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2012 Recruiting Boards

Discussion in 'After Midnight' started by Cheez, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Cheez

    Cheez TSO's 1,000,000th Poster

    Oct 21, 2010
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  2. Cheez

    Cheez TSO's 1,000,000th Poster

    Oct 21, 2010

    15 seniors
    +0 for 70 man roster
    15 scholarships

    Scholarship Position & Rank Recruit Height & Weight Hometown Tendency Caliber
    1 #35 ATH Drew Sears 6'1", 190 lbs Clear Lake, IA Athlete :3stars: [/COLOR]
    2 #50 OLB Jimmy Flowers 6'1", 230 lbs Oak Park, IL Run Stopper :3stars: [/COLOR]
    3 #36 G Mike Williams 6'4", 261 lbs Adrian, MI Balanced :3stars: [/COLOR]
    4 #60 DE Brent Rose 6'4", 277 lbs Saginaw, MI Pass Rusher :3stars: [/COLOR]
    5 #25 QB Manuel Davidson 6'1", 246 lbs Highland Park, IL Scrambler :3stars: [/COLOR]
    6 #63 OLB Adrian White 6'1", 200 lbs Bolingbrook, IL Coverage :3stars: [/COLOR]
    7 #47 T Lui Johnson 6'5", 313 lbs River Rouge, MI Run Block :3stars: [/COLOR]
    8 #32 HB Ryan Jacobs 6'1", 209 lbs Orland Park, IL Speed :3stars: [/COLOR]
    9 #62 OLB Ryan Harmon 6'4", 229 lbs Oak Park, MI Balanced :3stars: [/COLOR]
    10 #179 CB (JUCO) Chad Jackson 5'11", 160 lbs Buffalo Grove, IL Hard Hitter :1stars: [/COLOR]
    11 [/COLOR]
    12 [/COLOR]
    13 [/COLOR]
    14 [/COLOR]
    15 [/COLOR]
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  3. Wyrmreaver

    Wyrmreaver Ready for Madden 15 on Xbox One, lets get it on!

    Oct 31, 2011
    Defending B1G Champions

    12 Seniors, 70 man roster..... 12 Available scholarships (at least until players leaving)

    # Name Pos Stars HT WT Coaches Notes
    1 Lawrence Bell DE :4stars: 6'5" 234 A run stopper with nice speed and power moves
    2 Spencer Jackson OLB :4stars: 6'1" 223 A run stopper with adequate speed and solid tackling
    3 Morris Moore OLB :4stars: 6'1" 240 Big time speed (B+) for this balanced 'backer
    4 Matthew Stewart MLB :2stars: 5'9" 225 Balanced JUCO prospect with nice hit power
    5 Mike Purcell G :3stars: 6'2" 308 A JUCO kid with the talent to play right away
    6 Clark Pugh CB :4stars: 6'1" 175 Has Elite speed and leaping ability
    7 Andrew Thomas C :4stars: 6'3" 276 A dedicated run blocker who'll fit in nicely
    8 Keith Shaw QB :4stars: 6'3" 188 Sparty just snagged a QB who can run the option
    9 Derek Bell DT :2stars: 6'1" 287 A JUCO soph who will provide depth
    10 James Burks SS :4stars: 6'2" 211 This balanced safety is more like another LB than a DB
    11 Josh Sharp ATH :5stars: 6'3" 191 Projects as a CB or maybe FS
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  4. Bulldog

    Bulldog Coach Richt is my Dawg!

