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2014 Team Previews

Discussion in 'The Tradition' started by Hellisan, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. Hellisan

    Hellisan Schemin 'em up

    Feb 10, 2009
    If you have the time and want to post a team preview, do so here!
  2. Mogriffjr

    Mogriffjr Walk On

    Feb 10, 2009
    Featured Threads:
    OFFENSE- Here at Nebraska, we may run the same offense we've ran last year that brought us a national title. At QB, we have upgraded in terms of passing as Brion Carnes has a gun for an arm (95 strength) and has a bit more accuracy (89). This makes us more dangerous passing wise. We have assembled quite the group of WR's, with our top 3 being Steve McCauley, Jamal Turner, and Dustin Herron. We are particularly excited about Herron because he's a 6'4" guy who runs EXCELLENT routes. He has good speed and will make life difficult for opposing nickel backs. TE Dennis Scott is an elite receiving TE who has the best hands on the team and figures to be in on our 4 WR sets. We also have 2-3 other WR's who figure to see time, including FR-WR David Young, who has 96 jump and loves to go get it. We don't want to shy away from our running game with Trey Smith and Aaron Green, two all-americans, returning. They have tons of speed and gives us that extra dimension in case teams want to stack the box against us. We just want to get these guys out in space and let them do the work. Our offensive line won't be as good as last year's so that's our biggest issue. We are starting 2 sophomores and 2 juniors on our line after having 4 seniors starting last year.

    DEFENSE- We were young at tons of key spots last year but we weathered the storm and now, we should see the fruits of our labor. Our strength this year will be our front 4. While they we feature 3 new starters, they are all pass rushing freaks. Gene Coleman (88) coming off the one end gives me one of my more athletic type ends I've ever recruited. He's going to be in the backfield a ton. Also starting will be DT Jay Guy. Guy is a SR, who's 305lbs, has 88 speed, 96 acceleration and 86 strength. We put him in some pass rushing packages last year but now he will do his damage at his best spot, DT. Our LB's are young but Irby and Santos are all-americans, with Santos receiving the award for best LB last year. We are excited to return all of our LB's this year. If there's a question, it's who's gonna claim the #2 CB spot. Josh Stuckey is fast and can cover anyone. #2, we converted SR- Josh Mitchell (84) from FS to CB but we are concerned about his 79 acceleration. JR-CB Charles Jackson can step up but he's more of a zone type CB. Then the FR, 5'9" Kyle Dean could become that guy as he's more of a playmaker but he's small and we are not sure he's ready for primetime. We do return our FS Craig Mack (87) and AJ Richardson (81) who both are All-Americans as well.

    SPECIAL TEAMS- We boast one of the best special teams in the nation we feel. Aaron Green will be returning kicks and punts this year and looks to wrap up his 4th straight best RET award. K Mauro Bondi will be handling kicks and punts again and he has a powerful leg. We feel we can turn over field position, kick 55 yarders and of course take one to the house.
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  3. jms493

    jms493 Veteran Member

    Feb 10, 2009
    This is scary.........sigh.:(
  4. HotRod

    HotRod You ain't bout dat life!

    Feb 11, 2009
    Featured Threads:

    QB - So (RS) John Darby takes over as starter. Darby has a very good arm (90 THP, 92 THA) so there will be no conservative approach in the pass game. His backup is Evan Crower (83 OVR), while he is close in rating, Crower is nowhere near as talented a passer so he serves as not threat to Darby's job.

    HB - Jr (RS) Remound Wright (86 OVR) has huge shoes to fill as he follows two Heisman HBs. He is of a different mold compared to Stepfan Taylor and Anthony Wilkerson. He is more of a shifty back (93 SPD, 98 ACC) and with the change on offense we will not be pounding him up the gut as frequently as previous seasons. Wright is also a very good receiver so we'll be looking to get him touches in the pass game and see what he can do in space after the catch. Jr (RS) Kelsey Young (83 OVR) and Fr (RS) Anthony Manson will be battling out for the backup spot.

