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2013 Minnesota Golden Gophers!

Discussion in 'Overdrive' started by WreckEm27, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. WreckEm27

    WreckEm27 Classless Clown

    Jan 17, 2012


    OFFENSE: The Air Raid is in for its second iteration at Minnesota. The first year even with the bad record could arguably be called a success. Minnesota found some pieces that worked, and have the awkwardness of changing systems behind them. A QB has been found, and with the WRs coming together Minnesota should have a chance at being a pretty good offense. Wins over Indiana and Nebraska who were the participants in the B1G Championship game were good too.

    QB: Junior Max Shortell is the clear cut number one at this point. He was the day compared to Marqueis Grey's night of last year. He threw for nearly 1400 yards and 8 TDs in the four games he started the end of the year. Had he been the starting from day one, Minnesota may have won a few more games. Depth is a huge concern for this team, as neither backup is ready to be a starter.

    Preseason rating: 7.5

    HB/FB: James Gillum will be the starter and Donnell Kirkwood will be the backup again for a second straight year. Gillum is the speed back and Kirkwood is the power. Neither are game changers, but they aren't liabilities either. Touted FR HB Joseph Cross will redshirt. Mike Henry will be the starting FB again.

    Rating: 7

    WR/TE: Minnesota scored a HUGE get in 4* WR Blake Caldwell. The 6' 200 pound FR is expected to step in and take the offense to the next level. Malcolm Mouton, Jamel Harbison and Andre McDaniel round out a VERY solid young set of four WRs. This group is going to be salty in a few years. Drew Goodger should be an adequate target at TE.

    Rating: 8.4

    OL: Senior C Zach Mottla spearheads a solid group that all started last year. They will be much better after having a year under their belts. This is another group that has some decently talented youth on the depth chart as well.

    Rating: 8.3

    DEFENSE: The defense at times in 2012 played well. Others, not so much. Because of lack of playmakers at OLB, the defense will be changing to a 43. There is a good amount of young players, and because of that it is going to be an interesting year.

    DL: Ra'Shede Hageman and Cameron Botticelli are the main reason for the switch to the 43. I want both of these talented DTs on the field at once. They hopefully can help the young LB corps adapt to division one play. DE Ben Perry hopefully will make some noise as well.

    Rating: 8.4

    LB: Senior Aaron Hill is the highest rated of the bunch at MLB. He is solid, but not spectacular. He tackles well. FR Kevin Roberts is a starter at one OLB, and speedster Lamonte Edwards is the starter at the other. This group could be very good.

    Rating: 6.9

    CB: A solid group with little depth. Brock Vareen and Derrick Wells are the CBs. FR Matt Connor could see some time at FS as well with his coverage skills.

    Rating :7.8

    S: FR Pete Grey is the starter at FS. He's an okay player. He could be a liability with his lack of top end speed. SS Cedric Thompson should be decent for us. We will miss Troy Staudimire.

    Rating: 7

    ST: Both the kicker and punter are solid.

    I see Minnesota able to get back to a bowl, maybe even knocking off a few they aren't supposed to.
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