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2014 Preseason Program

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by BDSDIGITAL, May 3, 2010.

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    BDSDIGITAL One Time for your Mind

    Jun 5, 2009
    2014 Preseason Program

    2014 Ohio State Buckeyes pre season preview.

    The 4 time defending Big 10 Champs come into this season with alot of turnover and alot of un answered questions. We had 25 seniors graduate and most of them were starters.

    Offense: The more things change, the more things stay the same in Columbus. QB Leonard Jackson is back from a season ending injury suffered early last season and will be leaned on heavily to make the Buckeye passing game go. Because....

    The WR's are a lil green...to say the least. Our top 3 receivers graduated and the top returning receiver Michael Bennett had 13 receptions last year. Our top 4 receivers were not highly touted recruits (I believe one was a 4 star, the rest were three...thanks for nothing Perry.) and lack ideal speed but have good catch ratings, and run very good routes. Which might not matter because.....

    The running game is going to be incredibly strong. TJ Perry's ratings went through the roof after becoming our leading rusher last season after injuries to Carlos Hyde and Jordan Hall. His progression and his pure natural ability will make him one of the best running backs in the country this year and we have 3 really good backups behind him to spell him, or to take over if injuries plague us again this year. They will be helped by....

    A very, very good offensive line. This is the one unit that returns pretty close to intact with just a few changes made in the offseason.

    Defense: We are replacing 3 starting LB's, 2 starting CB's, both safeties, and both DE's. The only returning starters are LB J. Johnson, and DT John Simon. With that being said...............

    We will have a top ten defense again this year. We've been ridiculously deep for years and now that depth will pay off as we bring in 9 new starters, and they can all play. The secondary is the only area of any concern...and there isn't much there either.

    Who to watch for:

    Offense: TJ Perry & Leonard Jackson

    Defense: J. Johnson & John Simon

    We will win the big 10 and contend nationally if:

    The secondary holds up, the receiving corp plays well, and the offensive line plays the way they are capable.

    The Bottom Line:

    Like I said, the more things change the more things stay the same. We've changed our offensive philosophy over the last few years with the talent we've had on offense especially at the WR position. This year we will be getting back to true Buckeye football. Expect 500 + carries for the Ohio State RB's. Expect the Defense to be one of the best units in the country. If we can run the ball, control the clock and play great defense this will be a very, very good team, and the 5 time defending Big 10 champs.

    Prediction: 11-2 and a 5th straight Rose Bowl.
  2. MaxATX34

    MaxATX34 Texas Football

    Feb 17, 2009
    Pre-Season Outlook

    This year marks the beginning of a new era at Oregon. Charlie Williams is gone. Raishaun Williams is gone. Archie, Holland, and Timmons are all gone. That was our offense for the past 2 years. On defense, the Ducks lose their two best (both impact) players at the MLB and CB positions. This would be cause for concern for any program, but Oregon has decided to do what they have done in the past when key players leave and the depth chart doesnt match the system; start from scratch.

    The defense will remain a 4-2-5 scheme and should actually be improved. Oregon's "front-eight" (as I like to call them) have all developed into solid players. The only question mark out of those positions would be at Linebacker. We will be starting a MLB who hasnt started a game in his career, and his counter part will be Sophomore Mark Payne. Payne is coming off a head-scratcher of a Freshman year. He started the season as #1 on the DC, lost his job to another true freshman OLB, then regained his starting position late in the year. When the dust settled after Spring Ball, it came down to Payne, and a 6'5 (RS)Sophomore OLB named Brock. Payne got the starting nod again, but will have to make an impact or he will surely be benched. The other positions in the front-eight (DE/DT/SS) are all very very solid and pretty deep. thats what she said.