    Jul 1, 2010

    20 seniors
    +0 for 70 man roster
    20 scholarships
  5. recchem2000

    recchem2000 UCLA > WSU

    Feb 24, 2009

    11 Scholarships Available

    Number Player Pos Pos# Caliber Height Weight Hometown
    1 Spencer Ramsey G 54 :3stars: 6' 4" 301 lbs South Bend, IN
    2 Keenan Turner SS 54 :3stars: 6' 1" 187 lbs Wilmette, IL
    3 Bryan Day DT 39 :3stars: 6' 3" 292 lbs Bedford, OH
    4 Quinton Woods QB 65 :3stars: 6' 0" 237 lbs Perrysburg, OH
    5 Van Webb DT 52 :3stars: 6' 0" 272 lbs Iron Mountain, MI
    6 Tim Grey TE 16 :3stars: 6' 7" 240 lbs Cheviot, OH
    7 Tim Thomas WR 50 :3stars: 5' 9" 178 lbs Muncie, IN
    8 Jacques Williams DE 88 :3stars: 6' 5" 233 lbs Kendall, FL
    9 Ben Gore ATH 12 :4stars: 6' 1" 190 lbs Dolton, IL
    10 Nehemiah Slaughter WR 126 :3stars: 6'2" 201 lbs Northbrook, OH
    11 Shane Cameron ATH 11 :4stars: 6' 1" 177 lbs Tampa, FL

    QB Ball​
    TE Henderson​
    WR Bray​
    CB Lawson​
    WR Williams​
    OLB Williams​
    WR Preston​
    WR Richard​
    SS Curry​
    SS Butler​
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  6. Jayrah

    Jayrah AllCougdUp.com Editor - A.M. avatar Guru

    May 31, 2010
    16 Scholarships available
    1: :3stars: #72 DT Thomas Butler - 5'11, 294 Hoffman Estates, IL
    2: :3stars: #82 WR Emmanuel Thomas - 5'11, 212 Galesburg, IL
    3: :3stars: #18 G Derrick Buchanan - 6'5, 325 LaGrange, GA
    4: :3stars: #34 T Randy Lewis - 6'4, 286 Granite City, IL
    5: :3stars: #61 CB Dan Hinds - 6'2, 197 Wausau, WI
    6: :3stars: #21 FS Shawn Talley - 6-0, 193 Westland, MI
    7: :3stars: #64 WR Riley Van - 6'7, 199 Brookfield, WI
    8: :3stars: #82 OLB Adam Childress - 6'2, 213 Mount Prospect, IL
    9: :3stars: #37 TE Jeff Jenkins - 6'3, 264 Neenah, WI
    10: :3stars: #51 DE Jason Williams - 6'3, 290 Andrews, TX
    11: :3stars: #31 CB Lance Morris - 5'11, 182 Bridgeton, MO
    12: :3stars: #37 ATH Nick Wilson - 6'2, 230 Benbrook, TX
    13: :3stars: #27 T Will McNair - 6-2, 264 Fort Stewart, GA
    14: :3stars: #41 CB Tyrone McMahan - 6'2, 183 North Canton, OH
    15: :3stars: #30 SS Sean Jones - 5'11, 194 Nevada, IA
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  7. MexiRican35

    MexiRican35 ¿Te quieres naranjas?

    Aug 14, 2010
    28 scholarships​
    Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5
    Name Pos Rank Stars State
    Paris, Fred HB 19 :4stars: IA
    Long, Matt DT 20 :3stars: OK
    O'Nei, Paris MLB 30 :3stars: NE
    Harvey, John CB 85 :3stars: MO
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  8. Kapono

    Kapono Walk On

    Jun 28, 2010
    Holy shit, you're going to suck next season. ;)
  9. MexiRican35

    MexiRican35 ¿Te quieres naranjas?

    Aug 14, 2010
    Just my WR corps/secondary/LB corps. Those are the positions I'm loosing like 3-4 guys each in.
  10. recchem2000

    recchem2000 UCLA > WSU

    Feb 24, 2009
    K-State doesn't pass the ball anyways :)
  11. Cheez

    Cheez TSO's 1,000,000th Poster

    Oct 21, 2010
    So, once I run past the front four of your defense, you'll have nobody back to stop me. Interesting :)
  12. MexiRican35

    MexiRican35 ¿Te quieres naranjas?

