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2013 Preseason Program

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by KnightNoles, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. KnightNoles

    KnightNoles Learn to Compete

    Jul 6, 2009
    2013 Preseason Program

    2013 Auburn Tigers Season Preview

    2012 Record: (12-2, 8-1)
    2012 Bowl: Capital One Bowl vs Michigan (W)
    Coach: Coach Knight (24-4 at AU)

    Returning Leaders
    Rushing: Dontae Aycock 180 att 840 yards 17 TDs
    Passing: Andrew Miller 148-259 3164 yards 26 TDs 14 INTs
    Receiving: Jamar Paris 32 rec 1123 yards 10 TDs
    Tackles: Scott Riley 73 tacks
    Sacks: Chad Humphrey 10 sacks
    Interceptions: Jordan Matthews 5 INTs ​

    2012 was a season of what is to come but left a lot to be desired as the Tigers were able to reach the SEC Championship game but come away short for the second year in the row. 2013 the Tigers will bring in a new offensive coordinator and will get a healthy Tyrik Rollison who hasn't been able to stay injury free. The Tigers look to turn the corner and win an SEC Champ but will have to do so with one of the more challenging schedules.

    Sr Tyrik Rollison (90ovr, 86spd, 88thp, 88thp)
    Jr Andrew Miller (92ovr, 84spd, 91thp, 88tha)
    -- Rollison will start even though Miller deserves the spot, but Coach Knight doesn't believe in losing your spot being injured. Keep an eye on this position throughout the year.

    RB- SR Dontae Aycock (95ovr, 92spd, 94acc, 97btk
    FB- FR Alan Ramsey (62ovr)
    -- Aycock is looking to redeem himself as he fumbled inside the 10 in the SEC Champ game and looks to have a big year.

    WR- SR Emory Blake (87ovr)
    WR- JR Garrett Ford (88ovr)
    WR- JR Craig Medlock (86ovr)
    WR- SO Jamar Paris (82ovr)
    TE- SR Jake Jones (90ovr)
    -- These guys grew up last year and all of them are dependable to catch the ball. Paris and Blake are the go to guys and watch out for the deep ball. Jones will try to replace Beau Reliford at the TE position.

    LT- SO Chris Allen (83ovr)
    LG- FR Greg Daniel (76ovr)
    C- FR Marcus Ford (76ovr)
    RG- FR Rob Lewis (78ovr)
    RT- SR David Fogle (87ovr)
    -- The two tackles will be able to hold the outside vs. the pass rushing teams and the inside guys will have to create yardage up the middle for Aycock to run the ball well.

    DE- JR Lawrence Wright (84ovr, 77spd)
    DE- SR Chad Humphrey (95ovr, 77spd)
    DT- SO Alan Church (88ovr, 95str)
    DT- SR Steve Bowman (87ovr, 86str)
    --Solid Dline not very fast off the edge but I expect them to hold their own. A little light in the middle but pretty strong for their weights. Chad Humphrey is a monster though regardless of his speed off the edge.

    OLB- FR Steven Quinn (79 ovr, 81 spd)
    OLB- JR Scott Riley (89ovr, 86spd)
    MLB- JR Charles White (84ovr, 82spd)
    MLB- JR Nathan Coleman (80ovr, 83spd)
    --A very solid linebacking crew and how will Charles White or Nathan Coleman replace DaShaun Barnes.

    CB- SO Jordan Matthews (88ovr, 88spd, 90man, 94zone, 99prs)
    CB- SR Matt Lewis (91ovr, 86spd, 99man, 89zone, 84prs)
    FS- SO Curtis Roberson (83ovr, 89spd, 88man, 87zone, 80tack)
    SS- FR Michael Coley (79ovr, 88spd, 80man, 81zone, 86tack)
    --A solid starting core of players and the strength of the secondary, the only question mark is how well will Coley replace Reggie Taylor.

    K/P- SO Danny Wilson (80ovr, 86pwr, 80acc)
    --Received playing time last year and hit 90% of his attempts.

