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2013 Seattle Mariner Preview

Discussion in 'The Dugout - OOTP Online League' started by ty5oke, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. ty5oke

    ty5oke Walk On

    Apr 13, 2012
    Coming into 2013 season:​
    The Mariners are coming off a 2012 season in which they were one of the surprise teams in the Dugout. The M's competed all season long and fell just short of winning the AL West as it came down to the last series of the year.​
    The team comes back this year with most of the same squad, only losing Millwood and Olivo from the 25 man roster a year ago. Dewitt, who had a monster September and might of turned out to be the best FA pick up of 2012 will look to continue his success. Only one pickup in the offseason for the M's but it could be a big addition and fill a hole in the lineup. Carlos Pena(2 YR/30M) coming off a monster year where he hit 46 HR's and drove in 110, which was good enough for a 5.7 WAR season.​
    1. King Felix - 2012 Cy Young winner, looks to continue his dominance​
    2. Ryan Dempster - Waiver claim from a year ago, solid SP but age could begin to show this year​
    3. Blake Beavan - High control pitcher, more suited for #4 or #5 spot​
    4. Jason Vargas - See #3​
    5. Danny Hultzen - Very talented, struggled in call up last year but expect him to improve this year. Possible #2 starter down the road.​
    Solid but not spectacular. Led by Brandon League and Tom Wilmhelmsen, the pen should be just good enough to not hurt the team​
    1. RF Ichiro ​
    2. CF Tommy Morris​
    3. C Jesus Montero​
    4. 1B Justin Smoak​
    5. 2B Dusin Ackley​
    6. DH Carlos Pena​
    7. 3B Kyle Seager​
    8. LF Michael Saunders​
    9. SS Brendan Ryan​
    I expect Montero to have a monster year at the plate as they sacrifice the glove to get Pena AB's at DH. Ichiro and Tommy Morris (3rd overall in 2012) give the M's a lot of speed at the top. 3-6 in the lineup should enjoy hitting with those 2 on based. Ryan brings one of the best SS gloves to the field and any offense from him will be a bonus. Balanced lineup, with good defense (great at SS and OF), I can see the offense finishing in the AL top 5 in runs this year.​
    Farm System:​
    Unfortunate news hit the M's ORG this offseason when they got word that SP James Paxton would have to retire due to a shoulder injury. Paxton looked destined to be a ML SP and probably a #3 man. The good news is the system didn't end at Paxton. CF Morris already looks to make an impact at the major league level and looks like he will be an all-star. SP Tajuan Walker had a close look in spring training but was sent back to AAA until a spot in the rotation opens up, at only 20 years old, I expect him to be called up sometime this year. Coming off a strong 2012 draft, with some solid OF prospects and 19 year old SP Alfredo Garcia (#6 ML prospect), the M's look to be strong for years to come​
    The M's overachieved by a large margin last year but this year they look to have a team to make some noise. Great youth hitters and some young pitching coming along could help this team compete for a playoff spot this year and for years to come. Don't think they are ready to compete with the likes of Texas in the West yet though.​
    Record: 88 - 74 (just short of playoffs)​

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