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2014 Draft Recap

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by Jon MK, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. Jon MK

    Jon MK FIFA-reak

    Jun 19, 2011
    I figured since no one made a post yet that I will for this years draft.

    I had a few needs to fill, and I also had to make some crucial draft day trades to be able to field a team in this season.


    1. Chargers send Nmadi Asamaough to the Seahawks for Brandon Browner and a 3rd Round pick in the 2014 draft.
    2. Chargers give 2014 7th overall pick to Bears for 2014 11th overall, 3rd round and 2015 3rd round pick.

    These trades reshaped my entire offseason, the Nmadi trade pretty much opened up triple the cap space I had previous to this seasons draft, not to mention another needed pick in this years draft. The trade down in the first round was justified because I saw there was a lot of talent at WR this draft and I felt like I could move down and feel safe in getting one of my target WR's.


    Round (pick)

    1 (11) - WR Antwuan Rogers - 6'4'' 215 LB - 78 OVR - 97 DUR, 88 SPD, 85 AWR, 87 SFA, 88 CTH, 89 CIT, 81 RLS 86 JMP, 90 STA, 96 INJ

    - WR was a target position of mine in the draft, and I feel like this was a great pick. A well balance, big wide receiver who is quick off the line. This will help my play calling, the only downfall here is his 60 RTE which other than consistency will be my key area of improvement. His default development speed is quick so I'm looking forward to that.

    3 (11) - DE Tommie Ponzol - 6'6'' 304 - 80 OVR - 88 STR, 81 AWR, 85 PMV, 80 TAK, 83 POW, 81 STA, 76 INJ

    - This was a pick I was not planning on making. This was a typical best player on the board pick. It is a bitter sweet move, he comes in highly polished and ready to play. My biggest concern is his durability and injury ratings. His development speed is starts on slow so he will have an impact but I don't know he is going to be the superstar as projected.

    3 (24) - WR Dorian Daniel - 5'9'' 182 LB - 67 OVR - 85 CTH, 80 RTE, 86 JMP, 89 SPD, 95 AGI, 94 ACC, 95 ELU, 85 JKM, 85 SPM, 80 BCV, 69 INJ

    - A fragile WR, reminds me a lot of a Chad Hall or crappy Wes Welker. I hope he can stay on the field because his quickness is impressive, though he is not fast. I believe he has a spot on my roster as a slot WR. I do desire top end speed in my WR but his route running ability will come in handy. I had him on my radar in the draft as a late round pick and ended up pulling the trigger pretty quickly.

    4 (7) - TE Jacob Lay - 6'4'' 258 LB - 69 OVR - 88 PHY, 99 DUR, 84 SPD, 85 AGI, 84 ACC, 81 CIT, 81 CTH, 80 SPC, 81 SFA, 91 JMP, 90 STA, 98 INJ

    - I had done some mid season scouting because I was not entirely sure Antonio Gates was coming back this season, and was planning on taking a TE with my first rounder. Lay brings a lot of desired skills to the table as a TE. He looks very, very similar to Gates. The problem is that he has 30 AWR rating. Coming into my offense, he will have about 7-10 snaps per game and I do plan on using him. He definitely adds another red target to the offense. His normal development speed will likely see a lot of points going into AWR among other things.

    5 (7) - HB Chance Anen - 5'8'' 191 LB - 69 OVR - 91 SPD, 94 AGI, 87 ACC, 88 ELU, 88 SPM, 93 JKM, 75 CTH, 71 RTE

    - This was an auto pick, I had to go eat dinner.. Quite clearly is a receiving option out of the backfield so giving him the ball in space will be the idea moving forward. I come into this season hesitant to trust him. He has 65 CAR and 68 INJ. I was hoping he would have a better than 17 RET rating but I will find other options. Chance will probably turn into a 3rd stringer depending on the preseason and how it goes.

    7 (7) - SS Joe Sarra - 6'2'' 201 LB - 66 OVR - 97 DUR, 70 ZCV, 75 PRC, 71 TAK, 80 JMP, 93 SPD, 86 ACC, 90 AGI, 82 ELU, 98 INJ

    - I have one FS and 4 SS's now, and Joe will unlikely make the team seeing as I could find another option on the wire. I am considering keeping him on the roster as a return man back up, but this is doubtful. Also had 30 AWR, you'd think coming out of FSU he would be decent too...

    My final thoughts on my first CCM draft day is that I think I held my own but have a lot of room for improvement. Next off season is going to be interesting because the Chargers squad as a whole is getting older, which frightens me quite a bit.

