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2014 Season Previews

Discussion in 'The Experience' started by Masler, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. Masler

    Masler Walk On

    Aug 13, 2009
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    2014 Kansas State Wildcats
    Offense: 89
    Defense: 84
    Overall: 89
    QB: This going to be tough who I am going to name starter this year. Daniel Sams missed the majority of his SO(RS) year with an injury. Tavarius Bender has the best set of skills in terms of mobility and his arm. At this point Bender is going to be the starter and will compete with Robertson. Patrick took over as a true FR last year when Sams and Bender were injured and helped the team out great, he isn't the most mobile but has show great poise under pressure and makes accurate throws. These guys will have to settle this QB controversy on the field.
    HB/FB: There is a big hole without Hubert this year but last year Robinson proved he was more than capable of shouldering the load. We have an inexperienced SO as backup, he saw just a handful of carries last year and I hope to get the pigskin in his hands more to see what he can do. We have a good FB returning who has proved to be a great blocker for Hubert, that shouldn't change for Robinson
    WR/TE: We lost our starting three WR's including play makers Stephens and Thompson. Our go to guy looks to be SR(RS) Curry Sexton who has proven valuable on more than one occasion, catching crucial TD passes in clutch situations. Our #2 and #3 guys haven't seen much PT so I can't say a whole lot about them but the pressure is on if we are to be successful through the air. The TE spots makes me nervous at my top 3 are all under 70 overall..we'll see how that works out.
    O Line: Now this had some great improvement with everyone in the 80s or higher. The Center is SR(RS) BJ Finney at our highest rating of 94 overall. This is a huge asset in terms of protecting whoever wins the QB job and paving ways for up the guy rushes. I hope the line as a whole adopts a steam roller mentality.
    D Line: Taking a look at things, the DE look fine but the DT are rather lacking. After a long look at the defense I am going to adopt the multiple defense so that I can run 4-3 and 3-4 packages. I expect DE's Miller and Dowling to make the most impact though.
    LB: Not the best but far from the worst, they all have good skills and didn't let me down last year. They should all fit well in the new multiple defense I will be adopting.
    Secondary: Outside of Bonugli (FS) we have a very young squad with two FR starting at CB and a SO starting at SS. I am very confident in all of their abilities as I believe they are underrated and I have high hopes for them all.
    Special Teams: We have a FR kicker. HB Robinson and WR Sexton will be returning kicks while Robinson will handle punts.
    Prediction: After losing two straight bowls, which is something I have never done, our biggest goal is to get a bowl game and WIN. I don't care who or what bowl, just play and WIN.

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  2. jello1717

    jello1717 "Those who stay will be champions." -- Bo

    Jun 21, 2009
    For those of us that either follow threads or read them with forum runner, we're notified when there's a new post (and yours just tells us it's reserved) but not when a post is edited, so we'll never see when you actually do your preview unless it's a new post. Hell, even just reading posts using the normal TSO web site takes us directly to the unread posts which will completely skip over old ones, even after you edit them. Therefore, it's a lot better to just post when it's done instead of editing an old post with it.
  3. HoundsOfHowl

    HoundsOfHowl Feed Me More....Football

    Apr 14, 2012
    Didn't think of that, ok I'll delete that and finish it later
  4. blLL flo

    blLL flo BTFU!

    Aug 13, 2009
    2014 Baylor Bears

    Offense: The Bears will welcome back SR RB Lache Seastrunk this season as he returns from a season ending injury last year. For an offense that struggled last year, the Bears hope Seastrunk will provide a spark and a homerun threat which they lacked in 2013. At WR SO Corey Coleman will be the speed and SR Levi Norwood will be the possession guy. Backing them up will be SO Nate Richard who comes back from a torn shoulder, and FR Jason Haas. The o-line should be respectable with Center Tim Smith leading that group. At QB there may be some controversy this year. Incumbent starter Seth Russell has the legs the coaches like, but he also turned the ball over a lot with 10 fumbles and many times lacked the ability in the passing game to put up big numbers. Challenging him will be SR Bryce Petty who played well filling in for the injured Russell on more than one occasion. Each QB will get some PT in the first two games, but only one will see the majority of the snaps after that.

