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#2 Ohio State 2016 Season Preview

Discussion in 'Chompion's League' started by Spayer419, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. Spayer419

    Spayer419 Walk On

    Jun 23, 2012
    QB: Jailn Bush...So. (92)
    Malil Brown...Jr. (96)​
    HB: Tavaris McLaurin...Sr. (95) ***
    Aaron Anderson...Jr. (90)​
    X: Michael Baker...Jr. (89)
    Riquan Southward...Sr. (90)​
    Y: Jovon Harris...Jr. (89)Stephen Martin...Fr. (82)​
    Z: Ray Hall...Sr. (92) ***
    Roy Arrington...So. (84)​
    TE: Ryan Sanders...Sr. (91)
    Lorenzo Woods...Fr. (81)​
    LT: Steve Merriman...Jr. (90)
    Kurt Jackson...So. (82)​
    LG: Joey O'Conner...Sr. (89)
    Jerome Farris...So. (85)​
    C: Jacoby Boren...Sr. (99)
    Luke Meyers...So. (88)​
    RG: Kyle Dodson...Sr. (94)
    Brian Baily...Jr. (83)​
    RT: Rico McBride...Sr. (93)
    Jason Dodson...Jr. (89)​
    LE: Kevin Frazier...Jr. (92)
    John Butler...So. (84)​
    DT: Brian Roth...So. (89)
    David Jenkins...Fr. (75)​
    NT: Tommy Schutt...Sr. (93)
    Antonio Carr...Fr. (80)​
    RE: Sam McNair...Sr. (93) ***
    Albert Peters...Fr. (79)​
    SAM: Demetrious Miller...Jr. (89)
    Jay Dorsey...Fr. (82)​
    MIKE: Jamal Marcus...Sr. (89)
    Anthony Jackson...So. (84)​
    WILL: Justin McKnight...Sr. (95) ***
    Luke Roberts...Sr. (89)​
    WCB: Devan Bogard...Sr. (93)
    OR James Gilmore...Jr. (88)
    FCB: Brian McKinney...So. (86)
    Kyle Gould...So. (85)​
    FS: Shawn Harrington...Jr. (92)
    Tyvis Powell...Sr. (92)​
    SS: Odell Gay...Jr. (93)
    Myron Walker...Jr. (86)​
    Returning Starter
    *** = Captain
    5 Pressing Questions
    1. Can Bush take the next step?
    Last year Jalin Bush bursted onto the scene and shocked everyone. The redshirt freshman was not even pegged to be the starter entering the season, but got a shot in the first game against Oklahoma. Bush dominated the Sooners and the rest is history. After his historic freshman season, Buckeye faithful in Columbus expect a lot out of bush in his sophomore campaign. Some are even talking about him as a darkhorse Heisman candidate. The Buckeyes likely won't need that of him, but will need Bush to take the next step toward becoming an elite quarterback.​
    2. Can Ray Hall do it all?Given his ability to affect the game in so many ways, be it through receiving, rushing or returning, OSU faithful have enjoyed the corny phrase "Ray Hall does it all" throughout the past three seasons. The one thing he hasn't done - win a championship. The Buckeyes have been extremely close to the crystal ball, losing in the NC when Hall was a freshman and again as a sophomore, and had an inside track to the title game last year before being upset by Penn State. This year Hall will look to lead his team to the promise land, and finish once he's there.
    3. How good is this defense?
    Last year OSU struggled defensively, particularly in the secondary. But this year everyone returns, and the thought is the more experienced bunch should be a more productive one. James Gilmore and Brian McKinney showed flashes of greatness last year as cover corners, and should do well in their second year as starters. The most experience backer, Devan Bogard, is a hard-hitter who is best suited for the Nickelback role, and will slide over there when OSU faces multiple-receiver sets. Gay and Harrington came on at the end of last season as well. The pass rush should be good with McNair and Frazier returning, but the two new defensive tackles have to prove themselves, especially Roth. McKnight is a cog at linebacker, and is a four-year starter, but the other two have little-to-no experience.
    4. How many plays will they run?
    Look at the depth chart. It's honestly scary how many weapons OSU has at its disposal. Tavaris McLaurin is one of the best running backs in the country. He might not be the best running back on his team. McLaurin was great toward the end of last season, and is definitely the go to guy, but expect Aaron Anderson to receive plenty of touches. Ray Hall is a known commodity, one of the best playmakers in the game. But the other receivers, who might not yet be known nationally, are fan favorites in Columbus. Michael Baker is a do-it-all receiver, the best pro prospect for OSU at the position. Jovon Harris destroys press coverage and can go up to get any ball. Arrington is a nice slot receiver. Sanders might be the best tight end in the country. The biggest problem for Bush might be distributing the ball to all this talent, and the best way for him to do so is by running as many plays as possible. Expect OSU's offense to be even more up-tempo this year.
    5. Can the finish the deal?
    As mentioned before, OSU has been right in the mix for the national championship the past three seasons, losing in the title game twice. The question is now, can they finish the deal? There is a chance OSU has already expended its title window. They have beaten Wisconsin for 3-4 four times now, and the Badgers are hungry to get a win against OSU. That game is in Madison this year, one of the toughest places in the nation to win. OSU also travels to Notre Dame, and the Irish have the B1G title beatdown they received from OSU in the back of their heads. Georgia visits Columbus, but that game should be tough. And rumor has it that OSU will play against another user in a kickoff classic game as well. This is a talented team, maybe the most talented in the country. But the schedule sets up for a tough road.


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