2010 Bonus Recruits

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    2010 Bonus Recruits

    Here is a refresher on the recruiting rules:

    And without further ado, here are your 2010 bonus recruits!

    Rank Prestige Name POS School chosen
    1 :5stars: J. Pope SS
    2 :5stars: J. Williams MLB
    3 :5stars: F. Cunningham QB
    10 :5stars: A. Williams WR
    20 :5stars: R. Campbell DT
    30 :5stars: R. Sanders C
    40 :4stars: L. Warren FS
    50 :4stars: M. Bennett QB
    60 :4stars: B. Brady SS
    70 :4stars: S. Miller C
    80 :4stars: S. Robinson WR
    90 :4stars: R. Daniels T
    100 :4stars: C. Morris DT
    110 :4stars: M. Houston SS
    120 :4stars: J. Ernst T
    130 :4stars: L. Golden TE
    140 :4stars: J. Jones DT
    150 :4stars: B. Alexander CB
    160 :4stars: C. Hunter OLB
    170 :4stars: A. Clark CB
    180 :4stars: M. Herring TE
    190 :4stars: C. Henderson SS
    200 :4stars: C. Nash DE
    210 :4stars: B. Brown CB
    220 :4stars: J. McLaughlin OLB
    230 :4stars: C. Banks WR
    240 :4stars: J. Hawkins DT
    250 :4stars: J. Reynolds G

    Please post in this thread when you sign one of these guys as Jello won't be checking all 28 of them on a weekly basis.

    Thanks to Jello for putting this together...

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