    Defense: For the past 2 seasons MLB Bryce Hager has led this unit making tackles all over the field. He will be counted on again in his Senior season as he will have to teach a young defense how to play the Baylor way. Flanking him at LB will be two first year starters who have potential, but don't jump off the page at you. Along the defensive line, DTs Suleiman Masumbuko and Javonte Magee lead the way. At DE two first year players will start including FR Lawerence Morris and JUCO transfer Jeff Sanders. This group will have to provide some type of pass rush if the Bears want to be a successful defense. That's because the secondary is very young after losing all 4 starters. At CB SO Terrell Burt and transfer Jay Fullam will get the starts, with FR Danny Harris and Adam Justice in the nickel and dime packages. In the back half, JR Colins Brence will get the nod at FS being the most experienced of the group. He will have to show FR Ryan Kirkpatrick the ropes as he earned the starting SS job coming out of camp.

    Special Teams: After losing 2 time All-American and Groza winner Adam Jones, the Bears will break in a FR kicker who has a power leg. Kick off and punt return men still have yet to be determined, but with one last hurrah RB Lache Seastrunk is the leading man for the job.

    Prediction: This could be a long year in Waco as the Bears break in a very young defense. This squad is sure to take their lumps early, but hopefully will find a groove when the tougher part of the schedule arrives. The offense should be a lot better with Seastrunk in the backfield. The success of the running game without him was a positive sign, but they will need to hang on to the ball to be any better. The Bears have a tough road ahead with both the ACC champ and Big12 champ on the schedule. Look for them to contend in the division and make it to another bowl game.
  5. jello1717

    jello1717 "Those who stay will be champions." -- Bo

    Jun 21, 2009
    The 2014 SMU Mustang Season Preview
    Offense (84)
    The offense returns a whopping 9 starters from last year's potent offensive attack. QB Brad Simmons now has a year of experience under his belt and hopes to avoid a sophomore slump. In the backfield, not only did SMU return the starting HB Jared Williams, but a total of 5 HBs, including the top 3 who combined for over 1,500 yards rushing. All told SMU returns 2,925 rushing yards which is an astonishing 98% of last year's total.
    While SMU did lose 3 WRs from last year's squad, they do return their best receiver in Der'rick Thompson who will be the go to guy this year. He'll be joined with SMU's most dynamic recruit Tommy Freeman who will be a jack of all trades for SMU this year as he'll play in the slot on offense, the nickle back on defense, and he'll also return kicks and punts. Freeman gives coach Jello speed on offense unlike he has seen before with SMU and will add an new dimension to their offensive attack.
    The O-line is still pretty weak, but they do return 4/5 starters from last year so they're expected to improve nicely. SO TE Brad Scott returns for his sophomore season and will be welcomed back with open arms. He wasn't used much in the passing game with only 7 receptions last year, but he was 3rd on the team with 18 pancakes which is vastly more important in this offensive scheme. SO FB Justin Harrell returns after finished 2nd last year with 19 pancakes (and coach dakota7 says I don't need a FB!), but he has been supplanted by true FR FB Brad Collins.
    Defense (78)
    Unlike the offense, the defense only returns 4 starters from last years porous D. They covered well last year, but got no pressure at all on the QB (finished 3rd worst in the nation for sacks) which allowed him to eventually find a receiver. The D-line lost a starter but is still improved from last season. The team's 2 leading sackers (SO DE Lawarence Hobbs and JR DT Gareth Riley Ayers) and they'll need to improve upon those numbers this year. They're joined by a true FR DE Justin Mitchell who has a lot of buzz surrounding him for his rookie campaign as he was a standout at Stanton HS last year as he set some California state records. He brings great size to the 3 man line standing 6-4, 280.
    The LBs lost half of their starters, but they returned their 2 best guys from last year. They'll be anchored by SO MLB Michael Moore and OLB Uchenna Nwabuike who is looking to finish his Mustang career with a flourish. They'll be joined by 2 true FR, including superstar in the making MLB Erik Thompson who has just as great expectations surrounding him as does Mitchell.
    The secondary is where things get kind of screwy. This was the strength of the team last year, but all 4 starters have moved on. At CB SMU is in the strange situation where their 2 best "corners" are actually a WR and a SS. Because of this the WR and SS will be the team's nickle and dime backs. Fans are very excited to see what Freeman can do as a two way guy because as a SR in HS he set conference and state records for both receiving TDs and INTs. The two starters with be JR Stafford and SO Law. They'll both need to step up their game as the team will be relying on them heavily. SMU will be starting true FR at both safety spots, but both guys are future NFL draft picks.
    Overall (83)
    Following a conference championship and BCS bowl bid last season expectations are high for these stable of Mustangs. The offense should continue to do what they do without a drop off and should be even more dangerous this year as 10 of the 11 positions are better than they were last year. Then you throw a burner at WR into the mix and the offense should be a lot of fun to watch this year. The defense will certainly be much better in 2 years, but that doesn't do this squad much good now. If the D-line can figure out what the hell they did wrong last year (I still don't understand why everyone can get sacks but me) and get some pressure on the QB and the young secondary can cover guys, then the D should be good enough to allow the offense to win games for us. If not, then the offense could get stuck shootout after shootout and hope that they can come out on top.
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  6. jello1717