    Final Grade: B-

    That's my draft recap, how'd everyone else do and where do you see your picks fitting in?
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  2. Danthraxxx

    Danthraxxx Walk On

    Mar 17, 2011
    Seahawks draft recap

    Seattle traded away its 1st & 3rd round picks this year in deals that helped bring WR Andre Johnson & CB Nnamdi Asomugha to the team.

    3rd round LE Kendall Tomlinson (from Titans in Burfict trade) - I liked this kid above most of the 4-3 LE's in this draft, not a great player but he will get some snaps in the roation backing up Red Bryant and Bruce Irvin. Tomlinson comes in with 80 BSH 85 PUR 83 PRC 85 AWR 88 ACC , those tools we can work with to grow him into a good lineman. He also came in with quick develpoment which was a nice surprise.

    3rd round MLB Davion Butler - Originally I wanted to move up to take Matt Patrick , but when I found no partners for that I was thrilled to see Butler fall this low. I had him as my #2 overall MLB so I could not pass him up in the 3rd round. Wagner is still my starter but with his injury history I could see Butler getting some PT. Butler comes in with 86 AWR and good but not great all around stats , I really like this kid as an upgrade from Burfict in terms of being a better athlete. Butler also has superstar development so that was awesome to get in 3rd round , not sure he will get enough PT to improve quickly though.

    4th round RE Tyjuan Gardner - With the moves to get Nnamdi & Johnson I knew that I needed some cheep guys up front. When I scouted Gardner I really liked some of his attributes 84 PMV 92 POW 91 STR , the rest however needs some work. He comes in as a 62 overall so in retrospect I probably should have chosen somebody else here.

    5th round CB Kion Davis - I really liked certain things about Davis when I scouted him , he's 6'1" 200 lbs , played at Florida State , and had excellent tackle and awareness ratings. I realized I may not get the other parts I need so I drafted this kid with hopes he would be decent enough I could cut my current #5 CB and possibly move Trufant later this season. I was stoked to see this kid has 73 TAK 67 POW , just what we like in Seattle in the secondary.

    6th round TE Peter Carroll - This was a blind pick for a filler at tight end, with Miller and some other white dude gone I needed a player here. Carroll comes in as a 62 OVR , but has 83 CTH and is a somewhat decent blocker for the run game. While I doubt he will be around long term he will see the field this year.

    7th round - QB Brent Hurns - I needed a QB and I had no clue who any of the leftovers where so I just grabbed this kid. He comes in as an 80 over all with ......... ah shit I can't lie, this kid fucking sucks balls. He is a 59 OVR and his lone bright spot is his 92 THP. The other thing of note about this kid is he looks like LSUTRUTH a bit lol .

    Overall I am thrilled with my draft , I added a big weapon at WR that will hopefully force teams to avoid putting 8 in the box on me to stop the run. Getting another great CB is also pretty sweet with Nnamdi , if you wanna beat the Eagles , Lions, Saints or Falcons in the NFC you need to be able to defend the pass. I wish I could have gotten more picks late so I would not have had to make extra cuts , but I like most of the guys I did draft.

    Overall grade = A

    Overall fiscal smartness = D-

    Anything less than NFC championship game this year will be a bust.
  3. Baron

    Baron "I'm PFP's reckoning."

    Jul 5, 2011
    2014 Trades​
    1. In a blockbuster move, the Chiefs leaped up from the 29th overall pick to the second overall pick with Tennessee. To do so cost the Chiefs a 1st, 2nd and 4th round pick in 2014 and a 1st and a 3rd in 2015. The Chiefs also received a third round pick in 2014. While much speculation surrounded the pick, the Chiefs were in good position, knowing there were two prospects worthy of such a pick.


    Round (pick)

    1 (2) - QB Tysaun Madison - 6'3'' 229 lbs

    Tysaun Madison Card.JPG

    This pick deserves an explanation. The thing about Vick is that I love the guy. The number of times we've broken into a Petland and murdered the various young animals there.... Ah, memories.
    But anyway, Vick was due to be paid $14 million this year and $16 million next year. Do I think he's worth that? Absolutely I do. BUT. But the thing is that this year I have the following contracts expiring:
    CB Stanford Routt (78 OVR, good in my scheme)
    WR Jon Baldwin (again 79 OVR, but had a 7 catch, 150+ yard, 2 TD performance in the playoffs)
    C Rodney Hudson (25 years old, 90 OVR with insane stats)
    LOLB Justin Houston (does he need an intro? 25 y/o, 86 OVR, 88 BSH, 96 PMV, etc. the perfect bookend to Hali)
    SS Eric-mother-fucking-Berry (The motherfucking part is self-explanatory... He fucks offensive players' mothers)

    So I needed the cap space. So after my usual round of scouting, I found Madison, and thought he was definitely worth trading up to get. But couldn't wrangle #1 OVR. Then K. Shepard showed up and he would come in, right away, as a better passer than Vick (harder than it sounds.) So I was able to get #2 overall, pick either of the two (wound up being Madison) and know that I could release Vick with a heavy heart but a lighter wallet.

