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2009 UCLA Bruins -

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Darlon, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. Darlon

    Darlon Guest

    2009 UCLA Bruins -


    UCLA went into Rocky Top in hopes of redeeming themselves after a poor defensive performance against San Diego State. Despite defeating the Aztecs, 38-35, in their season opener, the Bruins felt that game should have never been as close as it was. After one half of play against the SEC standouts, it seemed as if those feelings were as accurate as some of SDSU QB Ryan Lindley's passes in the previous week.

    The Bruins managed to move the ball well down the field but their ability to finish was quite lacking. It appeared as though Tennessee was merely teasing them down the field and once in scoring position, they would stop them, forcing the football equivalent of vasocongestion (field goals) on three separate occasions.

    On the defensive side, UCLA was more restricting than a personal trainer for Rosie O'Donnell. The Vols punted all but one time when they had the ball in the first half; the one time being the last possession of the half. After two quarters, the Bruins' three field goals had them on top 9-0.

    In the third quarter, however, Tennessee finally found their bearings. They were in the legs of Montario Hardesty. The Vols RB churned his way down the field to score the game's first touchdown.

    At this point, UCLA's prime objective was to keep Tennessee's offense off the field as their drive bled over into the fourth quarter. UCLA moves the ball very well to make their way into Vol territory when RB Johnathon Franklin puts the ball on the ground and turns it over.

    Tennessee capitalizes on this opportunity with another Hardesty touchdown. After a failed 2 pt conversion, the Volunteers turn up their defense and clamp down on the Bruins like a psychotic cougar desperate for children would on an unsuspecting bachelor. UCLA never regains the ability to move forward and the game ends in a loss.

    UCLA 9
    Tennessee 13

    (I must be pretty damn rusty. I haven't touched this game for days. I need to get on the ball.)
  2. Darlon

    Darlon Guest

    Another potentially great game with a great recap spoiled by bullshit. Am I just an idiot or did NCAA change spike ball from B to X? Was it always X? I had the game won, I just needed to spike and nail the chip shot. Instead, it was the fake spike and instantly, an amazing game just turned into a waste of my very little, very precious free time. That's two games out of three in this dynasty alone. This is getting ridiculous. It's like fate or some other higher power is actually trying to suck the fun out of my experience on this game. I would have much rather just been stopped by the defense than actually get into FG position and lose the game on a controller miscue. I've been playing NCAA since 05 and Madden since 01 and not once have I ever lost a game for using the wrong command on a situation where I needed to stop the clock. Sorry but you've once again been deprived of my best efforts to write a well thought out summary that included probably one of the best pictures I've ever taken in my life, let alone this game. Seriously, wtf do I have to do to finally experience the fun that I know this game will bring me?
  3. Beazus Christ

    Beazus Christ Resident Smut Peddler

    Jul 26, 2009
    Damn... that SUCKS! Well, I hope you dont get too discouraged. Im on the opposite spectrum, I have yet to play a decent team so I have no idea if my team is actually good.

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