player that has been received in a trade may not be traded again until the following off-season. For trade protection purposes, the definition of "SEASON" begins with the off-season re-signings phase and ends with the conclusion of the Super Bowl. Teams may release players received via trade at any time.

    A player signed as a free agent (either in off season free agency or in season signing) is not eligible to be traded until the following off-season. Rookies can be traded after there 1st year.


    Teams may update their trade block in the online franchise or post the information on group me @ anytime



    Waivers will be used to claim free agents during the:

    • Pre-season and week 1 (all four pre-season weeks and week 1 will be combined into one waiver phase)
    Following the league deadline for teams to cut rosters to the 53 man limit, waivers will be used to claim free agents during the pre-season. The waiver order is determined by the results of the previous season in reverse standings order.
    Teams will be required to submit a form to claim free agent claims during the waivers period.

    Only ONE form submission is allowed per team. The results of the form are private and will not be available for public display until AFTER the applicable waiver claim deadline. Do NOT post the name(s) of the player(s) your team is claiming in the forum. A confirmation message will display when a waiver claim form has been successfully submitted.

    Teams may submit claims for an unlimited number of free agents. Teams must list their claims in order of priority. If a team elects to make separate claims for multiple free agents, the team will be assigned each free agent that is rightfully claimed through the waiver order even if the separate claims are for the same position.

    Teams are allowed to provide an UNLIMITED number of alternate free agent names of the SAME position IN ORDER OF PREFERENCE within the same claim. The reasoning behind this is to allow the team to sign a free agent at the designated position if their first, second, or third (and so on) target is claimed by a different team via waiver order.

    If a team provides alternate free agent names with each claim (for the same position only), the team will claim the free agent option that is highest on the team’s preference list through the process of elimination based on the waiver order. Once a free agent from a team’s preference list has been designated to be claimed, all alternate free agent names associated with the claim will be eliminated from their list of options.

    Free agent claims will be awarded based on priority AND waiver order as follows...

    Free Agency Bidding


    Keep in mind that all bonus money comes out of available team funds immediately after the contract is accepted ALL AT ONCE. Contract length on all offers are limited to the length of contract that player is seeking only. YOU MAY NOT OFFER ANY PLAYER IN FREE AGENT BIDDING A LONGER OR SHORTER CONTRACT THAN THEY ARE SEEKING. MONEY IS THE ONLY THING THAT CAN BE CHANGED ON A CONTRACT OFFER


    Newly acquired free agents may NOT be traded until they have completed the current season with the team that they have signed a contract with. For free agent protection purposes, the definition of "SEASON" begins with the off-season retirements phase and ends with the conclusion of the Super Bowl. Teams may release players signed via free agency back to free agency at any time.


    A free agency period will be held before the draft. Bidding will be determined by the online Franchise. Teams are only limited to what their cap space and team funds allow, as well as the length the player(s) is seeking or less).

    Resigning Parameters:

    -90 overall 30yrs or older: Max yrs: years desired Bonus: 30% of total value
    if he wants 35 million over 5 yrs his bonus should total of at least 10.5 million. 2.1 under the yearly breakdown
    -90 overall 29 years or younger: Max yrs: years desired Bonus: 35% total value
    if he wants 35 million over 5 yrs his bonus should total 12.25 million. 2.45 under the yearly break down
    71-89 overall max yrs: 4 Bonus 25%
    20 million over 4 yrs bonus should be 5 million. 1.25 under the yearly break down
    70 and under: max yrs 4 bonus: N/A
    *IF players only desire league minimum no bonus is necessary, but can only sign players to 1 yr deals. if you want to sign for multiple yrs you have to give them 25% bonus*

    FA Signing :

    • 90 OVR or GREATER can sign to MAX 5 year deal
    • 89 OVR and 71 OVR can sign to MAX 4 year deal
    • Players UNDER 30 years old must sign to a min of 25% bonus
    • Players OVER 30 years old must sign to min of 20% bonus
    • Players 30 years old exactly fall into the OVER bracket of 20%
    • Stars 90 OVR or greater must sign to a min of 33% bonus
    • Players 70 OVR or below do not require a bonus




    The following is a list of position that are considered interchangeable for purposes of the depth chart:

    • FB > HB = FB can play HB at any time
    • FB > TE = FB can play TE at any time
    • OL > OL = all positions on the offensive line are interchangeable
    • DL > DL = all positions on the defensive line are interchangeable
    • LB = all linebacker positions are interchangeable
    • S = Both safety positions interchangeable
    To make everything crystal clear, we have a list of ALL allowable depth chart substitutions broken down by position (click button):


