2014 Iowa Recruiting

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    Feb 21, 2009
    :4stars: DT Ross Miller
    6'5 301
    B- Tackle, B- Hit Power, B Power Moves, C+ Block shedding
    Solid DT, May redshirt.

    :4stars: FS Jason Burley
    6'4 210
    B Speed, B accel, B tackle, B+ Hit Power, B+ Man Coverage, C Zone, B+ Press, C Play Rec
    Very good safety but may redshirt because of depth.

    :4stars: DE Jamar McGee
    6'3 262
    B- Tackle, B Hit Power, C+ Speed, B- PMV, C+ FMV, B- Block shedding

    :4stars: CB Phillip Potts
    5'11 195
    B+ Speed, A- Acceleration, C+ Hit Power, C+ Pursuit, C Play Rec, B Man Cov, B- Zone Cov, B- Press
    Great corner that should start as a freshman.

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