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2012 Team Previews

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by GoGators, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. GoGators

    GoGators GT: KSherm

    May 19, 2009
    2012 Team Previews

    2012 Florida Gators Season Preview


    2011 Record: (13-1, 8-0)

    2011 Bowl: Sugar Bowl vs Cincinnati (W)

    Coach: KSherm (40-2 at Florida)

    Returning Leaders

    Rushing: Jr. Mike Gillislee, 23 car, 97 yds, TD
    Passing: Jr Jordan Reed, 164.7 rating, 55/82, 867 yds, 4 TDs
    Receiving: Sr. TJ. Lawrence, WR, 84 rec, 1511 yds, 18 TDs
    Tackles: Sr Brendan Beal, MLB, 155 tkls
    Sacks: Sr. Willie Green, RE, 14 sacks
    Interceptions: Jr. Dee Finley, SS 6 INTs​

    Besides a heartbreaking loss late in the season to FSU, Florida had an amazing season in 2011. Florida has graduated key players on offense this season and will be very young on that side of the ball. However, they have the playmakers waiting in the wings for their shot and they are more than talented enough to get the job done.

    The offensive line and defense however, return nearly everyone. These units are loaded and will prove to be the core of this team in 2012.

    Starting QB
    Jr Jordan Reed (90ovr, 89tp, 89ta)
    Fr. Trey Burton (85ovr, 85spd, 86tp, 83ta)
    ---The QB battle is still taking place as Coach KSherm is yet to declare a starter. Reed is the upperclassmen but Burton is the coach's prized freshman recruit that fits the Florida offense well. Don't forget #1 prospect A. Johnson is in the mix too with his rocket arm.

    RB- Jr. Mike Gillislee (93ovr, 94spd, 99acc, 86 btk)
    FB- So. Marcus Lee (74ovr, 80spd)

    ---Replacing Jeff Demps, Chris Rainey, and Emmanuel Moody will be tough. Thankfully, Jr. Mike Gillislee has the talent to be an every down back. He should have a great year. The depth is lacking though with two youngsters behind him. At FB, Lee takes over after making his move from TE into the backfield this summer. Look for him to be effective blocking and catching a few balls out of the backfield.

    WR- SR TJ Lawerence (97ovr, 94spd, 93rte)
    WR- SR O. Hines (95ovr, 94spd, 90rte)
    WR- SR F. Hammond ( 95ovr, 96spd, 90rte)
    WR- JR A. Debose ( 93ovr, 96spd, 99acc)
    TE- SR D. Parks (89ovr, 90spd)

    ---This may be one of the best WR units ever assembled. TJ Lawerence is the returning starter from last season. O. Hines will look to step up from slot and play flanker this year. The key piece is A. Debose who has returned from injury. His speed and athleticism are similar to what Percy Harvin brought to the Gators years ago. I can already hear the defensive coordinators groaning about how to contain this kid.

    LT- SR Matt Patchan (94ovr)
    LG- JR Xavier Nixon (88ovr)
    C- SR S. Robey (99ovr)
    RG- SR David Young (95ovr)
    RT- JR Nick Alajajian (94ovr)

    ---SR All American Sam Robey returns at center to lead this unit. He's already rated the #1 center for next springs Pro Draft and will be dominant this season. His supporting cast isn't too shabby either. These guys should pave plenty of paths for Gillesilee and the gang.

    DE- SR Earl Okine (96ovr, 86spd, 93pmv)
    DT- SR Omar Hunter (94ovr, 94str, 95pwm)
    DE- SR Willie Green (98ovr, 87spd, 97pst)

    ---SR Willie Green is back after setting the school record last season with 14 sacks. This unit is ridiculous and has more speed than some teams LB corps. Should make for a long season for opposing QBs.

    OLB- JR Jelani Jenkins (95ovr, 90spd, 95bsd)
    MLB- SR Brendan Beal (99ovr, 86spd, 96bsd)
    MLB- JR Jon Bostic (94ovr, 85spd, 93bsd)
    LB- SR Lerentee McCray (96ovr, 91spd, 98bsd)

    ---This LB corps has 4 potential 1st round draft picks and is the strongest unit on this team by far. Due to this, expect the Florida defensive coordinator to utilize a lot more of the 3-4 look this season than the traditional 4-3 they've ran in the past.

    CB- SR Jeremy Brown (99ovr, 94spd, 99mcv, 95zcv)
    CB- SO Eric Peterson (89ovr, 95spd, 90mcv, 91zcv)
    FS- SO Donovan Jensen (91ovr, 93hpw, 91mcv, 92zcv)
    SS- JR Dee Finley (97ovr, 94spd, 91hpw, 92mcv, 99zcv, 99pst)

    ---Just when opposing coaches figure it can't get any worse than that LB corps, they start to look at the secondary. Filled with ball hawks with lock down cover ability and safeties that can knock someones helmet off with any given hit, things don't look good for the SEC. JR Dee Finley passed up the NFL this off season so he could raise his draft stock. It seems as though he's done so this off season. Look for this unit to cause a lot of turnovers this year.

