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2013 Team Previews

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by Randiesel75, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. Randiesel75

    Randiesel75 Walk On

    Aug 11, 2010
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    2013 Baltimore Ravens

    While it may be true that no previous Super Bowl champion team had ever lost more than five starters, until now, keeping a Super Bowl team together has not exactly been a recipe for success!

    That statement echoed loud and clear as new head coach Randiesel75 fights off criticism on the many changes to his squad, who, 7-months ago hoisted the Vince Lombardi Trophy for the city of Baltimore. New head coach Randiesel75 comes into the 2013 with a fresh outlook after former head coach John Harbaugh (2008-2012) decided to leave Baltimore by stepping down in the offseason. Many believe with the new move you will witness an almost immediate play style difference on defense, particularly as there are so many new faces. On the contrary, we expect the same ground and pound style game on offense, more so now that the teams biggest offensive weapon is void from the receiver core.

    As the 2013 season closes in with less than 2-weeks from opening game, I bring you some of the key changes to your 2012 Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens.

    Fullback (FB)
    After heavily testing FA this offseason, FB Vonta Leach has decided to return to the Ravens. However, the landscape has changed in that FB Kyle Juszczyk has claimed the starting role. The overall consensus is that Kyle is a bit more versatile in the FB role, something the league has seen evolve recently over the traditional fullback. While Kyle is listed as a FB, he has seen touches at both HB and TE in his college years, which gives the Ravens an additional backfield weapon, mostly for quick passes in short pressure situations.

    Center (C)
    With C Matt Birk retiring in the offseason, the Ravens look to 24-year old C Gino Gradkowski to fill some rather large shoes. Now, while the team doesn't expect an immediate jump into the same caliber as the veteran, the team feels Gino has the qualities and leadership to grow into the formidable force that makes up this Ravens defensive front.

    Wide Receiver (WR)
    Perhaps the largest hit to the Super Bowl winning Baltimore Ravens is with WR Anquan Boldin. Although a huge blow to a rather key position, it was much needed for financial reason as the Ravens had to clear considerable cap space to allow the headroom to fill the gaps this 2013 season. It is still a bit early for the #1 WR to be named, whether it be WR Torrey Smith or WR Jacoby Jones, but we feel this will pan out in the days upon us. Also worth noting that the Flacco’s critics think this is the year he will be tested being without his trusty Boldin as a look downfield.

    Defensive End / Defensive Tackle (DE / DT)
    Undoubtedly the biggest weakness last year was stopping the run. With that the Ravens made big moves on the defensive line this offseason in DE Chris Canty and rookie DT Brandon Williams (R). The Ravens expect positive results from the DT who is heard to be vying for a starting role at nose tackle over 3-year starter DT Terrence Cody.

    Free Safety / Strong Safety (FS / SS)
    The Ravens have lost both starting safeties this offseason. First, after 10 successful seasons with the Ravens, FS Ed Reed made an offseason move to Houston. This prompted the Ravens to sign 7-year veteran FS Michael Huff. While some consider this a huge blow, many think its a push as Ed Reed had a down season last year with a few injuries. The larger hole to fill at safety was with SS Bernard Pollard, which was evident as the first round 2013 NFL draft pick for Baltimore went to rookie SS Matt Elam (R). This kid has exceeded all expectations and has been named to the starting role for the 2013 campaign.

    Linebacker (LB)
    Will the Ravens miss both LB Dannell Ellerbe and LB Ray Lewis, absolutely. These key spots will be replaced by 9-year veteran LB Daryl Smith, 5-year veteran LB Jameel McClain and rookie LB Arthur Brown (R). There are some rumblings the rookie will win the starting role over Jameel, but only time will tell as the remaining preseason is played through.

    Overall, we expect good things from the 2013 Baltimore Ravens. While they lose many veteran players to either retirement or financial reasons, there is no doubt the team has picked up speed. And speed kills!

    Head Coach Randiesel75

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  2. RRAHx2

    RRAHx2 Cleared for Takeoff

    Aug 22, 2012

    The Houston Texans enter the 2013 season coming off of their second-straight division title, and only their 2nd playoff appearance in team history. The Texans were sent home in the 2nd round after a loss to the New England Patriots. The Texans are considered the AFC South favorites again this year, and look to get their 3rd division crown in 3 years. In a division that has been less than stellar since Manning's departure, it has been a two-team race between the Texans and the Colts. Look for that to continue this year as each team boasts a talented lineup.

    The Texans have a tough schedule this year, as they play the AFC/NFC West. Also, they play in Baltimore vs the Super Bowl champs in Week 3, and then a game that could have playoff implications in Week 13, when the Texans host the New England Patriots. The Texans also play their last 3 divisional games on the road, so look for them to come out with a hot start in the AFC South, to take advantage of the early home games.

    Roster Breakdown
    • Matt Schaub - Starter, no QB controversy here. As long as he stays healthy, he will lead this offense. Arguably, the best play-action QB in the league, perfect fit for Zone Run offense. Not a huge arm, but consistency and accuracy is what matters.
    • Case Keenum - #2 QB. After spending the 2012 season on HOU's practice squad, Keenum looks ready to play back-up this season. He looks like he will get the nod above Yates, who has a weaker arm. Being picked up as an undrafted FA last year by HOU, Keenum can prove to be a steal if he is serviceable this season.
    • T.J. Yates - Great QB for the 3rd string, but a weak throwing arm is what will keep him from moving up the depth chart.
    • Arian Foster - Foster has made a name for himself the last 2 seasons, and is now widely-considered a Top-5 running back in this league. This team will go as far as he can carry them. He is the perfect fit for the Zone Run, and has great acceleration out his cuts. If he can stay healthy, he is sure to be a pro-bowler again this year.
    • Ben Tate - Unanimous decision for #2 behind Foster, has also shown great ability to make one cut and get up-field. Doesn't do too much dancing around, just one move and he turns it up.
    • Dennis Johnson - Rookie RB out of Arkansas, 5'8 210+ lbs. Good speed and power, will be 3rd string HB. Also will be on kick return duty.
    • Greg Johnson - First blocking FB the Texans have had since Vonta Leach in 2010. Look for him to lead the way for Foster and Tate.
    • Andre Johnson - "The Natural" is a top-3 WR in the NFL, and needs to stay healthy to keep teams from loading the box. Look his touches to be limited to prevent injury, needs to be healthy come playoff time.
    • DeAndre Hopkins - The 1st round draft pick will be the first legitimate WR that the Texans have signed to be paired up with Johnson. Look for him to get many catches, especially if teams stay focused on Foster and Andre.
    • Owen Daniels - Top-10 NFL Tight End. Great Hands, will help in the passing game 10-fold. Presents a mis-match against most LB's, great route running ability. Decent blocking, but money is made in the receiving skills.
    • Garrett Graham - Another Wisconsin TE with great receiving skills. Better blocker than Daniels , so look for HOU to use him in a lot of 2 TE sets.
    • The right side of the line, is the big question mark for the Texans. Derek Newton and Brennan Williams are competing for the RT spot. While Ben Jones and Brandon Brooks will be battling for RG duties. All these players are young guys, who still need time to grow. Look for Houston to make a last-minute effort to get some depth here through FA.
    • The Texans' defensive line is stacked with talent for the starters. JJ Watt is arguably the best 3-4 DE in the NFL and his opposite Antonio Smith is pro-bowl caliber also. Behind these all-stars the talent is spread pretty thin, with no player seperating themselves as a solid #2.
    • Cushing, Mercilus, and Reed are the obvious starters here. Darryl Sharpton or Tim Dobbins will play beside Cushing as the 2nd ILB. If Cushing can stay healthy, this should be a sold front 7. If he goes down, then this LB core will definitely be lacking talent.
    • Obviously, the big addition here is Ed Reed at S. Many are wondering whether he still has anything left in the tank. He and Danieal Manning make a great duo at S, behind them is rookie D.J. Swearinger who has been making a name for himself in spring camp. At CB, Houston kept their 2 great, young corners in Kareem Jackson and Johnathan Joseph.

    The Texans should expect to find themselves in the right position to win the AFC south and ultimately, make the playoffs.

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  3. Hova

    Hova Live Action. YiYiYi!

    Feb 21, 2009
    Or so we hope...


    The Detroit Lions are coming off a terrible 4-12 season after being dismantled by injuries and stupid plays. They also had a horrible secondary and no offensive threat aside from Megatron who broke the single season receiving yards record last season. With new additions to the offense (Reggie Bush) and a few holes filled in the defense the Lions look to become relevant again in 2013.


    This is an area where the Lions do have a future and that is in QB Matthew Stafford. With 99 THP he has the franchise arm you need in a QB. He needs to focus on accuracy and not making mistakes to lead the Lions to a winning season. Backup Shaun Hill is a solid backup but we do not want to see him on the field in this offense. Kellen Moore is a scrub and 3rd stringer who will be gone soon.


    The most important addition to this Lions team is Reggie Bush. He will be a threat all over the field and compliment Megatron very well. Look for him to be used in the passing game as a dump off option when Stafford is in trouble. HB Leshoure will also compliment Bush very well with his 91 Trucking rating. The Lions look to get a resemblance of a run game going as they have not had one since Barry Sanders left town. HB Best is still on the madden roster and would be a huge plus if he is somehow on the TMFL roster :D


    The Lions do not carry a FB in real life and do not have one in madden. Look for this to be a change in the future however as we want to improve our running game.


