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2010 Big 12 Preview

Discussion in 'The Deuce' started by JrRawlins, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. JrRawlins

    JrRawlins People hate me cause they aint me...

    Feb 10, 2009
    2010 Big 12 Preview

    Coaching Notes: Bogey won two national titles at Oregon, with an aggressive 3-4/4-3 hybird defense that was noted for bringing pressure. Expect much of the same at Baylor. Offensively, Bogey is known for more of a option style offense, which will fall right into his hands of Bogey with Robert Griffin, expect him to be very solid from the start.

    What To Look for on Offense:: Robert Griffin, Robert Griffin, Robert Griffin. The star quarterback is a playmaker and an X factor who gives offense a weapon. The line is big really big but it needs to be better with more experience. RB Jay Finley he’s a strong runner who can pound inside and can make big things happen when he gets on the outside. The receiving corps, led by WR Kendall Wright, is decent but Wright makes the group go. Lanear Sampson, should be the second guy at WR….. he has the size and speed to be productive.
    What to look for on defense: : Antonio Johnson is the man defensively. LB Chris Francis is also a stud in the linebacker core. Phil Taylor 6-4 and 355 pounds is huge… and will be a real problem in the middle of this defense. Whether Bogey goes 3-4 or 4-3 Taylor is gonna be a problem and should be an anchor for a far better run defense. Sophomore Chance Casey, has the wheels and the upside to be the team’s top cover corner. Safety Ahmad Dixon the 6-1, 190-pounder is the cornerstone of the secondary. Dixon moves like a corner and hits like a linebacker, and now he has to show that all the hype was warranted.

    Coaching Notes: Jr runs a somewhat aggressive 3-4 defense, which will take some work to shape at KSU. The passing offense at Kansas State is decent but Jr is known for throwing the ball all over the field, The Wildcats current offense is not slated to air it out, so expect a ground-pound offense.
    What To Look for on Offense:: While Collin Klein is only a sophomore redshirt he is slated as the starter. The Wildcats offense is centered around Daniel Thomas he is a big bruising running back who also has the speed to hit the home run. The wide receivers are average at best, but what they lack in playmakers they make up for in quality depth. At tight end, Tannahill is the starter but he is hardly more than a glorified blocker. The offensive line is a solid mixture of youth and experience, if they can jell together they could be very very solid.
    What To Look for on Defense:: Defensively, the Wildcats are strong at safety. Emmanuel Lamur and Tysyn Hartman are both solid, with Lamur having star potential at free safety. Troy Butler moves to outside linebacker and should be able to create outstanding pressure off the edge. At cornerback, Harrison is a really standout corner with size and good coverage skills. The defensive line is shaky at best, while there is a lot of depth, it is hardly quality depth.

    Coaching Notes: GoGators walks into a hell of an offense at Mizzou. The personnel dictates a spread offense, and Gators seems more than willing to run it. Defensively, Gators should run a 4-3 with their current personnel.

    What To Look for on Offense:: Blaine Gabbert , he’s a strong, accurate passer with just enough mobility to take off from time to time will more than likely bomb away since he’s the star of the show and the passing attack will eat up yards in chunks. Derrick Washington will have to be more effective for the Tigers to have any semblance of balance. The offensive line is stellar. The group should allow Gabbert to carve up defenses. At wide receiver, Wes Kemp is the man, if the Tigers can get someone else to step up on the other side of the field, the Tigers could be awesome offensively.
    What To Look for on Defense:: The Tigers will more than likely run a 4-3. Sophomore DE Aldon Smith is the Tigers best defensive’s player at 6’5 255 with the speed to get around the edge he can become a terror. Senior CB Kevin Rutland and senior Carl Gettis are extremely solid at corner. Andrew Gachkar, Will Ebner and Luke Lambert are experienced upperclassmen who should lead a talented linebacker corps.
    Coaching Notes: Bondzai ran a tough 4-3 last year, his defensive personnel is much better than it was previously. Offensively, Bondzai's fleXbox One offense is out the window, expect a spread offense with talent all over.
    What To Look for on Offense:: Last year, Bondzai ran a fleXbox One offense at Georgia Tech, this season at Texas, expect more of a spread offense. Garrett Gilbert is the inherited starter at QB. Texas will more than likely run a spread offense. They are strong at running back, with Tre Newton and Fozzy Whitaker leading the way. At wide receiver, Malcolm Williams is a damn stud, James Kirkendoll should be the other starter as he has the skillset to really be good on the other side of Williams. The Longhorns offensive line is stacked like usual, with a ton of depth like usual.
    What To Look for on Defense:: Expect Bondzai to run a aggressive 4-3. With this type of talent, Bondzai could push for a national title. Sam Acho is back to bring the heat at one end and Alex Okafor has a ton of talent on the other side Safety Blake Gideon should become the leader in the secondary, while Chykie Brown, Curtis Brown and Aaron Williams are solid corners who should make the secondary real strong.
  2. GoGators

    GoGators GT: KSherm

    May 19, 2009
    Nice writeup JR. I'm very pleased with the talent level I've got on offense at Mizzou. If I only had a HB that would help keep the D honest I'd say I had the whole package. Guess we'll have to rely on deception.

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