2012 Season 3 History

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    Jul 10, 2009
    H4Y Champs:
    Full Moon Fever's Memphis Tigers​

    Memphis RB Dominic Rhodes​
    Final Rankings:
    #3 Kent State​
    #14 Memphis​
    #24 Middle Tennessee State (Media Poll)​
    Final Standings:
    Awards Winners:
    Bednarik-SS Sheldon Miller-Akron
    Thorpe-SS Sheldon Miller-Akron
    Nagurski-DE Jake Dooley-Kent St
    Lombardi-DE Jake Dooley-Kent St
    Returner-HB Stephon Mack-Mid Tenn

    All H4Y 1st Team:
    QB-Danny Hayes-Akron
    HB-J Rhodes-Memphis
    HB-R Clay-New Mexico St
    WR-J Kendrick-Kent St
    WR-J McKnight-Memphis
    TE-C Green-New Mexico
    LT-J Gschwend-New Mexico St
    RT-J Grattan-San Jose St
    LG-R Hasani-San Jose St
    RG-R Hart-Memphis
    C-J Graham-San Jose St
    DE-J Dooley-Kent St
    DE-R Nix-Kent St
    DT-J Davis-Kent St
    DT-D Ingram-New Mexico St
    MLB-D Smith-Memphis
    OLB-J Sherman-Kent St
    OLB-D Alexander-New Mexico
    CB-D Polk-Kent St
    CB-T Nixon-Memphis
    FS-B Lester-Kent St
    SS-S Miller-Akron
    K-F Cortez-Kent St
    P-T Hornsey-Memphis
    Ret-S Mack-Mid Tenn

    All H4Y 2nd Team:
    QB-R Peterson-Kent St
    HB-D Archer-Kent St
    HB-C Bradford-Akron
    WR-J Wiley-Akron
    WR-M Cunningham-FAU
    TE-E Cain-Kent St
    LT-J Winston-Kent St
    RT-T Lenzmeier-New Mexico St
    LG-C Davis-FIU
    RG-M Harrington-San Jose St
    C-L Poe-Memphis
    DE-D Hugine-New Mexico
    DE-N Caponi-Akron
    DT-D Upshaw-Mid Tenn
    DT-R Meikel-New Mexico St
    MLB-A Joyner-New Mexico St
    OLB-A Hall-Akron
    OLB-Z Hitchens-Kent St
    CB-T Washington-Akron
    CB-A Foster-Kent St
    FS-G Callender-New Mexico St
    SS-C Horne-New Mexico
    K-F Enea-New Mexico
    P-J Davis-Mid Tenn
    Ret-C Brown-Akron

    Final Recruiting Rankings
    Top Incoming Recruit:
    Kent State​
    :4stars: ATH(#4) #29 overall Freddy Butler 6'2 182 Adamsville, AL​
    A- speed, B+ acc, B- route, C+ agi, C catch/CIT​
    He's a late entry who I beat Fever for, but I'm not all that impressed. He could very well end up being the 5th best WR out of the 5 I took in this class. Time will tell.​
    Offer from Memphis.​
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    Badass! I didn't know I got ranked there at the end!

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