    Megatron. The best offensive threat in the game at 99 OVR. We hope to make defenses respect him with the double team and want to spread him around the field much more this season. After Calvin the WRs drop off tremendously with Burleson coming in at a 76 OVR. One future bright spot could be WR Ryan Broyles in the slot with decent speed and skill set. The rest are not very good at all.


    We have 2 decent TEs in Scheffler and Pettigrew. Pettigrew is strong in the blocking game but cannot catch a cold. You may see the Lions looks to upgrade at this position once these contracts expire.


    This could spell trouble for the Detroit offense. The Lions lost 3 Oline starters from last season and now will have to depend on young players like Reiff and Warford to step in on the oline. Sims is the only strong point of the offensive line at LG. This will be a rebuild project that will take time and patience....


    The complete opposite from the offensive side, the defensive line is the Detroit Lions strong point. We may have the best defensive tackle tandem in the league with Suh (93) and Fairley (90). Both young and talented DTs. 1st round pick "Ziggy" Ansah (78) will start at RE and hope to develop quickly. LE Jason Jones (81) is another solid addition to the Lions defense and will split time with former Bears LE Idonije.


    The LB Corp could be an issue for the D. Tulloch (88) is very solid but the other 2 LBs Palmer and Levy are not... They will struggle in both pass and run defense. This is an area Hova will have to address in the future, especially in a division with weapons like AP and Rodgers...


    Another massive hole in the defense is here at CB. Houston (85) will be our #1 and is a solid option, but not vs elite WRs in the NFL. Look for rookie Slay (71) to pry get the starting nod over veteran CB Bartell. This is the weakest spot on the Lions roster and the first thing Coach Hova will have to address in the future.


    Here we will be starting Delmas (84) and new free agent addition Quin (83). They are both solid players but really do not have the skills Coach Hova likes to see in the secondary. They are both crappy tacklers and lack elite back end speed. Good safety play is hard to find in the TMFL so we will roll with these guys until we can find better solutions.

    K/P: Sam Martin the rookie P should be a future stud. K David Akers is very solid with 96 KP but is older than dirt and will need to be replaced soon.


    The Lions have a very rough road ahead in a very tough NFC North. We have the leaders on offense to compete but outside of the defensive line our defense is dreadful. Coach Hova promises to rebuild this defense to a respectable level. For now if we can get pressure and keep Stafford/Johnson/Bush healthy we should have enough to win some games. 8-8 is the prediction. A simple playoff birth will be a major success for this team but a tough task. We also wait to see how the cap situation is in the D and may have to cut ties with a few key players in the future...

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  4. HAL9100

    HAL9100 TSO's Resident Antagonist

    Jul 15, 2011
    Featured Threads:

    2013 Oakland Raiders Preview
    It has been a decade since the Raiders last made the playoffs and their best record during that time period was just 8-8. Not a single winning season since making the Superbowl in 2002 and it's not looking much better for 2013. The Raiders are a mess. They have 4 QBs that have started a grand total of 3 NFL games. Darren McFadden averaged 3.3 ypc last season with only 2 TDs and is averaging just 11 games per season over his career. There is a lack of identity and a lack of consistency in the roster. It seems like they've been rebuilding their team from scratch every couple years, but this has really been due to some horrible GM decisions. From Jamarcus Russell and Robert Gallery to trading 2 1st round picks for Carson Palmer, It really makes sense why this team can't get their act together. 2013 is the start of a new era though and all of that is in the past. The Raiders will be looking to make smart and quality decisions going forward try to return to the promised land.

    Positional Breakdown

    Terrelle Pryor is the only returning QB from the 2012 Raiders. Joining him is former Packer and Seahawk Matt Flynn, Arkansas rookie Tyler Wilson, and Penn State rookie Matthew McGloin. The first question that'll need to be addressed who to start with all 4 having little to no experience. Flynn and Pryor likely have the edge over the rookies, but any and all of them could see playing time this season.


    Darren McFadden is the clear starter of this group and will need to be work horse if this year's team has any hope of making some noise. As a guy with injury issues though, that's not likely to happen. The Raiders will need back up RBs Rashad Jennings and UCF rookie Latavious Murray to be able to pick up the slack. Jennings and Murray have both had injury issues of their own though so there is the potential for this RB core to get decimated this season.

    Wide Receivers/Tight End

    Former 1st round pick Darius Heyward Bey is gone, but that's not too concerning. WR is probably one of the stronger positions on the Raiders with Denarius Moore and Rod Streater as the clear starters despite their youth. At TE, there is no clear starter though. No one on the roster has had any significant playing time and that will need to get straightened out.

    Offensive Line

    The Raiders OL doesn't stand out much but shouldn't be much of a handicap either.

    Defensive Line

    There have been lots of turnover on the defensive side and that starts right on the DL. Gone are starters Richard Seymour, Tommy Kelly, and Matt Shaughnessy. Incoming is Jason Hunter and Vance Walker. Those 2 along with Pat Sims and another DE will make for curious DL. There is potential here but their performance is a question mark for us.


    There's only 1 LB returning to this starting group and that is OLB Sio Moore. Former 1st round pick Rolando McClain and Phillip Wheeler are both gone. They've been replaced by Kevin Burnett and Nick Roach. It's really not a promising group and is going to need a lot of work.

    Defensive Backs

    The Raiders have an almost entirely new secondary this year. The only returner is SS Tyvon Branch. Charles Woodson returns home though to take over at FS. The CBs are completely new as Tracy Porter comes over from the Broncos and Mike Jenkins joins from the Cowboys. Along with them will be 1st round pick D.J. Hayden. Hayden will likely start as a nickle CB but hopefully he'll take over for Porter or Jenkins fairly quickly because there's not much hope for either of them long term.

    Special Teams

    Josh Cribbs joins the Raiders this year which, along with Jacoby Ford, should give the Raiders one of the best special teams threats in the NFL. Sebastian Janikowski returns as the kicker but long time punter Shane Lechler is gone and has been replaced by Chris Kluwe. All said, special teams shouldn't be too much of a concern this season.
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  5. biggcoug65

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    Aug 30, 2011
    San Francisco 49ers
    49er Preview:
    The 49ers made it to the Super Bowl last year, and that playoff roster is mostly intact with a couple of new additions in the likes of Anquan Boldin, Glenn Dorsey, and Nnamdi Asomugha. The loss of Dashon Goldson and Isaac Sopoaga will hurt them a bit, but rookie Eric Reid and newly resigned Ian Williams look to take over those roles, and with the core of the team returning, they shouldn't be in too bad of shape.

    Colin Kaepernick... Jaworski said recently that Kaep has the ability to be one of the all time greats. He has the arm strength and touch to make all the throws necessary, the athletic ability and speed to excape trouble and pick up 3rd downs with his feet, and is also a very accurate passer on the run. Behind Kaepernick is where the 49ers are unsure, if Kaep goes down, the Niners may have to rely heavily on a strong rushing attack and stingy defense.

    The Inconvenient Truth Frank Gore is back as the Niners lead back and is the all-time 49er rushing leader. He is out to prove that he still has gas left in the tank and wants to hold on to the starting job as long as he can over the young guys like Kendall Hunter, LaMichael James, and newly rookie Marcus Lattimore. Bruce Miller, is still improving as a blocker and pass catcher, but has come a long way after being a defensive end in college. The Niners should have no problems rushing the football and spreading it around to keep Gore fresh and healthy throughout the year.

    The Niners aren't particularly strong at wideout, but the addition of Boldin and the return of Manningham should help out the receiving corp. Future stars still need to emerge as Boldin is on his last legs, so Patton, Kyle Williams, and Jonathon Baldwin need to prove they are reliable route runners to keep their spots on the roster moving forward.

    Vernon Davis is a nightmare matchup for most defenses with his speed and power, and is one of the better run blocking TE's in the league. But the Niners love 2 TE sets, and the loss of Delanie Walker in the offseason hurts that area, as well as special teams, but Vance McDonald should develop into that 2nd TE and is the same mold as Walker who was also a former WR in college.

    The 49ers starting OL is stacked, with 3 guys rated at 90 overall or better and Alex Boone at 89 and Goodwin at 85, the starters are considered one of the best lines in the league. After this season, the Niners will have to start thinking about a replacement at the center position to replace Goodwin.

    The 49ers return All Pro Justin Smith to their D-Line with a cap friendly contract for him to finish his career as a Niner. Ray McDonald is a solid 3-4 DE as well and keeps getting better every year. The loss of Sopoaga and Jean Francois open up the middle of the defense to Ian WIlliams to start at Nose, and Glenn Dorsey might see some time there as well.

    The 49ers return all of their starting LB's from last year, 3 of which were All Pros. Patrick Willis is regarded as the best MLB in the game, and NaVorro Bowman is not far behind him, those 2 in the middle are fast and ferocious. On the edges, Aldon Smith leads the way with his 33.5 sacks in his first 2 seasons, the most ever by any player, he is a force off the edge in combination with Justin Smith, and the scary thing is he keeps improving his pass rushing technique every year. Finally, the only non-All Pro, Ahmad Brooks, who revived his career in San Francisco is no slouch at the LOLB position either. It is easy to make the case that the 49ers have the best Linebacking corp in the NFL.