    3 (4) - CB Marcus Means - 6'1'' 200 lbs - 64 OVR - 93 SPD, 92 ACC, 91 AGI, 80 MCV, 74 ZCV 69 PRS, 68 PRC, 49 TAK, 89 JUMP

    Can someone explain to me how this guy is 64 OVR? That's some great stats there... oh, wait 10 AWR. lol But he'll be our Dime CB and could definitely develop into the perfect CB for my system.

    3 (20) - TE V.J. Smith - 6'4'' 251 lbs - 66 OVR - 85 SPD, 82 AGI, 87 ACC, 79 CTH, 67 RTE, 77 CIT, 80 SPC, 20 AWR, 70 RLS, 92 JUMP, 76 IBL, 67 RBK, 45 STAMINA

    There's a lot to like with V.J. But there's a lot to be concerned about. He's pretty fast for a TE, with great catching and blocking. But with the awareness of a turnip and less stamina than a Keller presented with alcohol, he could definitely use some improvement. But he'll actually be the starter. He'll likely need frequent breaks (much like Keller) so that probably won't mean a big reduction for Miller. But if we can get his stamina up, he could be a contender.

    3 (29) - DT Quenton Hudson - 6'2'' 330 lbs - 75 OVR - 91 STR, 67 PWR, 46 FIN, 67 BSH, 78 TAK, 73 HTP, 96 TOUGH

    An autopick and probably the best autopick I've had happen to me. Not a lot of good intangibles but he's got the physicality to be a good one. He'll be the number 2 DT behind Poe. He could be a good one.

    5 (29) - MLB Ty Watson - 6'1'' 237 lbs - 67 OVR - 86 SPD, 79 ACC, 84 TAK, 68 STR, 57 BSH, 63 ZONE

    A little bit to like, but there's some big problems. He's not very strong but is fast enough to compensate, and that block-shedding is definitely not up to par. He'll definitely make the roster and with Siler and Belcher's contracts up next year, if he progresses he could become a decent starter down the road.

    6 (29) - CB Seantrel Hicks - 5'11'' 193 lbs - 59 OVR - 94 SPD, 92 ACC, 92 AGI, 82 MCV, 73 ZCV, 55 PRC, 71 PRS, 52 TAK, 89 JUMP

    Hicks, much like Means, has a lot of solid abilities and can be a great special teamer. He'll be our 5th CB and should be insulated from too much playing time. Hopefully practice XP can bump him up.

    7 (29) - LE Paul Andrews - 6'5'' 300 lbs - 77 OVR - 85 STR, 70 SPD, 81 PWR, 56 FIN, 68 BSH, 81 TAK, 91 HTP, 96 TOUGH

    Holy shit. Really glad I didn't give in to Danthraxxx 's desperate plea for a 7th rounder. Andrews is going to come in right away and start. 70 Speed is very good for a 3-4 DE. Just need to up that block shedding and he could become beastly for the Chiefs.
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  4. Raidernation

    Raidernation I can show you better than I can tell you

    Dec 11, 2010
    But Baron how's Tysaun's rib rating ? I'll be looking forward to testing out his back pads.
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  5. TEClemson53

    TEClemson53 Walk On

    Aug 1, 2010
    that's fked up man lol
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  6. TEClemson53

    TEClemson53 Walk On

    Aug 1, 2010
    1st: CB Khalid Penn, came in as a 76 overall. I didn't really want another CB in the draft, I had 9 on my team and knew I was going to have to cut a bunch. All of my corners are pretty solid but out of the people who were left on my board when my 1st pick came around, he was the best one available. I'm probably not re-signing Chris Gamble this year so it didn't hurt to snag someone for the future. Solid zone player, raw playing 1 on 1 but should be solid behind Jennings/McKelvin/Porter/Harris.

    I don't remember the order I drafted these players from here....

