2012 Preseason

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    2012 Preseason

    Alright, first off i would like everyone to welcome out new Miami Hurricane Coach, Bravejaf. He will be taking over the canes in the ACC.

    We are now currently in preseason. I have set the schedules and everyone has 4 user games. Some people like Oklahoma have 4 in a row but i had no control as both of his conference games were back to back.

    We will be advancing to week 1 sometime around thursday night or sooner if everyone finishes. Please set your preseason at Ready to Advance when you are ready so i know.

    A couple other things:

    - Remember to post your scholarships available in the new recruiting rules thread and reread the rules of the league.
    - Last day for HOF voting will be thursday at 10 PM or if everyone votes first, so get them votes in.
    - I will be posting a season preview here shortly that shows all of your games
    - Watch your recruits, do not break any of the caps this year please

    Good Luck to everyone this year, and lets get it done.

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