    Carlos Rogers is the leader of the CB's and Tarell Brown is an above average corner as well. Culliver holds down the 3rd CB slot with Tramaine Brock and Asomugha battling it out for that 4th corner spot. These guys are good, but not great by any means, and are best when the front 7 apply pressure and force an early throw from the QB or will capitalize on errant throws.

    Donte Whitner returns, but for how long? And Dashon Goldson is gone, replaced by rookie Eric Reid. Reid has some pretty big shoes to fill, he will have to get better in coverage and run support, but he can definitely drop the hammer on you with his 93 hit power. The Niners need to figure out if they want to resign Whiner or not, they have to make sure they can resign guys like Iupati, Crabtree, Kaepernick, and Aldon Smith, so Whitner may be a casualty there.

    Phil Dawson comes over from Cleveland, where he earned his first Pro Bowl appearance last year, and is used to kicking in swirling winds, so he should adjust just fine to The Stick.

    Andy Lee is still doing it at a high level, and there's really no reason to talk much more about punters.

    Harbaugh is out, Coach Brent "Biggcoug" Evans is in. An offensive lineman in college, Evans still loves to run the ball and punish defenses while trying to limit turnovers to keep this strong defense out of bad situations. Evans was shocked when he heard the job was open and he was given the opportunity to coach the reigning NFC Champs and was quoted as saying this when talking about Harbaugh and the team: "Coach Harbaugh put together a great team with Baalke, I look forward to getting the chance to coach them up. I still believe we are the favorites in the West, but anything can happen. I will say it is too bad about Jim Harbaugh going insane and being put into Stanford's mental hospital, I hear he can't stop saying 'I should have run the ball a couple times on the 5 yard line.' And he is rumored to be plotting a hit on his brother John Harbaugh, but that is just speculation. Anyway, I am really excited to be in San Francisco and the Quest for 6 continues!"
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  6. nellycuz

    nellycuz I'm an educated fool w/ $$ on my mind.

    Jul 24, 2012

    The Colts come into the TMFL as rookie head coach nellycuz gets his first shot in the big leagues. He's excited to take over a Colts team with a young stud QB and team that has the potential to be a staple in the AFC playoffs for years to come. Coach nellycuz is still getting familiar with his team but should have a good grip on what he has in the next few days of camp. Coach is eager to compete in the AFC South and some may say they have the 2nd most talent on paper in the division, but we all know talent can only take you so far. He is semi-familiar with coach Rrah out of Houston as they competed against eachother in the minors a time or two. They look to heat up the rivalry in the bigs with Madden 25!

    In his rookie season, Andrew Luck already solidified himself as the franchise player, and no one can argue. He put up great numbers, had a winning record and showed the poise of his pressesor Peyton Manning. The kid is rock solid in just about every aspect and coach nellycuz is excited and grateful for a QB of his caliber in just his 2nd season. The backup is no slouch in Matt Hasslebeck. The QB situation is pretty ideal in Indy.

    Reggie Wayne. Had a +100 catch season last year (I think) and was Luck's go to. This year he has a new addition in Darrius Heyward-Bey as well as TY Hilton who came on strong at the end of last season. Two speedsters to for Wayne's supporting cast could open things up for him even more in his last few years as an NFL wideout. They should be fun to watch!

    Colby Fleener will take the starting job this year standing at 6'6, the biggest target in the TE department for the Colts. He was Luck's college team mate and they already have the chemistry thing going on. Smart move by the Colts management to draft this guy to be Luck's TE, because it's working and he's looking better and better each game.

    Newly acquired RB Ahmad Bradshaw will lead the Colts backfield this year along with powerhouse back Vick Ballard. Coach cuz likes the versatility in the backfield this year, which was lacking last year and years before that.

    Gosder Cherilus RT will be the leader and the best player on the OLine to start the year. Other than him, the Colts will be working to develop some of the other and they hope Gosder will be there to show them the ropes. This might be the Colt's weakest link to start the year.

    Aubrayo Franklin (DT) will be the leader of the defensive line this year. He at 95 strength is the strongest on the DLine. This position migh be the focus of the offseason for the Colts, as it may be the weakest position on the defensive side of the ball.

    LB depth might be another concern for the Colts. Heading the OLB crew is Robert Mathis with 86 speed. He's not getting any younger and there doesn't look like they have a future LB to fill his role yet, another off-season focus it seems. Leading the MLB is Pat Angerer and Kelvin Sheppard. They aren't as speedy as coach nellycuz would like so they may give a look to Jerrell Freemman to see what he has to offer. This position could come down to the end of pre-season before they determine starters.

    Our number 1 and 2 corners for the year will be Vontae Davis and Greg Toler. These guys both have the speed to hang with anyone and look to be with this organization for years to come. Darius Butler and Cassius Vaughn will duel it out for nickel CB. Coach cuz is excited about his secondary this year.

    Might be the strongest position on the field for the Colts this year. Starting at FS you have veteran Antoine Bethea. Is a playmaker and makes a ton of tackles. On the other side you have newly acquired Laron Landry (SS). Coach cuz is very excited about having Landry on the squad this year as he likes to user the SS and Landry has the speed to do so effectively.

    We will wait and see who shines as PR/KR, early thoughts are Heyward-Bey or TY Hilton.
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  7. QuietStorm

    QuietStorm TMFL Commish -- **ISYMFS** --

    Sep 3, 2012


    The Eagles finished last year 4-12 with significant injuries at the OL, QB, HB, WR positions. This prestigious team and historic town called for the head of all failures. The longest tenured coach in Andy Reid was the first to go. In come's Chip Kelly to orchestrate the Iggles' new look offense. Head Coach Bernard Jowers will manage all GM aspects as well as defensive play calling in the new 3-4 / hybrid look D. The Eagles have too many "BIG" name's to finish anything short of a .500 club and battling for the NFC East crown. Look for Jowers & Kelly get things right, back in the city of brotherly love!
    QB1: Michael Vick - This man needs no intro, the leader of this offensive unit. This will be a HUGE first year for Michael as he takes charge in this new system. Performance and end of year salary demands will dictate how long MV7 will remain an Eagle!

    Notes: Nick Foles will be shopped around as Matt Barkley will hold Vick's clip board and learn for a few years.

    RB1: LeSean McCoy - It's SHADYYYY, no Eminem ... McCoy is one of the leagues best backs and look for him to establish that early and often in both the running game, and catching the ball out of the backfield. McCoy has a catch rating of 80 which is probably higher than some teams #2 wideouts!

    Notes: Bryce Brown is a very able back and will provide a great spell in the event #25 needs to come out of the game. Fumbles have plagued Brown, if that continues C. Polk will assume RB #2 role.

    WR1: DeSean Jackson / Jeremy Maclin - Pending injury status J-Mac will be clear #2 reciever. If he's out as we expect look for the next man up which will be A. Benn with his exceptional run blocking skill set. Jackson will also see a lot of Wes Welker like use to utilize his speed in space working in the slot.

    Notes: Coach Jowers, an African American has already stated that Riley Cooper has a long road ahead of him if he wishes to continue his career as an Eagle.

    TE1: Brent Celek / Zach Ertz(R) - Ertz, Celek and Clay Harbor all posses solid TE skills, even FB/HB/TE James Casey will work in as a solid receiving threat. But this is a very crowded bunch. Out of the 5, the Iggles will look to ride with 3. A battle is brewing here!

    Notes: Clay Harbor seems to be the odd man out in practices as he struggles in run blocking and can not transition to a finger in the dirt FB.

    OL1: Peters/Mathis/Kelce/Herremans/Johnson(R) - This unit is solid! The acquisition of Johnson in the 2013 Draft has allowed Herremans to go back to his natural position on the inside. Kelce moves from guard to Center, and we expect Mathis and Peters to return to Pro Bowl form. This line should help keep MV7 off his back and healthy and #25 juking and jiving!


    DL1: Cox/Sopoaga/Thornton - This front 3 can apply pressure quickly. Cox is a gifted 2nd year player and just a natural. Sopoaga, comes in from San Francisco where he once ate OL to clear the way for P. Willis & N. Bowman. Bennie Logan will be next off the bench to fill in for any of these guys on downs 1-2, passing situations look for the Vinny Curry to hit the 5 technique hard.

    LB1: Cole/Kendricks/Ryans/Barwin - How will Trent Cole be as a lineback??? This is the question even the coaching staff is still wondering. His great awareness and play recognition may enable him to make plays in space. Kendricks gets to the ball no matter where it is on the field, we are really high on this kid. Ryans is a tested veteran who, like Barwin came from Houston and both are familiar with the 3-4. Connor looks to regain his 2011 form where he tallied 11.5 sacks.

    Notes: Trent Cole has taken to Twitter stating he is NOT a fan on the new 3-4 scheme. His father said to ESPN that "they" are trying to ruin my son, look what they did to Mario, we want him outta Philly and back on a team where he can eat! Hand in the dirt and go all game long. He's never had to drop in coverage and read assignments!

    CB1: Fletcher/Williams - Williams fresh off a Super Bowl ring with the Ravens is looking to bring insight to a young crop of conerbacks and stress the importance attention to details within the 3-4 defense. Boykin the exceptional nickle corner will see his fair share of work.