    WR Isaic Ryland, dude didn't impress me in the preseason game. Dropped a few passes but it could be inaccuracy of 2nd year QB Dakota Hutchinson. Ryland came in as a 70 OVR which isn't a bad 5th-6th depth guy after I let Andre Caldwell walk. Solid speed & acceleration for another but his hands, route running are a big question mark right now. He's 6'3', another "tower" to put on the field with Demaryius.

    DT Ben Arione, I'm really shocked this guy fell as far as he did. Another position I didn't really "need" or want but when I saw him sitting there, he was at the top of my list and figured why the hell not. After the first 3 rounds I didn't really care who I got. Dude came in at a 78 OVR which was shocking, he's gotta get better at getting off blocks and even as talented as he is, he's still 5th on the depth chart at DT. Still a solid guy to have on the team, just hope he can get some playing time.

    HB Joshua Adams, I was a little disappointed when he came in. He's low acceleration and descent speed but outside of Moreno/Hillman, I had nothing. For the sake of my team I hope Adams doesn't have to play a lot but you never know. He wasn't too bad in the preseason game but he's no world-beater either

    I believe the rest of my picks were cut already, had a QB, & FS come in 56-58 OVR with really no great attributes so I sent them on their way.
  7. sawemoff

    sawemoff #FearTheBeard

    Dec 29, 2011
    Round 1:
    LG Dominque Burch 6'6"/316lb (85 OVR)- The Texans needed some OL help especially on the left side and Coach Saw went out and snatched Burch for the #10 pick. Coming in at 85 OVR the sky is the limit for the Rookie. His size, strength and blocking ability fits the Power Run scheme really well and Burch will have an immediate impact.​
    Round 1:
    LOLB Jaylin Greene 6'2"/257lb (79 OVR)- After making a deal with Danthraxxx , the Texans had another opportunity to grab a solid player. They really wanted LT Connor Sampson but Timpegoose had to go and take him. After looking at other position needs the organization decided to take a chance on LOLB Jaylin Greene. The pick felt great but when it happened murmurs were heard about the guy. Thins of the sort were "He has the skills but does he have the work ethic" or "Can he stay out of trouble." Even though Coach Saw heard these statements he looked Greene in the eyes, shook his hand and said, "I'm glad to have you onboard." ​
    Round 2:
    LT Cornelius Johnson 6'6"/325lb (76 OVR)- Another tough decision was made at this crucial pick. Since the Texans didn't have a 3rd Round Pick they needed to take someone that could possibly start right away, and they did. It was going to be either Andre Simmons or Cornelius Johnson because both had raw strength, quickness and great blocking abilities. The Texans went with the later and picked up the Big Mauler Johnson. He will come in and immediately start on the left side.​
    Round 3:
    NO PICK​
    Round 4:
    TE Deandre Favors 6'4"/254lb (57 OVR)- Coach Saw knew that the TEs he scouted were probably going to be gone by the time the 4th Round came so he had a back up plan in Favors. Deandre comes in as a pure blocking TE and that is what Saw wanted and needed. Of course the Free Agency Pool will be hit up but with 73 Impact Block and 75 Run Block, Favors will definitely be used.​
    Round 5:
    RT Brandon Smith 6'3"/336lb (70 OVR)- With having little time to scout the Texans were going to go BPA from here on out. They still had a lot of names on their board but they were all about the same so they got a backup to Duane Brown in Brandon Smith. The Alabama big boy is going to be a solid backup player with his strength and run blocking ability.​
    Round 6:
    RB Christopher White 5'9"/215lb (66 OVR)- White will be a backup and the Free Agency will be searched through for a backup to Arian Foster. What White does well is eluding defenders through traffic with his nimble feet. He needs a lot of work but he may get lucky and make the final cut.​
    Round 7:
    WR Bryan Irvin 6'1"/212lb (69 OVR)- It was just a guess pick as no WR scouted in this years Draft Class. Irvin was actually a nice find and will be a serviceable player.​
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  8. Philstyle3005

    Philstyle3005 Walk On

    Oct 19, 2011
    Patriots Draft Recap

    #1 (32nd overall) DT Ethan Smith 75 ovr. 80 strength, 85 block shed, 77 speed, 85 ACC
    Obviously, we scrambled to make this pick. The Patriots thought they'd be able to move up and take QB Madison and switch the type of offense they would run. After they were surprised by him going 2nd overall, the Pats planned on going WR. That backfired when the WR we wanted went before our pick. Then we planned on taking a Center, also backfired on us. So we used up our entire allotted time for our pick and decided on Smith. Most likely, he won't start, but he will be our 3rd DT in the 4-3 so he will see a lot of snaps. He has pretty good block shed and great speed for a DT. He could end up being a great player for us. As far down of an option as this guy was to us, it's still a great pick for the last pick in the 1st round.

