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2014 Amateur Draft Review - Picks 11 - 17

Discussion in 'The Dugout - OOTP Online League' started by Sharkman37, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Sharkman37

    Sharkman37 Walk On

    Mar 20, 2012
    The site won't let me upload too many pictures at one time so I have to break this up.

    1st rd - Pick #11 - Manuel Fernandez - SP
    • Pros - Polished college righty that can be a fast mover to the ML. Nice pitch selection with some zip and profiles as a solid #2 or #3. Good overall makeup
    • Cons - Needs to work on his control. Ceiling is a little lower then some of the high school arms.
    • Notes - A what you see is what you get for Fiddy and the Mets. This pick is like starting a game of Hold -Em ' with pocket Queens. Didn't try to over-think the draft and they had a solid pitcher drop to them. Kudos.
    • Grade - A

    1st rd - Pick #12 - Joe Patton - RF

    • Pros - Great leader who will weat the Captain patch one day. Good power projection and great overall make-up.
    • Cons - Mediocre in the field and on the base-paths. Has an average arm and struggles to make contact.
    • Notes - Patton is a try hard leader kid that comes from a military family. He gets the most out of his skills but I think that big league pitching will wilt his power potential because he struggles to put bat on ball enough. Would have taken Casillas here.
    • Grade - C+

    1st rd - Pick #13 - Juan Ortiz - C

    • Pros - Catcher with some good hitting skills. Loves to hit. Decent make-up.
    • Cons - Needs to work on becoming a better catcher along with the work he puts in being a good hitter. Needs to stop chasing the girls.
    • Notes - Boom or bust catcher type who value will plummet if he can't stay behind the dish. Needs to get his head in the game an be surrounded by professional team mates that can show him the way. Needs a manager that can give him a kick in the ass to realize his potential.
    • Grade - B

    1st rd - Pick #14 - Luis Martinez - RF

    • Pros - Great kid with a fabulous makeup. Has the '5 tools' to dominate. His swing is effortless and he works hard for what he gets
    • Cons - Needs to spend some extra time working on his defense. Gets real sloppy in the field and even though he has great speed, he might project better at a corner infield spot.
    • Notes - Everything about him is projection but that is what you get with a younger guys. Great pick here for the Marlins as long as they are patient with him.
    • Grade - A

    1st rd - Pick #15 - Felipe Baez - SP

    • Pros - Movement and control lefty with nice zip on the ball. Has four solid to above average pitches and has a nice makeup. Doesn't try to do much and has learned how to be a pitcher rather then a thrower.
    • Cons - Favorite movie character is Cuba Gooding Jr's character in 'Jerry McGuire'. Show him the money. Is still young and his control is more of a projection vs reality.
    • Notes - Very nice selection here at #15. The D-Backs are accumulating a nice future rotation.
    • Grade - A-

    1st rd - Pick #16 - Alonzo Casillas - LF

    • Pros - Solid lefty bat that is well advanced for his age. Makes good contact on the ball and can drive it for power. Smacked a lot of doubles and trends for above average power in the Majors. Good speed on the bases and in the outfield.
    • Cons - Doesn't make good breaks on the ball and loses concentration in the outfield. Never put much emphasis on school and isn't the best student of the game. Plays too much Guitar Hero and loves sports cars.
    • Notes - Great leader with a strong work-ethic. Has great tools but has to learn that to earn the cash, he needs to develop his craft. Great pick at this point in the draft.
    • Grade - A

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    1st rd - Pick #17 - Julian Gonzalez - SP

    • Pros - Nice hard throwing lefty that has a lot of late sink on his pitches. Induces a lot of ground balls.
    • Cons - Doesn't have a clue on how to hold a runner and the opposing team steals all over him. Two pitch wonder who the Twins hope will develop a quality third pitch or he is bullpen bound. Has a hard time getting out of bed and parties too much.
    • Notes - High School starter with 2 pitches, no work ethic, and can't hold runners. 3 strikes = your out!
    • Grade - C-
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  2. Colemanchu

    Colemanchu GOAT SPLITTER

    Feb 23, 2009
    Couldn't agree more about Baez's control, it will never reach full potential and if it does it will take 10 years to get there. Also his 4 stamina was a downer and as for the money, it ain't mine.

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