    FS1: Patrick Chung - Chung is looking for a fresh start after he was banged up in NE for a few years and eventually replaced. Chung has a great tackling/hitting skill set which Coach Jowers loves! Chung will be pressed hard by Rookie safety Earl Wolff of NC State.

    SS1: Kenny Phillips - Phillips, also looking for a fresh start has got a second chance with now Philly to see his old team twice a year in the NYG. Phillips has exceptional ball skills and also a great tackling skill set. If both Phillips and Chung can stay healthy for 16+ games this back half of the D will be held down very nicely by two solid vets. (Cut IRL, Chung will move to SS, while rookie Wolff will get the nod at FS) 26 Aug

    ST1: Henery(K) Jones(P) - Henery is a solid kicker who replaced long time great David Akers last season, so he is no stranger to pressure. Jones has a big boot with 96 KPW and will look to pin teams deep on punts, he will also assume the role of kick off specialist.

    Notes: DeSean Jackson will not return kicks nor punts. Damaris Johnson & Bryce Brown will look to fill these roles. Unless a miracle at the Medowlands is needed, then D-Jax will be inserted!

    Last edited: Aug 25, 2013
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  8. BRUCE80

    BRUCE80 Let the dirt just shower over you..

    Feb 11, 2009

    2013 St. Louis Rams

    The Defense is where the Rams begin and end right now. Last season the Rams tied for the NFL lead in Sacks with 52. The team went out this off season and added depth and youth to the D.

    At DE:


    Chris Long leads the Dline and in the last three years ranks in the top five in the NFL is Sacks. Soon he will get the attention he deserves with a well earned trip to the Pro Bowl.

    Double digit Sacker Robert Quinn plays on the right side. The Rams have quality depth at DE as well in 7.5 sack guy Williams Hayes and Eugene Simms.

    At DT:

    Second year stud Micheal Brockers may be the most imposing physical figure on the Rams team...standing 6'6 and weighing 325 pounds he is just starting to tap his potential.

    Kendall Langford is the second DT and he is a highly rated player...more of a 3/4 DE then DT last year he started to come on at season end. We expect big things from him.

    At OLB:

    James Laurinatis is the leader of the LBs a dependable smart player James is a tackling machine.

    JoLon Dunbar is a run and hit LB...who had over 100 stops and four sacks to his credit last year.

    The Rams drafted Alec Ogletree and there arent many LBs more athletic then him...he can run and cover.

    At CB:


    This is a strength of the Rams team...

    With All Rookie CB Janoris Jenkins and Courtand Finnegan starting you add to that 6'0 Tru Johnson and DP Brandon McGee the Rams have speed and coverage ability in the top four players.

    At S:

    The Rams are short of depth and are worried about the overall talent here...TJ MacDonald was drafted to start and we expect him too...Darien Stewart can play but he cant stay healthy...he will start if he can stay on the field.

    The Rams offense has been an afterthought in the past...but that is about to change.

    At QB:


    Former #1 overall Draft pick Sam Bradford finally has coaching stability and the same OC and system for two straight years. He has the talent and arm to take the O to the next level...can he?

    At RB:

    Youth is the name of the game here, losing Steven Jackson hurts...but look for I Pead...and D Richardson to carry the rock...also rookie Zack Stacy will get worked in.

    AT WR:


    Youth and speed are the name of the game here...Chris Givens is a flat out stud and up and coming star in this league...he can run by you and run the entire route tree and he will.

    Tavon Austin has the kind of movement skills that scare other Madden players...speed and agility...the guy is a freak.

    Quick and Stedman Bailey will also see the field.

    At TE:

    Jared Cook is a freak...and he will be used heavily, but dont sleep on Lance Kendricks who was pretty solid last year...for some reason he is listed as a FB....Kendricks is a TE.

    At Oline:

    Jake Long - Chris Williams - Scott Wells - Harvey Dahl - Roger Saffold are the guys left to right...some talent and some vets...if they can hold up the Rams will go a long way....we will look to get younger and bigger up front soon.​
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  9. bawvu97

    bawvu97 Let's Goooooo Mountaineers

    Jul 26, 2010
    Featured Threads:



    QB – It’s the Lesser of two evils here between Gabbert and Henne. This is a contract year for Gabbert so he does have a bit of a motivation to win. Ratings wise, these guys are a dead heat. I will be waiting until the final roster ratings come out to decide who will start.

    Offensive Line – Brad Meester is old as shit at Center and the interior was a rotation last year. With the addition of Joeckel in Round 1 of this year’s draft and Eugene Monroe on the other side, we should be decent at the tackle position.

    Running Back

    Maurice Jones Drew – This is MJD’s last year in his contract and I am going to run his ass into the ground. After two years that ended early due to injuries, MJD’s time in JAX is coming to an end. I run a run first offense so he will get his share of touches.

    Denard Robinson – Offensive Weapon – This dude made up his own position “Offensive Weapon” is what the media is calling him. I will have to wait and see how he plays in the game to determine his role.

    Wide Receiver

    Justin “Breathalyzer Equalizer” Blackmon – Blackmon showed flashes of brilliance last year in the real world. If he can lay off the sauce and his mediocre QB can get him the ball he can do some damage.

    Cecil Shorts III – Cecil was 21 yards short of a 1000 yard season last year. He is prone concussions . He is fast and quick at the same time. I see him lining up opposite of Blackmon.

    Ace Sanders – He will be one of my return guys and most likely line up in the slot in 3 or 4 WR formations.


    Marcedes “Don’t Call me Benz” Lewis – After one decent year, he got a fat contract from the Jags and then didn’t do squat.


    Wow, where to begin. I am going to get slaughtered. I will be starting out in a 4-3 just due to depth unless I can find some quality FA’s and can get Ray Lewis Out of Retirement.

    My nickel corner (Marcus Trufant) is the highest rated corner I have.

    CB – Duane Gratz – Third round pick and he is going to be starting. The rest are no names

    S – Jonathan Cyprien – More youth in the defensive backfield rated 76 OVR

    MLB – Poz - He is getting older and slower. Most likely his last year in Jacksonville.

    OLB – Russell Allen – He won’t light the field up but I am in a bend don’t break mode for the next 3 years. He and Poz are the only 2 over 80 on the front 7.

    Punter – Bryan Anger This 3rd Round Pick is why Gene Smith got fired.

    Ask Shad Preseason Edition - Top 3 Questions


    Question: Who will be the starting QB?

    Answer: Not really sure at this point but my tie tells me most likely Gabbert.

    Question: What Defense will your GM Pick?

    Answer: Most likely a 4-3 unless we can find some good depth on the waiver wire.

    Question: Two Part Question: Where did you get that tie? and What is your prediction for your record?

    Answer: I got the tie at Wal Mart. Based on our roster and talent level going 5-11 would be a huge improvement over last year's 2-14 record.
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  10. I Peench

    I Peench Caught in the hustle

    Jul 1, 2010

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  11. bawvu97

    bawvu97 Let's Goooooo Mountaineers

    Jul 26, 2010
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  12. dakota7

    dakota7 Former Blue Chip Recruit

    Sep 23, 2009

    2013 Green Bay Packers

    Offense -- Led by MVP Aaron Rodgers, this unit has the potential to dominate. The Packers will strive for more balance this year, with a new commitment to the rushing attack. Second round pick Eddie Lacy looks to be the answer, as he brings a running style based on patience and power. Lacy has impressed so far in the preseason. The Packers will also feature fellow rookie Jonathan Franklin and returning DuJuan Harris. Both backs have different strengths than Lacy, so the unit will really be diverse. Rodgers has strong targets available to him thru the air. Breakout star Randal Cobb will be featured in the offense, he is a threat to go the distance every time he touches the ball. Jordy Nelson and James Jones are reliable veterans that Rodgers has proven to have great confidence in. The wildcard in the offense is tight end Jermichael Finley. Finley has flashed brilliance in his career. He has also been lazy and unreliable. Finley is in the final year of his contract, so expect his effort level to be high. Hopefully, his production is too. The offensive line will continue to be the Packers weak spot. Guard Josh Sitton is one of the best in the league, but the rest of the unit is mediocre, at best. The Packers added tackle David Bakhtiari from Colorado, but failed to do much else. The team hopes former first round pick tackle Derrick Sherrod can return at some point this year, but his recovery from a nasty broken leg has been littered with set backs. There is no guarantee he can even be productive when he does return.

    Defense -- Over the past few years, this unit has seen the most offseason attention from GM Ted Thompson. Why? Because they have been awful. This unit has been torched in the playoffs, 3 of the past 4 years. The Packers feature a 34 front. Ryan Pickett and BJ Raji have been consistent along the front, but not particularly remarkable. The Packers added defensive end Datone Jones from UCLA, who looks to add more versatility and pass rushing to the unit. CJ Wilson returns and has been solid against the run. At linebacker, the Packers feature one of the best in the business. Clay Matthews is the type of player the other team has to always account for. That should open things up for his teammates to succeed, but it rarely works that way. Matthews should see some help from 2012 first round pick Nick Perry. The secondary might be the strength of the unit, featuring corners Tramon Williams, Sam Shields and Casey Hayward. All three excel in man coverage, which is critical for the blitzing schemes they run. Morgan Burnett is solid at free safety and could be poised for a breakout season. Strong safety is a question mark following the departure of Charles Woodson. Jerron McMillian and MD Jennings are in the mix there.

