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Discussion in 'Trade Block' started by ryalaman, Aug 23, 2012.

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    Jul 21, 2010
    I'm looking for a SP. A guy who I think can pair with Britton in the playoffs to push me over the top. I'm willing to package multiple pieces (including some not listed) in a deal if its for the right guy.

    2B Sammie Starr - http://traditionsportsonline.com/tso-ootp/reports/html/players/player_34464.html Top 30-ish prospect who's pretty much ready to play from day 1.

    1B Joe Velleggia - http://traditionsportsonline.com/tso-ootp/reports/html/players/player_36635.html Another top 30 prospect who took off last year and owned the minors. Rare 1b with a glove for those of you who worship defense. Also ready to go day 1.

    3B Michael Mosby - http://traditionsportsonline.com/tso-ootp/reports/html/players/player_34055.html A little long in the tooth, but he plays great D and could be ML ready as a platoon vs LHP soon... as a regular soon after.

    SP Kyle McPherson - http://traditionsportsonline.com/tso-ootp/reports/html/players/player_31030.html A solid back end rotation arm thats cheap.

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