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2012 Team Previews

Discussion in 'The Dirty Dozen' started by DirtycashDylan, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. DirtycashDylan

    DirtycashDylan I came here to scheme and chew bubblegum...

    Jul 10, 2009
    Now that we have the recruits signed and can see our teams post-training, what do you think? Which units improved and which ones fell off? How do you see your team doing next year?
  2. TheCrumbIsHere

    TheCrumbIsHere Walk On

    Jun 5, 2010
    Overall, I again like the talent that I have on my ball club. It's just last year that we had so many problems throwing the ball it wasn't even funny. However, between the three QB's on the roster and my stable of decent running backs, I hope to be able to find something offensively. Defensively, if we can play more consistent, I like our chances as well.

    However, in this league the talent level of my team seems to be irrelevant. It also seems like the game pre-determines which games my team will show up and give me a chance, and which games it won't. :)
  3. hammerhead1010

    hammerhead1010 Walk On

    Jul 22, 2010
    My team honestly improved around the board due to progression EXCEPT the O-Line. I have to beef up both trenches, but especially the O-Line. It must be addressed in this recruiting class.

    QB, HB, TE, WR all looking much better.

    :3stars: QB recruit Dustin Luke came in 77 OVR and a very powerful, accurate arm.
    :3stars: HB Sean Huggins along with returning Kenny Turner gives a two headed rushing attack.
    My wideouts progressed nicely giving me two go to options as well as serviceable 3 & 4 guys in the :3stars: freshmen Wideouts I brought in.

    On Defense OLB B.J. Adolopho anchors that unit without question.

    Went from 2011:
    OVR D+
    OFF D+
    DEF D

    OVR C-
    OFF C-
    DEF C-

    so at least were heading in the right direction. Goal this year is to take a jump in prestige and finish with 6 wins.
  4. DirtycashDylan

    DirtycashDylan I came here to scheme and chew bubblegum...

    Jul 10, 2009
    Well, I usually only like to report on my team changing based on personnel changes, but my LB core got nasty in progression and my RB spot is good enough to become the focal point of the offense.

    RB-I'm more of a 'consistency' guy when it comes to my RBs and would rather have a guy I can count on to get 2 tough yards and fall forward, but I feel Dri Archer is the biggest playmaker I've had coming out of the backfield since...*gasp*......Ogletree (Nik knows. A+ spd/A+ acc guy I landed year 1 of H4Y inaugural season). He had great success running between the tackles in his first game, as well as the obvious outside stuff. Then, there's the freshman, Reggie McKinney, who I'd be more than comfortable rolling with as a starter today. He had over 100 yards in his debut last Saturday.

    OL-With the addition of 4* road-grading T Brandon McDuffie to an already stacked lineup, my O line figures to be one of the biggest strengths of the team this year and could be a big reason for the rushing success.

    LB-No personnel change but, like I said, I just have to include them. They had a big offseason and the starters are all around a 75-76 overall rating with a couple of solid backups.

    DB-Returned everyone except for CB Wolfe who was replaced by the 6'4, 4* freshman Adrian Foster.

    TE-Lost two good ones and now I'm down to one that I feel great about and another who is 58 overall. and I use a ton of two TE sets.

    Considering season 1's result, anything less than a repeat championship will be a disappointment. Look for it to happen but in less decisive fashion than last year's 10-1 regular season record.
  5. Steamer43

    Steamer43 Cleveland Steamer

    Apr 17, 2010
    My team is about equal to last years IMO. My O-line returns most and the replacements are on par with last year's. I lose my starting RB but I think Cunningham may actually be even better than DD Kyles. I lose my top 3 WRs but they were never all that impressive to begin with. I'm comfortable with my top 2 targets this year at least. I bring back my whole front 7 featuring 4 All-CUSA 1st/2nd team members and 1 2nd team pre-season All American so I'm feeling solid about them. Lost my top corner and safety in the secondary but should be fine.

    After my first game: Looking like I'm going to have to rely on the run game. I grinded out 41 carries for 200 yards. The passing game wasn't as bad as the number showed, but just faced a little more pressure than I was expecting. The defense looks solid, it's all up to me to put together a scheme to make them successful.

    Prediction: I feel confident with my first 9 games, but then close with Fever, Nik, and DCD. I think I could finish anywhere from 6-6 to 10-2. I like what I've got to work with, but I can definitely see having both some off games and getting blown out, and having some games where everything clicks and I win big.
  6. nikpin

    nikpin Universitas Brunensis

    Apr 14, 2010

    2012 Akron Zips Preview

    2011 2012
    Overall 60 66
    Offense 60 69
    Defense 61 64

    Biggest Improvements
    Wide Receiver- I aired it out last year with nearly 400 passing attempts but my receivers were absolute garbage. The highest rated of the bunch graduated but he was only mid 60's and replacing him this year is my highest rated recruit :3stars: JUCO(SO) Pat Brown. My #2 WR from last year JR Keith Sconiers probably isn't going to repeat with 41 receptions as he gets dropped to #4 on the depth chart with :2stars: JUCO(JR) WR's Jimmie Wiley & Mike Guidry stepping into the #2 and #3 WR roles respectively. Those 4 are rated 77, 71, 69 & 69 and should be able to actually get open this season.

    LineBacker- I'm moving to the 3-4 this season after having 3 DT graduate and not landing a single DT commit. I brought in 1 :4stars: OLB in Zach Madson who will start at LOLB with a 76 OVR rating. I also got two :2stars: JUCO(JR) LB's in which MLB Kevin Mitchell came in at 77 OVR and will start at the 2nd MLB spot and Andy Hall came in at 74 OVR and will start at ROLB. The other starting MLB is the best player on my team and returning impact player Senior Brian Wagner who is rated 83 OVR.

    Biggest Weaknesses

    Defensive Line- I graduated 3 starters and 3 backups only returned my starting LE and a few backups. I only brought in 1 defensive linemen and he's going to being playing backup RE so I don't expect him to have much of an impact.

    I pretty much got better at every spot as my team 1 atrocious in year 1 so hopefully I can repeat a bowl this year.
  7. DirtycashDylan

    DirtycashDylan I came here to scheme and chew bubblegum...

    Jul 10, 2009

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