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2013 Penn State new recruits

Discussion in 'The Experience' started by Psycho, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. Psycho

    Psycho Walk On

    Oct 6, 2009
    2013 Penn State new recruits

    Had some good recruits sign this week, in fact I had such a good crop come in Penn State is basically down for recruiting until the offseason.

    The biggest coup was getting my first 2 choices for OLB. I came into this year with requirements to sign a QB, a DE and 2 OLBs. With needing 2 OLBs I was looking to get my first choice and a backup plan, however I managed to get both my first choices for my bookend LBs… yeah me!

    Only going after a couple more guys I’m shooting for, probably will get both of them, because as of yet no user as attempted to go for them, then again by signing some of these guys I may have just declared war on the remains 2 guys out there I want.

    The lone slight downside to this years recruiting was wasting a 5 star on a CB when I already will have 11 CBs to start next year, without counting the new guy. Unfortunately of the 11 guys, I've got 4 that I'd trust to put on the field... oh well, hopefully I can get a couple of those guys to transfer this offseason.

    OA Rank​
    Pos Rank​
    QB Joey Anderson 6'3" 196 #1 (BONUS) #1 QB :5stars: TX
    CB Adam Medley 6'0" 175 #13 #3 CB :5stars: OK
    OLB Ryan Pennington 6'0" 236 #99 #6 OLB :4stars: FL
    G Travis Cole 6'4" 300 #110 (BONUS) #11 G :4stars: G MI
    DE Scott Evens 6'1" 269 #160 (BONUS) #6 DE :4stars: TX
    OLB Bernard Doucette 6'2" 237 #210 (BONUS) #11 OLB :4stars: CA

    Factoring in signed Bonus recruits:
    2 :5stars:
    4 :4stars:

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