    K- FR Cedric Flowers (75ovr)
    P- FR Kyle Latimer (79ovr)
    KR- TBD
    PR- TBD

    ---The one weak point is the kickers on this team. They're really young, but the supporting cast should more than make up for it.

    Overall, this unit is reloaded and ready to go in 2012. The defense will be the strength and so long as the opening day starting QB can make the plays needed to get the ball into the hands of the UF playmakers, 2012 could be a very big year for the Gators.
  2. Hokie Effect

    Hokie Effect Whats a Hokie?

    Jul 4, 2009
    2012 Virginia Tech Hokies Season Preview


    2011 Record: (7-6, 4-4)
    2011 Bowl: Music City vs Arkansas (W)
    Coach: Coach Hokie Effect (30-11 at VT)

    Returning Leaders
    Rushing: SR Sweetness, 762 yds 10 TD
    Passing: SR Ju Ju Clayton, 4003 yds 24 TD
    Receiving: SR Xavier Boyce, 46 rec 838 yds 2 TD
    Tackles: SR Lorenzo Williams FS, 78tkls
    Sacks: SO Jim Young DT, 8 sacks
    Interceptions: JR Jayron Hosley CB, 3 INT​

    2011 was definately a season to forget. The Hokies who dominated the ACC their first 2 years struggled against both user and cpu teams. With a pass happy offense the team seemed very one dementional and had struggled playing consistantly on the offensive side of the ball. Hampered with injuries and the inability to protect the ball made for a heartfelt season. After a strong recruiting class and returning several key players on both sides of the ball, the Hokies looked to get back to their winning ways in 2012.

    SR Ju Ju Clayton (91ovr, 86thp, 89thp)
    JR Antone Exum (91ovr, 90spd, 86tha, 90thp)

    After getting some quality playing time last season due to injuries to Clayton and a hard working offseason, Exum will compete for the starting postion despite Claytons prroduction the past 2 seasons.

    RB- SR Sweetness (99ovr, 96spd, 99acc)
    RB- JR David Wilson (94ovr, 94spd, 99acc)
    FB- JR Everett Crowell (79ovr)

    This will be the Hokies strong suit this year. Expect alot of carries from Sweetness and Wilson. With an opposite approach this year focusing on the running game, QB Exum will likely get some carries as well running the option offense.

    WR- SR Dyrell Roberts (97ovr, 96spd)
    WR- SR Xavier Boyce (94ovr)
    WR- JR DJ Coles (92ovr)
    TE- JR Logan Thomas (92ovr)

    A solid recieving corp should help provide a balance attack this year. TE Logan Thomas might emerge as a star this year.

    LT- JR Andrew Miller (85ovr)
    LG- SR Vinston Painter (96ovr)
    C- SR Michael Via (97ovr)
    RG- SO Kevin Drew (83ovr)
    RT- SR Nick Becton (95ovr)

    Overall not the best o-line the Hokies have assembled, but should provide holes big enough for the RB's to make plays.

    DE- JR James Gayle (85ovr, 85spd)
    DE- SR Joe Jones (89ovr, 82spd)
    DT- SO Jim Young (91ovr)
    DT- SR Antoine Hopkins (89ovr)

    Very inexperianced d-line, a healthy dose of blitzing may be needed if the front 3/4 can not provide pressure on its own.

    OLB- SR Jake Johnson (93ovr)
    OLB- JR Tariq Edwards (89 ovr)
    MLB- SR Bruce Taylor (96ovr)

    SR Bruce Taylor finally will get his chance to shine as 3 year starter Barquell rivers moves on. This years LB will provide the working man's attitude.

    CB- SR Eddie Whitley (92ovr)
    CB- JR Jayron Hosley (89ovr)
    FS- SR Lorenzo Williams (90ovr)
    SS- SO Zach Horn (84ovr)
    SS- SO Aaron Melton (82ovr)

    This years DB will have to grow up quickly, as the pass defense has always been a weak point in years past. Inexperiance at the SS position may cause problems under VT's defensive scheme.

    K- JR Gerard Gunn (84ovr)
    P- JR Rico Gunn (83ovr)

    The Gunn twins were both under some heat last year with lack of leg strength. Lets hop all those squats paid off during the offseason.

