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2012 HK Draft - A look 4 years later

Discussion in 'Hard Knocks' started by Ryty, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Ryty

    Ryty Over the Cap

    Jul 19, 2009
    I went back and started looking at the 2012 HK draft (our first) to see how each user did. I will start with the first round and rate each pick with the following rating -

    HALL OF FAME BOUND (Hall of Fame Logo)
    GOOD PICK (Pro Bowl Logo)
    BUST (Leaf Logo)
    JURY STILL OUT (Jury Logo)

    1. Bills - Jacorie Joplin MLB


    As expected, Joplin is everything we thought he would be. He is an absolute monster in the middle. Unfortunately for the Bills, he left for greener pastures (and $100+ Million) in Indy. The only thing keeping him from being considered sure thing Hall of Famer is the fact that he doesn't impact the game that dramatically in sacks, interceptions or forced fumbles. However, he is already at his career high in sacks through 8 games this season so the overall view of him may change over the next few seasons.

    2. 49ers- Jeremy Riggs QB



    So far in his career, Riggs has NOT lived up to the hype coming out of the draft. He has all of the physical tools that you can want, but something is not clicking with this qb. With a 78.4 career QB rating and a negative TD to interception ratio, he has to be classified as a bust at this point. Can new coach Reb turn around his career? Early indications are a big NO.

    3. Lions - Jamarian Franklin CB

    Coach Red Wings picked Franklin earlier than most experts predicted. However, Franklin has proven to be a very good corner back at this point and is really starting to come on. This 91 overall, 99 man coverage corner is someone that could one day be in Canton. At this point with the lack of success of the Lions defense and his mediocre zone coverage skills, I have to see that he still has a way to go to be considered elite.
    4. Texans - Marshyl McKenzieLE



    You have to give King Bob credit for making this fantastic pick in his first and ONLY draft with the Texans. McKenzie is the best defensive end in the game and leads all of HK in career sacks. He is an absolute monster off the edge. Best pick of the draft.....

    5. Redskins - Jake Bucher RT

    Ok - so Bucher isn't a complete bust like Mandarich was. However, he has definitely not lived up to the hype of a top 5 offensive tackle. After 4 years, he is rated an 88 overall which is just above average for other LT's in the league. Also, has given up 16 sacks and was not retained by his original team, the Redskins (for whatever reason). He is a very good run blocker and seems to be fitting in well in Oakland. I'm sure Drunken has a different opinion of Buch but at this point - BUST.
    6. Browns - Marcques Dawson FS


    Yeah, I'm bias on this one. Dawson is my favorite player in HK. He leads all players in career interceptions and is rated 97 overall. He is a perennial pro-bowler and a true difference maker on the field.

    7. Ravens - Mike Crawford ROLB

    Another perennial pro-bowler. Unfortunately for the Ravens, they weren't able to match the Chargers $100+ offer for Crawford. Nevertheless, Crawford is exactly what we expected. A very good pass rusher with an incredible tackling ability. His 2014 season is among the best in the history of HK. I'm glad he is out of the North. Great pick here by CP.

    8. Patriots - Antwan Barksdale WR
    Love this guy. He has absolutely all of the tools. 95 overall with blazing speed and great hands. The Patriots made a fantastic pick here and the stats prove it. This guy has Hall of Fame written all over him.
    9. Vikings - Isaic Strong LT
    He is everything we expected Bucher to be at #5. This 93 overall LT is becoming one of the best in the game. Only 5 sacks given up in his last two seasons and is a part of one of the better lines in HK in Minnesota. Great pick by CA.
    10. Vikings - Brody Harris RG
    Yeah..Harris has given up 20 sacks in his career. No big deal when you run block like he does. As everyone knows, the Vikings running game is always one of the tops in HK (pre-Peterson fleecing). Plus, Harris is a 91 overall at 25 years old and is one of the best run blocking guards in the game. Good pick here.
    More up later.....
    11. Eagles - Tyree Walker RT
    12. Browns - Cody Hoppes TE
    13. Panthers - Tercel Aaron FS
    14. Chargers - BJ Hall MLB
    15. Broncos - Jaxon Boone QB
    16. Packers - Erik Daniel C
    17. Texans - AJ Dansby MLB
    18. Colts - Cardarious Cox HB
    19. Chiefs - Jorvante Manning DT
    20. Cardinals - Reggie CooperOLB
    21. Buccaneers - Jye Boyd SS
    22. Steelers - Darnell Watkins LT
    23. Giants - Corey Mays HB
    24. Titans - Timothy Mingley SS
    25. Jets - Quintin Green RG
    26. Raiders - Chandler Jones QB
    27. Steelers - DeJoshua Marshall WR
    28. Falcons - O.J. Morgan LE
    29. Rams - Sterlin Freeman HB
    30. Dolphins - Trae Spencer FS
    31. Cowboys - Chuckie Murray CB
    32. Saints - Danton Hall LG
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2012
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  2. G_T_G


    Jul 21, 2010
    Wow this is sweet.

    Sad I don't have O.J. anymore though he turned into a beast.
  3. redwings8831

    redwings8831 Walk On

    Nov 5, 2010
    Awesome ryty.
  4. HAL9100

    HAL9100 TSO's Resident Antagonist

    Jul 15, 2011
    Featured Threads:
    I can't believe Barksdale fell to #8. My team would be completely different without him and he's just 1 player.
  5. KnightNoles

    KnightNoles Learn to Compete

    Jul 6, 2009

    Thank youuuuuuuu

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