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2013 Team Previews

Discussion in 'The Deuce' started by JrRawlins, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. JrRawlins

    JrRawlins People hate me cause they aint me...

    Feb 10, 2009


    QB -- The "Hot Rod Era" begins.... True freshman Rod Edwards steps into the fire and start for the Cardinal... with Wenning as a backup the Cardinal feel fairly comfortable with their QB situation....

    HB -- Eric Williams leads the offense and team with his play... he is the foundation of the offense... Behind Williams is true freshman Brian Kelly and David Brown might steal a few carries to give Williams a breather....

    WR -- Willie Snead is the best WR in a Cardinal uniform...Phil dudley is the deep threat.. and Sophomore Joe Hall has the potential to be a gamechanger if he can catch the ball consistently...

    TE -- Aaron Hershman led the Cardinal in receptions last season.... Hershman has great hands and is a good route runner... behind him David Orr is solid and freshman Matt Scott has prototype size but he still needs to learn the ropes...

    OL -- The offensive line is anchorer by 2 seniors with 2 juniors and a freshman center.... their play will dictate how far the Cardinal go....

    DL -- Our defensive line is the unsung heroes of the defense... they fight double teams each play to allow the linebackers to get all the glory.....

    OLB -- True Freshman Tyler Robinson steps in and looks to immeidately contribute, while senior Tony Martin holds down the fort at the other end....

    MLB -- Senior Travis Freeman makes the Cardinal defense go.... he is a sideline to sideline defender who seems to be everywhere at times....on the other side will be a rotation of true freshman Josh Stewart and Junior Jimmy Graves.....

    CB -- Jason Pinkston is on a island 80 percent of the time... his coverage skills allow the defense to get extremely creative.... on the other side... Armand Dehaney is solid but lacks top end speed...

    FS -- JC Wade mans the position left by senior captain Brady Hoke... Wade has the speed to man the position his coverage can lack at times....

    SS -- True Freshman Sheldon Burnett mans the strong safety position... he has the size of a linebacker and the speed to play safety... he should be a terror for years to come....
  2. Keller

    Keller The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    Apr 14, 2010

    QB - JUCO Transfer (JR)Paul Burgess (73ovr 81thp 80tha) starts immediately and figures to hold off Senior Jerry Davis who saw ample playing time last season due to the often injured Chaz Anderson.

    RB - JUCO Transfer (JR)Ryan Tyree (66ovr 92spd 87agi 82acc 85elu) and last years starter Brandon Oliver figure to split time. Tyree has been impressive in practice.

    WR - Last years slot WR (RS JR)Alex Neutz (74ovr 90spd 97acc 77cth) is 6'3 and figures to be the main target this season for the bulls. Big shoes to fill for the departed Marcus Rivers. The Bulls have yet to solidify their #2 and #3 starters, but its currently between (RS JR) Fred Lee (70ovr 90spd 72cth) JUCO transfer WR (SO)Andy Guitierrez (69ovr 92spd 70cth) and 6'4 true freshman Scott Brown (67ovr 94spd 62cth) Its going to be interesting to see how they all perform and if anyone can firmly grab ahold of the #2 spot.

    TE - Nothing to see here - below average players who are mostly blockers.

    OL - 4 of the offensive lineman are returning starters and all of them are over 70ovr now. RT is held down by a true freshman but this unit is vastly improved. Will be interesting to see how we can replace all this talent once it leaves next season.

    DL - (RS SR) DE Steven Means is probably the best player on the team and hopes to improve upon last years 9 sacks. All starters return and it should be a steady unit throughout the season.

    OLB - (RS SR)Delonte Wallace (72ovr) and true freshman Matt Thomas (65ovr 80spd 86acc 84hpw 82bksh) will start - Thomas has a long way to go but its hard to overlook that type of athleticism on the outside. He could easily start all 4 years in Buffalo.

    MLB - (RS JR)Kahlil Mack makes the move from outside to inside and is also in the conversation for best player on the team. Alongside him true freshman Tyler Johnson (62ovr) who also possesses great athleticism will start.

    CB - An experienced unit headed up by (RS SO)Courtney Lester (73ovr) who started all last season and (RS JR) Romel Dismuke (71ovr) figure to make plays all season given the upgraded safety positions, allowing them to gamble more often.

    S - JUCO Transfer (JR)Joel Burke (76ovr) figures to make plays all over the field as he's the most versatile Bulls defender - hes big at 6'0 222 but can also run (87spd) so expect him to move down in the box occasionally to help defend the run. SS is headed up by another JUCO transfer (JR)Troy Royal who is a better run defender than pass defender. Its obvious the Bulls priority was to improve the rush defense, these safeties should go a long way to helping that.
  3. theSANDMAN215

    theSANDMAN215 Hokie, Hokie, Hokie, HI

    Feb 10, 2009

    QB: Patrick Nicely (SR): He is a 73 OVR, who has 84 THA and 83 THP. When he is on the run he has no accuracy at all, so we try to throw the ball to the stands. His biggest problem is he has no offensive line and zero running game. The defenses can key on him, and it isn't hard to get pressure on him. With a better team, he'd be a solid QB.​

    HB: Jawon Chisholm (rs-SO): He is a 69 OVR with good speed at 89. Again, his biggest weakness is the offensive line just can't block for him. He's a streaky player that can play well some games, and others disappear. His backup is a rs-FR with 88 speed. I'm not expecting much from him though.​