    KR- SR Sweetness (99ovr, 96spd)
    KR- SR Dyrell Roberts (99ovr, 96spd)
    PR- SR Dyrell Roberts (99ovr, 96spd)

    Put your fastest guys in open space and cross your fingers. Lets hope the move to KR will not provide more opportunities for injury for Sweetness.

    The overall outlook for the 2012 is unexpected. There has been some shake up on the coaching staff after last years dissapointing season. Expect some new Offensive and Defensive schemes this year. So with the inexperiance at many of the positions on both sides of the ball and a new style of play, this year could go in either direction. Coach Hokie is hoping his gamble pays off and VT will be sitting atop of the college polls in 2012.
  3. GoGators

    GoGators GT: KSherm

    May 19, 2009
    Wow, the Hokies look pretty vulnerable in the trenches on both sides of the ball this season as well as their youngsters at Safety. Those will be some units to keep an eye on this season.

    Ryan Williams is a freaking beast. Glad you're not on my schedule this season.
  4. Mogriffjr

    Mogriffjr Walk On

    Feb 10, 2009
    Featured Threads:

    SR-QB Riko Smalls- 223/467, 3560yds, 24TD's, 17INT's
    SR-RB Torrey Mack- 250 car, 1087yds, 8TD's
    SR-WR Javaris Brown- 27rec, 304yds
    JR-FS Lovante Battle- 84 tackles, 6FL, sack, 4INT's, 2FF's, 2FR's

    SR-QB Riko Smalls (87ovr, 87thp, 88tha)
    SR-RB Torrey Mack (93ovr, 92spd, 92btk)
    JR-FB Ryan Neal (78ovr, 83spd, 85ipb)

    ---Smalls returns for his final year as starter. Last year he completed only 47% of his passes, something he worked on feverishly during the camps. Most of that was due to the offensive philosophy before new coach Moreecemos came and made some subtle changes to how this offense will be ran. Smalls has a lot on his plate but he does have a solid cast around him and while it's not large in depth, there is some good quality. SR-RB Torrey Mack, who's rated right now as a 3rd round pick in the next draft, has the speed and power to become a star this year and his school is trying to build him up as a heisman finalist. JR-FB Ryan Neal returns as the starting FB, giving UVA all their returning starters in the backfield, which should see an increase in offensive production.

    SR-WR Javaris Brown (90ovr, 92spd, 87cth)
    SR-WR Tim Smith (85ovr, 87spd, 84cth)
    SR-TE Paul Freedman (81ovr, 84spd, 87ipb)

    ---Losing WR's Jared Green and Kris Burd hurt but there shouldn't be much of a downfall. The question is can Smalls rely and trust on Javaris Brown as much as he did Jared Green? Green wasn't the fastest kid on the team but his length and his crisp routes gave Smalls the necessary windows to throw to. Brown has improved and does give UVA more room to stretch the field. SR-WR Tim Smith has to step up big time as a possession WR. SR-WR Rodney McLeod (84) has the hands to be a good slot WR while JUCO-WR Chris Smith has the size (6'4") to create matchup problems against opposing dime CB's. SR-TE Paul Freedman should see an increase of passes his way as the coaching staff loves his overall game and toughness down in the trenches.

    SR-LT Morgan Moses (94ovr, 94pbk, 96rbk)
    SO-LG Sam Miller (81ovr, 82pbk, 81rbk)
    SO-C Eric Avery (82ovr, 81pbk, 83rbk)
    SO-RG Justin Blankenship (79ovr, 81pbk, 87rbk)
    SO-RT Tony Hall (84ovr, 87pbk, 83rbk)

    ---SR-LT Morgan Moses leads a rather inexperienced line here. Moses will be protecting Smalls' blindside and his rather effective at it. Him along with Sam Miller and Eric Avery are the returning starters. The right side poses a huge question mark as the Cavs start two new kids in Blankenship and Hall. Hall has huge potential to become a stud tackle here with his size, strength and quickness off the line. Blankenship is a work in progress. He's a 6'7" RG who doesn't possess quick feet and is rather a stationary guard who doesn't have the skills to pull around. He's a solid run blocker who has good power. Overall the line is still young and it'll be interesting to see how well that right side does.

    SO-LE Eric Johnson (76ovr, 82spd, 78str)
    SR-DT Buddy Ruff (89ovr, 90str, 87tak)
    SR-DT Brent Urban (82ovr, 78str, 86tak)
    JR-RE Will Hill (82ovr, 76spd, 78str)

    ---Ideally, coach Moreecemos would love to have a good speed rusher on the outside but the reality is there isn't one on the roster. What the Cavs do have are solid ends who may not show up huge on the stat sheet but can make plays. Johnson has the best speed off the edge here while Will Hill is pretty smart and hits with power coming off the right side. In the middle, Buddy Ruff is the power and his speed (69) makes for an intriguing run stuffer up the middle, especially since he's so good at recognizing plays and shedding his blocks. Brent Urban rounds out a solid defensive line which will get tested going up against the likes of Virginia Tech.