    KR- JR Josh Arnold (91ovr, 90spd, 87acc)
    KR- SR Dontae Aycock (99ovr, 92spd, 94acc)
    PR- JR Craig Medlock (92ovr, 89spd, 88acc)

    Red- All-American
  2. GoGators

    GoGators GT: KSherm

    May 19, 2009
    2013 Florida Gators Season Preview

    2012 Record: (12-2, 8-1)
    2012 Bowl: BCS Championship vs Clemson (W)
    Coach: Coach KSherm (51-4 at UF)

    Returning Leaders
    Rushing: Brian Wilkinson 153 att 488 yards 13 TDs
    Passing: -----
    Receiving: Andre Debose 58 rec 1182 yards 8 TDs
    Tackles: FS Donovan Jensen 79 tacks
    Sacks: Ryan Harris 4 sacks
    Interceptions: CB Eric Peterson 4 INTs ​

    2012 was another great season for the Gators. It started out disappointing but they finished it in true Gator fashion by hoisting the Crystal Ball. After a 2nd straight SEC CG victory over the Auburn Tigers, the Gators took revenge against the Clemson Tigers in the Championship game. They relied on a dynamic passing attack led by QB J. Reed and his slew of talented WRs as well as superb playcalling from the HC. This year won't be anywhere near the same as the Gators face a whole new set of challenges. The offense is reloading and the defense is too. Coach KSherm's got his hands full this year. And many of the SEC opponents are drooling at the chance to knock off the might Gators in 2013.

    FR Trey Burton (87ovr, 85spd, 86thp, 85tha)
    FR Mark Price (85ovr, 84spd, 91thp, 80tha)
    FR Anthony Johnson (87ovr, 62spd, 93thp, 86tha)
    -- Coach has his hands full trying to figure this one out. With three talented freshman, the job is up for grabs. Look for all three to get a chance at some point in time this season.

    RB- SR Mike Gillislee (96ovr, 95spd, 99acc, 99sfa)
    RB- JR Brian Wilkinson (92ovr)
    RB- FR Isaac Sanders (85ovr, 95spd)
    -- The strong suit of the offense this year. Gillislee returns from his season ending injury last season to lead this group of talented playmakers. Freshman Isaac Sanders looks to make an immediate impact as well.

    WR- SR Andre Debose (97ovr)
    WR- JR Clay Tyler (87ovr)
    WR- JR Anthony Martinez (87ovr)
    WR- SO Chase Gray (86ovr)
    TE- JR Marcus Lee (86ovr)
    -- Debose is the lone playmaker back from last years offense. He'll need to have a huge year if the Gators want to be great again. His fellow WRs will see their first significant action since setting foot on campus.

    LT- SR Nick Alajajian (99ovr)
    LG- SR Xavier Nixon (90ovr)
    C- SO Jimmy Massey (92ovr)
    RG- JR Grant Perry (95ovr)
    RT- JR Patrick Davis (97ovr)
    -- If there's one thing coach KSherm knows, it's that games are won in the trenches. This offensive line shows that led by LT Alajian, the Gators front 5 should pave the way for the Gators this year.

    DE- JR Byron Parker (87ovr)
    DE- JR James Wright (87ovr)
    DT- SO Ryan Harris (90ovr)
    DT- SR Gary Brown (90ovr)
    --Another inexperienced unit. This unit has a combined 1 sack between them. They'll need to show they're ready to go in order for the Gator defense to be successful.

    OLB- SR Jelani Jenkins (97ovr, 91 spd)
    OLB- JR Ryan Adams (92ovr, 86spd)
    MLB- SR Jon Bostic (99ovr, 85spd)
    MLB- SO David Green (89ovr, 86spd)
    --One of the most talented LB corps in the country. SR Jon Bostic finally gets his chance to show what he can do after playing in the shadows for years. Him and Jenkins should be dominant this year and should punish opposing RB's, TE's, WR's, and QB's.