    Aug 14, 2010
    Good thing you cant run past my front 4 then
  13. Cheez

    Cheez TSO's 1,000,000th Poster

    Oct 21, 2010
    Only at the goal-line, in OT, when I am bound and determined to use my FB ;)
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  14. Boom29

    Boom29 Walk On

    Jul 7, 2011

    2012 Recruiting Class :: 19 Scholarship (14 Seniors + 3 Open + 2 WO)

    No. Caliber Position Name Hometown Height & Weight Tendency[/B]
    1 :3stars: SS (#15) Brendan Jones West Mifflin, PA 6'1", 186 lbs Hard Hitter
    2 :2stars: P (#17) Trey Moore Granger, IN 6'5", 184 lbs Power
    3 :3stars: FS (#13) George Key Fulton, MS 6'1", 190 lbs Balanced
    4 :2stars:(JUCO SO) CB (# 128) Ryan Bonner Red Hill, SC 6'1", 173 lbs Balanced
    5 :3stars: OLB (#34) Colton Miranda Champaign, IL 6'4", 213 lbs Balanced
    6 :1stars: FB (#6) Justin Wood Yeadon, PA 5'11", 247 lbs Balanced
    7 :3stars: DE (#37) Darrell Romero Allen Park, MI 6'3", 270 lbs Run Stopper
    8 :4stars: ATH (#19) Chaz Mayes Cicero, IL 6'2", 183 lbs Corner Back
    9 :3stars:(JUCO SO) G (#61) Kevin Miller Galesburg, IL 6'6", 259 lbs Balanced
    10 :3stars: QB (#27) Corey Conley Chicago, IL 6’1”, 192 lbs Scrambler
    11 :3stars: OLB (#35) Justin Mixon Copperas Cove, TX 6’2”, 216 lbs Coverage
    12 :1stars:(JUCO JR) FB (#53) Cornelius Walker Chillum, MD 6’1”, 201 lbs Balanced
    13 :4stars: CB (#14 Lawrence Robinson Indianapolis, IN 5’10”, 160 lbs Balanced
    14 :4stars: HB (#18) Aaron Bridges Greenville, MI 6'2", 212 lbs Balanced
    15 :4stars: ESPN 150 ATH (#12) Bryant Mosley Landen, OH 6'0", 181 lbs Wide Receiver
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  15. kdpnutter