      • QB
        • 1: QB
        • 2 - QB
        • 3 - QB, P, K

      • HB
        • 1: HB
        • 2: HB, FB
        • 3: HB, FB
        • 4: HB, FB

      • FB
        • 1: FB
          • HB MUST WEIGH 240 LBS

      • WR
        • 1: WR
        • 2: WR
        • 3: WR
        • 4: WR
        • 5: WR
        • 6: WR

      • TE
        • 1: TE
        • 2: TE
        • 3: TE, FB, LT, RT


      • LE
        • 1: LE, RE, DT
        • 2: LE, RE, DT
        • 3: LE, RE, DT

      • RE
        • 1: RE, LE, DT
        • 2: RE, LE, DT
        • 3: RE, LE, DT

      • DT
        • 1: DT, LE, RE
        • 2: DT, LE, RE
        • 3: DT, LE, RE
        • 4: DT, LE, RE
        • 5: DT, LE, RE

      • LOLB
        • 1: LOLB, ROLB, MLB
        • 2: LOLB, ROLB, MLB
        • 3: LOLB, ROLB, MLB

      • MLB
        • 1: MLB, LOLB, ROLB
        • 2: MLB, LOLB, ROLB
        • 3: MLB, LOLB, ROLB
        • 4: MLB, LOLB, ROLB

      • ROLB
        • 1: ROLB, LOLB, MLB
        • 2: ROLB, LOLB, MLB
        • 3: ROLB, LOLB, MLB

      • CB
        • 1: CB
        • 2: CB
        • 3: CB
        • 4: CB

      • FS
        • 1: FS, SS
        • 2: FS, SS
        • 3: FS, SS

      • SS
        • 1: SS, FS
        • 2: SS, FS
        • 3: SS, FS


      • 3DRB
        • 1: HB, FB
        • 2: HB, FB
        • 3: HB, FB
    Minimum Requirements:

    The following are the MINIMUM requirements for position changes. They do NOT apply to those players who are already at their natural position. ALL PLAYERS must meet the minimum requirements in order for the position change request to be considered, NFL or college experience does NOT apply. These requirements do not apply to position changes that are lateral in nature (ex. interchangeable positions: O-line, D-line, linebacker, safety).*


    Height/Weight: No Restriction
    Attribute requirements: THP 75

    Height/Weight: No Restriction
    Attribute Requirements: CTH 70, RTE 70

    Height: No Restriction
    Weight: 240 lbs
    Attribute Requirements: No Restriction

    Height/Weight: No Restriction
    Attribute Requirements: No Restriction

    Height: No Restriction
    Weight: 235 lbs
    Attribute Requirements: 60 RBK


    Height: No Restriction
    Weight: No Restriction
    Speed: 89 or less
    Attribute Requirements: 65 TAK

    In other words, CB speed has to be 89 or less and 65 plus Tak to switch to Safety

    Height/Weight: No Restriction
    Attribute Requirements: No Restriction

    Height/Weight: No Restriction
    Attribute Requirements: No Restriction

    Height: No Restriction
    250 lbs
    Attribute Requirements: No Restriction

    NOTE: Any changes would still have to meet the aforementioned Minimum Requirements. Please be aware that changing a player's natural position can affect various player attributes. HYBRIDS are allowed (Playing multiple positions; ex. LB and DE) This is the only hybrid allowed. All player changes are at the owners own risk!



    Coaches in the NFL mix up their play calling, however, when a coach sees that a team is weak in an area, they exploit it. This is legal, however, with some exceptions. Do not call the same play or pattern over and over again. If a team can't stop the run or pass, you may exploit them with a heavy dose of either one by using a number of different plays. If you've called the same play twice in a game, it's time to think twice about calling it again. QUICK SNAPPING IS PROHIBITED! ALLOW THE DEFENSE TO SET! An exception to this would be if the play clock is about to hit zero. Otherwise, a 3-4 second count would be sufficient.


    Rolling out with the QB following the snap MUST be by play design (QB roll out, play action roll out, option, or screen). Dropping back or rolling out to avoid a sack is warranted if defensive pressure is there. However, there has to be pursuit by the defense in order for it to be considered a legitimate QB scramble. There is no limitation on running straight ahead through the pocket with the QB. You cannot intentionally drop your QB back 10+ yards and/or you cannot SPRINT with the QB to the sidelines immediately following the snap just to get receivers open. If you're found doing this against any owner you'll be warned, then removed. Highlight video evidence must be produced in order for a complaint regarding excessive QB movement to be considered.


