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2012 Season Preview

Discussion in 'The Deuce' started by Drifterbub, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Drifterbub

    Drifterbub Help me hide a body?

    Feb 10, 2009
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    2012 Season Preview

    Big Ten

    Illinois - OMLawdog
    After back to back national championships Illinois is looking poised for another run after being dealt a favorable conference schedule. The fighting Illini won a lot of games last year without the help of their prolific offense and will look to continue the success on both sides of the ball this year. Coach OMlawdog enjoyed a stingy defense last year that surrendered less than 300 yards on the ground.

    What to watch for on Offense: QB Marcus Mason PS #11 is now gone and the Illini must look for an answer at signal caller in FR(RS) Clarence Manigat PS #6. HB Michael Burke PS #11ATH led a powerful ground attack with 804 yards and has tremendous speed.

    What to watch for on Defense: Suffcation. Don't be surprised if opposing offensive players pass out from lack of air as this defensive unit is one of the best. They do not allow you to run and then take the ball away from you when you pass. So(RS) MLB Aaron Gary PS #3 is the leader of a defense that has reloaded this year.

    Best player: Jr WR Cedric Smart PS# 1ATH will look to open up the opposing secondary and has next-level moves.

    Breakout star: Fr(RS) DE Travis Phillips PS #3 is 6'5" 199 lbs and is by far the best pro prospect on a team loaded with combine invitation holders. He will be a role player this year, but could burst onto the scene with his game changing ability.

    Iowa - Drifterbub
    Iowa got to its first BCS bowl game after winning the Sugar Bowl last year and looks to build on that success despite the loss of All-World HB Jamie Curry. Iowa boasts one of the best receiving corps in the nation led by 2010 Heisman winner Sr WR Courtney Hill PS #7. Iowa ran the table in conference play and was denied a conference title after losing a tie-breaker to Illinois on the count of BCS standings.

    What to watch for on Offense: How do you replace Curry? Jr Marcus Poole PS #2 will try to answer the call with a well rounded skill set. Iowa will need to get the ball into the hands of its playmaking receivers and someone will need to step up and take the QB job. Jr John Bryant PS#3 has a slight edge over stud FR(Rs) Robert Reid but word out of Iowa city says that Bryant will have a short leash.

    What to watch for on Defense: Sr OLB Lance Bell PS #2 returns for his last year in black and gold and leads a defense that is rebuilding. Last years Russell Athletics top recruit in the nation FS Matt Atkins PS #1 (4.18 forty) will add much needed playmaking ability to the secondary accompanied with true frosh CB Donald Scott PS #3.

    Best Player: WR Courtney Hill will look to land his third straight Belitnekoff Award.

    Break out star: FS Matt Atkins is a beast.

    Wisconsin - BBJ
    The Badgers had a fall from grace last year after winning the 2010 national championship and Big Ten title and will look to dish it back out to the chins of their conference opponents. All-American Jr HB Timothy Watkins PS #3 looks to return to his 2514 yard 37 TD self from 2010 when he won both the Maxwell and Walker award. Sr TE Calvin Leonard PS #12 will lead a very balanced offensive attack and will look to give defensive coordinators fits with his athletic ability.

    What to watch for on Offense: Healthy servings of Watkins, Watkins and more Watkins. Wisconsin hasn't had a back this dangerous since Ron Dayne and will look for Watkins to have his third straight 1800+ yard season.

    What to watch for on Defense: His name is Westphal and your better off running to the side of the field he is not on. Standing at 6'7" 248 lbs, he is a monster for any offensive linemen to deal with. He won the 2011 Lambardi award after having a twenty sack season. Look for those numbers to increase with an improved Badger offensive attack will allow for more passing situation by opposing offenses. Big Ten QB will all rejoice when his eligibility runs out this year.

    Best Player: DE Tyler Westphal will be playing on sundays for a long time to come.

    Breakout Star: So(RS) OLB Lance Jack PS #1 will meet ball carriers at the line with a smile on his face.

    Michigan State - Whatupguy
    After a successful tenure at Ohio State coach Whatupguy will be charged with the task of bringing the Spartans of Michigan state out of the Big Ten cellar. The Spartans will have to travel to Iowa City and face a fiery Wisconsin squad at home, but luckily avoids a possible mismatch with Illinois.

    What to watch for on Offense: Michigan State does not return a player who has ever taken a snap in college and will be forced to look at unproven talent at the QB position. WR Keshawn Martin will lead an unproven offensive unit in the new scheme and should have a good year.

    What to watch for on Defense: All American DT Anthony Woods is the top returning tackler and will look to really improve a defense that surrendered a lot of everything last year.