    #2 (64th overall) MLB Alonzo Good 74 ovr. 89 Hit Power 99 INJ, 95 Tough
    Alonzo was a good pick for us. He'll back up Brandon Spikes and is a big hitter. This was another pick where we weren't sure where we would go, but ultimately decided he was our guy. Another positive about this pick is the guy rarely gets injured so keeping him on the field won't be a problem. With Spikes signed long term, it could be a while before he gets an opportunity to start though.

    #3 (96th overall) CB Latevin Perry 72 Ovr. 81 Man coverage 95 speed 90 acc
    At 6 feet tall, Latevin has good size and is fast enough to stay with any receiver in the league. This was a really good pick in the 3rd round and he'll most likely be our 3rd or 4th CB. He still needs to work on zone coverage. After he gets his zone coverage up, we'll be expecting him to play a lot more than he most likely will this season.

    #4 (128th overall) ROLB Mike Brown 66 ovr. 87 hit power 84 speed 95 Finesse moves
    Mike is just a back up, nothing less, nothing more. He could develop into a solid back up but for now we're not going to bank on him giving us much production.

    #5 (160th overall) WR Gary Jones 63 ovr. 96 jump 96 speed 96 acc.
    We took a chance on this guy. He was projected to go undrafted, we needed a WR, and we found one. At 6'5, this guy can flat out fly. We'll have to work on his catch and route running, but the guy has the raw tools to be an animal on the field. Needless to say, we've found our #3 Wide out. Haven't had a weapon like this before so I'm looking forward to using him.

    #6 (192nd overall) RT Brian Watson 55 ovr
    He'll be cut before the season.

    #7 (224th overall) RT Brian Watson LOLB Treyvon Johnson 64 ovr. 84 speed 90 acc 85 strength
    Like Mike Brown, he'll be a back up. He has good speed but needs to work A LOT on the rest of his game. Not a terrible pick for the final pick of the draft though.

    Overall I feel like we had a really good draft. Wasn't what I had expected, but I'm happy with the picks. This draft was much better than last seasons.
  9. Baron

    Baron "I'm PFP's reckoning."

    Jul 5, 2011
    I'll just have to toughen him up the same way I did Vick.

    On an unrelated note, I'll be heading to Petland soon. TEClemson53 Anyone asks, I was getting drinks with you from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. tomorrow
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  10. Masler

    Masler Walk On

    Aug 13, 2009
    Green Bay Packers Recap

    1st Round: C Colt McKinney - 89 Overall - Starting - Well rounded, won't take long to become one our best lineman.
    4th Round: LE Malachi Mata - 61 Overall - Bench - Good block shedding skills but lacks good tackling.
    5th Round: DT Andrew Shoemaker - 69 Overall - Bench - So-so, will Christmas and Raji he won't see much PT
    6th Round: QB Stephen White - 69 Overall - Backup - Good THP, SAC and MAC but needs to work on DAC and PAC before I would feel comfortable. Emergency in case Rodgers won't re-sign
    7th Round: FB LaDarius Clark - 67 Overall - Backup - Not terrible, want to add more of an I-Form with rushing and need the extra FB
    7th Round: CB Quan Taylor - 62 Overall - Bench - 80 Man, 76 Zone isn't too horrible but he won't see much PT.
  11. Gravity

    Gravity Hey, I'm Batman

    Jun 22, 2011
    Bears recap
    We finished the season 6-10 and ended up having the 11th pick in the draft. We really didn't have very many needs outside of some OL trouble and an aging defense. After scouting and seeing how good some of the WR's are we decided to make some moves.
    I traded Alshon Jeffrey and some other stuff for the 21st pick. I also traded my 11th pick and a few other picks for the 7th pick. When the draft started our target was WR Mustafa Spain who was by far the best WR in the draft, (85 ovr). He was there at 7 and it was an easy decision to take him. As the next picks came in we saw that the MLB Patrick who we had scouted heavily was surprisingly still available. We traded up to take him at 13 by dealing the 21st pick and a 1st rounder next year. Patrick came in at an 80 OVR in our scheme.