    FB - So (RS) Tyrone Culver (83 OVR) is the new starting FB. He is a solid run blocker as well as a very good receiver out of the backfield. We will try to involve him in the offense unlike previous seasons where the FBs sole responsibility was to block.

    WR - This is an interesting group for us. There are no superstar players in this group, but this is one of our deepest positions. So (RS) Brian McCoy (86 OVR) and Sr Cedric Hayes are the starters depth chart wise, but Jr Jonathan Cox (84 OVR) can be consider 2a on the depth chart and certain 2 WR formations will be in the game. McCoy and Hayes are not deep threats and they do not possess game breaking speed (85 and 88 respectively), but have great hands, especially McCoy. Cox is the game breaker with 94 SPD so look for him to be a part of the big plays. Rounding out the WR corps is So (RS) Brendan Brown who is 6'5" with good speed and hands. Look for this group to put up great numbers as a collective unit.

    TE - So Darnell Lemon is the starter in name, but look for Fr (RS) Andrew Phillips to get the majority of the snaps as he is more of a receiving threat than Lemon.

    O-Line - This is a young group, but they have a lot of potential. With the youth we lose that road grating ability, but hopefully they can open some holes and protect Darby.


    DE - So (RS) Tate Ostrander (86 OVR) and Sr (RS) Eddie Plantaric (87 OVR) are the ends, not spectacular pass rushers but excellent against the run. They are both preseason All-Americans.

    DT - Jr (RS) Lance Callihan (83) and Sam Jackson (81) over are the starters. They are very strong DTs (94 and 84 STR respectively), Callihan will be key in 3-4 sets while Jackson will be a factor in the pass rush. Jr (RS) Charles McDonald (84 OVR) will be in pass rushing situations.

    ROLB - Sr (RS) Patrick Skov (88 OVR) seems likes he's been here forever, but this is his last horrah. His is our fastest LB (88 SPD) and makes a lot of plays in space. He can be pushed around at times but had a great season last year.

    MLB - Jr (RS) James Vaughters (82 OVR) reclaims his starting spot after a great sophomore season. He is a tough player in the middle and he is a solid pass rusher as well on blitzes.

    LOLB - Jr Garrett Wade (87 OVR) is probably our most talented LB. He is our pass rush specialist from the outside and averaged 7 sacks in his first two seasons. This guy is a bull with a high motor and will continue to wreak havoc against the run and pass.

    CB - We are excited about this group, while they are young, this is going to develop into an nasty unit. So John West (82 OVR) and Jr (RS) Chris Day (81 OVR) are the starters. West has excellent speed (97 as well and is more than capable in coverage 87 MCV, 90 ZCV). Day is not to shabby himself (96 SPD, 86 MCV, 90 ZCV). So Chris East (81 OVR) is the nickel corner and is the best in coverage (92 MCV, 89 ZCV).

    FS - We're starting true freshman Eddie Craft (81 OVR) here. This guy is an absolute freak, 6'4" 210 with 96 SPD, 80 STR, 92 ACC, 85 TAK, 80 POW, 80 MCV, 79 ZCV. We expect him to make a ton of plays this season.

    SS - Jr (RS) Wayne Lyons (85 OVR) is the starter. He is a well rounded player, more of a FS in terms of skillset but with Craft on the other side it doesn't matter.

    This team is very young but still has a lot of talent that can compete with anyone. We will be running a new offense this season so expect to see a lot of guys catch the ball. There's not standout players on the team yet but we're looking to see who will step up.
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  5. Twister18

    Twister18 I aint got time to bleed!

