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2013 Draft Class Preview

Discussion in '4th and Long' started by TheGreatCV, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. TheGreatCV

    TheGreatCV Walk On

    Jul 15, 2012
    **Before you guys read this I need to explain a few things.

    This preview is based on the games projected top 32 picks. This does not mean these are the top 32 players available in this years draft class. Some of these guys are going to be "busts" based on their starting OVRs and based on their "slow" developmental abilities. We all know that we can save up all of a players XP to purchase another level of development, so in theory no player has a predetermined ability set.

    This guide was not made to trick anyone as the information was gathered from doing some research online and finding info on draft classes. For those who don't know, the actual OVR each player has fluctuates based on the offense/defense strategies and the schemes you want your players to be in. For example, a DE can have a 63 OVR in a 3-4 run stopping scheme, but that same player can be a 77 OVR in a Speed Rusher scheme. It depends on how your team is set up. This is why most guides don't give you info on OVR, instead they show you the developmental traits.

    If you read through the preview, you can pick out some key words or phrases that will give tips on what type of player you are looking at. For example, if I say something about a player potentially becoming a star if he puts in the time to study the game, that means his starting OVR isn't too bad, but his development is probably below average. If I write about a player being a "student of the game" that means he has either star or quick developmental abilities, but not unnecessarily the highest starting OVR.

    Some players have a N/A for their description, that's because I couldn't find any info on that player.

    Obviously I had to make up some stuff but if you check out some of the twitter feeds in the game, I have incorporated those into the preview. Also for those who don't know. The OVR for the "story line" players are not set in stone. Some of these story line players will developed well during their seasons, while others will fall off the map, and not even be available to draft i.e. "Matumbo goes down", that guy isn't in the draft pool anymore.
  2. TheGreatCV

    TheGreatCV Walk On

    Jul 15, 2012
    EA Sports Draft Board

    DT LeMarcus Sands- UCF - 6’4” 302 lbs
    a.Sands is a beast and is arguably the best player in the 2013 Draft Class. This UCF Knight is leading the FBS in tackles for loss and leads the Big East in Sacks. That’s right, a DT that leads a conference in Sacks. Sands reminds many scouts of Ndamukong Suh, as they are similar in stature, and have the ability to dominate games from their DT position. Unlike Suh, Sands has the ability to put pressure on a QB. Think Suh’s build, with Warren Sapp’s ability to pressure a QB. Sands is a prototype DT so if a team is looking for a guy to get pressure up the middle, with his 80 SPD and 95 STR, Sands is a perfect fit. If a team is looking for a true NT, Sands does not appear to be ideal, instead look at Quentin Jackson.

    2.LE Keeon Echo – California – 6’3” 262 lbs
    a.“Mr. Echo” shows great athleticism and an innate ability to get to the quarterback. Echo currently leads the nation in sacks. His highlight game came in week 9 when he sacked the Oregon QB 4 times!Echo dose have flaws in his game that he needs to improve on, 71 STR, but how can you pass up on a pure pass rusher and his 85 SPD rating. Teams looking for Speed Rushers have to have Mr. Echo at the top of their draft boards. Teams looking for a 3-4 DE should not target Mr. Echo as he is not comfortable playing for this scheme (OVR takes a BIG drop).

    3.QB Ian Jones – Utah – 6’1” 222 LBS
    a.The Utes have finally shown the college world that they can compete in the Pac-12, as they have been riding the arm of Ian Jones. The true junior has declared for the draft early, but could go back into FBS. Right now EA sports have him rated as the best QB. Many scouts also like Hayden Barnett out of Boise State, but some just don’t feel that the competition in the Mountain West can compare to the teams in the Pac-12. Jones has shown the ability make an impact on the game with not just his arm, but his feet. With 78 SPD Jones shows the potential to be a dual threat QB. Jones looks like he can fit any offense well.

    4.WR Jacob Steele – SMU – 6’4” 227 lbs
    a.Jacob Steel is leading the Big East in Receptions and TD grabs this year. The #1 target in the Mustangs offense the ideal Possession and Redzone Threat. Steel shows great upside and is willing to learn. Steele is a true student of the game and should develop into a star.

    5.LT Jacob Seagle – Texas – 6’4” 313 lbs
    a.Seagle has had an excellent year in protecting the blinds side for the Long Horns. Seagle is just 20 years of age, but has shown that he has the ability to keep his QB clean. Seagle is a 3 year starter and shows good 84 STR and athleticisim for a Tackle 60 SPD. Many other scouts prefer Nate Burden, but right now EA Scouts say Seagle is the better LT.