    The offensive side of the ball is where the sweeping changes will be made. Oregon is completely scrapping their old playbook and going in a new direction. The decision was made based on Timmons' choice to leave early. Had Oregon been able to keep an all-star rusher on the squad, they would have more than likely stuck with their current offense and made true Sophomore Yusef Glover starting QB, with Senior QB Barrett James handling the option/wildcat portions of the playbook. Since the Ducks dont have that proven rushing power at HB, they have moved to a Pistol offense that should allow the 6'7 230lb James to shoulder some of the load. Not only do the coaches feel that this move will maximize their offensive production, they feel it will also throw off their opponents somewhat as no top teams run the Pistol as much as Oregon will. Also, this should allow Glover to develop his skills before being thrown to the wolves.

    Dont forget about Oregon's HBs though... We always get production out of them and expect nothing less this season. Pearson, Hagen, and Massey all return from last year and they are all Sophomores now. Pearson was the #3 HB last year, but saw a lot of time as our #1 was usually injured. Hagen has very good skills, but lacks breakaway speed. Massey is very intriguing and very large. Massey is 6'2 232lbs and a good runner. Pearson has the #1 spot locked up, but if Pearson goes down, it could be a tough decision whether to go with Hagen or Massey as the starter. Our backup HB throughout the year will be true Freshman speed burner Stan Johnson, a 6'1 198lb
    (4.36 40yd) back that I hope, for now, wont have to be anything other than a home-run hitter/change of pace guy.

    If I had to choose one word to describe the Ducks' WRs it'd be 'balanced'. Our #1 and #2 guys are both about 6'1 200lb, fast enough to break-away, but also have the solid hands and high IQ to match. Foster looks to be Oregon's go-to guy though, apparently he has made some spectacular catches in practice... To compliment those two, Oregon boasts two potent deep-threat Receivers in Haas and Sanders. Haas is 6'6 205lbs and is a long-strider built for the Go route. Sanders is 6'3 193lb and is a freak Athlete able to shake off the defenders he cant run away from.

    So, Oregon looks to maintain their high level of success with different faces and a different playbook. Is this the year Oregon finally makes the leap from BCS Bowl to BCS National Championship? Or is this the year that USC finally takes the Pac-10 crown back from the Ducks? Oregon starts the year at #7, and they have a tough OOC schedule. We should be able to tell a lot about this "new-look" Duck squad after the first few weeks.

    Players to watch

    Senior QB Barrett James
    6'7 230lb
    4.48 (40yd)

    Sophomore HB Pearson
    6'0 236lb
    4.39 (40yd)

    (RS)Junior WR Jon Foster
    6'1 212lb
    4.45 (40yd)

    (RS)Senior DE Mike Jones
    6'5 273lb
    4.45 (40yd)

    Senior SS Kevin Kennedy
    6'1 207lb
    4.44 (40yd)

    Sophomore FS Justin Merrill
    6'1 222lb
    4.35 (40yd)
  3. Dru50

    Dru50 Still Chicago's #1 son

    Sep 13, 2009
    Texas Longhorns 2014 Season Preview

    Last year was a season that started with a lot of questions, then started to look like the Longhorns might get back to the BCS title game at midseason as they were undefeated, then the mood changed when QB Scott Felder went down with a season ending injury 5 weeks before one of the biggest regular season games in recent memory. The lack of a quality backup QB cost the Horns as they dropped a heartbreaker to eventual national champion FSU by 7 points. The memory of the 2013 season will be bittersweet, as Texas fans got to celebrate HB Chris Whaley break the season rushing TD record, but the team failed to come through and get back to their 3rd title game in 4 years. The team did manage to bring the Big 12 title back to Austin, so all in all a 13-1 season is still pretty good.

    Offense - This year looks promising on offense, with the team only losing 3 offensive lineman and HB Chris Whaley. The team is led by redshirt JR QB Scott Felder (95 OVR), who is a threat on the ground and through the air. Felder will have numerous weapons to throw to, as all of his WR's and TE's return from last years squad. The WR corp of Kenny Ingram (96 OVR), Raymond Allen (91 OVR) and Dominic Skinner (91 OVR) should make things difficult on opposing secondaries all season long. The group is a good mix of height and speed and can threaten all over the field. The team also returns 4 TE's from last years team, led by Brett Kelly (89 OVR). Kelly is complemented by giant sophomore Lance Gatewood (6'8", 250 lbs) and speedy freshman Chris Goddard (85 speed at 6'6", 234 lbs).

