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2013 Week 4

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Hova, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. Hova

    Hova Live Action. YiYiYi!

    Feb 21, 2009
    We are now advanced to week 4. Four more big user games this week so get those threads up asap. It's also a good idea to tag your opponent in the thread so they will be alerted to respond to you asap. Don't forget the summaries this week.

    Games of the Week:

    #3 Oregon (Hokie Effect) @ #6 USC (HovathegodMC)

    #10 Georgia (AbolishtheFed) @ #25 LSU (Dukebball632)

    #24 Miami (Maslerboros16) @ #8 Michigan (Big Suge Knight)

    #16 Va Tech (I Wicktorius I) @ #2 Florida St (Ceewo)

    Welcome to Week 4!
    Remember to visit dynasty.easports.com to publish your own stories.

    =============== #1 Alabama Crimson Tide (3-0) ===============
    Last week, Alabama won 49-7 against Arkansas (1-1).
    This week, the Crimson Tide will host Kentucky (1-1).
    In recruiting news, the following Alabama targets have announced their decisions:
    - (*****) FS Warren Nash has committed to Florida State

    =============== #2 Florida State Seminoles (3-0) ===============
    Last week, Florida State won 37-6 against Boston College (1-1).
    This week, the Seminoles will host #16 Virginia Tech (3-0).
    In recruiting news, the following Florida State targets have announced their decisions:
    - (*****) FS Warren Nash has committed to Florida State

    =============== #10 Georgia Bulldogs (2-1) ===============
    Last week, Georgia won 35-27 against South Carolina (2-1).
    This week, the Bulldogs travel to Baton Rouge to face the #25 LSU Tigers (1-2).

    =============== #23 Iowa Hawkeyes (2-1) ===============
    Last week, Iowa lost 38-35 against Oregon (3-0).
    This week, the Hawkeyes are idle.

    =============== #25 LSU Tigers (1-2) ===============
    Last week, LSU lost 26-24 against Penn State (2-1).
    This week, the Tigers will host #10 Georgia (2-1).

    =============== #24 Miami Hurricanes (2-1) ===============
    Last week, Miami won 59-27 against Virginia (2-1).
    This week, the Hurricanes travel to Ann Arbor to face the #8 Michigan Wolverines (1-1).
    In recruiting news, the following Miami targets have announced their decisions:
    - (****) FS Travis Davis has committed to Miami

    =============== #8 Michigan Wolverines (1-1) ===============
    Last week the Wolverines were idle.
    This week, the Wolverines will host #24 Miami (2-1).

    =============== #3 Oregon Ducks (3-0) ===============
    Last week, Oregon won 38-35 against Iowa (2-1).
    This week, the Ducks travel to Los Angeles to face the #6 USC Trojans (1-1).

    =============== #9 Penn State Nittany Lions (2-1) ===============
    Last week, Penn State won 26-24 against LSU (1-2).
    This week, the Nittany Lions are idle.

    =============== #21 UCLA Bruins (2-0) ===============
    Last week the Bruins were idle.
    This week, the Bruins will host Washington State (1-1).

    =============== #6 USC Trojans (1-1) ===============
    Last week the Trojans were idle.
    This week, the Trojans will host #3 Oregon (3-0).

    =============== #16 Virginia Tech Hokies (3-0) ===============
    Last week, Virginia Tech won 44-7 against Georgia Tech (0-2).
    This week, the Hokies travel to Tallahassee to face the #2 Florida State Seminoles (3-0).

    Next ADV will be no later than SATURDAY at 10 AM EST
  2. Ceewo

    Ceewo Walk On

    Mar 5, 2010
    how do you tag someone?
  3. bravejaf

    bravejaf Walk On

    Jul 13, 2009
    Do I have a bye week? I can't remember my schedule.
  4. Hova

    Hova Live Action. YiYiYi!

    Feb 21, 2009
    just type @ and their name



    Yes brave you do have a bye this week
  5. bravejaf

    bravejaf Walk On

    Jul 13, 2009
    Thanks for that update and the tip. I had no idea the new site worked like that.
  6. Ceewo

    Ceewo Walk On

    Mar 5, 2010
    VT 28
    FSU 34

    The Hokies came out throwing from the first play of the game. On the first play VT freshman QB Weber hit WR Smiling on an 80 yard TD bomb. This would be a common theme from the Hokies as they would only have 1 rushing attempt the whole game. Weber was not afraid to go deep, but it would cost him. He would end the game with 3 turnovers. FSU decided to use a more balanced attack. We ran the ball 29 times despite gaining only 54 yards on the ground for a measly 1.86 average yards per rush. We controlled the time of possession 19:00 to 9:00 QB Scott Jones had a good game, throwing for 4 TDs. The Seminoles had a 13 point lead with about 2 minutes to go when Weber tossed his 4th TD of the game. The onside kick would be unsuccessful and FSU would run out the clock.

    Florida State suffered two more huge injuries. Freshman FS Ryan Butler broke his femur and is out for the year. Junior WR Greg Dent suffered a broken vertebrae and is also done for the year. We have now lost 3 players in the last two weeks. Next week FSU travels to Georgia Tech.

