2012 Virginia Tech Hokies Scouting Report

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    2012 Virginia Tech Hokies Scouting Report

    Offense = *Run Option
    Defense = 3-3-5 stack

    *QB Exum will be #1 and QB Clayton will play 4 WR sets

    Scholarships Available: 17 (4 :5stars:)

    2012-2013 Recruiting Board
    Needs: DE, C, QB, DT

    Commit List
    Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 Column 5 Column 6
    # Name Position Ranking Caliber Notes
    1 Kyle Irby T 2 :5stars: A RBS, B RBLK, B- PBLK
    2 Titus Brown T 5 :5stars: B PBLK, B STR, B RBS
    3 Jordan Campell C 9 :4stars: B- PB, B- RBS
    4 Steve Webb DE 12 :4stars: B- SPD, B- TKL, B BSH
    5 Chris Sanders RB 23 :4stars: A- SPD, B+ AGL, B+ ACC
    6 Cliff Carpenter DE 6 :4stars: B- STR, B- TKL, C+ SPD
    7 Brandon Gardner MLB 4 :4stars: B+ TKL, C+ BSH, C+ PUR
    8 Brian Van QB 19 :3stars: B- SPD, B- THP, C+ THA
    9 Jordan Russell OLB 27 :3stars: B SPD, B- BSH, B- PUR
    10 Markus Andrews DE 109 :2stars: B SPD, C+ TKL, B-HP
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    I can't wait to play your 3-3-5! This defense alone will give my undermanned team a shot against you. :bangnana:

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