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2014 (S2)- Week 11

Discussion in 'The Redshirts' started by PAgamer07, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. PAgamer07

    PAgamer07 We're the ship without a storm

    Nov 11, 2009
    Advanced. Get your games done.
  2. bawvu97

    bawvu97 Let's Goooooo Mountaineers

    Jul 26, 2010
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    Hello pecster,

    Welcome to Week 11! Remember to visit dynasty.easports.com to write your own stories.

    Iowa (5-4) at Penn State (3-5)

    Last week, the Hawkeyes lost 59-52 at Wisconsin (5-3)

    In recruiting news, the following Iowa targets announced their decisions:

    HB James Davis Iowa
    SS Edgar Wilcox Mizzou
    OLB John House Terps

    Purdue (3-5) at #16 Ohio State (4-3)

    Last week, the Boilermakers lost 38-10 vs. West Virginia (8-1)

    In recruiting news, the following Purdue targets announced their decisions:

    SS Ryan McCoy Pur
    QB Vincent Turner Pur
    T Tony Warren Pur
    C Jordan Jones Pur
    CB Greg Jenkins Pur
    G Shane Grant Pur
    G Joe Easley Pur
    FS Adam Maxey Pur
    T Matt Hansen Pur
    DT Garrett Randle Pur
    G Roy Allen Pur
    FS Victor Cox Pur
    FB Marcus Barbour Pur

    #19 California (7-2) vs Oregon (4-3)

    Last week, the Golden Bears won 34-31 vs. Oregon State (4-4)

    In recruiting news, the following California targets announced their decisions:

    DT William Dawson Cal
    OLB Rory Flowers Cal
    MLB Desmond Ford Cal
    C Corey Smith Cal
    DE Casey Coley Stan
    TE Alex Moore Cal
    CB Cedrick Smith Cal
    P Darnell Jordan Cal
    OLB Allen Treangen Cal

    Utah (4-4) at UCLA (3-5)

    Last week, the Utes lost 35-17 vs. USC (5-4)

    In recruiting news, the following Utah targets announced their decisions:

    ATH Will King Utah
    OLB Brian Downing WVU
    K Myron Noble Utah
    DT John Joseph Utah

    #12 Washington (6-2) vs #5 Arizona (8-1)

    Last week, the Huskies had a bye week

    In recruiting news, the following Washington targets announced their decisions:

    ATH John Lee Wash
    ATH Shane Larson Wash
    DT Chad Adams Wash
    G Brandon Brown Wash
    SS Ryan Johnson Wash
    C Kiel Lawrence Wash
    FB Trey Sapp Wash

    #9 Michigan State (6-2) at #2 Northwestern (9-0)

    Last week, the Spartans won 24-14 at Michigan (2-5)

    In recruiting news, the following Michigan State targets announced their decisions:

    ATH Mike Penn MSU
    DE Kevin Clark MSU

    #2 Northwestern (9-0) vs #9 Michigan State (6-2)

    Last week, the Wildcats won 52-24 vs. Indiana (5-3)

    In recruiting news, the following Northwestern targets announced their decisions:

    HB Lee Hubbard Cin
    ATH Ricky Weaver NU
    TE Pat Williams NU
    CB Ryan Miller NU
    CB Seth Walker NU
    ATH Donald McNeal NU
    T Nate Robinson NU
    DE Rondell Cox NU
    OLB Martin Moore NU

    #5 Arizona (8-1) at #12 Washington (6-2)

    Last week, the Wildcats won 30-28 at UCLA (3-5)

    In recruiting news, the following Arizona targets announced their decisions:

    ATH Dwight Atkinson Ariz
    HB Omar Jackson Ariz
    FB Doug Wright Ariz
    OLB Chase Jackson Ariz
    OLB Cedric Jennings Ariz
    DT Travis Gaines Ariz

    #24 Arizona State (7-2)has a bye week

    Last week, the Sun Devils won 35-20 at Stanford (0-8)

    In recruiting news, the following Arizona State targets announced their decisions:

    TE Mike Warren ASU
    ATH Nick Cook ASU
    K Rodney Johnson LSU
    ATH Mike Mitchell ASU

    #10 Maryland (6-2) vs #6 West Virginia (8-1)

    Last week, the Terrapins won 34-31 at Ohio State (4-3)

    In recruiting news, the following Maryland targets announced their decisions:

    ATH Brent Gorman Terps
    MLB Chad May Terps
    ATH Daniel Richard Terps
    TE Melvin Stewart Terps
    ATH Matt Fuqua Terps
    OLB John House Terps
    FS Oliver Edwards Terps
    T Scott Murphy Terps
    OLB Stephen Barnes Terps
    FS Garin Siegel Terps
    OLB Jeff Williams Terps
    SS Charles Allen Terps
    FB Tim Reed Terps