    SR-LOLB Bill Schautz (85ovr, 81spd, 88tak)
    SR-MLB Connor McCartin (84ovr, 87spd, 86prn)
    SO-ROLB Derek Stone (83ovr, 80spd, 83tak)

    ---The LB's had to be shuffled a bit after a few kids left after graduation. SR-MLB Connor McCartin moved inside after spending most his years as an outside LB. Stone was inserted into the lineup after Schautz moved to the left side. While there's questions of cohesiveness, these kids are athletic and can cover from sideline to sideline, especially Connor McCartin. He has great speed and will be relied on to make the calls for the defense. Derek Stone has the chance to be special and not because of his speed (80) but because he's a student of the game. These kids are determined to become a special group.

    SO-CB Matt Williams (81ovr, 91spd, 88mcv)
    SR-CB Chris Broadnax (87ovr, 93zcv, 80cth)
    JR-FS Lovante Battle (87ovr, 93spd, 90zcv)
    SR-SS Ausar Walcott (82ovr, 87spd, 90zcv)

    ---The star of the team is the little FS, Lovante Battle. Battle is the fastest kid on the team and the best playmaker. He had 4INT's after the coaching change and was highly regarded coming into this year despite just missing the preseason all-american teams. If there's another diamond in the rough, it's Chris Broadnax, who will be matched up against the #2 WR's. He doesn't possess great speed but he's a playmaker who converted from WR over to CB. Matt Williams, the stud SO-CB will draw the toughest assignments from the gate. His speed and man abilities will prove to be vital to the secondary's success. Walcott rounds out the starters as a tall and powerful safety who looks to bring the pain playing that strong safety position.

    SR-K/P Jimmy Howell (81ovr, 88kpw, 80kac)
    JR-KR/PR Dominique Wallace (92ovr, 90spd)

    ---Howell is a huge kicker who has the best leg on the team and will handle kick and punting duties. Wallace won the KR/PR job after showing his dazzling moves in the open field. Special teams is a vital part of this team and the Cavs feel these two men can lead them to do special things on this unit.

    Overall the offense maybe top notch due to coach Moreecemos being an offensive guy. The defense will definitely be tested throughout the season going up against the better teams in the nation. The Cavs talent pool is improving but it'll take a few more years before they can become an elite school. Having a good year can put this Cavs team a long way.
  5. KnightNoles

    KnightNoles Learn to Compete

    Jul 6, 2009
    2012 Auburn Tigers Season Preview

    2011 Record: (12-2, 7-2)
    2011 Bowl: Capital One Bowl vs Penn State (W)
    Coach: Coach Knight (12-2 at AU)

    Returning Leaders
    Rushing: Onterio McCalebb 190att 960 yards 17 TDs
    Passing: Andrew Miller 117/197 2238 yards 23 TDs 7 INTs
    Receiving: TE Beau Reliford 14rec 202 yards 1 TD
    Tackles: DaShaun Barnes 111 Tackles
    Sacks: Andre Wadley 7 Sacks
    Interceptions: Reggie Taylor 13 INTs ​

    2011 was a season of change with the new coaching staff taking over and while the team had a very good year winning the SEC West and their only two losses coming to Florida. 2012 should bring more expectations for this team but key losses in the receiving core will hurt the team but more focus will be on the ground game. The defense returns several key players but some of the new starters will be young. The West should also be a lot more competitive this year which will be a test for the Tigers.

    JR Tyrik Rollison (89ovr, 84spd, 88thp, 87thp)
    SO Andrew Miller (89ovr, 82spd, 91thp, 86tha)
    --What should possibly be a up for grabs, Rollison will get the nod over All-American Miller who played most of the second half of the season in place of an injured Rollison. Regardless the offense will be in good hands, Rollison 7/2 and Miller 23/7 TD/INT ratios.

    RB- SR Onterio McCalebb (94ovr, 91spd, 92acc, 94btk)
    RB- JR Dontae Aycock (89ovr, 91spd, 91acc, 91btk
    FB/TE- JR Jake Jones (69ovr)
    --The ground game should be the strength of this team from the backs perspective, add the QBs into the mix, the group should be in the top 10 of rushing the football.

    WR- JR Emory Blake (85ovr)
    WR- SO Garrett Ford (84ovr)
    WR- SO Craig Medlock (83ovr)
    WR- FR Jamar Paris (79ovr)
    TE- SR Beau Reliford (86ovr)
    --Young group of receivers that lost 3 seniors and they will be challenged to make as many plays as they can. These guys will be overshadowed but I expect them all to be contributers.

