2014 Notre Dame Fighting Irish

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    Dec 10, 2010
    Week 1

    Notre Dame opened the season by throttling rival Purdue, 51-17. Starting Quarterback Lionel Prater went 13-23 for 308 yards and 4 TD's while throwing 1INT in the first half before being pulled with the rest of the first string. Tim Houston caught 2 TD passes and picked up 148 yards on 6 receptions to lead the way, while true Freshman Cedric Flynn caught 3 passes for 107 yards and a TD. The ground game was paced in the first half by Cameron Roberson who had 78 yards and a TD on 12 carried. Timothy Griffin ran for 96 yards on 16 carries in the second half.​

    Made a video, it came out pretty shitty but hopefully I'll make a better one for next weeks game. Had some issues with the program, and didn't completely know what I was doing anyhow... lol


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