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2013 Team Previews

Discussion in 'Overdrive' started by droid43, Jul 20, 2013.

  1. droid43

    droid43 Walk On

    Apr 22, 2012
    2013 Purdue Boilermakers[​IMG]
    Offense: The Boilermakers return seven offensive starters from the 2012 season. Running back Akeem Hunt is the crown jewel of the offense and will be the workhorse in a pro style/multiple offensive scheme. Expect to see ace, I formation as well as plenty of shotgun formations as the Boilermakers try to improve on offense without having to completely overhaul the system.
    Akeem Hunt (11) will have to become an impact player in order
    for the offense to strive in 2013.
    The big question on offense is at quarterback. Junior Rob Henry seems to be the favorite to win the job, but Coach Robbins has insisted that the job is still open. Redshirt freshman Austin Appleby has the best chance to supplant Henry in fall camp. Both quarterbacks have some athleticism, but will look to throw the ball before running it. Regardless of the winner, expect the backup to get plenty of meaningful snaps in games.
    Whoever ends up at the quarterback position will have plenty of weapons around him. Senior tight end Gabe Holmes (6'5, 247) is a weapon and will be a security blanket for the signal caller. Holmes has great size and quickness and rarely will you see him drop the ball. Outside, Gary Bush (6'0, 185) and Dolapo Macarthy (6'5, 220) will take the one and two spots, while the slot position will be another position battle heading into the fall.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Gabe Holmes (86) and Dolapo Macarthy (16) have the potential to be deadly weapons
    in the passing game.
    Defense: Eight starters return to the Boiler defense.
    Recruiting: Coming Soon

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  2. WompWomp

    WompWomp Walk On

    Jun 16, 2013
    images.jpeg images-2.jpeg
    The Cornhuskers could not be more ready for this up and coming season. Here is a quick preview of what's coming in 2013:
    Offense: When it comes to offense the Cornhuskers have too many options in too many positions. We will be relying heavily on our junior runningback Ameer Abdullah to hand more of the load than last year. Coach Williams was quoted as saying, "His speed continues to increase daily. I know the scout team is ready for the season to start!" Coach was also asked about his six wide receivers what his plan was to which he responded, "All these guys bring something to the table - Bell and Moore bring speed, and you can't put a price on that. Then guys like Enunwa and Turner bring experience and just overall good WR ability. We look forward to having big numbers from all six guys and our tight ends as well." Lastly, we all know that it comes down to one guy deciding how the Huskers will do this year, and that's their lead, their captain, their quarterback - Taylor Martinez. Martinez asked earlier in the week about how he felt about a coaching change his senior year replied with, "The ability to just be me is a blessing. The offense is simple and while I'll miss Bo, I'm glad to have a coach who really understands me. Heck, I run a 4.3, I need to be me, and Coach Williams lets me do that, me be me."

    Defense: (coming soon)

    Recruiting: The Huskers primarily focus will be recruiting defense and an offensive line. They have young talented players coming up in the skill positions, but it's hard to keep those guys healthy without good, strong role players beside them. Look for the Huskers to jump out of the gate early and pounce on the big ole boys from Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas.
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  3. Raidernation

    Raidernation I can show you better than I can tell you

    Dec 11, 2010
    Nice work Big Ten !!!
  4. Trevor Jenkins

    Trevor Jenkins Walk On

    Jul 6, 2013
    After one of the most disappointing seasons in Arkansas history, complete with a lowly 4-8 record, it was clear that changes had to be made. The Razorbacks just seemed unable to click together during the 2012 season, and the loss of Bobby Petrino clearly left Arkansas without a leader.
    2013 Arkansas Football Preview

    Arkansas took a step back last year following the Bobby Petrino problem. How will the Hogs do in the post-Petrino era? We examine the new leadership in our 2013 Arkansas Football Preview.
    Enter Trevor Jenkins, one of the most storied coaches in Wisconsin history. Jenkins will now be forced to get a new nickname after becoming the Arkansas head coach last December. A master recruiter, Trevor will have to make his program more attractive now than ever now that he’ll have to compete against other scouting powerhouses such as Alabama and LSU.

    Luckily for Coach Jenkins, the Razorbacks already have a capable roster that can compete against the top level competition, a trait that’s become commonplace within the SEC. In fact, several players have spoken to the family enviroment that Trevor has created in only five months, and it appears that the athletes have rallied around their new sense of togetherness.

    No one has testified to this more than sophomore quarterback Brandon Allen, the Razorback’s starting quarterback. Allen admits that last year he felt there was “little leadership from the coaching staff”, but after gaining the starting role right before the Razorback’s spring game it’s clear that Allen has grown leaps and bounds since his freshman year. His passes are more accurate, his play recognition is beginning to develop, and most importantly, his confidence is growing. Not only is confidence a key element to facing tough defenses, it is also the main trait that Coach Jenkins looks for in any player. Much like Russell Wilson had to do at Wisconsin, expect Jenkins to give Allen the reigns of the offense and let him grow by gaining experience that the Razorbacks so desperately need.

    Even if Allen lives up to everything Coach wants and expects, Arkansas just doesn’t appear to have nearly enough depth to be a top tier competitor. And when you consider that every offensive stat leader from last season is gone, the combination of having no leaders and being a shallow team will prove to be too much for Arkansas to overcome this season. Arkansas will look to gain most of their offense through the air due to their coaching scheme, but unfortunately they are two to three years away from being able to this well, based on the current talent they have.

    And don’t expect the defense to be able to bail out their lackluster offense. Much like the offense, the defense has five or six positions with a severe drop-off in talented players. High-octane offenses like Georgia or Texas A&M will have little or no problem putting up 40 points against the Hogs.

    Simply put, Arkansas is in serious rebuilding mode. Between recruiting new talent and progressing the players they currently have, Arkansas has their hands full.
    Even though signing Jenkins has changed the culture for the Razorbacks, there are just to many good teams in the SEC for Arkansas to even eclipse a .500 record. So if you’re a Razorback fan, your goal in 2013 should be to make it to a bowl. Any bowl. Because if you do, you’ve overachieved.

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  5. tarheelbigdog

    tarheelbigdog Walk On

    Jun 21, 2013

    South Carolina has many questions entering the 2013 season when it comes to the two-deep.
    Who takes over for Marcus Lattimore? How do the Gamecocks replace five of six linebackers featured on the 2012 two-deep? Who replaces All-SEC players like Devin Taylor and D.J. Swearinger?
    Also the fan favorite (and least important), who will be the starting quarterback?
    For what it's worth, this will change many times over. Players rise in camp and showcase skills and improvements made over the summer. This is the time when kids grow into their roles and figure out what type of players they can truly be. It's an exciting time of the year. You might as well call this 1a. and 1b.
    As much as fans will call for Dylan to be the number one guy, Connor Shaw does more than enough to maintain his starting roll. Fret not, Thompson enthusiasts, he will get opportunities to play, and probably a great deal.
    Again, fans need to step back and enjoy the fact that the Gamecocks have two legitimate options at quarterback for the first time in the history of the Steve Spurrier Era. People may look at the individual statistics, but these guys work as a tandem to create one of the best quarterback situations in the SEC.
    Together, the statistics are truly amazing. (220/355, 62 percent completion percentage, 2,983 yards, 27 touchdowns and 9 interception).
    Who care's that it's two guys? Why change what works? Let them both play. They'll get the job done.
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