    LT- SO Chris Allen (80ovr)
    LG- SR Brad Richardson (86ovr)
    C- SR Lonnie Cunningham (85ovr)
    RG- JR David Fogle (87ovr)
    RT- FR Bryan Dorsey (74ovr)
    --In order for the backs to be successful these guys have to play better than their overall attributes.

    DE- SR Andre Wadley (85ovr, 76spd)
    DE- Chad Humphrey (91ovr, 75spd)
    DT- SO Alan Church (85ovr, 94str)
    DT- SR Terrance Coleman (87ovr, 84str)
    --Solid Dline not very fast off the edge but I expect them to hold their own. A little light in the middle but pretty strong for their weights.

    OLB- SR Johnathan Evans (84ovr, 86spd)
    OLB- SO Scott Riley (86ovr, 85spd)
    MLB- SR DaShaun Barnes (88ovr, 84spd, 89tkl)
    MLB- SO Charles White (82ovr, 82spd)
    --Anchored by DaShaun Barnes, this group looks to clog more holes than they did last year and with good speed and each over 210lbs the group should be top 25 in Total Defense.

    CB- SR Christian Thompson (87ovr, 84man, 93zone, 87press)
    CB- SR Andy Ross (86ovr, 91man, 87zone, 87press)
    FS- JR Matt Lewis (83ovr, 99man, 83zone, 81hpwr)
    SS- SR Reggie Taylor (85ovr, 91spd, 85man, 91zone)
    --The strength of the defense is in the secondary and being able to press and play man look out for more blitzing and man coverage this year. Ball hawking safety Reggie Taylor looks to build off of his huge JR year and leave Auburn as the most successful secondary player in their history.

    K/P- FR Danny Wilson (76ovr, 84pwr, 77acc)
    --True FR will take the both duties this year and looks to be at Auburn for his 4 years and leave as one of the best kickers to ever be at AU.

    KR- SR Tsharvan Bell (87ovr, 94spd, 95acc)
    KR- JR Dontae Aycock (96ovr, 91spd, 91acc)
    PR- FR Michael Hicks (88ovr, 88spd, 96acc)
    --Not overly fast group this year and they only look to give the Tiger offense good field position and potentially to break a long one rarely.

    Red- All-American

    2012 has some question marks but Coach Knight believes he has some answers. With key players back in skill positions, they should be able to make enough plays to give the Tigers a win in each game and the other guys just have to play consistently well. He believes they should be able to get back to the SEC Title game and a shot at the National Title. First the Gators are circled on their schedule and of course the West opponents will have revenge on their minds.
  6. Beazus Christ

    Beazus Christ Resident Smut Peddler

    Jul 26, 2009



    QB Kyle Parker - 42/66 - 624 Yards - 5/3
    HB Andre Ellington - 176 Carries - 1031 Yards - 15 TDs
    WR Bryce McNeal - 66 Receptions - 1156 Yards - 10 TDs
    DE Mallicah Goodman - 69 Tackles - 16 Sacks
    DT Brandon Thompson - 51 Tackles - 12 Sacks
    SS Carlton Lewis - 79 Tackles - 1 Sack - 1 Interception


    QB Kyle Parker (RS Senior)(95 Ovr - 82 Sp - 91 ThP - 88 ThA)
    HB Andre Ellington (RS Senior)(91 Ovr - 94 Sp - 94 Ag - 99 Acc - 97 BrkT)
    FB Chad Shroeder (Sophomore)(82 Ovr - 71 RunBl - 71 PassBl)

    - Kyle Parker has been in and out of the starting QB position for the past 2 years. Can he finally put together a consistent season? Andre Ellington looked phenomenal as Jaime Harper's backup last year. If he can double his production in a full-time role, the Tigers will be in great shape.


    WR Bryce McNeal (Senior) (91 Ovr - 93 Sp - 87 Ctch - 85 CIT)
    WR Brandon Clear (RS Senior) (90 Ovr - 91 Sp - 83 Ctch - 81 CIT)
    TE Dwayne Allen (RS Senior) (86 Ovr - 85 Sp - 81 Ctch - 66 CIT)

    - Bryce McNeal heads this senior-laden unit. Although depth at this position is very little, the starters are talented and should be able to stretch the field in 2012.

    Offensive Line

    LT Antoine McClain (RS Senior)(95 Ovr)
    LG Matt Sanders (RS Senior)(93 Ovr)
    C Wilson Norris (RS Junior)(96 Ovr)
    RG Kenneth Page (RS Senior)(99 Ovr)
    RT Brandon Thomas (RS Junior)(83 Ovr)

    - Other than RT, a phenomenal unit and the strength of this Tiger team.