    At HB, Antoine Bell, the former #1 overall recruit from the class of 2011, takes over in the backfield for Whaley. He definitely has the talent to help fans forget the beastly Whaley, at 92 OVR with 93 speed he has the ability to run between the tackles or out in space. Last year Bell had 562 yards and 13 TD's in mop up duty. The offensive line is breaking in 3 new starters but still seems to have the talent necessary to get the job done.

    The coaching staff was experimenting in the offseason with moving back to a spread look, similar to what was run in 2012, mainly to take advantage of Felders skills. No final decision has been made, but the coaches assure everyone that the team will be prepared for a visit to Tallahassee where they will look to spoil the defending champion Seminoles season.

    Defense - This unit saw far more turnover than the offense, with 3 of the 4 top lineman and 3 of the 4 top LB's going pro. The anchor of the secondary, FS Kenny Vaccaro, also graduated. Even with all the changes, the coaches are claiming that this years defense may be better than the top 10 unit from 2013.

    The DL is led by senior DE Eric Perkins (92 OVR, 86 speed and 87 strength), and he is joined up front by DT's Demetrius Cole (98 OVR) and Bruce Burgess (90 OVR, 93 strength). These other DE spot is being manned by the teams uber-recruit from 2011, redshirt freshman Antoine Smith (aka LT Jr). Smith is a beast who will be learning on the job, but he has skills that can't be relegated to the bench (89 OVR, 89 speed, 81 strength, 95 PMV, 91 block shedding). Redshirt senior Lance Meadows (94 OVR) provides depth for the DE position.

    The LB corp looks to be the strength of the defense for the 2nd year in a row. This unit is fast and scary in their ability to play the passing lanes. The group is anchored by returning RS senior Steve Gibson (97 OVR, 86 speed, 89 AWR, 83 man cover, 80 zone cover). Gibson is joined by 3 seniors who have patiently waited their turns to play, and all of them obviously spent time honing their skills while watching the LB's who have played before them. The unit is made up of LOLB Mark Williams (93 OVR, 91 speed, 82 AWR, 88 zone cover), MLB Justin Ward (93 OVR, 86 speed, 88 man cover, 90 zone cover) and ROLB Antoine Mason (99 OVR, 88 speed, 88 AWR, 91 man cover, 86 zone cover). With this group, the team very well may never go to a nickel or dime look all year.

    The secondary was filled with underclassmen last year, and only lose one starter this year. The starting 4 in the group will be senior CB Jonathan Smith (93 OVR), sophomore CB Roy Shelton (91 OVR), sophomore FS Vincent Burke (90 OVR) and junior SS Brian Irvin (90 OVR). The nickel and dime backs will be junior Brad Lambert (89 OVR, 95 speed) and sophomore Brian Macklin (90 OVR), respectively. This group played well at times but is still the weak link of the defense due to the relative youth.

    Season outlook - With the preseason #1 ranking and arguably the most talented team in the nation, anything less than a Big 12 title and a BCS championship will be a disappointment. Similar to last year, the fate of the team will rest on the shoulders of Scott Felder. If he plays well and stays healthy, this team could very well run the table. If the Horns come out of Florida with a win in week 2, watch out for the year of the Longhorns in 2014.
  4. KnightNoles

    KnightNoles Learn to Compete

    Jul 6, 2009
    2014 Preseason Program

    Temporary post
  5. KnightNoles

    KnightNoles Learn to Compete

    Jul 6, 2009
    Easy to keep track of, post it in the Preseason thread and I will move it here. That way I can find each and every ones so NO ONE slack. Changing to get this done by Wednesday night
  6. Twister18

    Twister18 I aint got time to bleed!