    Oct 26, 2009
    Michigan: 2014


    The young Wolverines will undoubtedly feel some growing pains this season as the loss of Stephen Hopkins and several key members of the OL. Here is a look at the depth chart:​

    QB: The QBs as a whole did not progress as much as Coach Twist would have liked. True Freshman Josh Brady only progressed 3 points after a hard summer of partying, allowing JR Andy Moore to overtake him. After Brady's recent performance against MSU, he may not be able to hold off Moore this season. Fellow SO Josh Curtis will be RS this season.​

    RB: The strength of the offense: Speed, speed, speed. HB Thomas Rawls and Justice White will split the HB duties as several new FR Rbs will work on the KR and PR teams as well. FB Daniel East will hope to be more involved in the passing game this season.​

    WR: The WRs were another huge disappointment in progression. 3 receivers were 5* during the first season of recruiting and all 3 are true juniors and their ratings are 86, 85 and 83. All came in at 76 or above. They do have alot of speed, its just a question if they can hang onto the ball.​

    TE: 6-8 TE Justin bates leads a talented group of TEs including Ricardo Miller and Brandon Harper.​

    OL: The OL is very young and is led by LG Chris Bryant. C Posada is also a solid player as well.​

    K: FR Mike Moses fills huge shoes replacing Will Hagerup but brings 90+ kick power to the game.​


    DL: DE Ken Wilkins is a beast rushing the passer and invading the backfield. Antwan Davis starts at the other end spot. The DTs are led by SR Richard ash and Terry Talbot.​

    LB: LOLB Jake Ryan is the leader of the LB corp and is backed up by MLBs Kellen Jones and Tyrone Reynolds. Mike Barnes starts at the ROLB spot.​

    CB: The strength of the defense. Thomas High, Dennis Hollowell and Jeff Cooper are over 86 and very much ballhawks. High had 7 Ints last season.​

    SS: Justin Avery will be counted on to help the young FS group and is a hard hitter in the secondary.​

    FS: Very young but athletic group at FS. David Clark will start but all three could get playing time this season.​

    This season promises to be an exciting one for the Wolverines. I expect them to finish 9-3 and attempting to challenge for the Big 10 title.​
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  6. MaxATX34

    MaxATX34 Texas Football

    Feb 17, 2009
    Offense: Random Number Generator Luck

    Defense: Random Number Generator Luck

    Special Teams: Button-Lag Luck
  7. Hellisan

    Hellisan Schemin 'em up

    Feb 10, 2009
    Max, our very own JaMarcus Russell :D

    get it together, get off FIFA, and play up to your potential!

    On the serious side, I have had serious button lag on special teams at times as well... None against Hotrod, but sometimes I can't even get the kick started... or it doesn't take the second input. That was happening against Oregon State as I had 2 or 3 ZERO POWER kickoffs... I was like WTF!
  8. Hellisan

    Hellisan Schemin 'em up

    Feb 10, 2009


    We have a team this year that is young but has talent. We have only freshmen and sophomores at QB, HB, and FB on offense, and all of our key guys in the secondary are also freshmen and sophomores.

    QUARTERBACK - Position Strength = WEAK

    Three young guys, none of whom really stand out, all between 79 and 80 OVR. The tentative starter is Bryan Huff who has the best arm, but we also have Kevin McMahan (decent arm, good awareness) and Lee Dahl (decent arm, great athleticism) behind him. We used all three in our recent win against Memphis in week 4.

    HALFBACK - Position Strength = AVERAGE

    A couple of our best all-around freshmen are redshirting. We believe we have the two guys on the field this year who give us the best chance to win, and have conflicting styles that will keep defenses honest. SOPH Marquice Caldwell (79 OVR, 6'2" 248 lbs.) is our starter, a big guy who always falls forward if he can get a head of steam going and is very nimble for his size. Newcomer, transfer SOPH Jacob Gray (76 OVR, 94 spd, 93 acc, 91 agi) offsets him and will break some big plays when the offense gets its blocks down.

    In the coming years, as youngsters like Dominique Howe are worked into the system, a lot of it will be up to who improves best in the offseason.