    Defensive Line

    DE Spencer Shuey (RS Junior)(79 Ovr - 86 Sp - 86 Pwr Mv - 88 Hit Pwr)
    DE Mallicah Goodman (RS Junior)(91 Ovr - 85 Sp - 85 Pwr Mv - 88 Hit Pwr)
    DT Brandon Thompson (RS Senior)(97 Ovr - 90 Str - 90 Tck - 96 Pwr Mv)
    DT Ben Turner (RS Sophomore)(85 Ovr - 89 Str - 90 Hit Pwr - 82 Pwr Mv)

    - With standout players on the inside (Thompson) and outside (Goodman), this unit is balanced, talented, and rearing to go in 2012.


    OLB Quandon Christian (Junior RS)(89 Ovr - 86 Sp - 92 Awr - 88 Tck)
    MLB Corico Hawkins (Junior RS)(87 Ovr - 87 Sp - 84 Tck - 85 Hit Pwr)
    OLB Derrick Perry (Junior)(89 Ovr - 86 Sp - 86 Tck - 87 Bl Shd)

    - Three talented juniors must step up and make plays for the Tigers.


    CB Marvin Campbell (Sophomore)(89 Ovr - 96 Sp - 89 MCV - 90 ZCV)
    CB Mansa Joseph (RS Senior)(88 Ovr - 91 Sp - 88 MCV - 85 ZCV)
    FS Matt Thomas (RS Freshman)(84 Ovr - 90 Sp - 88 Tck - 91 Hit Pwr)
    SS Carlton Lewis (RS Senior)(94 Ovr - 92 Sp - 91 Awr - 91 MCV - 96 ZCV)

    - Marvin Campbell surprised all the experts by making the All-American team as a true freshman. Can he improve and become a lock-down corner in year 2?
  7. jello1717

    jello1717 "Those who stay will be champions." -- Bo

    Jun 21, 2009
    2012 North Carolina Tar Heels Season Preview


    Returning Leaders

    Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5
    Area Player POS Year Stats
    Passing A.J. Blue QB SR 193.7 QBR, 587 yards, 8 TD, 4 INT
    Rushing Dallas Kirk HB SO 157 yards, 4.7 YPC, 1 TD
    Receiving Jheranie Boyd WR JR 54 rec, 780 yards, 3 TD
    Tackles Dustin Williams SS JR 122 tackles
    Sacks Alex Henry DT SO 7 sacks
    INTs Larry Abrams CB SO 4 INTs

    UNC lost a ridiculous amount of firepower on offense. They lost their starting QB, top 2 HBs, record setting TE, top 3 WRs, and some guys on the line. Combine that with their terrible defense which got even worse this year and they are yound and untalented pretty much across the board.

    Starting QB
    A.J. Blue (91 OVR, 76 SPD, 91 THP, 88 THA)

    ---Blue will have to be a true leader and put the entire team on his shoulders this year.

    HB- Dallas Kirk (89 OVR, 93 SPD)
    FB- David Sharpe (74 OVR, 79 SPD)

    ---With the departure of all everything back Ryan Houston, there is a gaping hole in the backfield. Kirk will be a very good back by the time he leaves the Heels, but he'll never be another Ryan Houston.

    WR- Jheranie Boyd (93 OVR, 94 SPD)
    WR- Todd Harrelson (92 OVR, 93 SPD)
    WR- Kyle Rogers (87 OVR, 89 SPD)
    WR- Jerry Henderson (85 OVR, 90 SPD)
    TE- Tony Hunter (83 OVR, 81 SPD)

    ---Boyd and Harrelson will be very solid targets for Blue. Rogers will be decent in the slot, but anything over 3 WR sets will bring inexperienced and untalented receivers onto the field for the Heels. They had better pray that none of their top 3 receivers gets hurt. Hunter, while not another Christian Wilson, will become a solid TE before our coaches are through with him.

    LT- Mark hardy (86 OVR)
    LG- Jonathan Cooper (99 OVR)
    C- Eric White (84 OVR)
    RG- Johnnice Farms (92 OVR)
    RT- Brennan Williams (86 OVR)

    ---This is easily the worst offensive line in coach Jello's tenure. Blue is more mobile than any other QB that the Heels have had and he'll likely need that mobility if he intends to keep his head attached.

    DE- Tydreke Powell (95 OVR, 86 SPD)
    DT- Alex Henry (83 OVR)
    DT- Drew Brown (81 OVR)
    DE- Mike Jacobs (80 OVR, 86 SPD)

    ---With the exception of Powell, this defensive line belongs on a MAC school.

    OLB- Herman Davidson (89 OVR, 85 SPD)
    MLB- Derrick Jenkins (82 OVR, 79 SPD)
    OLB- Hawatha Bell (91 OVR, 86 SPD)

    ---See Defensive and offensive line comments...

