2012 Alabama game recaps

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    2012 Alabama game recaps

    Week 1

    #1 Bama 56
    Arizona 3

    And it wasn't even that close. The Wildcats couldn't do anything in this game. The Tide defense held the Cats rushing attack to -16 yards and sacked the Cats' QBs 4 times. The Tide also got 1 interception. Four Tide Qbs got to see action in the game, led by Heisman hopeful Star Jackson.

    Jackson 17/19 306 3 total tds
    J Carter 5/7 100 2tds
    Richardson 15/68 2td
    B Yancey 7/57 1td
    D. Cole 6/116 1td
    R Brunner 4/57 2tds
    K Kelly 4/145 1td

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