2011 Season 3 ACC Championship Game Preview

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    2011 Season 3 ACC Championship Game Preview

    ACC Championship Game Preview​

    Boston College (11-1) vs Duke (7-5)

    Boston College has been terrorizing its opponents all season long and will look to make the Dukie's of Durham their next victims. BC will bring their balanced offensive attack into this game led by HB Sterlin Phifer (159 att 974 yds, 7 TDs). Phifer has one of the fastest first steps in the nation (98 acc) and is a load to bring down at 220 lbs. Thankfully for Duke, Phifer doesn't have breakaway speed, but he averages over 6 ypc so he's still very dangerous. The good news for Duke is Phifer puts the ball on the carpet about once every 30 carries so it's possible they could get a turnover if Coach Shaun gets his defense flying to the ball every play. BC isn't one dimensional though. They also have a good passing game led by QB Dave Shinskie (159/272, 2541 yds, 19 TDs 14 INTs). On the receiving end of most of Shinskie's passes is WR Shakim Phillips (50 rec, 967 yds, 3 TDs). However, the bigger threat is WR Lee Clyde as he leads the team with TDs (8 on 38 receptions).

    Duke is also very balanced offensively. QB Sean Renfree (193/334, 3595 yds, 28 TDs, 17 INTs) is having a solid year and backfield mate, HB Storm Johnson (265 att, 1517 yds, 22 TDs) is the catalyst that makes this offense go. Johnson is a dual threat as he can pound it out all day between the tackles but if the defense makes a mistake, he's very capable of taking it to the house on any given play. On the receiving end of the things, WR Connor Vernon (53 rec, 1102 yds, 6 TDs) is Renfree's favourite target but WR Josh Washington is the danger in the red zone (11 TDs on 31 receptions).
    Both of these defenses are bad. They both lack talent and that will likely result in a big time shootout in this game. However, BC does have a potential freshman of the year at CB and he could be the guy that changes the outcome of this game.

    Keys to the game:

    Time of Possession - since both defenses are bad as is, keeping those units off the field will be a primary goal of the coaches. That means whoever has more success running the ball and sustaining drives will have a big leg up on their counterpart in this one.

    Turnovers - These teams are evenly matched for the most part. BC has displayed a propensity for turning the ball over all season long and just one could kill them in this one. Duke's HB Storm Johnson is only a sophomore though and likely playing in the biggest game of his career so a mistake on his part could certainly happen as well.

    My Pick: BC's freshman of the year makes the difference on defense with a pick 6 in the third quarter.

    34 - 24 Boston College
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    Nice write up.

    I think BC's offense will be just too much for the young Duke defense to handle.

    BC 38 - Duke 17
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    Its a big accomplishment for Shaun to get Duke to the ACC title game.... but as a resident Boston College expert (3 games in 3 years) the Eagles are extremely talented...
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    The sad thing is my defense isn't young...just talentless.:)

    Thanks for the write up, but you are far more optimistic about the game than I am.

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