    CB- Cameron Moore (82 OVR, 90 SPD)
    CB- Larry Abrams (81 OVR, 91 SPD)
    FS- William Perry (82 OVR, 87 SPD)
    SS- Dustin Williams (88 OVR, 89 SPD)


    UNC's immediate goal for this season is to make a bowl game. If they can do that, then this season will be seen as a success.

    Wow. I just checked and Auburn and Virginia are the only user teams worse than the Heels. The other 9 teams are all better. I really need to get this recruiting thing figured out!
  8. GoGators

    GoGators GT: KSherm

    May 19, 2009
    What's crazy is UNC's team looks good, but in comparison to the ridiculousness of EA's programming and progression, they look weak compared to the other user schools. I hope that's fixed for next year.
  9. Mogriffjr

    Mogriffjr Walk On

    Feb 10, 2009
    Featured Threads:
    It's ok UNC. Kick folks ass even though the user teams you face will likely be better
  10. Beazus Christ

    Beazus Christ Resident Smut Peddler

    Jul 26, 2009
    Come on jello! This is the first year clemson is rated something other than a b+ so I'm pretty sure you will be competitive (to say the least) in 2012.
  11. killajo90405

    killajo90405 Walk On

    Jul 10, 2009
    Alabama Preview

    2012 Alabama Crimson Tide Team Preview

    2011 team record - Forgettable

    Returning Leaders

    Rushing: Jr. Trent Richardson 656 4.8 8TD
    Passing: SR. Star Jackson 137.2 rating, 155/262, 2118 yds, 14 TDs 22 Int
    Receiving: Jr. Kendall Kelly, WR, 28 rec, 455 yds, 6 TDs
    Tackles: Sr Mark Barron, FS, 58 tkls
    Sacks: JR, ROLB, 5 sacks
    Interceptions: Jr. Dre Kirkpatrick, CB 2 INTs​

    Last season was a god awful campaign for the Elephants. The younger players on the team were never able to adjust to their respective offensive and defensive coordinators. There have been big changes this season in hopes of getting the most out of a talented senior class. This looks to be a huge rebound season for the Tide.

    This is a team that if able to limit tournovers will be able to avenge some bad losses.

    Starting QB
    SR Star Jackson (96ovr, 90tp, 90ta 87spd)
    This is Star's team. Look for the senior to put this team on his back and lead the way. If the young man can limit the interceptions he will be superb in the new fleXbox One ofense.

    RB- Sr. Jeramie Griffin (96ovr, 90spd, 96acc, 99 btk)
    RB- Jr. Trent Richardson (94ovr, 93spd 99acc, 94btk)
    FB- Sr. Mike Marrow (92ovr, 89spd)
    ---The 2-headed monster of Griffin and Richardson should help Jackson in the passing game. These guys have set the goal of both being 1,000 yard rushers this season. Fullback Mike Marrow should get good numbers as well, both rushing and in the passing game.

    WR- JR Kendall Kelly (94ovr, 92spd, 97spc)
    WR- SO Deon Smith (85ovr, 90spd, 83rte)
    WR- SO Brandon Long ( 84ovr, 88spd, 82rte)
    WR- SR Joe Jackson ( 81ovr, 88spd, 92acc)
    TE- SR Brad Smelley (95ovr, 88spd) Captain
    ---This is not an exceptionally deep position for the Tide. They do however have 2 seniors who can be counted on to make catches.The TE Smelly had 46 receptions last year and will continue to bail out Jackson when called upon. WR Kelly will lead a young WR group and should prove to be one of the best KR in the country.

    LT- FR J. Nelson (75ovr)
    LG- JR D. Fluker (99ovr)
    C- JR J. Evans (93ovr)
    RG- SO J. Grant (90ovr)
    RT- FR L. Thornburg (80ovr)
    -JR Fluker is the one dependable guy on the line. The youngster at LT will see a lot of help from the TE and FB if he gets into trouble. Hopefully Jacksons Athleticism at QB will hide some deficiencies.

    DE- SR Undra Billingsley (89ovr, 77spd, 91prc)
    DT- SR Kevin Murphy(99ovr 93pwm 94bsh) Captain
    DT- SR Marcell Dareus (96ovr, 96pow, 94bsh)
    DE- JR Brandon McKinley (84ovr, 84spd, 82bsh)
    Very strong up the middle and decent on the edges. Look for another good run defense team. The question is can they get enough pressure on the opposing QB's because that has a problem last season.

    OLB- SR J. Harris (93ovr, 88spd, 94bsd)
    MLB- SO Don Wood (99ovr, 86spd, 83spd)
    MLB- JR Nick Johnson (85ovr, 87spd, 90bsd)
    LB- JR David Mixon (93ovr, 86spd, 90bsd)
    ---This LB corps is very inexperienced. I am a little scared about this group, hopefully the hold their own.

