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2010 Ohio State Buckeyes

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by Shaun Mason, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. Shaun Mason

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    Feb 9, 2009
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    2010 Ohio State Buckeyes

    Columbus, OH (AP) The Ohio State Buckeyes wanted to start the season with a bang against the Marshall Thundering Herd, but was given a shock of their own by the Herd. The Buckeye defense came out and looked like cheese, swiss cheese. In the first half, the Herd managed to roll up over 250 yards of offense enroute to a 14 point first half. The Buckeye offense didn't win any awards with an anemic three point first half.

    New Ohio State head coach Shaun L. Mason must have given his team one heck of a "win one for the gipper" speech because the Buckeyes came out on the warpath. In the second half, Ohio State continued to struggle in the air, but junior halfback Brandon Saine ripped off 21 carries for almost 200 yards. He ran over, around and through the Marshall defense. He was helped by having a short field multiple times in the second half. The Bucks defense forced an interception that was returned for a touchdown and two fumbles.

    Player of the game was Brandon Saine.

    Coach Mason had the following to say, "Well, I thought I was gonna get run out of Columbus after the first half...heck John Cooper called me at half and told me I had no future in this business. So, I went in the locker room and raised a little cain. I told the boys if they lost to Marshall they would be running home. They must've believed me, because they were all business after that."

    When asked about the passing game, Mason said, "We all know Terrelle is talented, he will come around. Say what you will but he didn't lose the game for us. I'm not expecting Dan Marino, more like Craig Krenzel."

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