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2014 Amateur Draft Review - Picks 26 - the end

Discussion in 'The Dugout - OOTP Online League' started by Sharkman37, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. Sharkman37

    Sharkman37 Walk On

    Mar 20, 2012
    And here is the last piece of this. Hope you all enjoyed.

    1st rd - Pick #26 - Diego Reyes - 3B
    • Quick Snapshot Based on Flimsy Evidence - Solid pick at this point in the draft. Reyes does haven't have one drop dead ++ skill but he is + across the board and has a good contact/gap mix. He has nice make-up. He is an average defender at 3B with a good arm. His range isn't the best and he can get a bit sloppy with his footwork and glove. Will need to be ironed out
    • Bust-o-meter- Medium-Low
    • Grade - A-
    1st rd - Pick #27 - Jofet Azietado - RP
    • Quick Snapshot Based on Flimsy Evidence - Hmm. Lefty RP that throws 97, is well developed, and has good make-up. check, check, check. The 9 stamina is also nice in that the Angels can have him in the minors trying to develop that third pitch. If not, he is a good 2-3 inning guy in the back of the bullpen. A similar guy went 3rd overall last year. Great value here at 27.
    • Bust-o-Meter - Low
    • Grade - A
    1st rd - Pick #28 - Garry Davis - SP
    • Quick Snapshot Based on Flimsy Evidence - Low velocity righty with a below average fastball. Needs to develop better secondary pitches to keep hitters off balance. Projects as a back end starter or long guy in the pen. Has a 'Full Monty" mustache.
    • Bust-o-Meter - High. His nickname is Whiz.
    • Grade - C. meh
    1st rd - Pick #29 - Gregorio Castro - 1B
    • Quick Snapshot Based on Flimsy Evidence - Prima donna high school kid with all the talent in the world but has a 10 cent brain. Will need strong coaching to reach his potential but I smell bust from 50 miles away.
    • Bust-o-Meter - Very High
    • Grade - C-
    1st rd - Pick #30 - Dilios Platea - 1B
    • Quick Snapshot Based on Flimsy Evidence - Shy quiet teddy bear of a hitter whose college teammates nicknamed him 'Fat Bastard'. Has light tower power, good contact, and great makeup. Slow on the bath paths and below average defensivly. Somewhat surprising pick for the Tigers who, sources say, were high on MIF - Ben Gilliat until he showed up for his interview 2 hours late, hung over, and in his bath robe. Tigers called audible and should be happy for it. Will have to fight for DH Ab's in a few years
    • Bust-o-Meter - Low
    • Grade - B+
    and that's a wrap fellas. Not overly excited about the sandwich picks so not going to do them. I though some of the teams in the early second round did a bit better. Hope you all enjoyed these.
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