    #6 West Virginia (8-1) at #10 Maryland (6-2)

    Last week, the Mountaineers won 38-10 at Purdue (3-5)

    In recruiting news, the following West Virginia targets announced their decisions:

    DE Jerome Rollins WVU
    SS Craig Fenton WVU
    DE Jesse Scott WVU
    MLB Dan Christian WVU
    T Ronald Myers WVU
    OLB Brian Downing WVU
    G Ike Bostic WVU
    G Kevin Jones WVU
    DE Mike Cantrell WVU
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    BDSDIGITAL One Time for your Mind

    Jun 5, 2009
    #9 Michigan State 34 - #2 Northwestern 31

    Crazy game in East Lansing. It started off really badly for the Spartans. We turned the ball over right away to start the game, which Northwestern capitalized on to make it 7-0. We then lost a fumble later in the quarter that Northwestern turned into a field goal. All told, we couldn't move the ball, and Northwestern was not only moving at their leisure, but we kept giving them short fields to work with. Due to some good defensive plays however on 3rd downs we were able to minimize the damage and got out of the first quarter only down 10-3.

    The second quarter was all Sparty though as we scored 10 unanswered points to go up 13-10. We also started to figure out the Northwestern offense a little, and were able to start causing the Wildcat QB to start making some mistakes and mis reads in coverage. As we disguised our coverages, we really got to their QB and it showed. Nick Hill also started to break off runs in chunks. Our running game really started to find it's legs in the 2nd quarter, and because of that we were able to dominate the clock and really move the ball effectively.

    We scored a td mid 3rd quarter to go up 20-10 and it looked like we were really taking control of this game. Northwestern though wouldn't be denied and they came back with a vengeance. Kyle Prater hit a few big plays that ended with short td runs and Northwestern eventually took a 24-20 lead into the 4th quarter.

    The 4th quarter was a war of attrition for the most part until I scored with about 4 minutes to go to take a 27-24 lead. Northwestern hit a big play though on their very next possession with another big play to Kyle Prater of 74 yards to take the lead again 31-27 with 3:21 left in the game. It looked like whoever got the ball last was going to win this game. I put another drive together with some gutsy playcalling and a few big plays to eventually score the go ahead and ultimately the winning td with 2:14 left in the game to go up 34-31.

    Northwestern started their next drive well, completing a few passes but ultimately threw another int (4 on the day) and we chewed as much clock as possible and punted it back to them with around 30 seconds left. They threw a few short passes trying to work their way into field goal range but ultimately threw their final pick with like 10 seconds to go and we took a knee and left with the big win.

    Also of note: in that first quarter Northwestern shanked a short field goal (35 yards or so) that he said didn't register when he hit the stick. I think we've all had that happen once or twice. There was some lag in this game. Weird since I was hard lined...?

    We move to 7-2 and finish the year with 3 cpu games vs. Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Minnesota. Northwestern will probably still go to the B1G title game unless he loses another conference game. I will be curious how far I move up in the rankings. With 4 weeks to go I wonder if there's still time for me to get into the NC game....? This was my 3rd win of the year vs. a top 5 team. #2 Notre Dame, #4 Arizona, and #2 Northwestern. Pretty good for a team that Raj and PA said would "win 6 games tops" huh? :D


    C. Cook 13/23 237 0 td, 1 int. Not overly impressive, but he hit some critical 3rd downs
    N. Hill 28-195 -1 td He straight up balled in this game. As a team we ran for 4 tds
    A. Gleichert 3 rec 98 yds all big plays, on critical downs

    M. Hicks 3 INTS including the 2 4th quarter int's that salted the game away


    Simein 16/29 364 2 TDS 4 INTS
    Perkins 20-67-1td
    Prater 6-200-2td fuggin clutch yards too. Big plays were almost killers
    Jones 6-81

    Great game schreck822 this is a fun little rivalry we have going. Looking forward to my return trip to Evanston next year. Little known fact about me, my sister is an alum of Northwestern, and I've spent a decent bit of time on that campus. I root for them...just not against OSU :)
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  4. PAgamer07

    PAgamer07 We're the ship without a storm

    Nov 11, 2009
    Big win Brian! Nice to see ole' schreckles get beat :)
  5. Papa Perry

    Papa Perry Leeroy Jenkins!!!

    Jul 1, 2009
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    Not happy about this...I got jumped in the rankings
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