    The use of #1 and #2 receivers at the slot position is allowed if a playbook formation puts the receiver in the slot by default. Otherwise #1 and #2 WRs should be playing primarily on the outside of your formations


    Owners may manually control a WR to make a possession catch. However, manually controlling the WR during the play and pulling them off of their route to gain an advantage over the defense OR to manual "rocket catch" is prohibited.


    Use of the QB "Playmaker" ability to redirect, during the play, any receiving target in another direction is strictly prohibited. Due to the potential for abuse and taking advantage of the AI, no receiving target may be manually redirected after the snap of the ball.

    The use of TEs should not be excessive. There is nothing wrong with TEs playing a big role in your offense, but all teams should be targeting their primary receiver(s) at least an equal (if not a majority) of the time. That's not to say that there won't be games here and there where you take what the defense gives you, but that should be the exception and not the norm.

    No huddle:
    No huddle is allowed inside three minutes of the end of the second or fourth quarter.It is also allowed when down by 22 points or more in the first half, 21 or more in the third quarter, or 14 or more in the fourth quarter.



    Onside kicks are permitted by the losing team at any time in the 4th quarter only.


    Fake punts and fake field goals may be attempted only when the situation falls within the 4th down rule requirements. If you are allowed to go for it on 4th down in that situation, you can also fake the punt or the field goal. Faking a punt or field goal is part of the game and provides "the element of surprise," but please be realistic. These tactics are utilized in the NFL on a limited basis. Teams are allowed TWO (2) fake punts and TWO (2) fake kickoffs each season including the playoffs. The use and success rate of each will be tracked in the forum. Any team that violates the season allowance will be required to bench one starter on defense and offense chosen by the league staff.


    Player movement before the snap is strictly prohibited. More specifically, manually moving a defender back for an additional blocker on PUNT RETURNS both before AND after the snap is prohibited. Manually moving a defender before the snap on PUNT BLOCK or FG BLOCK attempts is prohibited.



    Teams should mix up their defensive formations, coverages, and blitzes based on their defensive scheme and the opponent’s offensive gameplan. Please call realistic defensive plays for the proper situation. Use a 3, 4, or 5 DL set to stop the run and a 3 or 4 DL set to play the pass. Sitting in Cover 3 or DE Contain all game, for example, is prohibited. The only exception to this goes along with offenses becoming one dimensional. If your opponent is forced to become one dimensional due to the score, you will be permitted to do so on defense.


    On defense, the 4-6 formation and the use of the "crowd the line" audible bringing "eight in the box" are strictly prohibited on third or fourth down if the yardage to attain the first down is 10 yards or greater. On first and second down, the 2-5-4 and 2-3-6 formations are limited to 3wr and 4wr sets, but may be used in any situation on third or fourth down. The use of non-traditional formations like the 5-2 and the 4-6 may be mixed in, but not used as a defense's "base formation".


    Defensive personnel selection should be based on what offensive personnel are selected in the huddle. In addition, personnel selection should be based on time remaining, the down, and the yardage required for the offense to attain the first down and/or the distance to the goalline. We do not have a "match up" rule per say. However, the rule of thumb is that the defensive formation selected can only have up to one cornerback greater than that of the receivers in the offensive formation unless it is an obvious passing down (third or fourth down and 10 yards or greater).


    When making adjustments on the field pre-snap, be sure that you are not making the exact same adjustments on every play. Constant press coverage, constant line stunts, shifting the DL and linebackers in the same manner every play and the like falls under the category of not mixing up play calling, and is frowned upon. In addition, moving anyone other than the player you will control is prohibited. If you find yourself in a situation where your guys move as you are switching to the player you intend to control, audible to your original play by pressing X+LT (360) or []+L2 (PS3).


    There are exploits and AI deficiencies that can be taken advantage of in Madden - even when employing defensive schemes that are often seen in the NFL. There are teams in the NFL that rely on their speed on defense sometimes using blitz schemes all game. Although it is not illegal to blitz all game, playing Madden is not entirely the same as playing in the NFL. Showing blitz should be used VERY sparingly, but can be an option to mix it up.


    Manual player movement of ONE defender pre-snap is allowed. The AI is able to account for our manual player movement. Therefore, you may manually move a defensive back as long as he remains within his "positional boundaries." You must remain in control of that defensive player until the ball is snapped on offense. All manually controlled defensive players must remain within their "positional boundaries" until the ball is snapped.

    Manually controlled players should also mix up their strategies during the game. A defensive tackle will NOT swim all game as the offensive lineman would make necessary adjustments to counter that. Unfortunately, the AI does not think that well so mix up your attack.