    FULLBACK - Position Strength = STRONG

    Freshman Jason Lambert is redshirting. He is the athlete / all-around back that we are excited about for the future. He can line up anywhere and will be our all-purpose blocking, running and receiving threat in shotgun. Terrell Jonas (77 OVR, 5'9" 231 lbs) has excellent speed and quickness and can really catch and run with the ball. He is the starter, while blocker Nate Rosario is the backup. Jonas tends to get hurt so it's nice to have depth behind him.

    WIDE RECEIVER - Position Strength = AVERAGE

    We cut our highest rated OVR guy coming into this season because he had a 37 release rating and I hate guys that can't get off the jam. I wish I had noticed that last season when he was our slot guy and I was wondering why he was routinely shut down by the cpu (they press me all game). Soph Gavin Fine (85 OVR, 6'4" 180) is the unquestioned #1 guy this year, while speedsters Tobias Singleton and Donte Moncrief are the 2nd and 3rd guys. We really like the look these guys give defenses. They can outrun, outjump a lot of teams. For the future, we're excited about freshman Tony Cain (6'6" 183 lbs, good release and jump ratings) who is redshirting this year.

    OFFENSIVE LINE - Position Strength = AVERAGE

    We have a HUGE, very strong offensive line with average to good ratings. We will lean on these guys to wear teams down up front. Our starters are as follows:

    LT - 6'5" 324 lbs. - 86 OVR
    LG - 6'9" 325 lbs. - 86 OVR
    C - 6'3" 303 lbs. - 93 OVR
    RG - 6'8" 313 lbs - 92 OVR
    RT - 6'4" 309 lbs. - 83 OVR

    DEFENSIVE LINE - Position Strength = AVERAGE

    One of the few positions where we start a senior, we will rely on LE Cameron Whigham for leadership. Defensive tackles Eric Berry adn Josh Payne are athletic and active. The fact that they don't have great OVR ratings doesn't concern us too much.

    LINEBACKERS - Position Strength = AVERAGE

    MLB C.J. Johnson (90 OVR, 6'3" 244 lbs) can create problems for defenses because he is physical and can really hit. We have converted Phil Brink (80 OVR) to MLB officially, but he starts for one more year at ROLB. The 6'6" Shane Weber (79 OVR) starts at LOLB. ROLB Brad Daugherty (6'7" 229 Freshman, 78 OVR) will probably be a 4-year starter beginning next season. We can't wait to see what he can do. We have also locked down a beast OLB to start opposite him next year:

    :4stars: #3 OLB Trevor Huff - 6'2" 220 lbs - Abbeville LA - ovr rk: 1 - run stopper rk: 1 - coverage rk: 2

    CORNERBACK - Position Strength = STRONG

    Our top 3 starters are freshmen or sophomores. Matt Morris (80 OVR, 94 SPD, 95 ACC, 88 MCV/ZCV/PRS) is an absolute monster, I don't care how young he is. Check out his awesome play in the end zone against Memphis this past game:

    After Morris we have last year's voted Freshman of the year Ryan Swain and newcomer Sophomore transfer Tim Wheeler (6'4" 175 lbs, 77 OVR, 95 SPD) will play in the slot. Senquez Golden, our lone upper classman here, will provide depth and play in the dime.

    SAFETY - Position Strength = STRONG

    I believe we have a superstar in Damion Thomas - He stands 6'4" 201 lbs and after redshirting last season has already improved from 85 OVR to 86 OVR this season and has 3 interceptions. Providing depth is the 6'7" Brian Collins, who hits like a ton of bricks (96 HPW). Soph. Ricky Burley (83 OVR) is very competent and quite talented at free safety.

    SPECIAL TEAMS - Position Strength = STRONG

    We have a 99 KPW guy playing P/K and talent returning the ball in Jacob Gray.

    We are hoping we can enter our late-season game against Tennessee (and then Miss STate) with an undfeated record. We have some tough CPU games in the way.
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  9. MaxATX34

    MaxATX34 Texas Football

    Feb 17, 2009
    I was not kidding about this lol. Ask HotRod!

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