    Key Stats:
    QB Scott Jones 17/22 336 yards 4TD 2INT
    HB Brennan Marks 109 total yards
    WR Victor Simpson 3 receptions 83 yards 3TD
    K Andy Anthony 2/2 FG 4/4 XP
  7. Wick36

    Wick36 Welcome to the Jungle

    Jul 14, 2010
    My secondary refused to cover anyone and that tipped/tackle sack towards the end really hurt.
  8. FacePlant City

    FacePlant City FacePlant City

    Feb 6, 2010
    UCLA - 59
    Wash St. - 21

    A less than impressive game for the UCLA Bruins on the defensive side of the ball, as Washington State kept threatening with their no-huddle offense and attaining TDs to keep it close. However, UCLA would eventually pull away and keep producing offensively.

    QB Byron Bray had a record setting day through the air. Byron Bray went 36-47 for 516 Yards, 6 TDs, and one interception. Bray set a school record for passing yards in one game. Freshman WR Schroeder went for 198 yards and 2 TDs in only his third game. Both him and Paul Richardson gave the offense 4 TDs.

    Coach FacePlant City has been ridiculed for not having much of a running game the past few years, but looks to be on the right track by getting HB Pierre Humprey to around 71 yards rushing and 2 TDs.

    The Bruins go on the road next week to face Arizona State.
  9. Hova

    Hova Live Action. YiYiYi!

    Feb 21, 2009
    #6 USC 42
    #3 Oregon 21

    The annual rivalry game turned out much like the others early with the game being a shootout, 21-21. Defense did not exist. USC however was down early 14-0 but struck back quick to tie the game. Thats when USC finally pulled away late in the 3rd with some huge INTs, 2 by DB P. Hall. QB Stanley had a great performance going 10-16 for 271 YDS and 2 TDs. He also had 40 yards rushing. HB Vickers led in rushing with 85 YDS and a TD. GG Hokie. USC hosts washington next week.
  10. Big Suge Knight

    Big Suge Knight Walk On

    Mar 1, 2009
    [​IMG] 21
    [​IMG] 23

    Michigan holds onto defeat the 'Canes by a narrow 2 point margin in Ann Arbor. With 1:52 remaining in the game Michigan held a 9 point lead after turning its second takeaway of the second half into a Gibbons FG. Miami QB Young hit WR Wright for a 19 yard catch and then hurried to the line in its two minute offense. Wright was open in the middle of the Wolverine zone but was pounced upon quickly and was close to ebing taken down for a second concsecutive first down. The Miami playmaker flipped the ball to an unlikely target, 261 pound right guard Dan Russell, who rambled for the remaining 43 yards into the end zone. As the 101,000 Michigan faithful stood in disbelief, the Wolverines "hands" team caught a break as the 'Canes did not kick the onside kick the required 10 yards so Michigan took possession of the ball and ran our the clock. The difference int he game was Michigan winning two of the most important aspects of the game, fewer turnovers (1 to 2) and twice the time of possession (19:19 to 8:41).

    Good game @MaslerBoros16 !!
  11. Masler

    Masler Walk On

    Aug 13, 2009
    Good game @Big Suge Knight..

    I am really depressed with this team right now, they can't seem to get much going on offense when it comes to user games, I will have to find something quickly. And yes that lateral had me baffled as well, had no idea the big guy had it until he broke that tackle...didn't think he would make the endzone but the boy had a head of steam.
  12. abolishthefed

    abolishthefed Specializing in mediocrity

    Mar 27, 2010
    #10 Georgia 14
    #25 LSU 20

    Another SEC slugfest comes down to the final seconds in Baton Rouge. Both defenses played stout most of the game. But, the Georgia defense would eventually wear down at the end of the game, playing 13 more snaps than their counterparts. LSU would put up the first points of the game on a field goal in the second quarter. On the second play of the ensuing possession, Georgia QB Aaron Murray inadvertently pitched the ball to an LSU defender, who returned it to the Bulldog 19 yard line. A couple plays later, LSU would be up 10-0. Murray came back to engineer a scoring drive capped off by a pass to So WR Matt Tyson to cut the lead to 10-7. Georgia was in the redzone again on their next possession, but another poor decision by Murray / the coach resulted in an interception. Neither team scored in the third quarter. LSU kicked a FG early in the 4th quarter to go up 13-7 with about 5 1/2 minutes left. Murray led a 75-yard drive capped off by another pass to Tyson to take the lead 14-13 with a little over a minute left. LSU's QB was able to slice through a tired Georgia defense on the last drive, moving the ball into the redzone with under 30 seconds left. Once inside the 10-yard line, Georgia had to allow LSU's RB to score to have a chance to win with some time left. Georgia's offense took the field with 13 seconds left. The first pass attempt was incomplete, leaving 8 seconds left. The next play was complete for 30 yards and took the ball to midfield with 3 seconds left. On the next play, Murray was sacked as he wound up to throw the hail mary. Good game LSU.

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