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2014 Georgia Tech Season Preview

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Iron Mickey, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. Iron Mickey

    Iron Mickey I'd take her out for some casadias

    Jul 14, 2009
    2014 Georgia Tech Season Preview


    2014 Season Preview

    Starting Offense

    Position No. Name Class OVR Returning Starter (Y/N)
    QB #12 Peter Bradley (SR ) 85 Y
    RB #46 Reggie Foster (JR) 90 Y
    FB #41 Joe Swanson (JR) 73 N
    WR #01 Xavier Fitzpatrick (SR) 90 Y
    WR #02 William Thompson (SO) 87 N
    Slot #87 Ryan Barclay (SR) 87 N
    TE #89 Jason Davis (SR) 83 Y
    LT #60 Keith Jackson (SR) 99 Y
    LG #67 Chris Johnson (SR) 89 Y
    C #71 Lawrence Andrews (SR) 96 Y
    RG #79 Sharrod Moore (SO) 90 Y
    RT #77 Jason Rogers (SR) 92 Y

    Starting Defense​

    Position No. Name Class OVR Returning Starter (Y/N)
    LE #94 Jamaal Bell (SR) 92 Y
    RE #98 Dan Moore (JR) 88 N
    NT #95 Michael Lee (FR) 86 N
    LOLB #55 Jerry Estes (SR) 94 Y
    MLB #51 Ricky Oliver (JR) 93 N
    MLB #50 Chip James (SR) 93 Y
    ROLB #53 Roderick Scott (SO) 87 Y
    CB #23 Kevin Brown (SR) 89 N
    CB #27 Brad Peterson (SR) 94 Y
    FS #22 Antwan Stanford (SO) 81 Y
    SS #42 Kevin Simmons (SR) 86 N

    Special Teams​

    Position No. Name Class OVR Returning Starter (Y/N)
    K/P #18 Aaron Thompson (JR) 86 Y

    Season Schedule

    Week Team
    1 @TCU
    2 vs #4 Florida
    3 @Virginia Tech
    4 @ #13 Florida State
    5 BYE
    6 @ North Carolina
    7 vs Duke
    8 vs #3 Miami
    9 @ #8 Clemson
    10 @ #21 Perdue
    11 vs Virginia
    12 vs Wake Forest
    13 @ Georgia
    14 BYE

    Offense: Tech returns Senior QB Peter Bradley and Xavier Fitzpatrick. 4 of the 5 offensive lineman are also returning also. This offense should be high octane for the 2014 season also.

    Defense: Tech lost stud shutdown Cornerback Jamea Thomas and FS Lance Richardson, but Antwan Stanford retruns to help lead the secoday along with returning CB Brad Peterson. Up front the linebacking corps is strong across the board with Linebackers Ricky Oliver, Jerry Estes, Chip James, and Roderick Scott. This defense should be a top 10 group.

    Overall: Anything short of a ACC Championship berth and a BCS Game would result in a huge disapointment for a Senior loaded ball club.

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