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2013 MOP Shortlist

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Michael Woodward, Aug 17, 2012.


Who will win the MOP?

Poll closed Aug 24, 2012.
  1. Cody Green

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  2. Kameron Mack

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  3. Branden Oliver

  4. Kevin Parks

  5. Phillip Sims

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  6. Tim Smith

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  7. Darius Willis

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  1. Michael Woodward

    Michael Woodward Walk On

    Feb 17, 2011
    It's the halfway point of the season.......Who has made it on the shortlist? Who has performed below expectations and fallen by the wayside? Let's find out!

    CGreenMOP.jpg Cody Green returns for his second straight MOP shortlist. His numbers are again pretty solid but again, his turnovers are a bit high which will hamper his chances of winning the award.

    KameronMackMOP.jpg Kameron Mack is a player that was no where near the radar for the award at the beginning of the year. However, he makes up a contingent of Virginia MOP shortlisters which are four strong this year. Flying all over for a highly successful Virginia defense, Mack finds himself as a surprise shortlist candidate.

    OliverMOP.jpg Branden Oliver has simply been a star up in Buffalo. Even the cold temperatures can't cool him off and the back is on fire, running all over MAC defenses while not coughing up the ball a single time. Oliver is putting the other candidates on notice.

    KevinParksMOP.jpg Kevin Parks, along with Oliver, are the only two backs to make the shortlist which is highly unusual. However, like Oliver, he has tore through defenses. What is most impressive is that he averages nearly 8 yards per carry. Clearly, Virginia's running backs have been eating their wheaties under Coach Abom's watch.

    SimsMOP.jpg Phillip Sims has had a highly efficient year, worthy of serious MOP looks. Completing 73% of his passes and only throwing one pick for every 4 touchdowns, Sims is playing like the Phil Sims he is confused for.

    TimSMithMop.jpg Tim Smith came in this season and picked up where he left off from last season. Average 115 yards per game, he is a reliable target who rarely drops the ball. He stretches defenses, leaving lanes open for Kevin Parks to get his yards. Smith's importance can not be underestimated.

    WillisMOP.jpg Darius Willis has been a crucial part of a Kansas defense which is one of the more solid defenses in the country. Willis has single handedly saved two games for Kansas already this season with crucial big plays. He also makes many plays behind the line of scrimmage and forces turnovers with much frequency. Along with Cody Green, he is most likely not a favorite but his heroic play is worthy of recognition.

    tar heel
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  2. NYJuggalo45

    NYJuggalo45 Walk On

    Feb 10, 2009
    i was a homer and voted for Oliver. Truth be told, without him, we are probably 1-7/2-6 instead of 4-4 and in 1st place in the MAC.

    and another great job on content/images Michael Woodward
  3. Abominatrix

    Abominatrix Walk On

    Jun 6, 2011
    Went with Parks because I definitely feel it the most when he leaves the game as opposed to Sims, Mack, and Smith. While we have extremely talented depth at QB and WR, other backs on my team just don't do as well. And he can pass block well, which is required if you're gonna line up in the UVA backfield :p

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