    jello1717 "Those who stay will be champions." -- Bo

    Jun 21, 2009
    Sounds familiar.....
  7. Jolts57

    Jolts57 Walk On

    Jul 3, 2012
    2014 North Carolina Tarheels


    After the last couple winning seasons UNC fans are expecting a lot of this team. Former coach Charlie Sheen had a heart attack and passed away right after last season ended so this team is still getting over his passing, but with the announcement of new coach Josh B everyone is excited. The new ball coach will bring his high powered spread offense from UL-Monroe where he previously upset a top 10 team despite having half the talent. College Weekly quoted Coach B "I'm really excited about coaching in Chapel Hill. The environment is great, the fans are great, and we have a solid team heading into the 2014 season. We should be a force in the ACC Coastal!"


    Offensive Outlook

    Coach B will be running the Oregon-style spread offense he was running at UL-Monroe. UNC has a solid returning QB in junior Andrew McNulty. He doesn't have the speed coach B usually looks for in a QB but he should make up for his lack of speed with his strong, accurate throwing. UNC has three senior receivers so McNulty will have some good options to throw to, but the big story of this offense is senior HB Giovani Bernard. ESPN has Bernard ranked top 5 for 2014 HBs. Sportswriter Woody Paige calls Bernard "the best, most athletic tailback I've ever seen. This kid may put up 2,000 yards this year. Any less than 1,500 would be a disappointment."


    Defensive Outlook

    The Tarheels have a very talented front seven. With five returning starters, and all upperclassmen, this front seven will have to carry the young North Carolina secondary. Senior CB Tim Scott is considered one of the best at his position. He has 60 career tackles, 6 interceptions, and led the team in passes broken up the last two seasons.



    Former coach Sheen picked up some decent talent in the offseason but many of the players don't fit coach Josh B's system. Coach Josh B has offered transfers to both freshmen QBs since neither have the legs to run his spread option system. With three senior WRs, three senior CBs, and two senior DTs - those will all be areas of focus in this year's recruiting class.

    WR #1 Rob Williams - Rob has said he has no interest going to school in Mississippi so he's reached out to UNC as his favorite. UNC will be competing with the likes of Nick Saban and Gene Chizik for this young talent.

    QB #2 Seth Hill - One of the best high school QBs in the nation and also from the state of North Carolina, this guy would be a huge catch. His father went to Tennessee so he's said he wants to follow in his footsteps but coach Josh B is confident he can convince Hill to stay in North Carolina.

    T #12 Adrian Henderson - This hog molly would be a great addition to the Tarheel offensive line.