    FB: Justin Bailey (JR): A 61 OVR player who is solid in the running game. He is known to take plays off when he's asked to block, which is devastating to Chisholm.​

    WR: Top rated WR is Marquelo Suel (rs-SR) who is 71 OVR with 90 speed. After the top two receivers (71 and 70 OVR) we go down to 61, 61, and 60 OVR. None of the receivers can catch, but in the open field they are dangerous and known to take many short passes 70 and 80 yards.​

    TE: They are not rated highly (66, 58, & 46), but they are all solid players for Akron. I would say the TE is a best position on our team. The starter, Richard Hall (JR), is known to truck over opposing linebackers.​

    OL: Terrible, absolutely terrible. In order from LT, LG, C, RG, RT, these are the ratings (62, 70, 59, 58, 55). I don't have many positive things to say about this offensive line. They were decent last year and helped create holes for Chisholm, but that was on rare occasions. I'd be surprised if Patrick Nicely makes it through the season.​

    DL: They are decent, but not good enough to do damage on the field. They are led by DT James Harvey (rs-SR), 67 OVR. He has good strength, but is pushed around by offensive lines like a baby.​

    LB: Led by MLB Brian Wagner (rs-SR), 81 OVR. He's the stud on our team, but besides him, the linebackers get demolished by offensive lines. I feel bad for my ROLB, Justin March (rs-SO), 61 OVR. He's 6'0", 208 LBS. The guy stands no chance when rushing.​

    DB: Led by Manley Waller (rs-SR) 71 OVR. They will surprise me once or twice a game, but too many times they get burned on deep balls. Blitzing is their strength.​

    FS/SS: I'm not sure they truly understand the game of football. Too many times on a Cover-2 defense, they are standing around watching a receiver fly past them. They aren't that bad OVR, 70 and 75, but I'm hoping they improve throughout the year.​


    The offense will go by how the offensive line plays. When my QB has zero time to throw, we are screwed. If they can't open up holes for my running game, we have no chance. If they could just give my QB 1 more second, my receivers have the talent to take over games. Still, the receivers need to learn to catch the tough passes in traffic and man up.​

    The defense is bad, but is hurt by the play calling ability of their coach. Once we get some of the players we want into the system, they will be better.​

    Again, we are not expecting a bowl game this season, but we are hoping for at least another 4 win season. If we can get five wins, it would be an improvement and Akron should be pleased.​
  4. Jmustang1968

    Jmustang1968 Walk On

    Jul 14, 2010
    Rice Owls

    QB - JR RS McHargue returns as the starter. He isnt bad as an impact 78 overall. He is a speedy scrambling qb with an average arm. Doesn't quite fit our scheme, but he is improved from last season.

    HB - Our star power here in McGuffie. He had a great season last year getting 1400+ yards and 16 TDs. He comes back even better this year for his senior season. The centerpiece of the offense.

    FB - We have a couple freshman here and the position is lacking. FR Rhodes is the starter at 58 overall.

    WR - Still a weak position for us, but slightly improved from last year. #1 WR Moore returns for his Junior season as a respectable 72 overall. He is an solid all around receiver and will get the most looks out of the group. Following him are a crew of mid to upper 60s guys. Sr Cook has a huge frame at 6'7 251 but struggles to get open. 3rd wr Patterson is basically a slightly weaker version of Moore. We do have a couple freshman in speed Gibson and Nicholas who we are hoping to step up next season and upgrade this unit a bit more.

    TE - Sr McDonald is probably our best receiver on the team. He has a large 6'5 frame and has great quickness with 84 spd and 90 acc. His 84 cth rating makes him a very dependable target. His only downfall is subpar blocking and awareness.

    OL - This unit turned out better than expected with every starter above 70. We had some great progression here. The biggest story was the movement of former DT Shahin to T. He is a JR RS and is by far our best lineman at 81 overall. Sr RS Eric Ball is our next best guy at the LG spot at 77 overall.

    DL - Award winner DE Klare returns as the starter looking to pile up some more sacks. On the other side, Skinner is strong but a bit slow, though he should help in the run game. At DT we have a few starting freshmen. FR Rs Covington is the #1 guy at 69 overall. We would like him to bulk up a bit, but he has a quick first step and helps out in the pass rush. True freshman Bennet is the other DT at 66 ovr. These guys should be starters for years to come and hopefully progress into a strength for the defense.

    LB - A quick but smallish group. This unit is led by returning starter SR Briggs. Briggs is an OLB by nature, but is pressed into MLB duty while our 2 freshman develop. LOLB Radcliffe is an exciting soph RS lb for us. He has 83 spd and 90 acc and can really attack the qb in the passing game. JR Nwosu has the other spot and is also speedy like Radcliffe with 84 spd and 89 acc. These guys have a tendency to get blown up in the run game though, and need to keep the linemen off them.

    CB - One of our best players on defense is returning starter SR Gaines. He is 77 ovr and is very fast with 93 spd. The talent takes a dive after him with Gaddis covering the other side. Gaddis has speed, but catches himself out of position often. True freshman Matthews is the nickelback and looks to gain some valuable playtime experience.

    S - Speedy JR RS Leland takes over this year. He is a coverage safety with 91 spd and 92 acc, but does not hit hard at all. Our best defender is impact SR SS Frazier. He is a returning starter as well who can move and is an excellent tackler.

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