2009 Las Vegas State Outlaws Season Preview

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    2009 Las Vegas State Outlaws Season Preview

    Las Vegas State begins its inaugural season in the FBS Western Athletic conference. Under the tutelage of first year head coach M Brink the Outlaws hope to build upon a program that dropped football in the early 1970's. Coach Brink's roster is a menagerie of players. They range from players looking to break a college depth chart after three years at larger school, see Senior LB Jimmy Rodgers, to a prep phenom that struggled academically and lost some eligibility at a junior college, see FB Torrey Veney. "I wanted to put together a collection of players that not only had talent but desire. Desire to exceed expectations and challenge the norm." The NCAA granted any player transferring to Las Vegas State immediate eligibility instead of having to sit out one year, as is the case in most transfers. Over the next few days we look forward to giving you a detailed introduction to the first Las Vegas State Outlaws football team in over 20 years.


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