    DT #6 Brent Pressley - Just one of many great high school football players coming out of North Carolina this year, UNC is hoping to keep this guy in-state. He could use a little more size but he's very quick so he could possibly play DT or DE.

    CB #17 John Brown - He wants to go to Clemson but coach Josh B thinks he can make him a Tarheel.

    Coach Josh B is looking forward to the 2014 season. He says his team has a lot of great talent, including his star HB and CB. Both will be a force to reckon with. The young offensive line and secondary could be a problem but if his Tarheels can overcome those weaknesses coach B is confident his team will be a force in the ACC. Vegas has this team finishing with 5 losses, but an unnamed ESPN insider thinks this team will finish with 2-3 losses and maybe compete for the ACC championship.
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  8. HoundsOfHowl

    HoundsOfHowl Feed Me More....Football

    Apr 14, 2012
    2014 Arkansas State Red Wolves
    "New Season, New Conference, New Coach, Same Winning Attitude"​
    That's right this season may have a lot of news for this Red Wolf team, but they are going to follow the same attitude of winning games of their previous coach. The Red Wolves are starting out the season unranked after losing in their BCS bowl bid last year. They look to rebound off that blowout loss and continue the success they had in the Sun Belt, in the ACC. This is not going to be an easy test for this team and their coach, but they are ready for the test. Coach IBO's career at NC State was considered a success and they fought for him to remain their head coach, but he couldn't turn down the job to his alma mater when they offered. Coach IBO went 17-9 in two seasons at Raleigh, and won 2 bowl games, yet he could not find room to fit into a conference championship either year. This team he considers a team that will be a good fit in the ACC and will look to win him championships.​
    Offense :
    The Red Wolf offense is going to struggle this year behind young players, but with the help of a few seniors this team should be able to contend with anybody. Mr. Heisman 2013, Michael Dyer, returns for his senior season as one of the top, if not the top, rated player in the nation, but his weakness will be his young offense line to protect him. Zack Oliver, a redshirt junior QB, is going to lead this offense, but with both sophomore backups he may be sharing time all year with the way coach IBO looks to lay out his gameplan. A decently talented receiver group will look to help spread the field for this offensive team, but the offense will rely on senior, Earl Lucas, to lead the way.​
    Defense :
    A mediocre defensive line will attempt to keep the points low in the tough battles that lie ahead for this team, as well as a average group of linebackers. Qushaun Lee, a senior MLB, will look to lead the way defensively for the Red Wolves, as the secondary will need plenty of help for the 2014 season.​
    Prediction :
    Arkansas State faces some tough foes this season for their introductory season to the ACC including coach IBO's former team, NC State, that he built up and will look to settle the score with their former coach. I predict that Arkansas State will finish 7-5 and 4th in their division.​