    CB- JR Eric Peterson (93ovr, 95spd, 93man, 94zone, 85prs)
    CB- JR Jerald Davis (88ovr, 92spd, 94man, 90zone, 86prs)
    FS- JR Donovan Jensen (94ovr, 87spd, 95man, 95zone, 94hpw)
    SS- SR Dee Finley (99ovr, 95spd, 94man, 99zone, 93hpw)
    --The CBs are inexperienced but the safeties are as good as they get. Jensen and Finley are projected first rounders next year and they look to lead a crew of young defenders to another SEC title run. "I didn't come back to finish 2nd" -Dee Finley

    K/P- SO Cedric Flowers (78ovr)
    KR- JR Brian Wilkinson
    KR- FR Isaac Sanders
    PR- SR Andre Debose
  3. jello1717

    jello1717 "Those who stay will be champions." -- Bo

    Jun 21, 2009
  4. GoGators

    GoGators GT: KSherm

    May 19, 2009
    hahaha, my bad. It was a long day getting the freaking schedules figured out.
  5. Beazus Christ

    Beazus Christ Resident Smut Peddler

    Jul 26, 2009
    2012 Record: (13-1, 9-0)
    2012 Bowl: BCS Championship Game vs Florida (L)
    Coach: Coach Beazus Christ

    Rushing: Roderick McDowell (97 Attempts / 582 Yards / 4 TDs)
    Passing: Tajh Boyd (84-139 / 1261 Yards / 10 TDs / 11 INTs)
    Receiving: Steve Whitaker (24 Receptions / 451 Yards / 7 TDs)
    Tackles: Matt Thomas (107 Tackles)
    Sacks: Malliciah Goodman (20 Sacks)
    Interceptions: Marvin Campbell / Corico Hawkins (3 INTs)


    QB - RS Senior - Tajh Boyd (92 OVR / 86 SP / 89 THP / 89 THA)
    HB - RS Senior - Roderick McDowell (95 OVR / 94 SP / 98 AG / 99 ACC / 92 BTK)
    FB - RS Junior - Chad Schroeder (86 OVR / 83 SP / 73 PBK / 73 RBK)

    WR - Junior - Nate Amos (85 OVR / 90 SP / 85 AG / 91 ACC / 85 CTH )
    WR - RS Junior - Eddie Gross (81 OVR / 87 SP / 83 AG / 90 ACC / 82 CTH)
    WR - Freshman - Lance Coker (82 OVR / 88 SP / 86 AG / 80 ACC / 78 CTH)
    TE - RS Junior - Chance Gatewood (88 OVR / 83 SP / 77 AG / 86 ACC / 82 CTH)

    LT - Frosh - Mark Vickers (86 OVR / 86 STR / 84 PBK / 88 RBK)
    LG - Junior - Gerren Underwood (86 OVR / 92 STR / 89 PBK / 87 RBK)
    C - RS Senior - Wilson Norris (99 OVR / 90 STR / 93 PBK / 93 RBK)
    RG - RS Junior - Curtis Harris (85 OVR / 81 STR / 89 PBK / 83 RBK)
    RT - RS Senior - Brandon Thomas (91 OVR / 91 STR / 91 PBK / 92 RBK)


    LE - RS Senior - Spencer Shuey (86 OVR / 87 SP / 77 TAK / 92 POW / 83 BSH)
    DT - RS Junior - Ben Turner (90 OVR / 67 SP / 91 STR / 84 TAK / 94 POW / 90 BSH)
    DT - RS Frosh - Terrell Hampton (83 OVR / 80 SP / 77 STR / 77 TAK / 88 POW / 77 BSH)
    RE - RS Senior - Mallicah Goodman (96 OVR / 86 SP / 90 TAK / 92 POW / 93 BSH)

    LOLB - RS Senior - Quandon Christian (91 OVR / 86 SP / 95 AWR / 88 TAK / 98 BSH)
    MLB - RS Senior - Corico Hawkins (89 OVR / 87 SP / 89 AWR / 84 TAK / 88 BSH)
    ROLB - Senior - Derrick Perry (93 OVR / 86 SP / 85 AWR / 87 TAK / 90 BSH)

    CB - Junior - Marvin Campbell (93 OVR / 96 SP / 93 ACC / 92 MCV / 93 ZCV)
    CB - RS Soph - Noah Bryant (88 OVR / 89 SP / 91 ACC / 94 MCV / 94 ZCV)
    FS - RS Soph - Matt Thomas (89 OVR / 91 SP / 88 TAK / 86 MCV / 90 ZCV)
    SS - RS Junior - Ray Britton (85 OVR / 94 SP / 80 TAK / 89 MCV / 82 ZCV)