    Basically it, we didnt pick again until the 4th and from there we tried to get a decent TE but failed.
  12. MoonBBad

    MoonBBad http://twitch.tv/moonbbad

    May 22, 2010
    The Washington Redskins 2014 Draft Recap

    WR Reshard Jordan - Texas - 6'2" 211 lbs - 5th Round (Pick 4)
    76 ovr 88 speed 64 strength 92 acc 88 agi 74 catch 86 catch in traffic 92 spectacular catch 72 route running 83 release 97 jump

    The Redskins went into the 2014 with a limited number of picks. After trading a 2nd rounder for corner back Jabari Greer from the New Orleans Saints, the Redskins were left with three draft picks. Whatever they had, they had to make count. When the fifth round came up I didn't think there would be many players left on my board, but suprisinly, there were. We definately needed a big boddied wide receiver and were targeting one via a trade but it never transpired so we scouted heavily for this position prior to the draft. Reshard we noticed right away as a possible late round target. Personally, I thought he would be drafted sooner, but he happened to be there when it was our turn to pick so we took him. He has great size at 6'2" and has decent speed and acceleration. His hands need work, but can catch well in traffic and he likes the highlight reel play with a 92 spectacular catch. Pair that with a 97 jump and a decent release number, he looks to be a lock for our fourth wide receiver position or possibly a slot role.

    HB Devin Thomas - Miami University - 5'9" 217 lbs - 6th Round (Pick 4)

    We are still looking for a big play running back that we can use from time to time to mix it up with Alfred Morris. The problem though at this point was all the backs we had scouted were no longer available. We decided to take a gamble and we went with Devin. Devin has not shown us much in training camp thusfar and will likely struggle to make the team.

    CB Al Thomas - Ohio University - 6'1" 208 lbs - 7th Round (Pick 4)

    Al Thomas came onto the team looking for a role and has a good shot to stay around. He has good natural man coverage skills and has speed and size. However, his zone coverage is lacking and his play recognition is low. He definitely is going to need to impress in his pre-season game in order to make the team, especially after the moves we made in the offseason, however Al has a shot.
  13. Keller

    Keller The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    Apr 14, 2010
    1st (17th) - Traded to Colts for 1st and 2nd round picks next year

    1st (28th) - Traded to Packers for 1st next year and 3rd this year

    2nd (17th) - DT - Nikolas Beerhalter - 73ovr, 88str, 86acc, 68bsh - Chalk this player up as one of the guys that fooled me because he had really high awareness. He's terrible. I'm going to give him a chance because I need to develop a backup defensive tackle but I just don't see it. He has way too many attributes that need to be progressed way too far in order for him to be good. This guy could be on the street next season if we find a legitimate defensive tackle to develop.

    2nd (28) - HB - Stuart Koffa - 71ovr, 88spd, 93agi, 86acc, 90elu, 93car, 89trk, 94sta - He's basically a Fred Jackson clone. Very, very solid across the board. I normally wouldn't have any complaints except I seem to have found an even better player far later in the draft so this appears like a wasted pick and his time could be pretty limited in Buffalo outside of a reserve role. We will probably look to trade away this talent when the time comes.

    3rd (28) - LT - Brenton Blake - 65ovr, 90pbk, 74rbk, 84ibk - I think this guy was a real steal. With a season of development he's an instant starter as soon as his runblocking hits about 85. His overally will probably never reflect it, and I'm not sure how that affects offensive lineman, but this guy has a solid skill set.

    4th (28) - CB - Lawrence Hilliard - 67ovr, 70mcv, 77zcv, 69prc, 83prs, 80pur, 94spd - A reserve player, nothing more. Would take a whole lot of playing time and development to get to where he needs to be. My guess is he ends up getting cut next season when we take a chance on another CB and pray for the best.

    5th (28) - QB - unnamed - Some shitty ass QB that was what I'm calling "un-projected." I talked about these guys in mumble. I've seen a growing trend that there are unprojected players that end up being BETTER than their late round counterparts. In the first file, my WR that I raved about, Jamerson Poteat, was one of these guys. I believe Danthraxxx has a LBer in this file that is of the same mold. In any case, this guy was a bust. Terrible. The next guy however....

    6th (28) - HB - Nate Kirk - 91spd, 80str, 94agi, 96acc, 85elu, 93car, 87trk, 79cth, 90sta - Just an overall balanced, excellent runningback. In the same mold of Stuart Koffa but basically everything better besides ELU and TRK. This is the new #2 guy behind Spiller but expect to see a little Curtis Edwards as well, especially with how often RB's are injured. Based on what I see in this guy, I'm going to be taking late round fliers on guys like Nate Kirk every year. There's something to be said about this strategy, I swear it.

