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2012 - TWIT - Week 14 (BCS Blowout)

Discussion in 'The Tradition' started by jfosh, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. jfosh

    jfosh Super

    Feb 10, 2009
    2012 - TWIT - Week 14 (BCS Blowout)

    2012 - TWIT - Week 14 (BCS Blowout)

    Everyone who has got a shot puts it on the line this week. A great slate of ACC vs SEC showdowns. The National Title picture will come into focus after this week. But here is how it sits to start week 14. Nice job fellas on scheduling the user games, Tenn and FSU is the only game not scheduled as TWIT goes to print.

    BCS Standings
    Column 1
    1 1 Georgia Tech 11 0 1.000
    2 2 USF 11 0 0.994
    3 3 Auburn 10 1 0.989
    4 5 Tennessee 10 1 0.983
    5 6 Alabama 10 1 0.978
    6 7 Virginia Tech 8 3 0.969
    7 8 North Carolina 9 2 0.967
    8 9 Penn State 10 2 0.960
    9 4 Clemson 9 2 0.956
    10 12 Michigan 9 2 0.946

    Georgia Tech

    #1 Team in the country and can cash its own ticket to the title. Plays #3 Auburn this week and has Clemson in the ACC championship in week 16. Lots of work to do, but this past champion can get it done.


    The Bulls have beat everybody put in front of them and have one game left. A win against Texas A&M on the road and they claim one spot in the National Championship. The experts are split on this game.


    The loss against Oklahoma to start the season is a distant memory and wont keep them out of the National Title. But Georgia Tech or Tennessee in the SEC championship can. The Tigers must win both games to play for their first National Title.


    Another team with one loss. Enough time has passed that the voters forgot they lost at home to the team that sits behind them Alabama. Tennessee needs help to get to the championship game. The need Auburn or Clemson to knock off Georgia Tech or an USF loss. They also must take care of business against a tough Florida State squad and beat Auburn for the SEC championship.


    The Tide have one game remaining and need lots of things to happen for a shot at the title. Georgia Tech would need to lose to Auburn or Clemson, Tennessee would need to lose to Florida State or Auburn, and Auburn would need to lose one of its two remaining games. A USF loss wouldn't hurt either. A little to much to ask for. Alabama at any rate needs to beat Virginia Tech this week for any of it to matter.

    Virginia Tech
    Tech like Bama would need the chips to all fall their way. G.T. , Auburn, Tennesee would all need to split and USF needs to lose. V.T. will focus on Bama and let the chips fall away.

    North Carolina

    Solid season for the Tar Heels but Nation Title hopes are out of the picture.

    Penn State

    Penn State is getting ready for its bowl game but it wont be the National Title.


    Clemson had a real chance at the title but the loss to Auburn last week ended any of that speculation. The Tigers can finish strong a spoil G.T. season with a win in the ACC championship.


    Another Big Ten team justing getting ready for their bowl game.

    Big User vs User Games

    #3 Auburn 10-1 @ #1 Georgia Tech 11-0

    The NCAA game of the week. These two coaches squared off regularly in last years version of the game (ASU & Oregon). This is the first meeting between the two coaches in this years version. Auburn describes MoGriffjr as his nemisis but Griff reminds us that ASU won the last meeting between these coaches. This years contest has a white hot Auburn team heading to Georgia Tech. The Tigers have won 5 strait user games all by double digits and the most recent a dismantaling of Clemson 52-17. The new offense is clicking and the defense is stingy and a National Title is in their sights. Georgia Tech installed a more pass oriented offense this season and has flurished. Tech while going to the air still maintains a real threat on the ground in Heisman canidate HB Orwin Smith. The Yellow Jackets are tough to stop when both options are available. Auburn will have to take something away. This will be a brawl for it all, one of these teams national title hopes end after this one.


    #4 Tennessee 10-1 @ #14 Florida State 8-3

    This is the second of 4 SEC vs ACC game this week. Tennessee still in the thick of the National Title picture will be tested by one of the nations best coverage teams. FSU's ballhawks are some of the best in the nation and Tennessee has to much speed not to test the water. QB Xavier Stephens will be able to make a Heisman statement and keep the Vol's riding high on their way to the SEC championship against Auburn. FSU will have to avoid a let down after a loss to in-state rival Florida last week. The Noles need to rebound and end the regular season on a positive note.


    #7 Virginia Tech 8-3 @ #5 Alabama 10-1

    Alabama leads the series 1-0. But a ton has changed since that meeting 2 years ago. Virgina Tech the ACC's #2 team right now is lead by QB Ju Ju Clayton. Clayton has improved in every category this season and is throwing for 350+ yards a game has 41 touchdowns spreading around the ball more than ever and is poised to jump over the 4,000 yard mark in this one. The defense is revamped and have held opponents to 10 or under in 4 games this season. The Tide suffered an emotional loss to Auburn last week and could be ripe for an upset. Bama is at home and needs to improve from its 6 turnover proformance from a week ago. They need to refocus on Alabama football and avoid the big plays that stung them 2 weeks ago.

    TV: www.justin.tv/jfosh @ 8:30 EST 11/29


    #18 Georgia 7-4 @ #12 Miami 8-3

    The fourth big matchup between the ACC and SEC. The Georgia Bulldogs are at the final leg of what might have been Coach Hellisan's longest season. The Dogs have hung tough but sport a 1-4 record vs users and are flirting with finishing outside the top 25. This weeks opponent won't be any easier. Miami can throw the rock and has a solid playmaker at running back. Georgia will pull out all the stops in this one and open it looking to end the season with a big win on the road. The Canes ran into trouble on the road when Freshman QB Adam Francis folded on the road. This one is at home and Francis has been comfortable there. A win against long time rival coach Hellisan and Juggs could find himself guiding the canes to a top 10 finish.


    Heisman Watch​

    A real Heisman race has emerged in 2012. Every contender will put his hopes on the line in user battles this week. Who will leave their mark?

  2. Blaza

    Blaza In Arsene Wenger I Trust

    Apr 17, 2009
    Wow Virginia Tech number 5 with 3 losses? Weaksauce! UNC has no chance at the title, but with all the teams ahead of us playing each other and only CPU games remaining for us, hopefully we can finish the season with a top 4 or 5 ranking. That'd be a huge leap from last year's midseason takeover/debacle.
  3. Mogriffjr

    Mogriffjr Walk On

    Feb 10, 2009
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    ha VaTech with 3 losses so high...SMH.

    big time games...very big week in tradition...could settle a few things here.

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