    LSUTRUTH The one and only

    Jun 19, 2011

    QB- Eric Parker (SO) returns at QB. The Soph who started 1 game and finished 2 others last season for CJ Brown gets his chance to take the reins. Parker has increased his speed and his size this offseason to hold up to the spread option attack of coach Truth. Expect to see Freshman QB Collin Thomas in as a wildcat QB sometimes.
    RB- Rory Morris (SO) Justus Pickett (SR) - Both rated as an 86 overall. Morris is a key cog in what Maryland does on offense. Pickett spells the electric So and provides his own spark and closes the game for Maryland. Some games these guys may combine for 20 carries sometimes it will be for 40 due to the option offense. Just know they are ready to handle the work load.
    FB - Tyler Cierski (SR) 76 - A monster lead blocker has been lost in this new offense. However plays a key role in the Power I situation that LSU has vowed to use more often this season. Sneaky good hands out of the backfield as well. Look for this SR to step up in his last season. Petty is the other power back. at 6'1 260 he is a load. Just a SO Perry still has room to grow and is the better ath of the two FB
    WR - Maryland returns all WR. - Stefon Diggs (JR) has been the man for 2 seasons yet cant make that leap to elite for the Terps. Last season in the Bowl game he took two steps forward. Improvement? Maryland can only hope. Marus Leak (SR) has been #2 since Diggs arrived. However at times he was the go to last season. Maryland needs that go to Marcus has the best hands of the group however is limited speed wise. Leak has been teaching Diggs this offseason as the WR core has been together for 3 seasons. Devin Burns (SR) is the big WR of the group. At 6'4 he is a load and plays in the slot for the Terps. Sure handed as they come Burns is limited in the speed department but makes up for it with great catches and routes.
    TE - Darrell Green (SO) 83 - The Beast at 6'6 252 Green is a monster at TE. The Terps will line Green up all over the field as he is a versatile weapon. He returns 600 yards receiving and 8 touchdowns from his true freshman season. Green's presence is really felt in the run game. Green brings 80 run block and 83 impact block to the table making him nearly impossible to keep off the field. Phillip Morris returns as his back up at 6'5 251 they are nearly twins. Morris is the receiver of the two TEs as well as the speedster. Morris brings 83 speed with 93 accel as well as 80 catch.
    LT - Sliding over from RT is Mike Madaras (SO). A very good athlete at LT is not going to rule the world yet but is solid enough. He started at RT for part of the year last season.
    LG - Harraka (SR) LG is taking over this season. He is an above average run blocker with average pass blocking skills. He will have to pick up the system quickly so the run game doesnt miss a beat
    C - Sal Conaboy is the returning starter at center. He is very good. A better pass blocker than run blocker Conaboy is above average at center and would start on most teams.
    RG - Junior RG Grommer is taking over this season. Grommer is a grinder as he has strong run blocking skills with good strength.
    RT - Doyle takes over at RT again after being replaced by Madaras lat season. Doyle has improved a bunch and came out of the spring as the teams best OL only time will tell how this plays out.

    Returning Starters
    8 of 12

    Defense coming Soon.
  10. dakota7

    dakota7 Former Blue Chip Recruit

    Sep 23, 2009

    Virginia Cavaliers

    Coming off two of the most successful seasons in the history of Virginia football, with back to back 9 win seasons, the expectations are high. The fans are ready for more. Coach Barber knows some things will have to change if this team is going to take the next step. Expect the Cavalier offense to focus on the rushing attack more than the past two seasons. And expect big things from a veteran defense that is ready to attack ACC offenses.

    Offense -- Following the graduation of quarterback Phillip Sims, the Cavaliers hand the offense over to junior David Watford. Watford is an amazing athlete will game breaking ability. He will be the focal point of a run first offense that will feature multiple sets and many different looks. Senior HB Kevin Parks returns and will also be an important part of the attack, but don't under sell freshman HB Pete Walters. Senior WRs Darius Jennings and Dominique Terrell will look to stretch defenses and keep the safeties out of the box.

    Defense -- This veteran unit returns 9 starters and will look to incorporate some young talent in certain packages. Big play freshmen Tony Robertson and Bobby Morgan will anchor the defensive line and MLB Henry Coley will be all over the field making plays. On the outside all american candidate Demetrious Nicholson will hold down one corner while Brendan Morgan will man the other.
  11. aarondramp

    aarondramp ten thousand words

    Nov 10, 2010
    Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

    Georgia Tech is trying to get over last year’s snake-bitten season that saw the team miss two short field goals in a loss to Baylor, 3 defensive/special teams’ TD’s for Maryland, and missi out out on a 5th star of prestige by 1 spot. I'm ready to put that behind me.

    Offense: The Yellow Jackets return 7 starters from a solid offense last year. Unfortunately, one of those losses was their #1 target TE David Sims. This year’s offense will be spreading out even more as some more receivers are being brought in.

    QB: Synjyn Davis is back for one last year. While he had a solid year last year in terms of yardage, his interceptions really hurt GT in some key spots. He will need to finish drives this year.

    RB: Zenon and Snoddy bring a serious speed combination in the backfield. Pair them with a solid speed fullback in Perkins, and you can expect several formations with multiple backs in the field.

