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    2012 Regular Season BCS Chaos

    Power Rankings

    1 [​IMG]Florida State 12-0 #8 Clemson, #13 West Virginia, #20 Virginia Tech, and #23 Florida - The Seminoles have dominated the Acc and BCS Chaos all season long. They are the clear number one team in 2012 unless the USF has something to say about that.
    2 [​IMG]Boise State 12-0 #15 LSU, and #20 Virginia Tech - The Broncos have had an impressive 4-0 throught the season. They have also padded the stats in 3 exhibition games. Luckily Ga has been called up to another team, lol.
    3 [​IMG]USC 11-1 #12 Ohio State, #21 Oregon, #22 Notre Dame #20 Virginia Tech The Trojans had a promising season deminished by an opening season loss to Virginia Tech. There goes Barkley's shot at a Natty, lol. I was sure he would get at least one.
    4 [​IMG]Clemson 10-2
    #12 Ohio State, #17 Auburn, #18 Oklahoma,
    #24 Georgia Tech #1 Florida State, #20 Virginia Tech Although, the Tigers didnt win the ACC, their stellar play has awarded them a trip to the Fiesta Bowl to take on the Oklahoma Sooners. I put money on Stoops choking again....
    5 [​IMG]Michigan 10-2 #22 ND, #23 Florida #5 Wisconsin. #12 Ohio State The Wolverines have had a nice season. I believe this is the highest Michigan has finished in NCAA 11'.
    6 [​IMG]Virginia Tech 9-3 #4 USC, #8 Clemson, $24 Georgia Tech #1 Florida State, #3 Boise State, Miami The Hokies have had a good season. Basterds beat me and killed my title hopes, ugh.
    7 [​IMG]Ohio State 9-3 #6 Penn State, #10 Utah, #11 Michigan, #22 ND #4 USC, #8 Clemson, and Purdue This was a rebuilding year for Ohio State. No TP means no undefeated season. Damn I hope it doesn't happen to me....
    8 [​IMG]LSU 9-3 #17 Auburn, #19 Alabama, #22 ND #3 Boise State, #23 Florida x2 The Tigers opponents usually garnered them a high ranking in BCS Chaos. However, this year it has hurt them.
    9 [​IMG]Auburn 9-3 #18 Oklahoma, #19 Alabama, #23 Florida #8 Clemson, #15 LSU, Georgia In his second season as the Auburn coach, LL has improved on his 7-5 record from a year ago. Is LL having misgivings about taking the auburn job after winning the Natty? Probably. The pressure from the SEC fans has declined a little. However, sucess will be determined by an SEC Championship. not a good record.
    10 [​IMG]ND 8-4 - #4 USC, #11 Michigan, #12 Ohio State, #15 LSU Drunken took a break. Cant really comment/hate on him.
    11 [​IMG]Florida 8-5 #15 LSU 2x #1 Florida State, #11 Michigan, #17 Auburn, #25 Tenn The Gators have had a long season. It was a rebuilding year. With the #1 recruiting class two years in a row. The Gators talent should once again shine.
    12 [​IMG]Illinois 5-7 - #1 Florida State, #3 Boise State, #5 Wisconsin, #6 Penn State, #9 TCU, #21 Michigan Syaye. The Cinderella story is over for the Fighting Illni. ND has decided to head out to the best conference in College football "The Pac-10" Haha I know the shit talking is about to start.
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    Nice post tubb
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    thx...It would be better if the tables didnt change
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    the Rose Bowl was a nice finish. LOL

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