2012 Bowl Projections

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    2012 Bowl Projections

    Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
    Team Bowl Opponent
    USC (HovatheGodMC) Rose Bowl Penn St (hokie effect)[/COLOR]
    Oregon (tmac6412) Brut Sun Bowl New Mexico
    UCLA (Recchem2000) Emerald Bowl USF
    Nebraska (badgerme3) Natl Champ Texas (cnic75)[/COLOR]
    Texas (cnic75) Natl Champ Nebraska (badgerme3)[/COLOR]
    Texas Tech (CWHarris1) None
    Penn St (hokie effect) Rose Bowl USC (hovathegodmc)[/COLOR]
    Michigan (Big Suge Knight) Outback Bowl Mississippi St
    Ohio St (maslerboros16) Sugar Bowl Arkansas[/COLOR]
    Miami (bravejaf) Chick-fil-A Bowl Alabama
    Va Tech (Dj391) Champs Sports Bowl Minnesota
    Florida St (The Vredesbyrd) Orange Bowl Tulsa[/COLOR]

    Red = BCS BOWL

    Interesting... Looks like a possible rematch of last years National Title game in the rose bowl. I hope stupid Tulsa does not get a BCS Bid (n)

    Things will change though, obviously Nebraska and Texas will not be in the title game

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