    WR/TE: The #1 target this year will be Senior WR Jeff Greene. The other WR’s will probably get the ball spread around fairly evenly. RS Freshman Ross Morales will be starting at TE and should be a reliable 3rd down threat and big factor in the run game.

    OL: The offensive line only returned 1 starter, but is still pretty solid. With no Seniors on the line this year, they will be even better next year.

    Defense: The defense is fairly young up front and has just 5 starters back from last year. The team is also switching to a 4-2-5 scheme to help take advantage of the depth they have at safety.

    DL: The Yellow Jackets are starting two true freshman on the d-line: super gem DT John Battle and DE Lewis Moore (out of necessity). The veterans of the line are RS Sophomore DE Francis Kallon and Senior DT Shawn Green.

    LB: The defense only needs two linebackers, and this team has two that can tackle. Quayshawn Nealy is the best defensive player on the team and could end up with big numbers. Ryan Dean isn’t a star yet but could become one.

    CB: Jamal Golden and Louis Young are a solid pair of Senior CB’s that should be able to hold down their sides of the field. There will be a slight dip next year, but there is some solid depth at this position.

    Safety: JUCO Soph Lamar Brunner won the FS slot and will patrol the centerfield for the 4-2-5. He has speed and can tackle when he needs to. Flanking him will be Senior Fred Holton and Junior Corey Dennis. Both of those guys can shed their blocks and tackle but can also cover when they need to.

    Outlook: The ACC appears to be solid. UNC, UVA, and Georgia Tech might be the toughest USER division in the country. Add in rival Maryland and every year is difficult for the Yellow Jackets. It will be disappointing if this team can’t correct its turnover mistakes and play in the ACC Championship game. I am at least hoping to finally get that 5th star this year.
  12. Big Suge Knight

    Big Suge Knight Walk On

    Mar 1, 2009
    Entering season three of Coach Myron Brinkley's tenure as the head coach of Florida State the Seminoles look to improve upon their 10 - 3 2013 record and make it to the ACC conference championship game. The team needs to continue to develop around second year starter at QB Jameis Winston and utilize the many weapons at his disposal. Let's see how the team shapes up:
    It all starts with number 13, the redshirt Sophomore started the last eleven games of 2013 and as expected had many highs and lows as the FSU signalcaller. But Winton's lack of experience was partially negated by his athleticism. He finished with 2780 passing yards 27 TD passes and 14 interceptions to go along with six rushing touchdowns. Senior halfbacks Devonta Freeman and James Wilder will see some of their carries decrease as Coach Brinkley has announced he will get talented reserves Sophomore Mario Pender and Freshman Hank McCoy valuable game minutes. The biggest question mark on the offensive side of the ball is at receiver as Jared Haggins and Greg Dent step up from special teams duty to starters on the edges with RS-Freshman Bobby Mobley and RS-Junior Kelvin BEnjamin in the slot. Coach Brinkley has two big and agile targets working the middle of the field in RS_Sophomore Nick Murray and RS-Freshman Dustin Palmer. The offensive line returns all starters with the exception of LG, where Josue Matias steps in.
    With two players the caliber of Timmy Jernigan and Mario Edwards in the middle of the line, Florida State has some strong anchors to build around. First year starter Chris Casher lines up opposite Stanley Mullins to provide a good outside pass rush. Hard hitting Saftey turned Linebacker Karlos Williams provides leadership and athleticism in the second level as he is paired with Sernior Nigel Terrell and first year starter at middle linebacker, true sophomore Chad Smith. In the secondary, cornerbacks Tyler Hunter and Keelin Smith step into starting roles but they have to be looking over their shoulders as true freshmen Joe McMahan and Brent Diggs will push for playing time. Redshirt Freshman Shawn Bennett and JUCO Junior Drew Miller step in a first year starters to man the back half.
    The Seminoles are rolling out new starters up and down the depth chart but the coaching staff does not believe this should alter the expectations. Double digit wins and a ACC CCG and a BCS bowl bid are within the realms of possibility in Tallahassee

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