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2014 Colorado Buffaloes

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Gyrene76, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. Gyrene76

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    Sep 29, 2010
    2014 Colorado Buffaloes
    Coach uncleho brings a good squad to the 2014 season with his team focused and ready to break open the PAC-12. Colorado has been struggling for the past couple decades, but with this coach, and the talent he has brought into to Colorado -- it's evident things are about to change for the Buffs.​
    This year's offense is led by an unproven freshman at the quarterback position. Justin Jackson looks to either become a legend or a name forgotten in the years to come. It's no doubt that he has the talent and some serious speed (86). He will be helped though by a solid offensive line bolstered by three seniors and some solid depth.
    To further help the cause is a playmaker in their halfback Tony Jones. Jones is the best offensive player on the field and a tough runner to get a hole of to tackle. His only drawback is his "injury prone" tendencies. If Jones can make it the entire season he will greatly help his teams chances of making a run.
    Finally, the Buffaloes have a lot of maturity and experience at the wide out positions. Keenan Canty and Tyler McCullough look to be big options for the young quarterback, and hopefully will help him along this season. The Buffaloes have a squad full of seniors that should help in the times of trial. If they want it bad enough, there is a chance they will be making a Rose Bowl appearance.​
    The defense is built a lot like the offense. They are a couple playmakers, a couple scrubs, but a team chalked full of solid players. The defense's strength is arguably their corner position. With two Senior cornerbacks, out of California, it will be tough to to take advantage of them in the passing game. When you move to the linebacking core, you find yet another solid group. With three linebackers over 82 OVR.​
    If there was a perceived "weakness" it would be the defensive line. Yet, there is a solid DT, Alan Morse, that is 84 OVR, and only a sophomore. He is a name we may see playing on Sundays in a few years.​
    Special Teams:
    The strength of the Buffaloes is undoubtedly the Special Teams. With two star Seniors as kicker and punter, both of which are NFL material, it will make for a fun year for Colorado's Special Teams coach -- J.D. Brookhart
    Will Oliver, the Senior kicker, has made a long of 58 yards and has the leg to have less than 10 KOR's the entire year. This kind of leg and accuracy makes life of a coach much easier.
    Darragh O'Neill, another Senior and outstanding player is the punter. The punter doesn't get a lot of acclaim, but when field position is the difference between a win and loss his value will be better realized. He has one of the strongest legs in the country (98 OVR) and will constantly shift field position in the favor of the Buffaloes. The only real downside of his strong leg is the possibility of his out kicking his coverage.

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