    NFL teams also shift players around in order to get a better blitz angle. However, there are a lot of "glitch blitzes" that prevent us from allowing teams to move players around on defense other than Madden shifts or manually controlled defensive backs. At no point should shifts be made to take advantage of the D-line spacing or to allow a DB to encroach the line unpenalized in order to reach the quarterback unabated.


    “Positional boundaries” are defined as follows:

    • D-line - No movement other than defensive line shifts (pinch, spread, left, right). ALL DEFENSIVE LINEMAN MUST BE VISIBLE AND ON THE LINE AT THE SNAP OF THE BALL. Spreading the D-line and audibling or manually controlling the DE's to crash out around the OT's is not allowed. Manually audibling and/or manually controlling a DE/DT to drop into zone coverage is also prohibited unless the play called from the huddle is a zone blitz calling for the DE/DT to drop into coverage.

    • LB - One shuffle laterally, either direction, and/or a Linebacker shift (pinch, spread, left, right). NO MOVEMENT TOWARDS OR AWAY FROM THE LOS.

    • CB -No individual movement allowed. Press and cushion coverage allowed.

    • FS/SS - Lateral, forward, and backward movement allowed; ONE STEP ONLY FORWARD/BACKWARD. You may NOT move up to the linebackers' depth.

    Misc Rules
    - No Manually moving multiple defenders
    - No Multiple Motions per play
    Keep it realistic. There is only one Peyton Manning and he isn't in this league.
    -If you motion or call a audible please let defense set before hiking.
    - Rolling out excessively with QB, running backwards with QB, dropping back excessively.
    - Running money plays, a money play is a play that works no matter the situation or the defense. I believe we all know what these are. If you have a question please ask!
    - Please mix up your play calling, (this means NOT calling the same play over and over)
    Goes for both Offense and defense. even if man is bad you shouldn't be sitting in zone all game.
    - No MANUALLY LOOPING DE or WR. This will be mainly a WR issue. Looping is when the WR is manually controlled and moved suddenly in a circular motion to confuse the defense.
    - Excessive draw plays and screens are highly frowned upon. While they are not gimme plays, they can become a bit annoying.
    - Excessive RO and Pistol formations will be highly frowned upon.
    -Play action - You should not be running play action on 3rd down and >7 yards. Nobody expects the run in these situations so running PA here is does not make sense.
    Canceling play action is also banned. It abuses the AI, so don't do it.
    4th Down:
    A.No going for it if you haven't reached your opponents 40 yard line unless you are trailing by 14 or more points in the 3rd quarter, 7 or more points in the 4th quarter prior to the 2:00 minute warning.
    B.When facing 4th down inside your opponents 40 yard you may go for it on 4th and 1 or less, regardless of score. If longer than 1 must follow A guidelines.
    C. A team winning or tied with less than 3 min in the 4th quarter may go for it to preserve or take the lead from their 40 yard line (the one before you cross the 50) if ALL THE FOLLOWING IS MET. If all you are winning by 3 points or less or tied, with less than 3 min remaining, on 4th and 3 or less.


    Teams may release players at any point throughout the season. In order to prevent teams from manipulating the cap system, a "no tag-backs" rule has been established. Teams may NOT release a player during the pre-season or regular season and then immediately re-sign the player they just released to a one year free agent deal. It is a loophole which allows teams to sign the player at a fraction of what the his original contract was.

    Once a player is released from his contract during the pre-season, regular season, or post-season, he cannot be signed to a free agent contract by the team that released him until the following off-season free agency phase commences, if the player maintains free agent status. If signing a free agent is an issue of need, the team can sign a different player at the position to replace the player that was released. If the team wanted to keep the player that they had released, the team shouldn't have released the player in the first place.

    - 1st and 10 abides by the same rules as Tradition Sports Online and those can all be seen here -->http://traditionsportsonline.com/threads/rules-tradition-rules-and-general-expectations.101445/

    Advances will be on a 3 day/ 72 hour advance @ midnight or when all games are played.
    schedule may change due to holiday/special events

    Will be done through divisional blogs. Summaries and other division specific chatter are not mandatory but encouraged. Its totally up to you.

    Gameplay Complaints:
    All games must be streamed through Twitch or Ustream. If you have a problem with the way a player is playing, archive the stream and pm either pf the Commishes. If you are unsure on how to archive your games, ask the league- we are here to help.

    Publicly complaining ( on forums) will result in player suspensions (at the commission discretion).


    - In last years Madden disconnects were an issue. Be real about game situations with disconnects. Any questions contact the commishes through text, pm or groupme.
    - If you rage quit your game versus your opponent, you will be subject to a 3 game 1st and 10 suspension. 2nd offense will be an automatic removal from the league.


    If you would like to make a challenge to a rule deciding factor will be majority wins.
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