    Oct 26, 2009
    2014 Notre Dame Fighting Irish

    The Domers will enter the 2014 season with some questions at their offensive skill positions and will have to rely on their OL and the arm of QB Lionel Yates. Yates, rated overall as a 95, had a very good year in 2013, beating out QB Ron Moore for the starting nod, and led the Irish to a 10-3 record. The defense will be led by the back seven and AA candidate Cory high at LOLB. Here is a breakdown by position:

    QB: Lionel Yates (95): Starter. Very accurate, decent arm strength
    Ron Moore (90): Backup. Very fast, strong arm, 10 cent noggin.

    RB: James Grimes (90): Starter. Very agile but not fast. Durable workhorse.
    Rod Waller (83): Backup. Fastest of the HB but not proven. real wildcard.
    Trent Hughes (83): Backup. Disappointing offseason for high 5* recruit. Solid overall back but not durable.

    FB: Jacob Bennett (94): Starter. could see alot of action. Bulldozer.

    WR: Will Brown (83): Starter. Not great speed but great hands. More of a slot receiver.
    John Jackson (75): Starter. Good speed and hands. needs work on route.
    Sean Lumpkin (75): reserve. see Jackson above

    TE: Tom Morris (86): Starter. remember his name. great hands and speed and height makes him a mismatch for safety and LB.
    Blake Chambers (86): Starter. may be used in 4 wide formations. Bull in the open field.

    OL: LT Casey Leach (97)
    LG John Brown (91)
    C Jason Stewart (97)
    RG Pete Mitchell (88)
    RT Lionel Barnes (91)

    DE: LE Nate May (83): Great size and quicks for a 6-7 280 lbs DE
    RE Mike Johnson (92): AA. Tough run defender and gets in the backfield.

    DT: Kyle Ashley (87): Great size and toughness.
    Dominic Johnson (80): First year starting. good strength. unknown quantity.

    LB: LOLB Cory High (96): AA candidate. great overall backer.
    MLB Kasey Day (93): Tough and instinctive mike backer.
    ROLB James Hawkins (91): First year starter.

    CB: Brian Hale (93): AA candidate: great speed and awareness.
    Tom Poland (92): great hands and awareness.

    FS: Steve Keller (88): Good size and speed. first year starter
    SS: Marcus walker (93): Brutal hitter and run D. Like an xtra backer.

    K: Rashad Anderson (85): very accurate and clutch FG kicker.
    P: Mark Walker (85): Transfer from Iowa State. Strong leg and KOS spec.

    I think this is a rebuilding year for the Domers and they need to add some talent at WR and RB to compete in the NCAA.

    Offensive Player to watch: WR Chris Archer: Fr WR is a 6-4 target and could rise to the top with a good spring practice.

    Defensive Player to Watch: DE Nate May: Play much better than his 83 rating. QBs watch out.
  7. KnightNoles

    KnightNoles Learn to Compete

    Jul 6, 2009
    2014 Season

    Conference: Atlantic Coastal Conference (ACC)
    All Time Record: 526-224-17
    Bowl Record: 25-15-2
    Conference Championships: 16 (2013)
    National Championships: 5 (2013)
    Rivals: Florida, Miami, Clemson, Virginia
    Heisman Winners: 2​

    Team Info
    The Florida State Seminoles return:
    :RS:So QB Joe Smith, So HB Isaac Thompson, Jr TE Ben Dawson, :RS: Sr RG Josh Sledge

    Jr RE Taylor Carter, :RS:Sr LOLB Clint Oliver, :RS:Jr MLB Brian Adams, Sr MLB Simeon Bryant, :RS:Sr ROLB Matt Gaither, :RS:Sr CB Lawrence Everett, Sr FS Derek Murray, :RS:Jr SS Josh Rose

    All Americans

    The defending champs return one of the best QBs in the history of C2C with Joe Smith at the helm. Isaac Thompson will look to continue carrying the ground game on his back and avoid a sophomore slump. The WR core will have a new look but won’t be as fast as they have been in the past but they average about 6’4’’. It will all start up front where the Noles might take a step backwards where the overall across the board is: 85, 91, 88, 92, 85.