    K - Senior - Michael Lewis (76 OVR / 80 KPW / 75 KAC)
    P - Junior - Tyrell Anderson (77 OVR / 81 KPW / 74 KAC)
    KR - RS Junior - Tavares Williams (98 OVR / 93 SP / 90 ACC / 80 BTK)
    KR - RS Junior - Harvey Stewart (93 OVR / 93 SP / 90 ACC / 78 BTK)
    PR - RS Junior - Tavares Williams (98 OVR / 93 SP / 90 ACC / 80 BTK)
  6. Colemanchu

    Colemanchu GOAT SPLITTER

    Feb 23, 2009

    Ha Ha! Only one more year of Urban Meyers players.
  7. GoGators

    GoGators GT: KSherm

    May 19, 2009
    Exactly, so you guys will get 2 or 3 seasons to knock UF off before the `11 launch and all of Urbie's guys come back haha.
  8. Hokie Effect

    Hokie Effect Whats a Hokie?

    Jul 4, 2009
    2013 Virginia Tech Hokies Season Preview


    2012 Record: (11-3, 6-2)
    2012 Bowl: Meinike Car vs Kansas (W)
    Coach: Coach Hokie Effect (41-14 at VT)

    Returning Leaders
    Rushing: SR Antone Exum, 1298 yds 14 TD; SR David Wilson 840 yds 13 TD
    Passing: SR Antone Exum, 1060 yds 6 TD
    Receiving: SR DJ Coles, 15 rec 322 yds 2 TD
    Tackles: SR Zach Horn SS, 72tkls
    Sacks: SR James Gayle, 10 sacks
    Interceptions: SR Jayron Hosley CB, 3 INT​

    The 2012 turned out to be quite successful as the Hokies returned to the ACCCG. There were many question marks to begin the season as both the offense and defense turned to new schemes. The newly installed option offense put up impressive numbers as the Hokies finished top 3 in scoring and total offense.

    RB Sweetness was in the media most of the year, but despite injury was able to back up most of his talking by taking home AA honors and best RB award. Virginia Tech wishes Sweetness best as he decided to pursue an acting career over football as he stars in the upcoming action flick “Rush Hour 4”

    SR Antone Exum (95ovr, 91spd, 87tha, 91thp)

    Exum lead the option attack last year and was very deadly on his feet. Virginia Tech’s late season run happened as Exum developed his passing game. Expect to see Exum display his arm more in 2013 as the Hokies look to become more balanced.

    RB- SR David Wilson (98ovr, 95spd, 99acc)
    RB- JR Jeff Bell (89ovr, 91spd, 93acc)
    FB- SR Everett Crowell (84ovr)

    If David Wilson can stay healthy the record books might not be safe as Wilson looks to emerge from Sweetness’s shadow. Bell is a proven backup and the Hokies have some young speedsters to provide depth

    WR- SR DJ Coles (94ovr)
    WR- SR Jason Merriman (85ovr)
    TE- SR Logan Thomas (95ovr)

    This will be an obvious weakness for VT’s offense. Who will emerge?

    LT- SR Andrew Miller (90ovr)
    LG- JR Kevin Drew (88ovr)
    C- SO Steve Mitchell (82ovr)
    RG- FR Patrick Hammond (86ovr)
    RT- FR Titus Brown (81ovr)

    Inexperience and a average o-line. Will the dominating running game conitinue?

    DE- SR James Gayle (91ovr, 85spd)
    DE- JR Kevin Mullins (86ovr, 87spd)
    DT- JR Jim Young (94ovr)
    DT- SR Clay Martinez (91ovr)

    Young and Gayle provide experience and leadership for the front 4. Coaches are excited about Mullins and think he may be the next great DE for the Hokies.

    OLB- JR Fabian Goddard (89ovr)
    OLB- SR Tariq Edwards (93 ovr)
    MLB- SR Danny Walker (89ovr)

    Edwards leads this years LB core and has proven to be a front runner to carry the lunch pail.

