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2011 Middle Tennessee Recruiting Trail

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by titangator, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. titangator

    titangator Walk On

    Sep 30, 2010
    MTSU hauled in 14 commits during the 2011 regular season, filling several holes and adding depth. Moving into the offseason however, there is still a great need at tight end and middle linebacker most importantly. A couple secondary needs include a fullback and stronger legged kicker. However, here is an overview of the current class.

    Scott White - 3 star - Lanet, AL - 6'3, 188 - #61 QB
    White is a kid with a strong arm, but poor fundamentals and very raw. Great potential and plenty of room to grow. Coach Hickerson hopes to redshirt him next year and let him grow for a year.

    Wide Receiver
    Seth Haas - 3 star - Wilmington Island, GA - 6'4 180 - #158 WR
    Hass is a tall, long armed target who poses as a great deep threat for the Blue Raiders. Great top speed, but needs to work on reaching that speed a bit quicker if he wants to become a star. Mix a quicker burst, and a few visits to the weight room and he could be a good one.

    Jason Johnson - 3 star - Glendora, CA - 6'5 262 - #108 T
    Johnson chose MTSU over the Nevada Wolfpack. He is a strong kid. Needs to work on lateral movement and burst. Has potential to be a solid guy in the trenches. Good run blocker, needs to work on pass blocking

    Wendell Moore - 2 star - Conyers, GA - 6'6 321 - #139 G
    Moore is a very raw talent who got by solely on his God given talent in high school. Poor fundamentals and footwork, however if these problems are corrected, he could be a star.

    Rodney Rice - 3 star - Forest, MS - 6'2 268 - #32 C
    Good burst off the line. Needs to become smarter on the field, but so does every high school offensive lineman looking to play center at the next level. Very balance football player and good kid, knows he needs to improve in areas and does not run from that fact. With the graduation of both centers currently on the roster, could start immediately.

    Kyle Todd - 2 star - Fairfield, AL - 6'4 287 - #57 C
    Todd is another one of those guys who got by on talent at the high school level and will have to put in the work to be a player on the college level. Another guy Coach Hickerson thinks has lots of untapped potential.

    Brennan Williams - 2 star - Selmont, AL - 6'4 308 - #68 C
    Williams is a guy Coach Hickerson raves about, thinks he found a great under the radar prospect. Time will tell that, however we do know he is a very strong kid and has a great jump off the ball for his size. Add fundamentals down the road, and you have a ballplayer.

    Defensive Tackle
    Tyler Davis - JUCO - 1 star - Houston, MS - 6'6 280 - #162 DT
    Davis is one of two JUCO DT's Hickerson signed. He is very excited about both. Davis gets off blocks very well, only lacks ability to read plays. Needs to improve football IQ, as is the case with many JUCO players.

    Anthony Tanner - JUCO - 1 star - Oak Ridge, TN - 6'6 267 - #171 DT
    Tanner is also a JUCO DT Hickerson brought in with hopes of playing immediately. Both of these guys have GREAT size and ability to get off blocks. However, in our opinion, this is all Tanner has going for him, and see it as a stretch that he could have a big impact in hsi career at MTSU.

    Outside Linebacker
    Waylon Smith - 2 star - Fitzgerlad, GA - 6'1 226 - #123 OLB
    Smith has decent speed and acceleration. He tackles very well also. Fits the mold of a Coach Hickerson outside backer, but needs time to develop into one I believe.

    Charles Burnette - 2 star - Valdese, NC - 6'2 217 - #157 OLB
    Burnette is another guy that fits the Hickerson OLB mold. Great acceleration, may be a little too slow to make an impact on the defensie side of the ball. Very smart kid however, on and off the field, he could be used in a certain capacity down the road.

    Bryan Williams - 3 star - Waynesville, NC - 5'11 187 - #85 CB
    Williams has a chance to be one of the special guys in this class. He has great speed and acceleration in and out of cuts. He is good in man coverage, needs to work on his zone coverage as Coach Hickerson loves to play both. I see him being the best player in the class however.

    Joe Ward - 2 star - Vidalia, GA - 6'1 185 - #119 CB
    Ward is a tall corner for Coach Hickerson standards. Hickerson usually likes the small, quick, shifty guys but Ward fits the bill, just not small. If he can play the type of defense Hickerson expects of his smalelr guys, watch out.

    Free Safety
    Stephen Hinds - 2 star - Hazlehurst, MS - 5'11 186 - #79 WR
    Hinds has below average speed for a safety but makes up for it with his quickness. He gets up to speed in a hurry and cover a small amount of ground quicker than most. This will give him an extra half a second to react to plays. He is also great in zone coverage, which Hickerson loves in his safetys. Hinds could also be a player, as early as next season. He also has the opportunity to be one of the top 2 or 3 players from the class.

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