    Best Player: WR Keshawn Martin

    Breakout Star: HB Aaron Martin is Keshawn's younger brother and will look to have a big year on the ground after having a great spring.
  2. Drifterbub

    Drifterbub Help me hide a body?

    Feb 10, 2009
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    Big XII

    Kansas State - JRrawlins
    The Wildcats have had the luxury of three straight big XII titles and back to back to back BCS appearances. Coach JRrawlins was likely only one questionable win from the title game last year and the entire Kansas State team is back for revenge.

    What to watch for on Offense: Explosiveness. And it will come from everywhere. SR HB Rodney Guidry PS #91 shocked the world with his announced that he would return for his final season in Manhattan after a successful 2011 Heisman campaign. SR QB Joe Kassanavoid threw for over 3600 yards last season and will enjoy the new-found depth at wideout.

    What to watch for on Defense: Boyd and pals. JR FS Chris Boyd PS #5 is back and will look to revert back to his 2010 form where he won both the Thorpe and Bednarik awards as a freshmen. So CB Adam Whitlock PS #17 looked impressive towards the end of last year and is shaping into a lock down corner.

    Best Player: Guidry

    Breakout Star: WR P.J. Pendelton PS #13 looks like he is on tracks at times. The former high school track star is making quite a splash in the college ranks.

    Nebraska - Muttcope
    After a Big XII title in 2008 Nebraska has had to battle to stay alive in the title race each year with the surprising emergence of KSU. This is one of the most competitive teams the Huskers have fielded and look for them to give everyone a run for their money.

    What to watch for on Offense: Consistency. Nebraska's offense is like a veteran butcher and will, regardless of the speed at which it takes place, maticuously carve defenses into digestible bits. With proven weapons and depth at almost all positions, the Huskers have one of the most well rounded offensive units in the country. Sr QB Kody Spano is a leader and will pull his teammates out of some tough situations.

    What to watch for on Defense: The blackshirts are back. Meet one of the most versatile defensive units around. Want to pound the rock inside? Meet Sr DT Christian Rust PS #13. Want to run the ball outside? Sr OLB Steven Stephens PS #3 will run you down from behind. Want to pass the ball? Forget about it. The husker secondary is one of the best in the country and can really constrict a receiving corps.

    Best Player: DT Christian Rust

    Breakout Star: Fr(Rs) HB Darryl Bryant PS #5 should pick up where now departed All-American Marshall left off.

    Missouri - Khaalis
    The Tiger offense has had trouble returning to the explosiveness in the post-Jeremy Maclin/Chase Daniel era, and are arriving more close each year. After a year or two of rebuilding this year's version of the spread is equally dangerous and it will need to be. The Missouri defense is good, but is it good enough to stop the other high octane offenses in the Big XII? The best bet is to score early and often and pray either the other team can't keep up, or the defense comes up with a couple big plays.

    What to watch for on Offense: The bazooka resting on Sr QB Blaine Gabbert's shoulder. Gabbert's arm (or military weapon depending on who you talk to) has had NFL scout's picking up their chins since this kid was a junior in high school and with plenty of athletes to throw to, look for him to be among the top passers again this year.

    What to watch for on Defense: Receivers disappearing on the side of the field where Sr CB Jake George PS #1 lines up on. George is the lone star on a defense that has struggled as of late. However, after last seasons recruiting class, the pride will soon return back to the Mizzou D.

    Best Player: QB Gabbert could go #1 overall in the draft next spring.

    Breakout Star: So WR Steve Holt PS #39 has wheels and good hands. Big XII defensive coordinators ears will be ringing with 'Gabbert deep to Holt for the score!' from the stadium announcers in 2012.

    Kansas - Flo
    Don't worry, this isn't a re-run, this year's edition of the Kansas Jayhawks is looking to be a much different version than in previous years. Play makers are starting to emerge at several positions and should give some teams fits. Expect this team to make just enough plays when it needs to and keep every game close. How many of those close games get chalked up in the win column will be up to the few individuals who can step it up.

    What to watch for on Offense: The Jayhawks lining up and the defense having no clue what is coming next. Coach Flo has made it public that his offensive playbook is expansive and eclectic. Look for the same play to never come up twice and with there to be plenty of audibles. So WR Chad Sutton PS #21 will take your mother out to a nice seafood dinner and never call her again. He's that slick.

    What to watch for on Defense: Team play. Without any pro prospects or highly touted prospects this defense prides on playing hard and playing together. Inconsistency has kept the Kansas D out of big games.

    Best Player: SR(Rs) RG Ben Leuken is a monster at 6'5" 336 is a monster with his own zip code.

    Breakout Star: Could this be the year QB Kale Pick comes into his own?

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