    Overview -- This team has enough to win a championship, provided Lacy can provide some balance on offense. Winning the turnover battle and controlling the clock will be big factors in how the season plays out in Green Bay. The Packer defense doesn’t need to dominate for this team to be successful. But they do need win some battles along the way. Holding some red zone possessions to field goals and forcing some punts will go along way to deciding how this season ends up for the Pack. But the bottom line is this team is Aaron Rodgers’, and its fortunes ride on his right arm.
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  13. broth262

    broth262 Dirty Terps

    Dec 30, 2010
    Featured Threads:

    Tennessee Titans 2013 Preview

    Since Jeff Fisher left the Titan organization in 2011, they have been lookin for a new direction, and with the entrance of owner/coach Broth262 they finally have that. Makin his name in college football, he looks to bring his fast style of play to the Titans and with the weapons currently on the roster, expect this team t score points and surprise people.

    QB: Jake Locker, the 25 year old QB out of Washington University will be starting this season over verteran Ryan Ftzpatrick. Locker with his speed and size looks to be aforce not just in the air, but on the ground as well.

    RB: Chris Johnson played in a spread offense in college, and he wil use that experience as well as his skill set to make explosive plays in both the run and passing game.

    WR: Kenny Britt leads a talented but young recieving corps. Definitely the weakness of the offense, bt Britt has proven consistently that when he is healhy and on the field he is on of the better recievers in the game.

    OL: With an average weight of 314lbs, this line is capable of knocking defender off the ball, an expect them to do just that. This unit will anchor the offense, and if they can create holes in the runing game watch out.

    This will be a transition yer for the defense as they transition from the 4-3 to the 3-4. This defense is lacking both talent and experience. The addition of Bernard Pollard in the offseason definitely will help, but expect numerous growing pains from this unit all season.

    D Line: Kamerion Wimbley and Jurrel Casey will look to carry this defense as this is easily the mst talented group for the Titans. If opponents are able to get to the second level, this team could really sturggle keeping opponents off the scoreboard.

    LB: Moise Fokou leads what is easily the weakest unit the Titans have. The success of the defense will rest o their ability to make plays in the passing and rushing game.

    DB: A talented unit that needs more experence. Pollard needs to step up and make plays and carry this defense.

    The Titans have a difficult schedule this year, it will be interesting to see what kind of progress can be made on last years 6-10 mark. I think this team has between 8-10 wins in them, it will be interesting to see if they can pull out a playoff spot.
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  14. Masler

    Masler Walk On

    Aug 13, 2009

    2013 Denver Broncos

    QB: Peyton Manning is obviously the man under center for Denver, he might be old but still manages a 97 overall rating with his best attribute being his 95 Short Acc. Backing him up will be Brock Osweiler who has a cannon of an arm with 96 Throw Power. Manning may not stick around for long and we have a capable backup (for now).

    HB/FB: Knowshon Moreno and Montee Ball look to be the top two HB for the Broncos. Ball actually looks to be the better player when it comes to being physical, he easily outclasses Moreno when it comes to Trucking (87 vs 62), Stiff Arm (86 vs 68) and will rarely cough up the ball with his 96 Carry vs Morenos 86. The think hurting Montees overall is probably his low awareness, which doesn't matter in this league. It looks like I will be starting the Rookie. The Broncos also carry one FB in Jacob Hester, he might get a handful of carries.

    WR/TE: The top three receivers look pretty good with Wes Welker, Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker. Welker is an absolute monster in the passing game despite his height. He might only have 85 speed but he does have 98 Accel and can avoid tacklers like a HB. Better not see him drop many passes with his 96 Catch, 95 Route Running, and 98 Catch in Traffic. Thomas and Decker will make nice accents to Welker as most people will probably focus on the little man and leave them more open. The TE on this team can't block worth a damn but should make some good dump off guys.

    O Line: They should get the job done.


    D Line: Pretty weak overall but each player seems to have their one good trait. Going to have to rely on the linebackers more than these guys.

    LB: Of course we start with 97 overall Von Miller. He's insane with 95 Tackle, 99 Finesse Moves, 90 Block Shed, and 99 Pursuit. I expect him to shut down run games. Joe Mays looks to be our MLB, he has 97 Tackle and high 80s Pursuit, which will come in very handy but he isn't much when it comes to shedding blocks. And our ROLB is similar to Mays, he has a couple of good abilities that I intend to exploit, in this game he has 94 Pursuit. We SHOULD be able to stuff run games or at the very least slow them down.

    DB: Champ Bailey and Chris Harris are the top two corners in this group. Both have decent coverage but that is a huge problem in this game from what I gather so it may not matter. Another nice addition the Broncos picked up was speedy Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. The safeties need work and will probably be a key position for the first draft.

    Special Teams: Kicker is Matt Prater, Punter is Britton Colquitt. Trindon Holliday and Rodgers-Cromartie will return kicks while Holliday returns Punts.

    Expectations: Let's start small with finishing with a +.500 record and winning the AFC West.
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  15. sawemoff

    sawemoff #FearTheBeard

    Dec 29, 2011

    2013 Dallas Cowboys

    The Dallas Cowboys have continued to struggle since making the playoffs in 2009. The past two years have 8-8 seasons but the players know they are better than that. With the unexpected death of Jerry Jones the road has been paved for Coach Saw. For now he will work with Jason Garrett but reports have said that Garrett is on a very thin leash... This just in, "Garret has fired and Callahan in the new man." With that now out of the way the Cowboys will look very similar with their balanced attack but on defense will show the 34 and 43.

    QB Tony Romo:
    In 2006 Romo got his first full season as the #1 QB and has not looked back ever since. Posting up big numbers and has broke Cowboy's Records on numerous occasions with some being his own. After signing a huge deal he looks to guide this team back to the promise land and get that sixth ring for America's Team.

    RB DeMarco Murray; RB Lance Dunbar; RB Philip Tanner; RB Joseph Randle: These four guys will be used in different situations to help them succeed with all of their skill sets. Of course Murray will take the heavier load but can he stay healthy? If he can the offense should do exceptionally well but if he cannot there might be some spurting going on down the road. Dunbar is quick, agile, and has good hands. He will be used on 3rd Down situations and in the return game. Tanner will be used in power situations and probably close to the endzone. Randle will be the mix of Dunbar and Tanner. He has shown exceptionally strength and shifty moves on the field so he will be thrown in there if one of these guys has an off day.

    FB Unknown: At this point and time there is not one. The stop gap solution will be using a good run blocking TE but the FA market will be scoured.

    WR Dez Bryant; WR Miles Austin; WR Terrance Williams: Dez Bryant has finally come into his own and will hopefully show a lot of brilliance on the field. He is finally the true #1 WR over Miles Austin and has the potential to carry the offense if need be. His size, speed and strength will make every corner work on each play. Miles has been cursed with the injury bug. Each year he goes down and is never the same until the following season. If he can stay healthy he can make the Dez/Austin tandem one of the best one-two punches in the NFL. Terrance Williams might be a Rookie but he will come in as the #3 WR. With having cut Anthony Armstrong look for him to play a role on the special teams.

    TE Jason Witten; TE James Hanna; TE Gavin Escobar: Jason Witten is Romo's safety blanket and for him being that means terrible news for opposing defenses. He excels at getting open on almost every play and the league has not been able to find someone that can actually cover him. If the Cowboys cannot punch it in down at the goal line look for him to snag a TD. James Hanna has a lot of athleticism and has a lot of raw talent. The much faster Witten can do it all on the receiving end but mightily struggles tying to block anything. Gavin Escobar is one of the newest additions to the Cowboys and will hopefully nose dive right on in. He does a lot of good things decently and could be the prime candidate for the FB fill in.

    LT Tyron Smith; LG Whoever Can Stay Healthy; C Travis Frederick; RG Mackenzy Bernadeau; RT Doug Free: This continues to be the struggle for Dallas they either get hurt or forget how to block and it is driving some fans up the wall. Tyron Smith is the only one worth anything but ever since moving to the left side has struggled. The only other for sure starter is Rookie Travis Frederick at Center. This guy should be able to help run game immediately. Now to the other three spots or it might be easier to say the three ring circus. No one can stay healthy at LG so the possibility of Bernadeau moving their with Doug Free moving inside to RG and Jeremy Parnell starting at RT is pretty big. Free actually looks better at G than he does a T but who knows what can happen before the season.

    RE DeMacus Ware; DT Jason Hatcher; DT Sean Lissemore; LE Anthony Spencer (43 look)
    RE Jason Hatcher; DT Sean Lissemore; LE George Selvie (34 look)

    Now with the defense going back and forth between the 34 and 43 it could get confusing to figure out where everyone will be. In the 43 look for Ware and Spencer to place their hand on the ground. These guys will be trying to create that great speed rush and rattle the QB. They can both really get after it and once they go back to the 34 they can hold their on in coverage. Ware will probably be the guy that will continue to rush the QB but count him out once he drops back. Jason Hatcher really showed everyone that the 31 year old showed last season that the game has not passed him up yet. With Coach Saw not being his biggest fan he will be given the chance to get on his good side at DT and DE. Lissemore has been blocked by Jay Ratliff for the past couple of years but not this year. With Ratliff going down Lissemore gets his chance to start. One guy who will be really watched is George Selvie. If he cannot get the job done he will be replaced plain and simple.