    The defense will be led by the linebacker crew, Clint Oliver (90), Brian Adams (97), Simeon Bryant (94), & Matt Gaither (97). The dline will miss Jacobbi McDaniel and DeMonte McAllister but two new DTs will be able to hold it down, David Stewart (95) & Nate Alvarez (93). Lawrence Everett returns in the defensive backfield after testing the waters of the NFL twice and opposite of him will be Max Blair. Free safety will be held down by Derek Murray for the 4th consecutive year and SS will have All-American Josh Rose.

    This 2014 Seminoles team is loaded with talent and looking to continue another run for their third consecutive national championship.
  8. Beazus Christ

    Beazus Christ Resident Smut Peddler

    Jul 26, 2009
    Miami 2014 Media Guide



    QB John Brooks (Sophomore RS)
    HB Jason Pino (Junior RS)
    FB Austin Holley (Sophomore)

    The 2014 Backfield is largely untested. Brooks played in limited action last year with mixed results. Pino was good enough to start last year and should put up big numbers in 2014. Holley, the #1 FB recruit in the nation 2 years ago, had an up and down freshman season. As a whole, this unit appears to be a year away but should be serviceable for 2014.

    WR Travis Graham (Sophomore RS)
    WR Doug Davis (Junior)
    WR Ricky Duncan (Sophomore)
    WR Jordan Baker (Sophomore RS)
    WR Joe Davis (Sophomore RS)
    TE Todd Johnson (Senior RS)

    The Hurricane receivers are young but appear to be much improved from 2013. Graham may be the most exciting sophomore receiver in the country, while track star Ricky Duncan may not be far behind Graham in terms of talent. Todd Johnson is a beast and it usually takes multiple defenders to drag him down.

    Offensive Line
    LT Ted Roberts (Senior RS)
    LG Graham Arnold (Senior RS)
    C James Dowdell (Senior RS)
    RG Derek Jackson (Senior RS)
    RT TJ Hawk (Senior RS)

    The Hurricane O-Line features 5 RS Seniors and should provide HB Jason Pino with plenty of room to run this year.


    Defensive Line
    LE Brandon Waller (Sophomore)
    DT Bryan Harris (Senior RS)
    DT Marcus Johnson (Freshman RS)
    RE Victor King (Sophomore)

    The interior line is stout but the ends, well, thats a different story. Waller and King are both 2 star recruits playing over their heads and will need excellent LB play to cover their limitations.

    LOLB Ronald Spencer (Sophomore RS)
    MLB Mark Wallace (Juinor RS)
    ROLB Jeff Lamb (Senior RS)

    This group is fast, talented, and ready to fuck shit up. Next...

    CB Bret Weaver (Sophomore RS)
    CB Lukas Green (Junior RS)
    FS Darrell Smith (Junior RS)
    SS John McCutcheon (Senior RS)

    The secondary is anchored by Brett Weaver, a future first round pick who has a chance to be the best Cane CB in a long time. Weaver aside, this unit should be good enough to compete for the ACC crown.
  9. astealthyhippo

    astealthyhippo happy painting and god bless

    Oct 14, 2009
    2014 USC Trojans Pre-Season Preview

    QB - SR(RS) Marvin Love - 87ovr 86spd 88btk 87thp 81 tha
    HB - SR(RS) Shannon Jones - 94ovr 93 spd 91btk
    FB - SO(RS) Kyle Anderson - 79ovr 72spd
    WR - SR(RS) Chris Randall - 94ovr 92spd
    WR - SR(RS) Kyle Silva - 91ovr 88spd
    TE - SR(RS) Kevin Jennings - 90ovr 83spd
    LT - SR Ira Daniels - 96ovr
    LG - SO Stephen Winston - 86ovr
    C - SR(RS) Lance Johnson - 99ovr
    RG - SR(RS) Mike Harris - 96ovr
    RT - JR(RS) Andy Douglas - 93ovr
    K/P - SR(RS) Jason Lawrence - 90ovr 91kpw 91kac

