2013 Miami Recruits

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    2013 Miami Recruits

    Miami's recruits for this fall:

    Chuck Cain HB 4 star - A spd, A- Agility & Acc
    likely to play from first day on campus.

    Eric Frederick WR 4 star - B spd, B+ juke move, C+ Cth
    Good size but likely to redshirt with the youngster on the WR depth chart.

    Keith Johnson DE 3 star - C+ spd, B tkl
    Will provide good depth.

    Harvey Cobbs DT 4 star - B+ str, B+ pur,
    May see the field from day one as a playmaking DT for Miami.

    Kurt Jenkins ATH 3 star - B spd, C+ cth
    Likely to provide WR depth.

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