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2012 Recruiting

Discussion in 'Overdrive' started by Chris Rouse, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Chris Rouse

    Chris Rouse Walk On

    Dec 20, 2011
    Florida State-
    • D. Keenan (T) 6'4 270 5star the number 1 overall Tackle. Pass Block and Run Block are amazing. He should come in contributing as soon as he walks through the door.
    • T. Brooks HB 6'1 218 4star- runs a 4.46 in the 40. can't really say that he will come in starting. More than likely take a redshirt, but look out for him in the future though. He will more than likely make a name for himself. Good size, good speed, and agility.
    1. Brown (G) 6'6 276- FSU beat out Auburn and Miami for this young stud. He is the 2nd overall Guard. Great size and strength. With an amazing acceleration off the ball to make a block. He will start as a freshman. Either a redshirt freshman or a true freshman. Expect to see him on the field.

    Texas A&M
    • J. Jackson T 6'7 290 3star--- He has the size to get the job done, but does he have the ability. He is ranked at #52 at his position and trying to separate himself from the pack. Give him some time to develop but when he does, he will be something to deal with.
    • J. Mathis DE 6'0 231 3star- Sort of a undersize at DE when it comes to height but he does have the strength. Ranked at number #70 at his position, he does not have a lot of hype to his name. Analyst have made comments about maybe moving him to DT because he could be more of a threat there. Only time can tell for this young man.
    • T.Ellis CB 6'1 180 3star- Ranked 42 at his position. Tall young CB that has amazing leaping ability. He is a man to man shut down cornerback in high school, lets see what he can do in college. Some say it wouldn't be a bad idea to allow him to develop into a Free Safety.

    • C. Clark Ath 6'1 171 5star - This young man has South Beach drooling over his talent. What can't he do? Miami is overjoyed to have him sign. He will be a big stand out for the Hurricanes. This Athlete can come in and start at CB, WR, or be second on the depth chart at RB. He can be that missing piece to bring the Canes back!!
    • A.Warren DT 6'4 260 4star- Ranked at number 10 He is going to give them the help they need at this position.

    • T. Sampson DE 6'2 265 4star- Ranked 15 at his position, this young man can get to the QB. He has a high motor and can recognize the offenses plays.
    • M. Hutchinson HB 6'0 190 4star- 40 yard dash 4.36, he can be a pretty good return man first year. But he has to develop into a every down back. He has the speed but can he take a hit, and he struggles to hold on to the ball.
    • M. Sutton MLB 5'11 234 3star- 40 yrd dash 4.56. thats impressive for a MLB. He is a little undersize and still has a lot to learn about the game. He stated that he plays with a chip on his shoulder because all he ever hears is what he can't do. Lets see if he will prove himself.

    • J. Bobo C 6'2 311 4star- Ranked number 2 at Center he should come in contributing since this is Richard Helphiko last year. People seem to think he can beat out L. Bramer for the starting spot next year.
    • A.Salyer WR 6'1 198 4star- Georgia went all out to beat Miami for this young man. Maybe it was the rumors comparing him to A.J. Green that did it. He jumps out the building, and with the ball in his hand he has the speed to take it the distance. He runs routes really well and can get open, but he drops a lot of passes. He should come in starting and contributing to a good offense already.

    • J. Burns MLB 6'0 231 4star- Virginia has one of the best defenses in the NCAA. This is another one of the times when the rich get richer. This kid is fast!! he gets to the ball, and he hits hard. He is ranked #7, and does not mind speaking his mind. Saying he know that he is underrated and not getting the respect he deserves. Expect to see him on the field.
    • W.Harris MLB 5'10 231 3star 4.38 40 yard dash. But nothing special about this undersize linebacker. He will probably do better being moved to safety.

    • C. Carter DE 6'4 245 4star- Ranked #11 he has above average speed to dominate at his position. He has a high motor, has great hit power, and can recognize plays very well. He should be a star for Clemson.
    • B.Grant CB 6'2 183 3star- very tall cornerback with good speed. He is a good man to man corner. Gets beat in zone a lot though. Struggles to press WR. He is ranked #91 and has a good chance of getting injured. Schools stopped going for him when they saw his lack of tackling.

    • T. Siegel DE 6'6 261 3star
    • K. Pearson G 6'2 277 3star

    • T. Snyder DT 6'1 272 3star
    • J. Adkins DT 6'4 282 2star

    Penn State
    • B. Jones G 6'2 278 3star

    • D. Yancey CB 6'0 174

  2. ClayRocks

    ClayRocks Touch The Rock

    Sep 13, 2010
    :rolleyes: C'mon man.

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