    CB- SR James Hopper (87ovr)
    CB- SR Jayron Hosley (92ovr)
    FS- SR Telvion Clark (90ovr)
    SS- JR Zach Horn (88ovr)

    This years DB’s are experienced, but can theykeep up with the speed of the rest of the SE teams.

    K- SR Gerard Gunn (86ovr)
    P- SR Rico Gunn (85ovr)

    The Gunn twins were both under some heat last year with lack of leg strength. Lets hop all those squats paid off during the offseason.

    KR- SR David Wilson (99ovr, 95spd)
    KR- JR Jason Merriman (97ovr, 93spd)
    PR- SR James Hopper (99ovr, 93spd)

    Put your fastest guys in open space and cross your fingers. Lets hope the move to KR will not provide more opportunities for injury for Wilson.
    The outlook for 2013 looks promising as the Hokies should be the front runner in the coastal division. If someone can emerge as a threat at WR the Hokies offense could put up big numbers again. The defense plans to experiment with some new schemes as they won’t be able to outscore everyone. Will this be the year Virginia Tech gets back to a BCS Bowl? Hokie Nation thinks so!!
  9. GoGators

    GoGators GT: KSherm

    May 19, 2009
    Holy crap, did you even recruit any WR's in VaTech???

    It's interesting looking at everyone's rosters. It looks like a lot of upperclassmen in starting spots. Should make the next couple seasons interesting.
  10. Mogriffjr

    Mogriffjr Walk On

    Feb 10, 2009
    Featured Threads:
    QB- SR-Ross Metheny (83)
    RB- SR-Dominique Wallace (85)
    FB- SR-Ryan Neal (86)
    WR- SR-Chris Smith (81), FR-Josh Price (81)
    TE- FR-Jorge Washington (73)
    OL- FR-LT Justin Vinson (76), JR-LG Sam Miller (86), JR-C Eric Avery (87), JR-RG Justin Blankenship (83), JR-RT Tony Hall (87)
    ---The lack of finding a true playmaker the past few years has finally caught up to Virginia. There's not much of a true threat on this team this year and Coach Moreecemos was forced to change playbooks and initially wanted to implement an option attack using JR-QB John Richardson (82spd). In the end, coach decided to start Ross Metheny, a pocket passing QB. The key to this team's success will depend on the legs of Dominique Wallace, the new Cavs RB. Wallace has solid speed (91) but has a great spin move (95) and great agility (93). He will likely be seeing a ton of carries in this offense, combined with backup FR-RB Mike Green (80). FB Ryan Neal is expected to see time with the rock in his hands with his power.

    The WR corps is a huge question mark. There are no playmakers and they are starting two guys who just entered the Cavs program two years ago in JUCO Chris Smith and FR Josh Price. Both are pure possession WR's and this offense will be a pure west coast offense predicated on the short passing game. One key in this offense will be true-FR Jorge Washington. He has good speed (81) and surprisingly great hands (82- which is 2nd best on the damn team!). Look for Washington to be one of the top targets this season.

    The offensive line should be solid, filled with 4 juniors. The key question is how will new LT Justin Vinson do protecting Matheny's blind side. That's a huge task to ask of a true freshman. Sam Miller and Eric Avery are preseason all-americans and look to continue the success.

    DE- SO-LE Dominique Bryant (82), SR-RE Will Hill (88)
    DT- SR-Russ Hunter (81)
    LB- JR-LOLB Paul Cox (84), JR-MLB Eric Wright (86), JR-MLB Darnell Bonds (86), JR-ROLB Derek Stone (87)
    CB- SR-Javanti Sparrow (86), JR-Matt Williams (85)
    S- SR-FS Lovante Battle (92), JR-SS Phillip Gibson (85)
    ---The defensive line is pretty solid with Will Hill returning for his final year and Dominique Bryant, a stud SO-LE overtaking last year's starter at the position, Eric Johnson. The DT position lacks depth with Russ Hunter the only kid at the position who's been on the field. With this the team will be moving to a 3-4 to take advantage of the all-JR lineup at LB. Cox, Wright, Bonds and Stone are all solid LB's who look to become the leaders of the front 7. Bonds is key, with his knowledge of the game and his anxious desire to finally get the nod at MLB as the anchor of this defense. The other key will be the best player on this team, SR-FS Lovante Battle. Battle is the fastest guy on the team and is looking to improve on his stellar numbers from last year (84 tackles, 6INT's). Him and Gibson look to form a solid safety combo that looks to wreck havoc on opposing offenses. The cover CB's are Sparrow and Williams, two guys who are equally effective in man or zone coverage.