    CB- JR Dre Kirkpatrick (97ovr, 93spd, 96mcv, 93zcv)
    CB- SR Robert Lester (95ovr, 91spd, 91mcv, 92zcv)
    FS- SR Mark Barron (96ovr, 90mcv, 99cv)
    SS- FS Robert Petty (97ovr, 94spd, 91hpw, 99mcv, 985zcv)
    ---Just when opposing coaches figure it can't get any worse than that LB corps, they start to look at the secondary. Filled with ball hawks with lock down cover ability and safeties that can knock someones helmet off with any given hit, things don't look good for the SEC. JR Dee Finley passed up the NFL this off season so he could raise his draft stock. It seems as though he's done so this off season. Look for this unit to cause a lot of turnovers this year.

    KR- Kendall Kelly, Trent Richardson
    PR- Kendall Kelly
    Kelly and T-Rich should provide a boost in terms of field position.

    This is a make it or break it year for head coach Killa90405. With a new offensive and defensive coordinator look for the Tide to bounce back. QB Star Jackson looks to prove to the Tide fans and NFL scouts that heis one of the best in the country.
  12. Colemanchu

    Colemanchu GOAT SPLITTER

    Feb 23, 2009
    2012 Georgia Bulldogs

    Returning Leaders (Career Stats)
    Passing: JR Mettenberger, 4402 yds 43 td 9int
    Rushing: SR Samuel, 94 att 549 yds 7 td
    Receiving: SR Brown, 87 cth 1592 yds 15 td
    Tackles: SR, CB Smith 128 tackles
    Sacks: SR, DT Tyson 11 sacks
    Interceptions: SR, CB Commings 9 interceptions

    JR Mettenberger (93ovr, 76spd, 91/92arm)
    JR Murray (90ovr, 78spd, 90/90arm)

    As close as these two kids are talent wise their is no controversy here, our starter will be red shirt junior Mettenberger. His career 43 touchdown passes compared to Murray's 0 attempts allow him to take the job.

    RB- SR Samuel (95ovr, 93spd, 90btk, 95elu)
    RB- SR Jackson (93ovr, 91spd, 94btk, 88elu)

    Both these kids have the ability to start on most teams in the country, expect Samuel to get most of the carries early but if Jackson can prove himself the better back he will take over.

    WR- SR Brown (96ovr, 94spd, 94cit)
    WR- SR King (94ovr, 94spd, 90spc)
    WR- SO Cox (85ovr, 93spd, 85spc)
    TE- JR Lynch (92ovr, 86spd, 91ibl)

    Georgia's receivers are second to none in the SEC and senior impact player Brown will be the main target. Tight end Lynch is more of a road grader and will be relied on heavily to help with a young offensive line.

    LT- JR Long (91ovr)
    LG- SO Heinz (88ovr)
    C- FR Michael Via (80ovr)
    RG- SO Hayden (84ovr)
    RT- FR Hooper (82ovr)

    All that talent at the skill positions may go to waste with this inexperienced offensive line. The Bulldogs start two true fresman, expect lots of tight end blocking on the right side of this line.

    DE- JR Jones (92ovr, 82spd)
    DE- SR Longo (91ovr, 87spd)
    DT- SR Tyson (98ovr, 81pmv)
    DT- SO Williams (83ovr, 89pmv)

    On paper it looks like these guys will be able to pressure the quarterback on their own. With the drop off at the second DT look for some 3-4 mixed in this season.

    OLB- SR Williams (91ovr, 89spd)
    OLB- SR Dowtin (89 ovr, 87spd)
    MLB- SO Walker (92ovr, 84spd)

    We like our linebackers a lot. With the kid Walker holding down the middle and the senior athletes we can bring off the edge, our coordinater will have many angles of attack.

    CB- SR Commings (97ovr, 94spd, 95/95/90cvr)
    CB- SR Smith (95ovr, 94spd, 91/92/90cvr)
    CB- JR McCoy (86ovr, 91spd, 86/88/89cvr)
    FS- SR Rambo (90ovr, 90spd, 94zcv)
    SS- SO Ray (84ovr, 94spd, 83tkl)

    Looking at these guys ability to cover one on one, look for many blitzes from Georgia in 2012. The big question mark is wether or not sophmore SS Ray will be strong enough to help in stopping the run.[/SIZE][/SIZE]
  13. GoGators

    GoGators GT: KSherm

    May 19, 2009
    Georgia's receivers are second to none in the SEC.

    Seriously??? I beg to differ. At Florida we wipe our asses with WR like you got at Georgia hahaha.

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