    6.HB Hadrien Bellwhether – THE Ohio State University – 6’3” 230 lbs
    a.Bellwheter is currently leading the Buckeyes to a great year. Urban Myer has been riding Bellwhether all year, and as long as he can stay health, he is no doubt the best back in this years draft class. Bellwhether reminds many scouts of former OSU great, Eddie George. Bellwehter does show some struggles in the receiving game, but is an all-around running back, and best used in a power back role. The only concerns scouts have is the amount of carries he is receiving this year. If Bellwhether can make it out of the season injury free, he is a no brainer, #1 feature back.

    7.LT Nate Burden – THE Ohio State University – 6’7” 315 lbs
    a.Nate Burden is a key player for the Buckeyes this year. Not only does he lead the way for Bellwhether, but he is also an excellent Pass Blocker. Burden has not allowed a QB sack all season. Burden fits all player types, and should be an immediate starter for which ever team drafts him.

    8.LOLB Tevin Buice – Baylor – 6’1” 235 lbs
    a.The Baylor Bears defense has been led by a true junior, Tevin Buice. Buice has shown a great ability to drop into coverage, as he is the highest rated Cover 2 LOLB. With his 75 SPD and 95 HPW ratings, Buice can not only cover, but he can bring the BOOM. Buice is not ideal for a 3-4 system, as he is a bit undersized at jst 6’1”, but teams running a 4-3 defense will be hoping to add Buice to their roster next season.

    9.HB Lamar Dample – Hawaii – 5’10” 191lbs
    a.Hawaii has shocked FBS as they have a running back that has been able to put up numbers in the Mountain West. Dample Leads the Mountain West at the moment. With his 92 SPD, Dample is the ideal Speed back. In week 14, Dample became Hawaii’s all time
    leading rusher.
    10.RG Jamel Williams Oregon – 6’3” 295
    a.Jamel Williams has shown throughout his collegiate career that he can open up holes for the run game. Williams is ideal for a run first/zone blocking offensive line. Williams will have to get stronger, but his athleticism is something a lot of owners will appreciate when it ccomes to those pulling guards, and running the power O.

    11.CB Jonathan Demps – Wisconsin – 5’10” 193
    a.Demps is rated highly by the EA scouts and shows a lot of potential. Demps has good speed and coverange skills. Demps appears to have that balance most owners are looking for. He, like RG Jamel Williams, is a student of the game, and should develop nicely, and Demps should be a future star for any team.

    12.RE P.J. Hall – Northwestern – 6’5” 284 lbs
    a.Hall does not have the big numbers when it comes to QB sacks as he has just a 70 SPD. But hall is the perfect 3-4 DE with his 89 STR. Hall is a great team player and has the ability to move offensive linemen aside to allow a blitzing OLB or MLB to get into the back field and make a play, a la Justin Smith of the 49ers.

    13.QB Nate Laiti – Indiana – 6’3” 220 lbs
    a.The Indiana Hoosiers football program made great strides this year, due to the play from Nate Laiti. Laiti shows great Field Generalship and has the ability to throw the ball down field, 93 THP.

    14.TE Chris Miles – Texas – 6’4” 243 lbs
    a.Miles is rated highly on the EA boards. Miles is an all around TE and has 74 SPD and is a real Vertical Threat. Miles has been a go to receiver for the Longhorns in the red zone thus far.

    15.WR Calvin White – Georgia Tech – 6’5” 237 ;ns
    a.Calvin white is another talent wide out with the ideal size and physicality teams look for in the redzone. While is the perfect Redzone and possession receiver. He does have 89 SPD so for owners looking for burners, will be alittle hesitant, but White will make up for the foot speed, with his pure WR skills. White needs to improve his overall route running and but he is capable of being a steal, in the middle of the first round.

    16.DT Nicholas Calhoun – Kansas – 6’3” 296 lbs
    a.Callhoun has shown the ability to be a great DT for the Kansas Jayhawks. Some scouts wonder where his head is at times, but as long as he shows up to practice and gets into games he can have a good career in the NFL. Calhoun has 78 STR and is a prototype DT.

    17.WR Austin Slaughter – BYU – 5’10” 187 lbs
    a.Austin Slaughter is FAST. With 98 SPD he can beat most CBs in a foot race. No doubt the Raiders would love to have him. In an age where most WRs are over 6 ft, Slaughter’s lack of height may be an issue with some owners. If Slaughter can develop fast enough, by learning how to catch, Slaughter could be a gem. If Slaughter fails to improve his pass catching ability, then he could end up just being another track start, and not a football star.

    18.DT JT Purcell – Western Michigan – 6’2” 298 lbs
    a.Purcell is having a good year at W. Michigan. He leads his team in tackles for loss and is the captain on defense. Purcell has a good STR rarting at 78 and is a solid player for any team. He does struggle as a run stopper, but is a prototypical DT.