    All in all a pretty crappy class. Granted I did trade away my two 1st round picks but I thought this draft class lacked BIG TIME players outside of about 3 or 4 guys so I'm hoping the next class has quite a few more. I'll have 3 first rounders and 2 second rounders so maybe the lack of talent acquisition in this draft can be made up for in the next draft. I came into the draft saying I needed to draft some depth players, particularly a DT to groom (which I would say I swung and missed on big time) and a quality running back that I could count on when Spiller gets hurt (and he always does despite working on his injury rating.) I think I have two running backs that fill that role. Besides Kirk and Brenton Blake though, this haul for the Bills definitely is lacking in a big way.
  14. capp34

    capp34 Say Hello to the Bad Guy!

    Feb 12, 2010
    1st Round - Traevon Sykes - DE - 86ovr
    2nd Round - Johnny Wilson - LB - 81ovr
    2nd Round - DJ Locke - LB - 72ovr
    3rd Round - Andre Simmons - T - 80ovr
    4th Round - Freddie Hartsfield - CB - 71ovr
    5th Round - Systeek Wooten - LB - 67ovr
    7th Round - Brice Brown - DE - 76ovr

    I feel I had a decent draft especially filling that hole we had a RT. I wanted to go corner with my first pick but the guy I wanted went earlier than expected and I was left with the decision of DE or LB. Being that I didnt scout LB as deep as I would have liked I decided to add more speed off edge and go with Sykes because he fit my scheme perfectly.

    For the second round I wanted to get deeper at LB and hopefully hit on one of the picks and luckily I did with Wilson. That pick was acquired right before the draft started for Greer to the Redskins. For my second pick I had to decide between 2 LBs I liked a lot going into the draft a outside backer versus a inside baker and I decided to go with the faster guy. Thought he would be better but he will do in spot duty.

    Simmons looked decent as for as Oline skills and had both pass and run blocking in B's on draft day with B awr so I was hoping for him to be around 75 or so since it was mid draft. But to my surprise he came in at 80 and has superstar progression so he will be my RT for the long haul.

    For the rest of the draft I was just going for whoever was left that I scouted. Brown was the last end available and had B speed and that was the only attribute that was scouted, so I was like what the hell its the seventh round at least he will be fast and he turns out to be 76ovr with decent skills. I filled some much needed holes and got younger so Im happy.
  15. I Peench

    I Peench Caught in the hustle

    Jul 1, 2010
    WOW. That's a hell of a haul.
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  16. Timpegoose

    Timpegoose Walk On

    Jul 17, 2010
    #4: WR Jamond Gilchrist 78 Overall - We probably reached a little for Gilchrist, and he is definitely a guy with a high ceiling but is a little raw. Played the slot for us in week 1 and had some success.

    #8: LB Xavier Blissitt 80 Overall- Blissitt was all over the field for us against the Packers racking up 7 tackles and 1 pick. He slotted into the OLB spot opposite last year's first round pick Harris. The two will form a solid tandem for the future.

    #12: T Connor Sampson 81 Overall - Sampson filled a huge hole for us at RT. He instantly slotted in as the starter and played well in the first game. He was about the only lineman that did.

    2nd round: FS Vince Williams 67 Overall - Swing and a miss here. Williams is fairly athletic and plays decent zone coverage despite his low overall. Will look to develop him for the future.

    2nd round: HB Titarius Hayes 67 Overall - 6'2 237 with 99 trucking. He is just a big man looking to run over some scrawny DB.

    2nd round: TE Kenneth Bivin 71 Overall - Big target at 6'7 with decent speed and route running. Got him purely to help stretch the middle of the field in the passing game.

    Other notable picks:
    WR Ricardo Bell 60 Overall - Bell is a 60 overall special teams stud. He took a punt back against the Packers in week 1, and just wreaked havoc on their special teams unit all day long. We may look to get him involved in the offense a little bit more after that week 1 performance.

    RE Jameel McDowell 77 Overall - McDowell was a late round pick that turned out to be a stud. Good size and power moves, and can really lay a hit on some guys. He's not the quickest, but he should do well. He may even be able to make a move inside at 6'6 286.
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  17. Matrix Monkey

    Matrix Monkey Walk On

    Apr 7, 2009
    New York Jets Draft Picks 2014

    1 (27) - LG Darius Calloway (80) - We traded down twice in the 1st round after our top 3 targets (Shepard, Spain, Madison) all went in the first 7 picks. In the process we picked up an extra 1st round pick next year for #13 and an extra 3rd during this draft for #21. We traded back a bit too far though as the 49ers nabbed the guy we were targeting DE Priester 2 picks before us. The team had been playing late round picks/UDFAs/and guys out of position at the RG spot and there were some nice OL available here so we figured we'd take one. There was a bit of a panic as the clock was ticking down and we couldn't decide who to take so we quickly picked Calloway before we got auto-picked. Calloway will need to work on his pass blocking, toughness, and stamina but once they improve a bit he should be able to solidify the RG spot for the next few years.