    2014 brings big changes for the Trojans on offense, namely a new quarterback. Marvin Love will step at the quarterback position, looking to fill some big shoes left by Matt Barkley. Love is nearly the complete opposite of Barkley. He has a ton of speed and has decent throwing power, but lacks accuracy. At running back, Shannon Jones returns for his senior campaign after a decent year last year. He has enough speed to make defenses nervous, but can also plow over defenders if running up the gut. Kyle Anderson returns at the fullback position. The recieving corps is basically all new. Chris Randall played some at the #4 WR position last year before an injury ruined the 2nd half of his season. Center Lance Johnson anchors the impressive offensive line.We aren't too worried about protection issues, this group should provide Love some time to get rid of the ball. Kicker Jason Lawrence returned for his senior season after testing the NFL waters. He'll take care of all the kicking duties this year.

    The offense will only go as far as Marvin Love can take them. I have the feeling he will have some trouble early on, but by season's end he will be special. I'd like to mix in the run a little bit more this year, but I still would love to come out with 3+ recievers a lot and chuck the ball over the field. It will take me a little while to decide exactly how I want this offense to operate, so I'm not even sure what the offense will look like at this point. The fans don't want to be bored watching the games though, so we'll try to give them some excitement.

    LE - SO(RS) Lonnie Mays - 92ovr 83spd
    RE - FR Richmond Wall - 79ovr 81spd
    DT - SR(RS) Dustin Young - 97ovr
    DT - SO(RS) Joel Wise - 97ovr
    LOLB - SR Brad Butler - 92ovr 86spd
    MLB - JR(RS) Cory Lewis - 95ovr 84spd
    MLB - JR(RS) Matt Harris - 92ovr 87spd
    ROLB - SR(RS) Quincy Porter - 93ovr 88spd
    CB - SR(RS) Dedrick Jackson - 98ovr 95spd
    CB - SO(RS) Frank Lumpkin - 92ovr 94spd
    FS - SR Gerald Jackson - 82ovr 91spd
    SS - SO Cory Merritt - 83ovr 88spd

    The defense returns a few starters from last season, and this unit seems pretty talented. The D-Line is held together by the beasty defensive tackles, Young and Wise. On the ends, Mays should get after the quarterback a lot and young Richmond Wall will get the nod at RE. The linebacking corps looks great and should be the strong point of the defense. Across the board, the linebackers all have good speed and tackling abilities. At cornerback Jackson looks to harass the opposing team's #1 WR and Frank Lumpkin gets the start after only participating in special teams his Freshman year. Both safeties are new starters, and while their overall rating isn't as high as I'd like, both Jackson and Merritt should hold their own.

    The DTs and LBs will lead the Trojan defense this year. I will be looking to get them all on the field throughout the year. I don't think the defense will have extremely impressive numbers because I think the offense will score quickly, giving the other team the time of possession advantage. I would like to force more turnovers this year, and with this personnel I think that is a strong possibility.

    Season Goals
    1. Win the Pac-10
    2. Be in the National Championship hunt at season's end

    Plain and simple, win the conference first, then focus on winning it all. You can't go after a National Championship without getting the conference title. The first 2 games of the season are important to get off to a good start. We will either put ourselves in a great position to make a run at a title or shoot ourselves in the foot in the 1st 2 weeks. However, the big game circled on our calendar comes later in the year against Oregon.
  10. bravejaf

    bravejaf Walk On

    Jul 13, 2009
    Season Preview

    Coach Bravejaf can no longer rely on players from his predecessor Urban Meyer. Gone are superstars Jordan Reed, Mike Gillislee, Joshua Evans and Dee Finley. In place of Reed is Brandon McCloud. McCloud's path at Florida has been very strange. He started most of the Gators' games as a true freshman but he lost the job after a shaky finish to his season. His sophomore year and junior years were spent watching John Brantley and Reed. He then accepted a redshirt last season and in his fifth season he finally gets his starting job back. His backfield mate for most plays will be senior Adam Snyder, another member of the Gators first class with the new coach. Snyder will be spelled by a number of backs as the Gators are loaded with talent at that position. The receiving core will be led by second year starter Justin Palmer. Palmer tested draft waters but elected to return for his senior season. McConnell, Burns and Hampton will be the other members of the receiving core.This is probably Florida's weakest position but it does have depth.