    19.WR Curtis Smith – Clemson – 6’0” 205 lbs
    a.The Clemson Tigers had a good year, with Curtis Smith burning defenders down field. Smith and WR Austin Slaughter of BYU are very similar players, very fast, but questionable hands. Smith is an ideal slot receiver with his speed. The question will be does he have enough ability to hang on to the ball. Time will tell, but if he is in the correct system, Smith could flourish and develop well.

    20.CB Kobi Boone – Florida State – 6’0” 201 lbs
    a.Boon leads the ACC in INTs. Boon looks like a potential shut down corner, and seems to be able to fit any scheme. Boon also has something many owners look for, 96 SPD. Boon has the ability to play the ball in the air, while still being able to stop the run. This Seminole may be the best corner to come out of FSU in some time, dare I say since “prime time”.

    21.LE Emmanuel Castille – Auburn – 6’6” 312 lbs
    a.Castille wreaked havoc on HBs in the ACC this year. He is an ideal 3-4 defensive end with his 85 STR. Catille didn’t have many sacks for the Tigers this year, but his job was to stop the run. Catille would do well in a system that can spell him during passing downs, that way he can concentrate on stopping the run in base formations.

    22.TE Dan Ayers – Central Michigan – 6’7” 253 lbs
    a.Dan Ayers may be coming from a smaller school, but he may be the only sure thing in this year’s draft. Ayers is without questions the best at his position. At an intimidation 6’7” Ayers is a big target down field, but is also physical in the running game. Ayers has 84 SPD which is more than enough to beat most LBs down field, and with his size, will make it difficult for DBs to make a play on the ball once its up for grabs. Needless to say, Ayers should be a great one.

    23.TE DJ Dorssett – Michigan – 6’3” 258 lbs

    24.LOLB James Jimmerson – Vanderbilt – 6’4” 256 lbs
    a.Jimmerson is leading Vandy in tackles and has been one of the SEC’s most consistent players. Jimmerson has great speed for an OLB 86 SPD and can really play sideline to sideline. “Jimmer” looks great rushing the QB out of the 3-4 outside position.

    25.SS Joseph Lewis – UCF – 6’0” 214 lbs
    a.Lewis is the highest rated SS in this year’s draft. If he gets drafted in round 1 UCF would have produced two first rounder’s for the first time in school history. In a very thin SS pool, Lewis is without question the best at the position. In fact, some scouts have Lewis as one of the best players in the draft. He has the ability to play coverage, and can play the run. Lewis is a bit under sized, compared to the TEs and WRs he will have to guard in the NFL, but he has the speed at 94 SPD and has the ability to absolutely crush players 90 HPW.

    26.MLB Anthony Reeder – LA Tech – 6’1” 235 lbs

    27.C BJ Murden – Nebraska – 6’2” 289 lbs
    a.Murden is the only Center projected to go in the 1st round. Murden is a very good blocker and should be still be in the NFL 10 years from now. Murden has shown strong signs that he can pick up LBs coming on a blitz and has the ability to read rushers in a zobe blocking scheme. Murden is really the only Center worth drafting, so teams looking for a man in the middle, will be looking to tak him early.

    28.RT Andre Allen – San Jose St. – 6’6” 293 lbs
    a.The Aztec RT is a well balanced blocker. He would do well palying in a Zone Blocking scheme, much like center BJ Murden. Allen isn’t the most physical mauler, but if in the proper system, he, like Murden, should have careers that last longer than the other O Line men in this years draft.
    29.C – Tyler Vee – Alabama – 6’2” 295 lbs
    30.CB Ross Brown – Penn State – 5’11” 187 lbs
    a.Ross Brown is a well balanced CB. There are many CB in this years draft, and Ross Brown appears to be a solid CB. Brown could struggle if he does not develop in time. At just 83 SPD Brown is at best average.

    31.FS Phillip Harry – Notre Dame – 6’1” 190 lbs

    32.RE Matt McLendon – The U – 6’4” 298 lbs
    a.McLendon is projected by EA scouts to be the final pick of the first round. McLendon could be a steal if drafted as the 32nd overall pick. With his 90 STR and ability to play in both the 4-3 and 3-4 base defenses, he looks like he will be a player getting minutes early in the NFL. At just 71 SPD, McLendon not be ideal for those looking for an edge rusher, but his ability to make plays by moving tackles aside, will make him a valuable player for a defense looking to improve their ability to stop the run.
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    Good description for Bellwhether and Buice.
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    Aug 7, 2012
    Good stuff Great CV
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    Very nice!!! We need more guys like you

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