    2 (13) - WR Eddrick Hightower (69) - WR wasn't a huge need going into this draft after we picked up 2 in the previous draft but it was a very deep WR class and the value on Hightower was just right. He has blazing speed (97 spd/97 acc) and will step right into the slot receiver and return man positions. His arrival forced the departure of Jeremy Kerley but he has a huge talent edge on Kerley.

    3 (5) - WR Gregory Stewart (65) - This pick was acquired by moving back from #21 to #27 and the value again landed on a WR. We have tons of speed at wideout so we were looking for a big bodied possession type and Stewart fits the bill perfectly. I'm rather surprised Spain went at #7 and this guy fell to the 3rd round. His hands aren't quite as good but he's got more speed and a huge 6'4" 236 lb frame. The staff had him graded as an early 2nd round prospect and almost took him over Hightower in the 2nd. He has 90 CIT, 90 SPC, 96 JMP and just needs to improve his catching and route running before he becomes an elite physical receiver in the mold of Anquan Boldin.

    3 (13) - Traded away for a 2nd round pick next season.

    4 (13) - QB Nick Upshaw (66) - With the two best QBs in the draft going #1 and #2 OVR we knew we weren't going to get a starting caliber QB but we still only had Sanchez on the roster so we went with the highest projected QB still available to hold the clipboard. Hopefully Upshaw will never start for the team because he has scatter-shot accuracy especially on deep balls (69 DAC).

    5 (13) - RE Manasee Wells (75) - After missing out on Priester in the 1st round we settled on Wells (Nicknamed "The Manatee" due to his size, 6'6" 319 lbs) here since he had A PMV. He has a ways to go before digesting an NFL playbook and needs to learn to shed blocks a lot better but hopefully he can be useful in the rotation at DL.

    6 (13) - HB Don Perry (47) - With an overall that low you wouldn't think he'd make the team but he should have a roster spot locked up after we foolishly gave Steve Slaton guaranteed money in FA and were startled to learn of his ridiculously low CAR rating. Like a lot of guys Perry plays better than his OVR and he has 93 SPD, 98 AGI, 93 ELU, 98 SPM, 89 JKM, and has great hands for a back 82 CTH/74 SPC. His downside is he takes to long to build up steam 83 ACC and is very brittle 66 INJ.

    7 (13) - WR Wille Williams (63) - Yet again the value fell on a WR. Wille probably won't see the field much if at all in his rookie season thanks to the logjam we now have at the position but he has great hands 88 CTH, solid speed, and has good moves and elusiveness so he may see action backing up Hightower in the return game.

    Grade: C-

    We were unable to fill our major need at QB but we got some more talent at receiver and OL to help out whoever eventually takes over for the annually disappointing Sanchez. Some depth was added at HB and DL and all 7 draft picks are projected to make the final 53 man roster. Picking up extra picks next season was a huge bonus as they will help us find those last few remaining pieces or help us maneuver more effectively throughout the draft.
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  18. The Richuation

    The Richuation Walk On

    Jul 18, 2010

    Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 NFL Draft

    1. CB - Ben Guinyard - 79 Overall
    Guinyard brings elite physical tools to man the other side of the field opposite 2013 1st Round pick Jalen Cooper. With Guinyard, Cooper, and 2nd year CB Shawn Sanders in place, the CB position should be set for the next decade.

    2. SS - JonTerrius Black - 78 Overall
    JonTerrius, a "quick" developing saftety with elite physical tools, the Jags may have finally solved their SS problem that's been plagueing them for years.

    3. RT - Harmon Thorton - 69 Overall
    Not much too striking here. Not a real physical player, and his technique needs work. Will have to improve greatly to stick around on this roster for long.

    4. CB - Aurel Coleman - 71 Overall
    Big and fast but very raw. Will make his living on Special teams this year with time to develop into something further.

    7. DT - Keith Fleming - 66 Overall
    Strong and direct at the point of attack. Fleming makes for a great developmental DT for the future.

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