    ROLB Bruce Carter; MLB Sean Lee; LOLB Justin Durant (43 look)
    ROLB DeMarcus Ware; MLB Bruce Carter/Justin Durant; MLB Sean Lee; LOLB Anthony Spencer (34 look)

    Again the rotation will be confusing for the casual fan but these guys knows that their strengths will be used to the Cowboys advantage. Sean Lee is the heart of this defense and will lead this defense back to greatness. After suffering an injury last year he is ready to go back out there and 'lay the wood' on someone. His versatility will keep his nose in everyone's business on the field. Bruce Carter is another guy that is coming off an injury and cannot wait to take the field. His speed and hit ability makes him a lethal weapon on the field. If the WRs see him coming they better hang on to the ball tight or they will lose the ball. Justin Durant was acquired in the off season and will really help when they come out in the 43. His ability to read plays will carry him further than a lot of guys but other than that he is only a decent LB.

    CB Brandon Carr; CB Morris Claiborne; CB Orlando Scandrick: Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne will play the outside while Orlando Scandrick roams in nickel/dime back. The only one that has stayed healthy is Carr so hopefully this season is smooth sailing. With a new look in the front seven Monte Kiffin will be able to do a lot good things with these corners. Mixing up a good blend of blitzes and coverages could make this secondary deadly.

    FS Will Allen/Danny McCray; SS Barry Church: Will Allen has come from the devil himself (Pittsburgh) may win out the starting spot at FS. His competition is Danny McCray but either player should do well in any given situation. Barry Church may not be the best coverage guy but man can he hit and get after the RB. After watching last season from the bench due to injury he is another Cowboy dying to get back out there and help his team.

    K Dan Bailey; P Chris Jones: Bailey is one of the most consistent kickers in the NFL and is a sure hand from almost anywhere on the field. Chris Jones is young so he will need to do a lot of growing to become a great punter.

    With the division being one of the hardest the Cowboys look to be one of the three teams in the playoffs from the NFC Beast division. Winning 9+ games will be a good start to this year's cycle. ​
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  16. Trailerparkwifi

    Trailerparkwifi Mr. Irrelevant

    Aug 18, 2012

    2013 Atlanta Falcons

    With one-and-done playoff experiences in 2008, 2010 and 2011 and a heartbreaking loss in the NFC Championship to the 49ers, Matt Ryan and head coach Mike Smith have their eyes keenly focused on the Super Bowl. It took Matt Ryan five seasons before tasting his first career playoff win, and with fellow 2008 first-round draftee, Joe Flacco, winning the Super Bowl last year, the time is now for Ryan.

    Positional Breakdown
    • Matt Ryan - No surprise here. Starter and won't come out unless the score is out of hand or injured.
    • Dominique Davis - Entering his second year, Davis is the probable backup unless the staff gets tired of his tendency to turn the ball over. Also adds a threat with his legs that Ryan doesn't have.
    • Sean Renfree - The Rookie out of Duke. Won't be a factor until a few years. Needs to develop and learn behind Matt.
    Running Backs
    • Steven Jackson - Another no surprise starter. He might be 30 years old, but he is in the best shape of his life. Big year ahead for SJ39.
    • Jaquizz Rodgers - The tiny scat back will have his normal role as a 3rd down back, although with the pickup of SJ who is an above average receiver as well, Quizz might see less of the field as a RB.
    • Jason Snelling/Josh Vaughan - The backup to Steven will more than likely see a split in attempts with Vaughan having a good preseason.
    Receivers/Tight Ends

    The dangerous core is back for another season of giving opposing defenses nightmares. No other statements need to be made here. Besides.. "JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUULIIOOOOOO"
    Offensive Line

    This is where the team needs the most improvement. We will have to rely on LT Sam Baker and Guards Justin Blalock and Garrett Reynolds to lead them, which is probably average at best.
    Defensive Line

    With the departure of Jonathan Abraham and Ray Edwards, this is another positional group that needs some work. We brought in 2 time Super Bowl champion Osi Umenyiora, which brings another leader to the team that knows what it's like to win. With Kroy Biermann on the other side and Malliciah Goodman and Jonathan Massaquoi backing them up. The defensive tackles have the potential to be very good, we just need some more depth. Jonathan Babineaux and Corey Peters will be the starters.

    OLB Sean Weatherspoon will lead a talented group of starters including Akeem Dent and Stephen Nicholas. Just like the DLine, we will look to add depth. Look for a lot of hard hitting in the middle.
    Defensive Backs

    This is an exciting group of DB's we have here. Safeties Thomas DeCoud and William Moore is as solid a tandem as they come with Shann Schillinger and the hard hitting rookie out of Notre Dame Zeke Motta backing them up. The corners will be led by the veteran Asante Samuel. We drafted two very exciting corners that will start from the beginning in Desmond Trufant and Robert Alford. The corners are all very fast and have a knack for being in the right place at the right time and also not being afraid to lay the hammer. Look for big plays and scores from this group that has the potential to be the best in the league.
    Special Teams

    Another bright spot for this team. Quizz Rodgers and Harry Douglas will be the men to return kicks. With rookie Robert Alford manning punt returns. They are very fast, explosive, and have the awareness to find a hole in coverage which leads to scores and turning momentum in a football game. The veteran kicker Matt Bryant will have the pressure of making the field goals and extra points once again, being one of the most clutch in the game.

    Season Outlook
    Since the four teams that make up the current NFC South were aligned in 2002, no team has been crowned division champions in back-to-back seasons. Most recently, the Falcons and Saints have ping-ponged the title back and forth for the past four seasons, but the Falcons are just too good and the Saints are just too vulnerable defensively to regain control of the division this year. This will be the year that there is finally a repeat champion in the NFC South.
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  17. Boom29

    Boom29 Walk On

    Jul 7, 2011
    2013 San Diego Chargers
    at least it's 72 and sunny

    The San Diego Chargers begin the 2013 season looking to rebound from a 7-9 record and three consecutive seasons missing the playoffs. While some key players remain from the teams that were atop the AFC, the remainder of the roster is in a state of flux as the Chargers attempt to rebuild while remaining competitive.

    With the hiring of Coach Boom, look for the Chargers offense to return to a more ball-control style of offense, reminiscent more of Marty Schottenheimer than Norv Turner. Ultimately, the goal for the San Diego Chargers offense is to limit turnovers, which have plagued the team the last couple seasons. Defensively, the Chargers will be moving away from the 4-3 and will instead run the 3-4, looking to be more aggressive defensively. The inability to stop teams on third down hamstrung an otherwise solid defense in the AFC.

    Overall, the Chargers are in a position to compete for a playoff stop in the AFC. However, the success of the 2013 San Diego Chargers will largely depends on the answers to the questions below:

    1. Which Phillip Rivers will show up?
    Some pundits have began to think that Phillip Rivers is no longer the elite quarterback he was just a few years ago. Judging by his past three seasons, it's easy to see why -- While Rivers has thrown for almost 13k yards and 83 TDs, he has also thrown a combined 48 INTs. The move away from a vertical passing attack should allow Rivers to cut down on the INTs just by the nature of the offense. Rivers will have a healthy Antonio Gates as well as a number of running backs that can catch the ball out of the backfield. While the receiving corps will be a concern without a true #1 receiver, expect Rivers to spread the ball around.

    2. Will the Lines Hold up?
    Offensive, San Diego was one of the worst teams in the league in regards to sacks allowed. With this in mind, the Front Office made upgrading the Offensive Line one of the top off-season priorities. In doing so, the Chargers signed free agents King Dunlap and Chad Rinehart to man the left side of the line, while drafting DJ Fluker with their first round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft to anchor the RT position. Though an early-season adjustment period is to be expected, the line has ample experience, which should facilitate the process of group cohesion.

    Defensively, the Chargers youth movement will be in full effect as none of the projected starters have more than three years of NFL experience. Nevertheless, all three players have shown promise in the past and will hopefully continue to improve. Defensive Ends Corey Liuget and Kendall Reyes have the size to hold their spot at the point of attack, but can also provide pass rush off the edge. However, the player who will have the bigger responsibility for making the scheme change succeed will be DT Cam Thomas. Thomas was a spot-starter his last two years in San Diego, which raises questions as to whether he can take the pounding over the course of 16 games. Should Thomas falter, look for undrafted Rookie Kwame Geathers to get a chance to step up.

    3. Antonio Gates/Ryan Mathews - Healthy...or not?
    Antonio Gates seems an afterthought in the current conversation of the best TEs in the league. Yet, it wasn't long ago that Antonio had supplanted Tony Gonzalez as the game's best. Much of Gates' "demise" can be attributed to injuries which has limited both his time on the field and his effectiveness. Yet, coming into this season, Gates looks as nimble as ever showing no signs of the foot injuries that have set him back in the past. With Gates at full strength, he will be the focal point of the Chargers' ball control offense, while again creating those mismatches down the field that made him the best TE in the league.

    For Ryan Mathews, the inability to stay healthy has been a big snag in his progression. While he has shown flashes of what made him the 12th overall pick of the 2010 NFL draft, his injuries, coupled with inconsistent play, have curtailed the attempts of San Diego to replace LaDanian Tomlinson. After a strong offseason conditioning program, Mathews has looked the part in pre-season and is set to stake his claim to the next great Chargers running back. Ryan's is a perfect back for Coach Boom's ball control West Coast style as he is also an exceptional receiver out of the backfield.