    K/P- FR Rodney Franz (81)
    KR- SR Dominique Wallace (96), FR Josh Price (89)
    PR- SR Dominique Wallace (96)
    ---Originally the Cavs thought about having Battle returning kicks and punts and they may very well do so down the road trying to preserve Wallace's legs for running the rock but for now Wallace will be the man returning kicks and punts. True freshman walk-on Rodney Franz has won the kicking and punting duties with a stellar spring. He's a stud kicker and is already on the NFL scouts radar with his leg.
  11. GoGators

    GoGators GT: KSherm

    May 19, 2009
    Looks like Virginia has an interesting puzzle to put together this year as their rebuilding continues.
  12. jello1717

    jello1717 "Those who stay will be champions." -- Bo

    Jun 21, 2009


    The big news out of Chapel Hill this offseason was the release of offensive coordinator Charlie Weiss. Coach Jello has been very pleased with Weiss' contribution to the team thus far, but he felt that things had gotten stale and that a change would be good for the team. Weiss won't go hungry though as he was quickly signed by Alabama. Rumor has it that Weiss brokered a contract such that Alabama pays him in donuts in leiu of cash to cut out the middle man. UNC went out and stole head coach Wannstedt from Pitt to be their new O.C. Coach Jello is expecting big things from this new coach.

    The offense is not deep, but the starters are fairly talented. If they can all remain healthy they should do well and hopefully can overcome the weak defense.

    SR(RS) Bryn Renner (90 OVR, 90 THP, 92 THA) gets his shot this year. He's only thrown 30 passes in his career so he's a big question mark. He left last year worse than a lot of FR(RS) QBs, but he worked his ass off in the offseason and progressed 5 points. His backups are 80 and 79 OVR so he must not get injured. Lack of depth is a common theme for the Heels this year.

    JR Dallas Kirk (94 OVR, 94 SPD, 91 BTK) will be the workhorse again this year. Had he not missed 4 games due to injury last year he would've rushed for 1,000 yards instead of only 975. His backups are 83, 83, 82 OVR so he MUST not get injured! SR FB David Sharpe and SO FB Alvin Henry should both fill the FB role decently well.

    SR(RS) Jheranie Boyd (98 OVR, 95 SPD, 92 CIT) had over 1,100 yards receiving this year. He's expected to put up All American numbers this year. The #2 and #3 WRs are decent and can help carry the load when Boyd is blanketed. UNC has 3 decent TEs (2 JRs, 1 SO) that are coming along and will start to become threats in the passing game.

    Outside of the true FR starting RG, the O-line is solid. They rank 96, 92, 90, 89, 85. Not dominating, but not bad.

    This is once again the weak part of the team with 9/11 guys rated below 90 OVR.

    These guys are weak, but they have 1 of 2 90+ rated players on the defense. Both DEs are SOs and rated 85, 81 so we're looking forward to the future here. The line is a little bit stronger in the middle with 2 JRs that are both starting for their 3rd consecutive year. Alex Henry (90 OVR, 93 STR, 92 BSH) is the leader and hopes to add to the 15 sacks he's gotten in his 1st 2 years.

    The LB corps is not terrible and they are led by SR(RS) Hawatha Bell (96 OVR, 93 AWR, 94 TKL). The other starters are rated 87 and 89 OVR.

    This is the weakest part of the weak defense. With star SS Dustin Williams bolting or the NFL, this squad is even weaker than anticipated. The corners are all rated 85 or below. The FS is only an 85 OVR, and the best player in the secondary JR SS Anthony Copeland (87 OVR, 87 SPD, 90 HIT POWER) will be seeing his first significant playing time of his career.

    The offense should win us some games, but the defense will lose us some games. Things will be tough once again in Tar Heel land, but hopefully coach Jello can continue to bring in solid recruiting classes like his last one to try to right the ship.

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