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1st Team Big East (Offense)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Philstyle3005, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. Philstyle3005

    Philstyle3005 Walk On

    Oct 19, 2011

    1st Team All Conference (OFFENSE)

    QB- Garrett Gilbert SMU 290 Comp 458 Att 4,570 Yards 41 TDs 32 ints
    Last season, Gilbert was taking snaps for Texas before being pulled early in the year, and announcing that he'd transfer. This year he was leading the Mustangs to a division and conference championship, and also a birth in it's first BCS Bowl against Notre Dame. Gilbert put up crazy offensive numbers, leading the nation in passing yards, but the only problem he had was turnovers. He showed a lot of promise this season and showed people why he was the #1 QB in his class. Most experts are expecting him to stay for his Sr. year in college to work on his accuracy a bit more, and cut down on the turnovers. If he stays, look for him to put up even better numbers than this season, and really put himself on everyone's draft board for the 2014 NFL Draft.

    RB- Zach Line SMU 173 Att 763 Yards 7 TDs 229 Rec Yards 2 TDs
    Zach is a very talented back, that ended up getting a lot more carries in the SMU offense than most expected. At 230 lbs, he was more of a power back, than a speed back, and the Ponies could always count on him inside the red zone and near the goaline. With Gilbert and the passing game leading the way, Zach was most of the time an after thought for defenses, which led to him finding a lot of holes and easy runs on the year. Gilbert and the passing game will get a lot of credit for the conference championship, but Zach produced and did exactly what he was asked throughout the entire season. The big number that stands out with Zach though is 0 Fumbles on the year.

    Ret- DaSaan Hardwick San Diego St. 46 KR 1193 Yards 26 PR 401 yards 2 TDs
    Being the lone San Diego St. representative on the all conference team, DaSaan proved to be a very dangerous threat in the return game. He averaged right at 26 yards a kickoff return, even though they moved the kicks up this season. He did not have a kickoff return for a touchdown, but did return two punts for TDs on the season while averaging 15 yards per punt return. The Scariest thing about DaSaan is he's only a redshirt freshman so the Big East Conference will have to deal with him for at least 2 more seasons, possibly 3. DaSaan was also named the nation's best returner this season as well.

    RB- DJ Harper Boise St. 201 Att 1191 Yards 14 TDs 155 Rec Yards 2 TDs
    DJ was the lone bright spot in an otherwise disappointing year for the Broncos. DJ was very successful on the ground this season in Boise's pro style offense, and will be missed next season. Not only did DJ do it on the ground, he also was Boise's primary Kick and Punt Returner and did throw 2 passes this season.

    WR- Austin Fuller SMU 1110 Yards 13 TDs 5 Drops
    Austin Fuller was the recipient of several Garrett Gilbert passes this season, and it resulted in a huge year. The 6'2 Sr. led the team in Touchdowns, and was 2nd in yards. Gilbert seemed to find Austin early and often this year, and the Sr. will be missed next season by the Mustangs and Gilbert. Fuller has the body and skills to make it as an NFL receiver, but experts aren't quite sure where he will be drafted, if he is drafted.

    WR- Darius Johnson SMU 1192 Yards 11 Tds 10 Drops
    The 5'10 Sr. had a few more drops than he would have liked to have this year, but he still finds himself on the 1st Team All Big East with his partner in crime, Austin Fuller. Darius led the team in yards this season and was 2nd in Touchdown receptions. Johnson is being projected as a 2nd to 3rd round pick in this years draft but a good combine could bring him a little bit higher. Johnson is very fast, his best asset, and despite having 10 drops this season, he has great hands. The Sr. will excel at the next level.

    TE- Ryan Griffin Connecticut 636 Yards 5 touchdowns 2 Drops
    The 6'6 Sr. played great for the Huskies this season. He was used a lot in the passing game because of his quickness and speed to get away from opposing teams Linebackers that tried to line up against him, but at the same time, was a decent enough run and pass blocker to open up holes for Running Backs and protect Quarterbacks.

    LT- Kaleb Johnson Rutgers 23 Pancakes 2 Sacks Allowed
    Kaleb was easily the most dominating force on the offensive line this year in the Big East, and was also one of the best in the nation shown by his 2nd Team All American status. The scary thing about Kaleb is he'll be back for at least one more season with him being only a Sophomore. He opened up holes all season long for the Rutgers running backs and made sure the QB was well protected. Look for him to shoot up on the draft boards next year for the 2014 NFL Draft.

    LG- Jordan Free SMU 10 Pancakes 1 Sack Allowed
    Another SMU player making the 1st team Big East offensive squad, Jordan had a great season. He may of only had 10 pancakes, but with only allowing 1 sack, especially with as much as SMU throws the ball, that's very impressive. The SMU line will miss Jordan next year and need someone to step up and fill the hole he will leave.

    C- Kahikolu Pescala Navy 9 Pancakes 5 Sacks Given up
    The lone Navy representative, Kahikolu had a very good season. His numbers aren't overly impressive, but they were enough to get the job done and earn him a spot on the first team. Being from Hawaii, most expected him to stay in state and attend the University of Hawaii, but he had bigger dreams of serving his country, and this honor just adds to the fact that he made the right decision for himself.

    RT- Blake McJunkin SMU 13 Pancakes 3 Sacks Given up
    Another member of the SMU linemen, Blake was a great blocker on the right side of the field. Even though he gave up 2 more sacks than his teammate, Jordan, it's still very impressive because of the fact that SMU drops back to pass almost every down. Like Jordan, Blake is also a Sr. and he will be missed next season when Gilbert drops back to pass.

    RG- Bryan Collins SMU 14 Pancake Blocks 7 Sacks Given up
    The final representative on the Big East Offensive 1st Team is Bryan Collins. Another Senior from SMU. The 14 pancake blocks sums up his entire season of dominating defensive linemen and protecting Garrett Gilbert. Even though he gave up a few more sacks than the other 2 linemen representing SMU, he still had a very solid and productive season. Like the other two though, he is also a Sr. and SMU will be looking to rebuild their line immediately if they're going to keep Garrett Gilbert out of trouble.

    Breaking Down the 1st Team by Teams
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  2. sreese

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    Mar 14, 2010
    nice work
  3. Kasper

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    Apr 12, 2010
  4. hornfaninbama

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    Oct 21, 2009
    Ya I am going to get it done this afternoon.
  5. fuzzyl0gic

    fuzzyl0gic No new friends

    Apr 14, 2010
    Nice writing Philstyle3005. I'm still on the fence as to whether or not I'm sticking with the run and shoot offense next year, I have to curb the turnovers though that's for sure.
  6. Kasper

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    Apr 12, 2010
    and play some defense!

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