    Switching to the defensive side, Gators should be loaded once again. The defensive line is loaded with 5-star talents Joe Rivers, Jorge Little and Corey Austin. Steven Bryant will spell Austin and Little at defensive tackle. At the linebacker core the leader will be 3 year starter Andrew Brown. This is Brown's senior season and he looks to improve on his impressive numbers. Kevin Reyes also is very talented and he will man strong side linebacker position and Jason Francis will be on the weak side. The secondary loses 35+ career interceptions in Finley and Evans, but Gray has shown his ability to step up in big moments. Safeties Jeremy Harris (FS) and Derrick Rodgers (SS) also have shown big play ability. This will be Harris's third year as a starter and Rodgers saw a lot of time in Florida's 4-2-5 last season.

    Looking at the schedule, one thing jumps out and that is the lack of a match with Florida State. Florida has struggled against the Seminoles and have lost the last 6 times in a row to FSU. For Florida to face FSU this season, the Gators would need to get back to the National Title. Before that can happen the Gators must secure wins against Miami and USC to open the season. Later in the season Florida faces off with Nebraska, a team the Gators beat on a last second Hail Mary, and a tough Michigan squad. The conference championship game also would be necessary, Coach Perry's team nearly beat the Gators last season.

    Players to watch

    QB Brandon McCloud (R-SR)
    HB Adam Snyder (R-SR)
    WR Justin Palmer (R-SR)
    TE Daniel Manning (R-JR)

    DE Joe Rivers (JR)
    DT Jorge Little (JR)
    OLB Kevin Reyes (R-SR)
    MLB Andrew Brown (SR)
    CB Charles Gray (R-SR)
    FS Jeremy Harris (R-SR)

    - Halfback, great leader in Snyder and tons of depth behind him
    - Defensive line, very talented group and tons of talent at DT
    - Linebackers, great starting group and some solid backups

    - Wide receiver, group is solid but unspectacular behind Palmer
    - Offensive line, not bad but has a few holes in starting group

    - Finish regular season without a loss
    - Win SEC conference championship
    - Win National Championship
    - Team, +20 or more on turnover margin
    - Snyder, 1000 yards rushing
    - McCloud, under 10 interceptions
  11. KnightNoles

    KnightNoles Learn to Compete

    Jul 6, 2009
    2014 Nebraska Team

    Nebraska returns a solid amount of depth from a 12-2 team last season but loses some major skill players on offense.

    OFFENSE: Pretty bland to be honest, we are very solid up front which will be key because we are young and average in the backfield. RS Soph Larry Edwards will get the bulk of carries to start the season, but we have no problem going with the hot hand at any point in the backfield. 6'5" Beanpole will take the majority of snaps this season, we are a little more comfortable with him after he lit up the Texas D after our starter went out in the Big 12 title game last season.

    Key Contributer: We are returning Soph. Mackey winner Adam Ross at TE. He will get the chance to top his 9 TD performance from a season ago.

    DEFENSE: Nebraska will be strong up the middle, starting with the anchor of the 3-4 Defense Kyle Torres. Along with him are two prototype 3-4 DE's Lonnie Mitchell and Travis Cooley; both seniors looking to make big impacts. There is no secret who the Defense is built around, and that is 6'4" Safety Nick Crum. Crum was responsible for forcing 13 turnovers last season as a true Freshman and led the NCAA in tackles with 136. We are hoping that he wont need to make quite as many tackles this season but look forward to a repeat performance in the other numbers.

    Newcomer of the year: ROLB Steve Henley was not a huge prospect out of High School last season, but has locked up a starting job and will be counted on to make plays from sideline to sideline with his explosive speed at the linebacker position.

    Season Outlook: While we will be able to compete, when it become crunch time, we do not have that star to lean on, and that will be our downfall, 12-2 again sounds about right...
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