    kdpnutter Walk On

    Aug 31, 2010
    65 Players Currently​
    -13 Seniors​
    18 Scholarships Available
    Team Needs: 4 OLB 3 OLB, 1 FB (no interested FB's)
    1. DT Earl Edwards :4stars:
    Edwards was signed before I even took over, he seems to be a decent DT with some good upside as he is C+ in both power and finesse moves as well as in Strength, hopefully he will get himself a little better before he sees serious playing time​
    2. WR Joey Harris :4stars:
    Harris is the first prospect to commit to the new look TCU, Harris committed this week, and at 6'0 with amazing jump with an A rating it will certainly help at the WR position. Good solid route running at a B- and the release needs some work but Harris will get a year to learn that. Also comes with some good solid wheels at a B+, hopefully a sign of good things to come for TCU.​
    3.:4stars:FS Craig Cody​
    Cody comes in highly toughted as one of teh best free safeties in high school this year leading his conference in tackles as well as concussions on opposing players. Cody hits like a truck and has some great wheels. Cody needs some work on his awareness and is hit or miss on catching the INT but his physical presence should help the TCU secondary. Cody was nabbed out from under the nose of LSU and Les Miles was not happy about it.​
    4.:3stars:MLB Jeremy Shelton​
    Shelton is a very quick MLB which should be good for the 3-4 scheme that head coach Kilmer is looking to run for next year, Shelton is very raw and most likely will be redshirted to try and get better before becoming apart of the LB rotation. Shelton is a project player for TCU.​
    5. :4stars: MLB Matt Pollard​
    Pollard comes in the TCU fold ranked as the #5 MLB on the big board. Pollard hits hard and when you get wrapped up by him, there is no escape. Pollard is not the most fleet of foot but stops the run with the best in the country and can read a play better than most players can. Pollard will most likely replace Brock the senior captain at MLB in the 3-4 and Pollard will be in for any and all run scenarios. Pollard will most likely come off the field during passing situations as his skill set does not cover the pass. He is a true run stopper, much in the way of a Ted Johnson or Ray Lewis type player when he first began. Hopefully Pollard can learn to become a complete MLB as Lewis did during his tenure at Miami.​
    6. :5stars:HB Justin Marshall​
    Marshall comes in from Texas and TCU has high hopes for Marshall, coming in with good overall speed and some good elusiveness. He was the #9 overall prospect in the top 100 and the #5 overall HB. Marshall will redshirt his freshman year and probably look to come in as the redshirt freshman with some familiarity with the offense and make a big splash as a big play maker and work horse for the offense.​
    7. :3stars:QB Gary Simmons​
    Simmons is a QB of the future prospect with good accuracy and decent throwing power. Simmons is a statue in the pocket tho so probably wont see him until his junior year. However, Simmons should have no trouble with batted balls as he is 6'7.​
    8. :4stars:RB Marshall Bain​
    Bain has some good wheels and good elusiveness, along with Justin Marshall, the Marshall boys are going to help take the spot of Michael Tucker who is on the verge of graduating.​
    9. :4stars:OLB Clint Davis​
    Davis has tremendously fast wheels, he can pursue a play with the best of them and can cover the pass quite well. Davis looks to come in as one of the OLB prospects and cause some havoc for the TCU defense next year. Davis was one of the two highly sought after OLB by TCU.​
    10.:4stars:OLB Brett Leslie​
    Leslie is a run stopper as they come, he has trouble covering the pass at all but has great recognition skills and once he wraps you up, your not going to escape. Leslie is likely to play opposite Davis in the OLB rotation for TCU next year. Leslie and Davis make for a lethal combination for TCU. Oh did we forget to mention he is 6'7!​
    11. :4stars:OLB Corey McKnight​
    McKnight should expect to see some time for Davis in the run situations to keep Davis' legs fresh and can really get off the blocks well but could use some work in the pass coverage. McKnight might see a redshirt also depending on who comes back for TCU and who doesn't.​
    12. :4stars:CB Harvey Berry​
    Berry is one of the fastest CB prospects out there. He can cover anyone in the country man to man and is solid in the zone. Berry's weakness comes with his agility as he is a little uncoordinated but DB coach will work with him on that and has been known to be a weak tackler. Many compare Berry to a young Deion Sanders.​
    13. :4stars:OLB Michael Thomas​
    Thomas adds even more depth to one of the strong parts of the TCU defense. Thomas can do it all and can fly around the football. Thomas could see some time in the middle also in the 3-4 scheme.​
    14. :3stars:C Jay Green​
    Green will get a redshirt freshman year but is said to have no overall weakness and is solid on all accounts but before becoming the anchor on the offensive line Coach Kilmer is said to want Green to learn his role and get better at everything.​
    15. :3stars:MLB Jon Weber​
    Weber is a project for TCU in the middle, the kid can fly all over the place but can't cover my grandmother in coverage. Weber is solid at everything else but if he expects to make an impact and get out on the field then he needs to learn to cover someone.​
    16. :2stars:(JUCo) G Donte Crowell​
    Crowell comes to us from a local two year school. Crowell will come in as a junior and is said to be solid in the blocking scheme and could get in as an extra lineman and just adds some depth to the o-line in case of injury.​
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  16. MaxATX34

    MaxATX34 Texas Football

    Feb 17, 2009

    18 Scholarships Available

    Number Player Pos Pos# Caliber Height Weight Hometown
    1 Earnest Thomas ATH #2 :5stars: 5'11 178lb Brownsville, TX
    2 James Harris T #8 :4stars: 6'3 290lb Katy, TX
    3 Sean Johnson QB #10 :4stars: 6'1 204lb San Marcos, TX
    4 Lawrence Kirby TE #12 :4stars: 6'2 240lb El Monte, CA
    5 Joel Sanchez CB #15 :4stars: 6'2 197lb The Woodlands, TX
    6 Isaac Vaughn DT #10 :4stars: 6'6 288lb Portland, TX
    7 Antonio Coleman OLB #18 :4stars: 5'11 190lb Harlingen, TX
    8 Brian Carter FS #11 :3stars: 6'0 169lb Oak Ridge, TN
    9 Calvin Cooper G #22 :3stars: 6'4 315lb Andrew, TX
    10 Jeff Riley OLB #30 :3stars: 6'7 201lb Channelview, TX
    11 Zack Brown TE #26 :3stars: 6'6 239lb Taylor, TX
    12 Brian Marshall DT JUCO :2stars: 6'4 265lb Timberlane, LA

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