2010 Schedules

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    2010 Schedules

    Here are your schedules, i tired to make them fair and balanced. some folks will have 4 user games some will have 3.. i tired to make it work out best. those of you with 3 will get 4 next year and vise verse. If you have questions let me know. Thank you It only took 3 hours to make it work. I tried my best to get your requests in. so if you didnt get what you wanted sorry. 8 people have 3 and 4 people have 4..


    Air Force SOS C # of User Games 3
    wk1 OPEN
    wk2 vs FSU
    wk3 vs SDSU(JCA)
    wk4 @ Utah(bk)
    wk5 vs Navy
    wk6 @ CSU(H22)
    wk7 vs UNLV
    wk8 vs TCU
    wk9 @ BYU
    wk10 @ Army
    wk11 OPEN
    wk12 @ UNMU
    wk13 vs Wyo
    wk14 @KSU
    wk15 OPEN

    Boise State SOS B- # of User Games 3
    wk1 vs NU
    wk2 @ Purdue(t2)
    wk3 @ Az
    wk4 vs RU
    wk5 vs HI(ILL)
    wk6 OPEN
    wk7 @ SJSU
    wk8 vs USU
    wk9 @ NV
    wk10 @ NMSU
    wk11 vs FS
    wk12 @ ID(Mil)
    wk13 vs LTU
    wk14 OPEN
    wk15 OPEN

    Bowling Green SOS C+ # of User Games 3
    wk1 @ TCU
    wk2 @ CLEM
    wk3 vs CINN
    wk4 OPEN
    wk5 vs Temple
    wk6 @ OH
    wk7 vs BUF
    wk8 vs WMU(Jam)
    wk9 @ Akron
    wk10 vs Kent
    wk12 EMU(S3W)
    wk13 @ Toledo
    wk14 vs Utah(bk)
    wk15 CCG

    Central Michigan SOS C # of User Games 4

    wk1 @ Purdue(T2)
    wk2 vs HI(ILL)
    wk3 vs EMU(S3W)
    wk4 @ VT
    wk5 vs Akron
    wk6 OPEN
    wk7 @ OH
    wk8 OPEN
    wk9 @ Toledo
    wk10 @ NIU
    wk11 vs WMU(Jam)
    wk12 vs Ball St
    wk13 @ MiaU
    wk14 @ Miami
    wk15 CCG

    Colorado State SOS B- # User Games 4
    wk1 vs MU
    wk2 @ Ark
    wk3 vs Prudue(T2)
    wk4 OPEN
    wk5 vs Utah(bk)
    wk6 vs AF(DD)
    wk7 @ BYU
    wk8 vs WY
    wk9 @ UNM
    wk10 @ TCU
    wk11 vs SDSU(JCA)
    wk12 @ UNLV
    wk13 OPEN
    wk14 @ BAMA
    wk15 OPEN

    East Michigan SOS C- # User games 3
    wk1 @ Pitt
    wk2 @ SDSU(JCA)
    wk3 @ CMU(Frisk)
    wk4 vs UCONN
    wk5 OPEN
    wk6 vs NIU
    wk7 @ Akron
    wk8 vs MiaU
    wk9 vs KntSt
    wk10 @ Temple
    wk11 OPEN
    wk12 @ BGSU(ryty)
    wk13 vs OH
    wk14 @ UL
    wk15 CCG

    Hawai'i SOS C+ # of User Games 3
    wk1 vs KU
    wk2 @ CMU(Frisk)
    wk3 @ IOWA
    wk4 vs ID(Mil)
    wk5 @ BSU(Funk)
    wk6 vs LTU
    wk7 @ NMSU
    wk8 vs SJSU
    wk9 @ FS
    wk10 vs NV
    wk11 @ USU
    wk12 OPEN
    wk13 vs WF
    wk14 OPEN
    wk15 OPEN

    Idaho SOS C- # of User Games 3
    wk1 vs CIN
    wk2 vs WMU(jam)
    wk3 vs UNLV
    wk4 @ HI(ILL)
    wk5 @ USU
    wk6 vs NV
    wk7 OPEN
    wk8 @ FS
    wk9 vs NMSU
    wk10 OPEN
    wk11 @ LTU
    wk12 vs BSU(funk)
    wk13 vs SJSU
    wk14 OPEN
    wk15 OPEN

    Purdue SOS A # of User Games 3
    wk1 vs CMU(frisk)
    wk2 vs BSU(Funk)
    wk3 @ CSU(H22)
    wk4 vs IOWA
    wk5 @ MN
    wk6 @ ND
    wk7 @ MU
    wk8 OPEN
    wk9 vs NW
    wk10 vs ILL
    wk11 @ OSU
    wk12 vs MSU
    wk13 @ IN
    wk14 OPEN
    wk15 OPEN

    San Diego State U. SOS C+ # of User games 4
    wk1 @ TTU
    wk2 vs EMU(S3W)
    wk3 @ AF(DD)
    wk4 OPEN
    wk5 vs BYU
    wk6 @ UNLV
    wk7 Utah(bk)
    wk8 vs UNM
    wk9 vs TCU
    wk10 OPEN
    wk11 @ CSU(h22)
    wk12 vs WY
    wk13 @ KSU
    wk14 OPEN
    wk15 @ MN

    Utah SOS C+ # User Games 4
    wk1 @ USU
    wk2 vs UNC
    wk3 @ LSU
    wk4 vs AF(dd)
    wk5 @ CSU(h22)
    wk6 OPEN
    wk7 vs SDSU(JCA)
    wk8 @ UNLV
    wk9 OPEN
    wk10 vs WY
    wk11 vs UNM
    wk12 @ BYU
    wk13 @ TCU
    wk14 @ BGSU(ryty) He requested you.
    wk15 OPEN

    Western Michigan SOS C- # of User Games 3
    wk1 vs NCSU
    wk2 @ ID(Mil)
    wk3 vs CLEM
    wk4 vs Toledo
    wk5 @ BUF
    wk6 @ Ball St
    wk7 @ Temple
    wk8 vs BGSU(ryty)
    wk9 vs UVA
    wk10 vs MiaU
    wk11 @ CMU(frisk)
    wk12 OPEN
    wk13 vs NIU
    wk14 OPEN
    wk15 CCG
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