    4. Will the Secondary Stop Anyone?
    All-pro Eric Weddle returns to lead the San Diego secondary, but who else will join him? With both starting corners and the starting SS gone, the Chargers looked long and hard for replacements. The off-season saw CBs Derek Cox and Richard Marshall come in to shore up a secondary. While Cox appears to have secured a starting spot, the second CB spot is still in the air with third-year man Shareece Wright currently in the role. In regards to the SS position, the Chargers have moved Nickel CB Marcus Gilchrist to the spot, hoping that he can transition smoothly to the position. Ultimately, with the high-powered passing offenses that have proliferated the NFL, the changes to the San Diego secondary might not be enough.

    5. Which Rookie Will Step Up?
    First round draft pick DJ Fluker gives the Chargers a plug-and-play player at the Tackle position. Despite all the commotion and media attention that arose from his imaginary girlfriend incident, second round pick Manti Te'o blocked all the distractions to become a starting ILBs for the Chargers. Nevertheless, the rookie to keep an eye on is WR Keenan Allen who dropped down draft boards after a poor 40 time and some character questions. Allen has great hands to go along with an ability to gain yards after the catch and is faster/quicker than he showed at workouts. With the lack of a true #1 receiver, Allen has the chance to be the diamond in the rough that may put the Chargers offense back near the top.
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  18. fuzzyl0gic

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    Apr 14, 2010
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  19. Bucs

    Bucs GT: ThruTheSmoke47

    Jun 30, 2010
    2013 Tampa Bay Buccaneers


    Football is back! The Bucs are looking to rebound after a disappointing 2012 campaign that saw them go 7-9 with 6 of those losses by 7 points or less. This year a young team looks to mature a little more and win some of those close games and return to their rightful place atop the NFC South , arguably the toughest, deepest division in all of football. Lets take a deeper look at The 2013 Tampa Bay Bucs.

    Quaterback - Josh Freeman looks to return to form this season and grab hold as the franchise quarterback that some thought he could be when he was drafted. It's a contract year from Josh and he will be pushed by rookie Mike Glennon out of NC State, though Freeman offers more from a mobility standpoint and experience wise, their is not much difference between himself and Glennon when it comes to purely throwing the ball, so if Freeman doesn't perform don't expect the Bucs to give him that big contract that he will want.

    Running Back - 2nd year man Doug Martin returns as one of the best backs in the NFL this season and will be the work horse for the offense. Its clear that Tampa wants to run the ball and have assembled a decent stable of backs behind Martin. Peyton Hillis is the other big name you may know, but coming out of camp, the rookie out of Miami Mike James looks to be a strong contender for the #2 spot. Brian Leonard, Peyton Hillis and the speedy Michael Smith will all see time as the #3 back if needed, and then Jeff Demps is classified as a running back but he is more of a track athlete with pads on and may only see time in the return game.

    Fullback - Erik Lorig at 6'4 275 is the only fullback on the roster, but don't be surprised to maybe see Brian Leonard or Peyton Hillis see looks here as well.

    Wide Receiver - Vincent Jackson proved himself to be a great target for Freeman last year by catching 72 passes for 1300 yards and 8 touchdowns. Mike Williams returns as a solid option at #2 and Kevin Ogletree was brought in to be the #3 WR but the new coaching staff isn't that high on him so dont be surprised to see a free agent acquisition brought in .

    Tight End - Luke Stocker proved he can handle his own as a blocking tight end but dont underestimate his hands either. Tom Crabtree formerly of the Packers was acquired over the offseason and will look to push Stocker for PT.

    Offensive Line - The left side of the line is solid with Donald Penn and Carl Nicks who have both shown they can be pro bowl caliber players. Jeremey Zuttah is adequate at the center spot but wont wow you. Davin Joseph is another potential pro bowler at the RG spot, and the RT spot is up for grabs with Demar Dotson and the underperforming Gabe Carimi who is hoping reuniting with his college Offensive line coach here in Tampa can reinvigorate him a bit.

    Defensive End - De'Quan Bowers was once talked about as a #1 overall pick before an injury had him slide to the Bucs later in the draft and Adrian Clayborn was another big name coming out of Iowa, both are 2nd year guys looking to cement themselves at starter as LE and RE respectively. If they play to their potential they form a very nice tandem.

    Defensive Tackle - Gerald McCoy returns off a pro bowl season and hopes to continue to improve, look for rookie Akeem Spence out of Illinois to get the nod to play along side him over veteran Derek Landri. Spence has shown a mean streak and toughness that the defensive coordinator really likes.

    Linebacker - Levonte David proved he was one of the best young linebackers in the league last season with 139 tackles on the year. David has always been a bit under-rated and now that the spotlight is on him lets see if he can continue to have that chip on his shoulder. Playing opposite him on the weakside will be either Dekoda Watson or Jonathan Casillas, neither has stood out our impressed in camp. In the middle is Mason Foster, who took a bit of a step back last year but showed that he can be an nfl level Middle linebacker.

    Cornerback - The biggest move of the offseason was The Bucs trading for Darelle Revis, he looks to make an immediate impact at the position. Jonathan Banks will see time as the #2 Corner, the rookie will be thrown right in to the fire . Leonard Johnson will be the nickel back.

    Safety- Dashon Goldson and Mark Barron form one of the hardest hitting duos in the league

    Expectations : The NFC South is always so wide open with any team capable of winning it, but the Bucs look to take their ground and pound method and wear out some of the softer teams in the division and be right in the playoff hunt.
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  20. The Richuation

    The Richuation Walk On

    Jul 18, 2010
    2013 New England Patriots Season Preview

    The Patriots are under new ownership this season with Robert Kraft being bought out by a group led by financial mogul Keith Richard. The ownership group has committed to maintaining continuity and committed to keep future Hall of Fame coach Chad Masters as the mastermind of the on field product. Masters will have most of his top players back, with a couple of exceptions due to off the field issues. Richard and Masters will have their work cut out for them in what appears to be a very competitive AFC East. This season will put Masters, Brady and company to the test like no season before. Brady will have to fight to stay relevant in this division as he approaches the twilight of his Hall of Fame career.

    Offensive Outlook:

    The offense will revolve around the arm and mind of QB Tom Brady. The patriots have concerns around the loss of some weapons in the passing game, but Masters feels as though they have brought in the right talent to make this one of the top offensives in the TMFL. Expect them to throw early and often and look to take advantage of matchups with their diverse and deep skill position players.

    Spotlight Player:

    Rookie TE Zach Sudfeld has made his presence known in training camp and looks to make a great bookend to All Pro TE Rob Gronkowski.
    • Sudfeld is 6'7" with good hands and athleticism
    • Superstar Development
    • #9 Most Popular Player in the NFL (!!!) Patriots fans have preordered thousands of Sudfeld jerseys
    Defensive Outlook:

    The Patriots D will look to bend but not break this year as Coach MAsters continues to look for players to fit his scheme. Masters feels that those players may already be here, but only time will tell. The back 7 should be solid this year and keep passing attacks under control. In preseason games, qustions have arisen about the strength and toughness of this group at the line of scrimmage. If they can groom this group to play well or find a scheme that fits these players, this could be an average unit at best.

    Spotlight Player:

    Master and the Patriots are going to need a big year out of their big man, DT Vince Wilfork. With questions around the toughness at the line of scrimmage, it will be imperative that Wilfork continues to perform at a high level... and continues to command two blockers. At 31 years old and 325 pounds (before breakfast) the clock may be ticking on his effectiveness.

    Season Prediction:
    As strong as Masters and BRady have been over the years, this looks to be a challenging season for the Pats. Questions around the receiving corp and defensive front and major concerns for this squad. It will require the Pats stars to raise their game to another level to keep this ship afloat.

    7-9 (4th in the AFC East)
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  21. KnightNoles

    KnightNoles Learn to Compete

    Jul 6, 2009

    Recapping the 2012-2013 Season

    The 2012 Minnesota Vikings season was the franchise's 52nd season in the National Football League, as well as the second full season under head coach Leslie Frazier. They looked to improve upon their 3–13 season the year before. The Vikings also made the playoffs for the first time since 2009 with a Week 17 win over the Green Bay Packers to give them a 10–6 regular season record, but were defeated by the Packers in the Wild Card playoff round the following week. Adrian Peterson was named the league's MVP after rushing for 2,097 yards, just nine yards short of breaking the single-season record held by Eric Dickerson.


    Statistic Name #
    Passing yards Christian Ponder 2,935
    Passing touchdowns Christian Ponder 18
    Rushing yards Adrian Peterson 2,075
    Rushing touchdowns Adrian Peterson 12
    Receiving yards Percy Harvin 677
    Receiving touchdowns Kyle Rudolph 9
    Points Blair Walsh 141

    Everyone knows this team belongs to Adrian Peterson and it begins and ends with him. How well will Christian Ponder put together his third year in the league will be the difference maker. With CP sitting out the playoff game last year, you could see what the Vikings missed on O. Trading away Percy Harvin for a draft pick and then picking up Greg Jennings will help Ponder out along with the selection of Cordarrelle Patterson. The Viking front office believes that the pressure will be alleviated from AP this year with some big play receivers which gives Ponder more help through the air.


    Statistic Name #
    Tackles Chad Greenway 148
    Sacks Jared Allen 12.0
    Interceptions Harrison Smith & Antoine Winfield 3
    Forced fumbles Jamarca Sanford 4

    The Vikings were known for their rushing defense a few years ago with the Williams brothers helping lock down opposing rushers. Now only one remains in Kevin Williams and the recent draft selection of Sharrif Floyd will help bring that run stuffing ability. Jared Allen is known for getting to the quarterback and opposite of him will be a combination of Brian Robison and Everson Griffen. Chad Greenway will lead the LBs with Erin Henderson and newly acquired OLB Desmond Bishop. Xavier Rhodes comes in and takes over the #1 CB spot after being drafted out of Florida State, #2 will be Chris Cook while Josh Robinson plays nickel and AJ Jefferson will be the dime back. Harrison Smith coming off a stellar rookie year will play FS while Jamarca Sanford plays strong safety.

    Special Teams

    Blair Walsh coming off a great year as a rookie will continue kicking duties.
    Rookie Jeff Locke will handle the punts.
    Rookie Cordarrelle Patterson will field kick offs and punt returns.
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  22. Gravity

    Gravity Hey, I'm Batman

    Jun 22, 2011
    Offensive Expectations
    The Bears will be lead by QB Jay Cutler. In his first few seasons with the Bears Cutler had average success, but never really lived up to what was expected when he arrived in Chicago. These short comings were in large part because we had an offensive line composed of a bunch of cripples. The line was recently bolstered by the signing of 2 time pro bowler Bushrod from NO. The Bears also drafted in the first round Kyle Long, son of Howie Long. Neither of them are very good and Cutler is still going to get sacked like crazy, at least he can go home and fuck his gorgeous wife.

    At Running Back we have superstar Matt Forte. Not much to be said here, he is fucking good. We will be relying heavily on him.
    I have been known to air it out quite a bit in past leagues and this year will probably be no different. Luckily we are somewhat well equipped in that department. Brandon Marshall is a 99 OVR in our scheme and will be raping and pillaging all of your secondaries, enjoy! Opposite him will be Alshon Jeffrey. Hopefully this fairy doesnt get hurt like he did last year and we can actually see what this guy can do with a full season under his belt. Martellus Bennett will add a cheesy dimension to our offense. If TE's are anything like last year it is gonna be way too easy to get this guy the ball.

    Defensive Expectations
    Now we move on to what was once the real strength of the Bears. Now our defense is a shell of its former self and is old as shit. Peppers is 34, Briggs is 34, Tillman is 32. All of them are still rated very very good and will be making plays until they die or retire. Tillman is rated 96 OVR and is one of the top corners in the league. Opposite him is Tim Jennings who is also a very good talent. Together they form one of the slowest, yet most formidable duo's in the league. Our DL is split 50/50 between greatness and shitness....yeah that isn't a real word, go fuck yourself. Henry Melton is a beast, if we don't resign him at the end of this year I will probably cry, he has 97 PWR moves. Peppers is a 90 something as well and could possibly play until he is 38 like he did last file. Our LB group shall remain nameless because outside of Briggs no one gives a shit.

    Major Wright gets a paragraph of his own, because he is a god.


    Being that Hova was my fuckin Achilles heel and I don't have much experience against Noles or Dakota, I will keep this prediction modest. I predict we will go 9-7 and miss the playoffs.

    In Ditka we trust
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  23. MoonBBad

    MoonBBad http://twitch.tv/moonbbad

    May 22, 2010

    The Washington Redskins

    The Offense

    The Washington Redskins head into the 2013 season with high expectations. The Redskins have assembled their most talented roster in the Shanahan era. Led by their charismatic leader Robert Griffin III the Redskins believe anything short of a playoff berth would be a failure. Chris Mooney, the franchises new owner, looks to allow Coach Shanahan to continue to have complete control of the team’s football decisions, so he can focus on his goal of building the most profitable franchise in the TMFL.

    Taking a closer look at the roster the Redskins have talent on both sides of the ball. The offense, led by 2nd year quarterback RGIII, have another young 2nd year player who Griffin can rely on in running back Alfred Morris. Morris in his rookie season set the Redskins all-time single season rushing record with 1,613 rushing yards. Tight end Fred Davis is coming off a season ending achilles injury and is chomping at the bit to make an impact in the passing game. The wide receiving core, led by Pierre Garcon, Josh Morgan and the wily veteran, Santana Moss, have a lot to prove this season and need to gel with RGIII to be successful.

    The Redskins offensive line remains the same from last season with a few depth additions. Left tackle Trent Williams leads the talented bunch with Kory Lichtensteiger in his right pocket at left guard. Center Will Montgomery entering his seventh season returns with another returning player in Chris Chester at right guard. Tony Pashos, a new starter, anchors the right tackle spot opposite to Williams.

    The Defense

    The Redskins defensive unit starts with its captain, the heart of the defense, London Fletcher. Fletcher is entering his 16th year in the NFL and the 38 year veteran has never missed a start, and holds the lead for consecutive games played with a total of 241. The Redskins will continue playing in a 3-4 scheme, which means that outside linebackers Ryan Kerrigan and Brian Orakpo should be a big problem for their opponent’s offensive tackles.

    DeAngelo Hall and Josh Wilson start at the cornerback position. Both corners have excellent speed, however are a bit undersized. Rookie David Amerson looks to see significant playing time in the slot and looks to make an impact. The Redskins start two more rookies at the safety positions with Bacarri Rambo at strong safety and Philip Thomas at free safety. Rambo has a nose for the ball and while Thomas needs to stay disciplined.

    The Redskins have enough talent on both sides of the ball to win some ball games, however it remains to be seen if they have enough to win the NFC East. The division will be extremely competitive and the Redskins youth led by RGIII and Alfred Morris on offense, Bacarri Rambo and David Amerson on the defense, will need to play well in order for the Redskins to have a chance at winning the division.

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  24. Danthraxxx

    Danthraxxx Walk On

    Mar 17, 2011
    TMFL 25 Cincinnati Bengals preview​

    Longtime Bengals owner Mike Brown has finally sold the team to pursue his dream of giving ex-prisoners jobs and rehabilitating them. The new owner comes in as a lifelong football fan and purchased the team after selling his lucrative local Cincinnati P.D. BillyClub-proof -wife beater business. The new ownership is looking to take a solid roster and build a consistent winner.

    Management –


    Cincinnati Bengal head coach Marvin “Thank You Ray Lew for providing a lifelong paycheck” Lewis is rumored to be on the hot seat, but with 4 years left on his contract he may be safe for the time being.

    Roster –

    The Bengal roster is loaded with some good young players, with a few nice FA moves and draft picks over the last few seasons.



    QB: Andy Dalton –


    Dalton has the reigns on the Bengal ship for the next few seasons to try to take over the division, but if he is not the answer long-term Bengal ownership may look to draft a QB down the road.

    HB: Benjarvis Green-Ellis & Giovanni Bernard – This backfield will spilt carries allowing us to have some shifty running as well as a smash mouth running.

    FB: Orson Charles – Fullback will be a crucial part of the Bengal ground game going forward and this young player has a unique blend of athletic skill and blocking skill.

    WR: AJ Green & Mo Sanu - Green is easily the best WR in the division and arguably the best in the conference. The other side will be manned by Sanu for now, if Sanu does grow into the player we need this could be a point of focus for FA or draft.

    TE: Tyler Eifert & Jermaine Gresham- Sadly DeAngelo McClain is not walking through that door, but these two young tight ends should grow into a formidable pair that will make the defense have to respect the play action game.

    O-Line starters:


    The line is pretty much set going forward with good young talent and mix of veterans. This is strength of the team that should only be improved going forward.

    LT Andrew Whitworth

    LG Clint Bolling

    C Kyle Cook

    RG Kevin Zeitler

    RT Andre Smith


    D-Line- The line is young and talented and will be the focal point of the defense. This unit should be able to put a lot of pressure on teams in the pass game and blow up plenty of run plays. Geno Atkins is one of the better defensive tackles in all of the league ( suck it Hova )


    LE: Carlos Dunlap

    RE: Michael Johnson

    DT: Geno Atkins

    DT: Domatko Peko

    Linebackers- This unit is a big question mark for the new ownership, not a lot of athletic ability here but what they lack in speed and agility they make up for in toughness and hard hitting.

    ROLB: Vontaze Burfict

    MLB: Rey Maualuga

    LOLB: James Harrison


    The Bengal secondary is stacked with young talent and proven corners. The safety position has 3 good young players who should fight for playing time as well as veteran Reggie Nelson.

    Special Teams

    Kicker: Mike Nugent – former OSU stud will be putting it through the uprights for the foreseeable future.

    Punter: Kevin Huber – veteran punter has safe job for a while here

    Return men: Ben Tate & Mike Thomas – these speedy wide outs will split special teams duties this season.

    Overall predictions –

    With two new TMFL members coming to the division it is hard to tell how Cincinnati will do. The schedule has AFC North taking on NFC North and AFC East this year, which includes 5 perennial playoff owners from last file and TSO gay troll boy favorite KnightNoles as well. This could end up being a tough year for Bengals faithful, on paper we should have the best team in the division but this team seldom does what it should on the field.

    Prediction – 8-8

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